Chandini’s Disappointment

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Aslam was indeed going fast in his luxury jeep ,he was in hurry as he has to reach on a wedding of none other than him as it was his fourth wedding ,all of her previous wives died leaving behind many children. But all of his children were either residing in village or staying at hostel and used to occasionally visit with only one purpose to collect their pocket money.

As he reached his destination house which was very beautifully decorated with lights, he can see all the people on the main gate with cheerful faces with baskets of flowers. He has to come down as people came in his way, as his feet touched the ground girls and woman started throwing the flowers, he was welcome by his father in law Jamil may be of his own age mean while all of his family members and relatives were also following him who all came this long with him in their transports.

He greeted all the people who were standing in reception for him to welcome after these formalities, he was guided to a very beautifully decorated room with many guests all ready sitting there he was presented with flowers and gift after a while when he was seated Mulana Saheb came to recite Nikkah (Wedding ritual ). He had this experience many time before so no shying or any formalities for him he signed the papers and papers was sent to be signed by the bride Chandini, whom he is going marry after while.

When Chandini uncle came back with the papers signed by her Mulana Sahib read the prayers and everyone greeted him and congratulated him .His face glowing with blood and redness on his face clearly reflected his happiness. His Father in Law Jamil came near him to invited him for dinner at the back of room he was escorted with his relatives for dinner where he consumed his dinner with them.

Mean while his cousin Asad winked his left eye and greeted saying” Big brother today you have become young again hmmm have you prepared to have her or not hmmm” with this he laughed loudly saying” Yes Indeed why not I have many experience to handle them a like ha ha ha “.

After the dinner again parade of his relative along with him was escorted to a big drawing room where he saw Chandini for the very first time as he had seen her in pictures only he was greeted by Asad wife, Mahreen, also her cousin she was reason due which it was all possible otherwise getting hand of Chandini from Jamil was impossible due to his age being comparable to him and reason that his Father in Law agreed was Mahreen she offered him with partnership of Aslam to avoid getting bankrupt if Chandini was to marry Aslam which he reluctantly agreed to later on.

He was only shown her picture but even then he was stunned to see her picture now for the very first time when he look at her he knew what lies ahead for him as picture had only betrayed to display her stunning beauty and charm. About Chandini you can say she lacked nothing as for attractiveness was concerned she was 19 years old beauty, 5′ 6″ tall with a heavenly figure flashing big black eyes, short hairstyle which suited her face, fair complexion, beautifully firm features specially the boobs which defy her age sitting in the middle of sofa with head down .

Chandini was the famous for beauty in her college even her college mates tried many times for friendship but due to conservative family she could not do so she had all the urge for a young blooming girl even had the wish to extend but lacked the will to do so.

Aslam had already struck by the thunder bolt but now his Johnny had rushed with blood with a hard on between the legs he was seated beside Chandini he can feel the heat when their body touched Aslam had his worst time controlling his emotions if he had the option he might had just taken Chandini to her task but he desperately waited for the right moment. What was happening to him he was unable to explain Chandini was the most beautiful kartal sarışın escort girl he ever met across even her previous wives were no match to her , Asad standing in front of her made a signal that meant nothing but confirming this that he also has a crush for Chandini and you are lucky man.

How much time he spent he never knew that but when Chandini was helped by her friends while getting up he came back to his senses, next he remember he was sitting on back seat with Chandini while departing from her home they were sitting at far from each other but Aslam wanted to touch her but avoided due to presence of gunman and the driver.

When they reached their relative were there to congratulate him Chandini was moved to his room while he along with Asad and other cousins walked to sitting room if he had an option he would straight moved to his room where Chandini was waiting for him but alas Asad in the mean while placed his hand on his shoulder whispered in his ears “I know man you want to go to her but you have to settle few things then you can go”, it was already late.

They got seated and had a chit chat in lighter mood in mean time Aslam was all thinking of Chandini nothing but Chandini her beauty had made her old feeling fade away he was feeling like a young horse full of energy and enthusiasm he was brought back by Asad voice who was asking for a big time treat then they will let him go to her which he happily agreed to it was then when her daughter Nirma called her and he excused and left the place Nirma was 20 year old normal girl was standing with a boy in the hallway introduced him as Asif her ex-class fellow she made him remember that once they talked about him.

