Charlie and Mindy Bk. 04 Ch. 04

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This is the fourth chapter (of eight) in the fourth and final book of the Charlie and Mindy tetralogy. The books detail a story of forbidden love between a brother and a sister.

You can read this book on its own, but it refers to events that took place in Books 1, 2, and 3. If you want a better understanding of what is going on, read Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 before reading this book.

I value your comments and your feedback, and I will respond to non-anonymous comments–usually within a week.



It was nearly eight in the evening—almost two hours after sunset—when my little sister and I reached Buck and Steph’s house after the long drive from Fort Collins, Colorado. We’d seen no reason to stop at the house I shared with George, Frank, and Earl—or at Mindy’s dorm. The occupants of both places “knew” that I was getting it on with Stephanie, and they were just as convinced that Mindy was doing Buck.

And that was just fine with us. It was as close to what we were really up to as the four of us wanted anyone else to come. Only the four or us knew the truth.

Those other folks had the right idea—they just had the pairings wrong. The story we’d encouraged people to adopt kept them from figuring out that Mindy and I spent a lot of time at the twins’ house because we made good use of their otherwise unused spare bedroom. That bedroom was Steph’s, as far as the rest of the world knew. But she and Buck shared his bed. They’d dedicated their unused bedroom to us when we’d discovered their arrangement and had disclosed ours in the course of telling them what we knew.

I parked the car on the street in front of their bungalow. Then I reached for Mindy and drew her toward me. She reached back and drew me toward herself. We shared a long, deep kiss. And then, stiffly after spending a long day in the car, Mindy and I unfolded ourselves, got out, fetched our suitcases, and walked to the front door.

They’d told us to consider their house ours. The last time we’d been here, Steph had even scolded us for knocking, so I just opened the door, stuck my head in, and yelled, “We’re back. I hope you two aren’t doing anything we wouldn’t do. Or, at least, that you aren’t doing it in the living room.”

I heard Steph whoop, and then yell, “Steve—they’re here!”

We stepped into the house with our suitcases, as Stephanie’s yell was followed by the sounds of a small stampede. We’d no sooner dropped our suitcases than Buck burst into the entryway.

He raced to Mindy with open arms. She leapt at him and threw her own arms around him. I saw their lips meet as they squeezed each other thoroughly.

Only a couple of seconds later, Steph burst into the entryway and catapulted her sturdy body into my arms. We hugged, too, and then the taste of her mouth was in mine as we, too, kissed deeply. Her majestic rack pressed against my chest, reassuring me of her femininity, and my cock rose to press against her with the news of my continued masculinity. She wiggled against me and I wiggled back, reinforcing the messages in both directions.

At length, we broke up those enthusiastic greetings. Steph took me by the hand, Buck took Mindy by the hand, and they led us together into their living room. Once there, they dropped our hands, Steph squeezed Mindy and put her on the couch. I shook hands with Buck, and he steered me to the couch beside Mindy. Smiling, she pressed herself up against me as I wrapped my arm around her. Meanwhile, Buck sat in his favorite easy chair, and Steph, putting her arm around him, sat on her favorite lap.

“We’ve been so worried about you two,” Steph began. “And we were so glad to get your letter and find out that you were doing all right. We’ve missed you so much.”

“We’re glad to be back with our good friends again,” Mindy said, simply. She paused a moment; and then she went on, “You can’t begin to guess how much it’s meant to us to know that you’d be here, waiting for us, waiting to be glad to see us.”

I looked at Buck. He looked at me. And our eyes told each other that, though we were more than merely glad to see each other, it seemed to be getting a little deep. And, then, glad that the women had seen to it that neither of us was going to need to violate the Fundamental Code of Manly Behavior, we grinned at each other.

“I’ll go find us some wine,” Buck said.

As she got off of his lap so that he could get up, Steph said, “Bring two bottles. You and Charlie probably both want red. The ladies,” she said, elevating her nose a little and doing her best to look prissy, “want white.”

“Okay,” Buck said as he got up. Then he reached out and squeezed a good, healthy chunk of her left ass-cheek.

Taken completely by surprise, she shrieked at the indignity and swatted at him. He’d known it was coming, and he took evasive action. She missed. Then he vanished, laughing, into the izmir escort kitchen, followed by Steph’s imprecations—not to mention her vows of eternal chastity. But she was laughing, too. The two of them were as close to each other as Mindy and I were to each other, and I was glad that Mindy’s life and mine were getting back to normal.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We spent a couple of hours chatting with Steph and Buck—getting the news about things happening on campus, and filling them in on how we’d managed our personal nightmares. But, as we’d agreed earlier, we didn’t give them the details of our inheritances. We told them only that it looked like Mom and Dad’s estate would see us through college and, we thought, through graduate school. Mindy and I still could not see how we could apply some of our seemingly boundless resources to help them—without insulting their pride.

As the four of us talked, the levels of wine in the bottles decreased—the red faster than the white. When the last of the red had disappeared, there was a third of the white left in the bottle, and the girls still had half a glass each. I picked up the bottle and looked inquiringly at Mindy and at Steph. They both shook their heads; neither of them wanted any more. I looked at Buck. “Duty calls!” I pointed out.

