Brazilian Wax Job

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Although I haven’t actually been hibernating this past winter I sure haven’t been showing a lot of skin. Now that spring is officially here, I had to take care of all the fur I let grow. I looked up a shop nearby and called for an appointment for a wax job. I loved the sound of her voice on the phone, she sounded so cheerful, with an Asian singsong accent, I liked her right away. After telling me her name was Mai, she said she was booked for the day but for me she would stay after the shop closed just to do me. I told her there was no need and I would come another day, she said

“No, no I no want you to wait; you come today Mai take care of you.”

I arrived at the shop a little after six, it looked empty, and I thought I missed Mai but when I tried the door, it was unlocked. The bell jingling on the door brought the girl from a back room. She told me to come on back and she was just about ready for me. As I met Mai for the first time, I was surprised how cute she looked. She had to be in her early twenties, she was wearing a tiny little skirt that looked more for cheer leading than for work wear, and with her halter-top that was barely more than a sport bra she was showing off a lot of skin. Mai had the classic Asian look, straight shinny black hair cropped at her shoulders with dark almond eyes that smiled when she did. Her lips had that pout that women paid thousands for and the little kiss of red lipstick showed them off well. She had little breasts but with large nipples, Ümraniye Escort which showed through her top and with her tiny skirt sitting low on her hips her flat stomach exposed almost to her pubic bone gave her the look of a gymnast.

Mai locked the front door saying she didn’t want anyone to disturb us and then walked me back to her cubicle. She instructed me to get undressed and proceeded to sit on her table watching me disrobe. I was embarrassed undressing in front of this woman I didn’t know, but her smile put me at ease and at last, I was standing there in my panties. I glanced down at my large breasts hanging like utters and knew compared to Mai I had to look more like a cow than a woman. She must have known what I was thinking because she said she wished she had big tittys like me, she said she was so flat her sisters teased her and told her she looked more boy than girl.

Mai told me everything was ready and to get on the table, and when I told her I was afraid of the pain she informed me she had a special way to wax and I wouldn’t feel it. She spread the power on my legs with her powerful hands, as she rubbed it into my skin I could feel a tingle start in my groin. Next came the wax and as it cooled she told me to relax and everything would be all right. I was so enthralled with this young girl I told her she could do whatever she wanted. She put my foot between her thighs and I could tell she was not wearing underwear. She began Ümraniye Escort Bayan to slide her pussy up and down my foot as she told me to relax and enjoy. It made me so hot to think this girl was using my foot to masturbate and as she put my toe inside her, she ripped the cloth off my shin. I didn’t even realize it until after it was over, next she did the other leg the same way. Then came my thighs and as she applied the hot wax to my legs she kept rubbing my slit through my panties. Then she placed herself on my legs, I could feel her wetness rubbing on my now smooth legs and I could smell my sex as my panties kept getting wetter and wetter.

“You want to be smooth like Mai?”

As she asked she flipped up her skirt exposing her hairless pussy to me, she instructed me to take off my panties. I slid them off still staring at her naked cunt; Mai picked them up and put them to her nose. I swear it made me cum causing more fluids to leak. I told her I was hers to go ahead and do whatever she liked, that made her smile. She put my feet upon the table and spread my legs exposing my sex, next she began inspecting my labia spreading them apart like flower pedals. She was so close I could feel her breath on my exposed clit; she looked up at me,

“You very wet Ms. Julie are you getting excited?”

“Oh yes, Mai I am so hot.”

“Good you ready for waxing.”

While waiting for the wax to cool she casually began to rub her own Escort Ümraniye pussy and then when I was ready, she pulled my clit as she yanked the cloth off of my snatch. I screamed not from agony but from pleasure as I had a thundering orgasm. She rubbed a soothing cream on my hairless pussy and then had me turn over and raise my big ass in the air. Mai instructed me to pull my cheeks apart leaving my anus exposed to her inspection. She rubbed more cream and then slowly began to ease her finger into my bowels. As she gained access to me, I began to push back hoping to get more of her inside me. She pulled her finger out with a plop and I moaned with disappointment. She put the wax on and I could feel her cool breath blowing to cool it down. She then began an assault on my rectum as she first put her finger in and then she put her thumb up me and as she rubbed the wall between my anal canal and my pussy, I throbbed with passion she pulled off the cloth. I moaned,

“Please don’t stop Mai, I need more give me more.”

I know I sounded like a bitch in heat but I didn’t care, I had never done anal with anyone and now there was nothing more I wanted. Mai began to place more fingers into my ass until she had her whole fist inside me, next she began to put her other hand inside my pussy. I felt so full, yet I wanted more, and then she began to rub her fingers together massaging the thin strip of skin between my two entrances . I just exploded screaming as I spewed my juices across the room and then I collapsed in a heap.

“Mai I have never felt like that before, I have never squirted like that before. I’m so weak I’m afraid I might faint.”

“See I promise you, wax no hurt. Maybe next time I come to your house and we spend all day waxing. Maybe I let you do me too”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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