Brother’s Keeper

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For 3 months, Guiying had been inundated with the calls, texts, and emails from her family and friends back home. Her younger brother Huang, a freshman in college, had been, the rumors went, sleeping with his teacher. Guiying had tried to message her brother, and even the teacher, but both had ignored her – not even responding with the simplest of denials. Each day that passed caused her more worry for her brother, and every time she heard more about the affair, her desire to stop it intensified.

Finally, on the first date on which she might take a vacation, she did, flying back home to confront the treacherous woman who was dishonoring not only her little innocent brother, but also her family name. She did not call first, or ring the doorbell when she arrived, instead the motivated and angry sister hopped the fence, and made a B-line right for the blonde on whom her rage had been focused for months, who she found sitting at a table in her backyard, enjoying a cup of tea.

Guiying shouted and yelled, then even before receiving a response, picked up the Ms. Sheppard’s tea, and threw it into her shock-struck face.

Ms. Sheppard: “You bitch! What was that for?” The blonde says in a tone of feigned confusion, all the while trying to wipe the tea off of her face.

Guiying: “You know what that was for, you’re sleeping with my little brother!”

Ms. Sheppard: “Yes, I am. What’s wrong with that, he’s 18.”

Guiying: “Well, first of all you’re not Chinese. Second, you’re old. And third, you’re not good enough for him!”

Ms. Sheppard: “And how would you know that? Hmm..? Have you tried me?

Guiying: “No, but I can tell that you’re a bitch, just by talking to you!And just because you have implants, doesn’t mean you’re hot!”

Ms. Sheppard: “And that’s all this is, is talk. Your brother is an adult, and so am I. You can’t force us to break up, you can’t get me fired, you can’t do anything about me fucking your little brother. Unless…”

Guiying: “Unless what, cunt? Rock-paper-scissors?”

Ms. Sheppard: “How about the last one. Prove to me that I’m not good enough for him.”

Guiying: “How?”

Ms. Sheppard: “We fuck. You make me cum, before I make you cum, and I’ll leave him alone. But, if I can make you cum first, you’re mine too. Brother and sister, my little pets. How fun will that be.”

Guiying: “No fucking way. Uh uh.. Nope. I’ll find some other way to stop this – to stop you.”

Ms. Sheppard: “Best of luck then! You İstanbul Escort can see yourself out, and I will be seeing your precious Huang tonight.”

Guiying was infuriated, enraged, as she walked away from the scene, and that petty blonde bitch. Why did she want him? He wasn’t rich, or attractive – not well-hung, or intelligent. He was just a young guy, and she could have anyone she wanted! As the young woman got in her car, and began to speed away, the questions and quarrels beset her, bouncing from one side of her thoughts to the other, each only staying for a moment, before it would be forgotten, and replaced with one even more reviling. But slowly, begrudgingly, a realization of truth began to set in, and in turn, Guiying began to slow the speed at which she left Ms. Sheppard’s house.

She was right. There was literally nothing that she could do. No strings to pull. No favors to call in. No laws to use as crowbar. The choice, as nauseating as it was, fell between taking on the busty blonde, sexually, or leaving Huang and their family’s honor in this evil white woman’s hands.

It was not moments later, that whilst Ms. Sheppard bathed herself, trying to cleanse the tea from her body and hair, she caught a glimpse of the woman who had denied her. This time, the young girl was disrobed and ready – focused and seductive. They did not move to each other immediately, each instead ran their hands up and down their bodies, lingering on places of import, trying to impress and intimidate the other – both enjoying a moment of foreplay, and the entailed dichotomy of youth and as rival: experience.

Once Guiying felt her own excitement growing to the point of concern, she moved from enticement, to inducement, and made her way into the shower, letting the full glory of her womanly prowess glow before her opponent. Despite the display, the blonde smirked confidently, as she moved closer, without an instant’s hesitation, or moment spent on pause. Guiyang closed her eyes, expecting that the teacher would bring their bodies together in a frontal embrace, only to find them springing open again, in dismay, as she felt the blonde’s breasts press against her unguarded back, and red-nailed fingers squeezing tightly on her already erect nipples. It was subconscious, her foolish and telling reaction to attempt escape, for the young woman was not confident. Not in her own skills, not in her body against this woman’s, not in her comfort level with such an engagement. İstanbul Escort Bayan Her opponent, however, was sure – certain of each and every question that their bodies might ask each other. And with that boldness at her disposal, and with only the slightest of movements, and barest of resistance, the teacher kept Guiying in place, trapped in her arms. It is from such a place that Ms. Sheppard kept one hard firmly affixed to the sister’s nipple, and with the other, reached down to her opponent’s wet and exposed pussy. The raven-haired woman gasped in fear, terrified not only that she was already losing so badly, but also about what was to come from her opponent’s lowering hand. With that hand, the teacher clamped down harshly, only to soften her grasp a near instant later, before driving her fingers into Guiying’s warm and already spasming lips.

