Cam Girl Ch. 04

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Right at seven pm exactly he heard her come through the front door. He clicked on the ‘stream’ button and reluctantly, record, as he settled back down onto her bed, with a recently worn thong in his hand, sniffing the triangle where it had recently contained his daughter’s young sex. Ashley walked in the room, appearing to be nervous. She was wearing sweatpants, and a tight v-neck t-shirt that didn’t hide her erect nipples on her softball sized boobs.

He had turned the volume of the computer to low, but he heard the donations chime in at an increased pace as Ash took the thong from his hand and smelled it, closing her eyes. His cock started to rise as she pulled her shirt up and started rubbing it on her belly, then breasts.

“Mr. G, I’m wondering if you can do me a big favor, since no ones home.” She bent over at the waist, her legs remaining perfectly straight with her ass aimed at his face, and pulled her sweats down, revealing an immaculate, literally bright pink pussy. It was framed by the infamous yellow crotch-less lace panties.

“Did I miss any spots shaving?” Her head was between her slightly spread legs, the position seeming perfectly comfortable to her somehow, with her hands on her ankles. He pulled the hems of the panties apart, examining it thoroughly with first his eyes, then his fingers.

“Looks and feels smooth to me, you did an excellent job! Let’s see how it tastes now.” He moved over and pat the bed where he had been sitting, where she leaned back onto a huge pile of pillows he had propped there. He placed a hand under each tan lined buttock, lifted and spread her, and plunged his tongue into her snatch. She groaned and gasped in delight, as bursa escort he spent a good ten minutes making a meal of her.

He now understood fully his daughter’s fondness of her fruity tasting secretions. While teasing her pebble like clitoris with the tip of his tongue, he reached for her chest and could feel her heart beating like a bass drum, rapidly. Anticipating what could very well be her first time getting fucked by a man, she moved her hand to an ample breast and squeezed it, licking her lips and crying random sounds and words.

After plowing into his daughter’s love from on top of her, he took her in a multitude of positions, mostly for the benefit of the audience, in turn benefiting his daughter’s bank account. He also, of course, wanted to put on a good show for Sierra. She came wildly, several times, before ending up a drooling sticky mess in the end, wondering if she could ever be satisfied by a woman again. At least two hours had gone by and Alan felt like a young man again when he noticed that fact.

“Shit! It’s late! We’d better get you home. I’ll walk you.” They walked slowly, both of them in a haze of confusion and relief mixed with guilt. They wanted to hold hands and could tell the other was thinking the same with some quick smirky glances.

“Alan I need to tell you something, and I don’t want you to over-react or go nuts or anything.” She said as they approach her front door. She turned and looked him in the eyes, putting her hands on his shoulders.

“My dad is a very deviant man, and he’s been sleeping with your wife for several years. Well, not so much sleeping with as dominating her.” She went on to say how he had encouraged she and Tish to bursa escort bayan watch these exploits. “He’s the one that introduced Sierra to streaming.” Alan felt suddenly very dizzy as if someone had hit him on the head with a baseball bat.

“On the very day Sierra turned 18, he decided his gift to her would be the most amazing sexual experience she would ever have.” She opened the basement door, leading him by the hand down the stairs, where his daughter was the center of attention of a very ominous, freakish scene. She was on some sort of convex bondage table, on her back, her hands duct taped to her ankles underneath her. She had been coated with some kind of hot oil. There was one man on either side of her that he didn’t recognize, sucking each of her young breasts. They were slapping and squeezing her flesh, while Ashley’s father, Jim Masters, was fucking her pretty upside down face relentlessly. His large cock was causing her throat to bulge as he slid it in and out of her.

His heart sunk further when he heard Sierra gasp, “Harder please sir,” as Jim’s thrusting cock made her throat bulge when he slid it back into his beautiful daughter’s dangling head. Emily was eating her own daughter voraciously, jamming her fingers into her sloshing pussy at the same time, as she teased her tight, oiled ass with a butt plug. Tish was slowly walking and panning thru the room with a high-quality video camera, filming this gangbang, wearing almost nothing. He could hear rapid dinging sounds coming from a bank of many computers nearby.

“She loved the gift, and as you can see it has kept being given to this day. I hope you aren’t upset Alan, she really does enjoy it.” He walked toward escort bursa the table in some kind of a trance, still holding Ashley by the hand. He picked up a blindfold from the floor and turned on a large vibrating back massager that was sitting on the table beside her. He handed the vibrator to Ashley, as he put the blindfold on Sierra, and pulled out his half hard and growing cock.

“Hi Jim, how are you? Mind if I step in?”

“Good man,” Jim said, as he took position behind Emily and buried himself in her pussy.

As Alan pumped his daughter’s throat with his cock, he watched Ashley take off her clothes and massage Sierra’s clitoris with the wand, while one of the strangers plowed into her from behind and the other entered her mouth. Shortly, she found herself lifted onto her bestie in a sixty-nine, while all the men, as well as Emily and Tish took turns on all four of their ripe, juicy holes.

“Welcome to the party,” one of the strangers said, handing Alan a beer.

“One hell of a girl you got there. She’s beautiful, just amazing!”

Alan felt equal parts lust, anger, and despair wash over him, as he watched his daughter get fucked senseless by six different people. Yet somehow he could think of nothing else to do but claim a small piece of her for himself, as she groaned and mumbled incoherently beneath them all. As he pumped his cock into his daughter’s throat, he found himself calling her a ‘slut’ and a ‘dirty little bitch’.

The others fed on these sentiments as did young Sierra, and the intensity somehow increased. As tongues and hands licked and squeezed her all over, she swallowed her well-endowed father whole. It was no longer any secret, she was now exposed as a promiscuous little minx to the only man that had remained in the dark about her. She prayed he would still love her after this. She does still think of herself, after all, as ‘Daddies Baby’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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