Aslam “Yes yes I remember now Hello son how are you? What do you do now a days?” to which Asif said that he is working on Agricultural project in that connection he is here for … mean while Aslam wanted to get rid of them … meanwhile Nirma asked for a favor about Asif as she would be going tomorrow as her exam are set in upcoming week but Asif would stay here in the house to which Aslam happily agreed and got excused and moved ahead towards his room.

Near the door Aslam was greeted by her young maid used to work Salma, she said “Master you have got a very beautiful bride” at which Aslam Paid her a tip and enter the room. Aslam closed the door and straight moved to Chandini she was sitting in the middle of king size bed in her bridal clothes.

Aslam trembled with excitement while removing the veil from her face Chandini looked up at him , as she was surprised to see him but then looked down…. Chandini never thought of him to be this much old he was of his father age but he was her husband now. Aslam on the other hand presented her with a very beautiful diamond ring Aslam asked her name talked with her to get her settled to which Aslam asked if she wanted to get rid of this bridal clothes and change into normal on which Chandini agreed and moved towards wardrobe for changing.

Aslam changed into his night gown wearing nothing under beneath slipped into bed after while Chandini enter the room in a light color suit explicitly revealing her big size firm boobs and ass cheeks she tried to sit on the other end but Aslam pulled her towards himself Chandini was stumbled and fell on Aslam Chandini was breathing heavily her heart beat increased many time.

On the other hand Aslam dick was hard again and was coming back to life and was pressed in between them making his way straight on other hand Chandini also felt something throbbing in between legs she was not settled even when Aslam kiss her on her lips her eyes grew wider as she had never experienced a French kiss.

She tried to stop the invading efforts but it was Aslam tongue that made its way inside he sucked her pink lips and watched her big eyes kartal anal escort grew wider then she closed her eyes and Aslam mean while placed his hand on her right breast and pressed to his surprise they were really firm and hard even her nipples hardness can be felt even through the bra she tried to move away but Aslam wrapped his legs around her and his hard dick was right at the Chandini cunt.

she tried to free herself but Aslam had placed one hand over her neck behind the head and with other hand he unzip the zipper on back of her Kameez (Shirt) her movement to get free gave way to his dick to even get closer now Aslam can even fell the heat coming out of her virgin cunt.

Aslam with one hand tried to remove her shirt Chandini was stuck due to underside of her shirt over her head Aslam moved away and removed her shirt with both hands …. Chandini had nothing to cover her boobs except her bra she folded her hands over her boobs to cover them ….. looking at Chandini Aslam turned off the side lamp.

Now room was in dark except a faint light coming from wardrobe Aslam could only see her shadow …. Aslam moved towards her….and planted another French kissed…mean while Aslam laid her on his right side….and placed his left hand on her right boob by removing her folded hands…. To which Chandini resisted little but could not refused to his approach.

Aslam in the meanwhile laid left leg over her and rolled to side and remove the bra clip …Chandini sighed..But Aslam snatched the bra over his head and threw it on far end of bed he kissed her neck …coming down he kissed between her boobs meanwhile pressing her boobs …..Chandini nipples were erect and hard to be pressed she was confused …she had never experienced what was happening to her?

It was all new ….a stranger kissing her and boobs naked pressed hard …. She was feeling that something wet coming out of her cunt…. She could feel but couldn’t explain what was it? Aslam on the other hand for the very first time kissed her erect nipples…….Chandini sighed loudly ….as she was stricken by something …..Aslam kissed the tips and then tried to took the whole nipple in his mouth now Chandini was breathing heavily….she was having strange feeling ……something new not known to her and she could not explain it.

Aslam kissed her boobs time to time changing alternatively …mean while Aslam moved his hand over her waist and entered her Shalwar (pants) as his finger touched the mound of hair near her cunt he heard a loud sigh …. Chandini thought that might be an electric wire touched her cunt …..Mean while Aslam was rubbing his middle finger on the cunt which was already dripping with cunt juice… Chandini was moaning and breathing heavily .