The sister’s mind flooded with fear and regret, realizing herself to be wildly outmatched and outgunned – inexperienced and already losing control of her body, which began to, against wishes, hump at the instructor’s expertly used fingers. Ms. Sheppard, in full control, gently lowered herself and her opponent to the shower floor until both sat Indian-style, then in a single maneuver, wrapped her luscious legs around the body, and then in between the legs of her rival, only to pull both back firmly, to allow complete, and unfettered access to the sister’s vulnerable pussy.

Free to do as she pleased, and unconcerned about the possibility of the sister’s escape, Ms. Sheppard lowered her second hand, and began with both to simultaneously thrust her fingers in and out of quivering pussy lips, whilst also fully stimulating the clit of her opponent. The devastatingly effective attack seemed like it took hours to Guiying, but in reality, took all of 23 seconds, before she who came with such fire a tumult came again, this time exhausted and beaten – humiliated and humbled. The young woman then tried to stand, as tears ran down her shame-etched face, but found that she was not allowed – not free to move, still secured tightly in the teacher’s embrace.

Ms. Sheppard: “Shhh, stay with mommy.” The teacher whispered, as she without warning, launched into another bout of impassioned fingering, and touch-perfect clit-rubbing, causing Guiying to begin to buck and struggle, the feeling of pleasure far too overwhelming to tolerate, and continued unabated. The sister screamed, not for help, but for mercy – Escort İstanbul not in words, but in shrill, panicked cries. Ms. Sheppard did not relent however – finding no mercy in her heart for she who had been so insulting when she arrived earlier in the day. And so she forced to her cum, over and over again, until finally the screams stopped, and Guiying collapsed from exhaustion, falling back further into her new master’s arms, until it was only the latter that kept her upright. When Guiying finally felt her body’s release, and the warm shower floor taking all of her, she began to sob uncontrollably.

Tears of abject regret she shed, until they were interrupted, and replaced with those of pain, elicited by her limp body being drug up from the wet floor, and after a short, forced weak-kneed walk, tossed unceremoniously onto Ms. Sheppard’s bed.

Ms. Sheppard: “This is where this was supposed to end, SLAVE, and so this is where it will end.”

Ms. Sheppard: “NOooOo, please…” She muttered weakly, as her blonde tormentor climbed atop the bed, and with rough, violent motions, locked each of them into a tight, clit-on-clit scissor.

Ms. Sheppard then began to shout as she thrust her hips, and lips, into Guiying’s.

Ms. Sheppard: “Fight back! Fuck me, slave! FUCK ME!” The commands come with slaps, each of which land on every part of the sister’s body that can be reached. They hurt from the first, and grew with intensity from there, the pain they inflicted forced Guiying to try and take her shaking hands from trying and hide her endless torrent of tears, and instead to try and block those places on her body she felt were most exposed. Despite her pitiful state, Ms. Sheppard continued to strike, and thrust, until finally, pathetically, the dark-haired girl managed to muster a few, pain and fatigue-weakened thrusts of her own, the last of which causes her to once again orgasm at the touch of her master.

The teacher, then satisfied by the showing, meager as it may have been, continued to hump, until finally she and once again her opponent came, for the first time in unison. From that release, the blonde made not a sound, instead focusing each remaining motion and thought on pumping every last drop of cum from her now thoroughly destroyed opponent.

All went dark for Guiying, as she passed into a ravaged unconsciousness, until finally her eyes opened, and she found the smiling face, and drying body of Ms. Sheppard, who sat upon her in a straddle, her own unconquered pussy lips sealed around the still-erect nipple of her new slave.

Ms. Sheppard: “Wake up, slave, we must prepare for your brother.” The sentence perfectly encapsulates the nightmare world in which a sister, who set out to protect her family’s honor and little brother, now finds herself in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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