Aslam thought it for a moment and hold his dick in his right hand under beneath the base …….spitted on its red big head and placed it on the cunt entrance he tried to press it but Chandini moved back so Aslam picked her body and placed at the end of bed wall side now there was no space for Chandini to hide …….this time Aslam kissed Chandini on lips to which she was responding and let him enter his tongue ……Aslam took advantage of it and again placed his hard dick head on cunt entrance which was oozing pre cum.

Aslam took a good look at her and pushed his dick forward towards the virgin entrance Chandini which never thought what was coming moaned loudly but as the dick reached the resistance of intact hymen she opened her to find a 5 “dick trying to inside her legs …she looked at Aslam with surprise,,, but Aslam kiss her on her fore head and said”Baby don’t worry it would hurt in the beginning but soon it will go away”,….saying this he further pushed his dick inside which tried to stretch her hymen… to limits.

Chandini Tried to shout kartal sınırsız escort but Aslam placed his hand on her mouth and put his all weight converging inside her cunt .her hymen couldn’t took any more thus giving passage to invading dick….Aslam halted the moment her hymen and took his hand off her mouth………..immediately Chandini started crying……..tear flowing down her cheeks she begged in low voice ….”its paining a lot and unable to tolerate……….Please take it out or I am goanna die”.

Aslam on other hand switched on the side table lamp……and pushed a little bit forward slowly ……….. Chandini took a deep breath and cried at once his dick moved.

Chandini never had any experience of such kind of pain ……..she thought that her cunt is stretched to limits and feared of being torn apart …….but Aslam moved again ……. Looking down at his dick entering her cunt, he knew ,that blood was oozing out of her cunt side which was stretched to such a limits that he thought that his dick being gripped by a vice which getting tighter and tighter….. but his at last his dick reached to the base and finally his balls touched her body….confirming that painful part is over ..Aslam stayed there to let her cunt accustom to girth of his dick.

Chandini was crying pain but it had decreased a lot after Aslam stopped moving in………..”Aslam” Chandini for the very first time uttered the name of the man, of her father age ,and whose dick was all buried to the base in her cunt …… Her husband fucking her for very first time……a virgin cunt being invaded by a experienced dick…..”Please take it out its painful and unable to bear”.

Aslam kissed her on her neck and then kissed on her lips and slowly started his journey back….it resulted in a big moan kind of a cry from Chandini lips dry lips….Aslam took a look and found out that bleeding has stopped but still his dick coated with her blood retreated from her cunt in between half way Aslam stopped and ……again pushed his dick in …this time it was easy and less restricted than before.

Aslam had his balls heated up due to extreme tightness of her cunt and it was already very difficult to control his dick from discharging in her cunt….. Due to her tight cunt wrapped around his dick like a vice trying to grip…he could feel her breath …with every breath her cunt would contract.

Aslam knew that his old dick is not that much strong anymore to keep up with wild beauty and her tight cunt … so he started his pace moving faster a bit ….. Chandini with a loud groan tried to stop him but it only encouraged Aslam for beefing up his efforts to get faster….. Chandini knew nothing what was happening to her but it was different as it was not painful that much as it was in the beginning…and now a new kind of feeling a sensation has to generate far beneath inside.

But she knew it is very different from everything else …a far better feeling….seems to be very enjoyable…… this let her spontaneous ignition of electric sparks originating with in her body progressively increased with every plunge Aslam dick took in her cunt and now it was much easy and less painful for her cunt to accommodate his dick.

Chandini let her cunt loose and moved her legs wide apart ……this give smooth way to Aslam dick for a moment and thunder bolt struck him he started to cum inside her cunt …it was too much for him to bear ….his dick was too old …in past his dick never disappointed any cunt he met across but this beauty lying under beneath him was left thirsty … and disappointed… Chandini the sudden enlargement in Aslam dick send tremors of indescribable lust for more… but suddenly something like a hot fluid was released inside hr cunt by his dick and Aslam stopped for a moment and then he fell on her … drastically his dick started to get limp and eventually he rolled on one side …… lying there …

Chandini never wanted to get this thing end she wanted to have more of it and her lust and passion call was not well answered by Aslam and she was left disappointed in her coming days may be he would be able to give her what she wished for …(To be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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