“It’s a hard life!” he agreed—holding out his empty glass. There was just enough in the bottle to fill his glass and mine.

When we had all brought each other pretty much up to date, the last of the white wine was gone, and it was getting late—there were classes the next day. We all stood. An evil smile on her face, Mindy stepped up against Buck. His arms went around her and held her close.

And then Stephanie did the same with me, effectively turning my attention to the wonderfully feminine body she now held against me. I took her into my arms. As I looked down into her eyes, she looked back up at me and said, “We know what a terrible thing you’ve been through. We’re so glad that you’re able to say that things are going well, again.”

And, before I could reply, she reached up for a kiss. I bent down, and our lips met. Her tongue reached to explore my mouth. We held the kiss for a while, each enjoying the other. My cock rose against her, and I felt her move her body against it, knowingly, willfully.

As I held her in my arms, I slid my left hand down along her back, grabbed a handful of her right ass-cheek, and squeezed. She reacted by grinding her hips even more tightly against me.

We broke the kiss, and she looked up at me. “Naughty, naughty!” she whispered as she looked me again in the eyes—an appreciative smile on her face.

“I’m just restoring symmetry after Buck did the left one,” I whispered back, with my own appreciative smile. (It was, after all, a nicely rounded ass.)

She rewarded me with another grind—which I returned wholeheartedly. And she whispered, still smiling, “I can tell by that lump down there that Mindy’s going to have a nice time tonight.”

I kissed those smiling lips, lightly and quickly. “I hope that you’re ready to give Buck a nice time tonight, too,” I whispered back.

“Oh, I am,” she replied, as we broke our embrace. “I am.” And her smile became a grin.

Buck and Mindy were separating, too, as Steph and I did. Steph reached out for Buck’s hand while she delivered a last caress to my side. My arm, still half around her waist, delivered a last little squeeze as I reached for Mindy’s hand. Then, hand in hand, Buck and Steph headed for the bedroom they shared. Mindy and I went to the front door, picked up our suitcases where we’d dropped them as we entered the house, and went back to the room the two of us shared.

As we entered the room, I set the two suitcases I was carrying down and shut the door. Mindy set down her suitcase, turned on the light, and came to my arms. Wordlessly, we held each other, looking again into each other’s eyes. She smiled up at me, as she ground her belly against my still-stiff cock.

“Somebody’s horny,” she said softly. “It looks like Steph got you ready for me—or else I’m a wonder woman!”

“Both,” I said, smiling back, and dived in for another kiss.

The kiss extended into deep time as we held our bodies close to each other. Her firm little unfettered boobs pressed against me, and I ground the bulge in my pants against her.

When, at last, our mouths separated, we continued to hold each other close. We smiled again at each other, and I said, “Something tells me that I’m not the only horny person in this room.”

She wiggled against me again, and, taking her arms from around me, she brought her hands up to the top of my chest—where she began undoing the buttons of my shirt. Still looking at me, her smile deepening, she asked, “Wanna find out?”

I released her from my enclosing arms and cupped her tits—squeezing, kneading, massaging. She moaned lightly at my touch, alsancak escort and ground her hips against my thighs again. And I realized that she’d moved over a few inches, so that her mound rested against my thigh—where it would get the greatest benefit from that grinding.

I brought my hands from her tits to the buttons of her shirt, and began undoing. And, as I did, I said, “Do I feel my little sister’s pussy against my thigh?”

She grinned up at me, rocking her hips a bit while making certain that she continued to hold her mound tightly against my thigh. “You might!” she said, grinning. “Wanna see?”

She had finished unbuttoning my shirt, and I had finished unbuttoning hers. Neither of us was willing to separate our body from the other, so we pressed against each other and kissed again; hands slid across naked skin to caress sides and backs. Her naked little tits moved up against me, and I could feel the hard buttons of her nipples against my flesh. I moaned into her mouth, and my own mouth received her moan.

When our mouths parted again, she looked up at me and put our dilemma into words. “It looks like we’re going to have to let go of each other in order to get our clothes off.”

“That’ll be hard,” I agreed.

“Something is already hard,” she said with a dirty grin. “But I don’t think it’s going to do me much good while we’ve got our clothes on.”

“Okay,” I said. “Here’s a plan. I’ll count to three, and on three, we’ll let go of each other and each get the rest of our clothes off. Then you turn on the light by the bed and get in. I’ll turn off the ceiling light and get in. So to speak.”

“That’s a plan! I’ll be glad when you’re in!” she agreed, smiling up at me. She reached up for a quick kiss before I could begin counting. I moaned, both at the kiss and the feeling of her bare boobs moving against my own bare chest.

She backed away from the kiss, and I counted—not too quickly, but especially not too slowly—to three. We put the plan into effect.

About twenty seconds later, we both lay, facing each other, under the bedclothes and in each other’s arms. My boner had found its way between her thighs and now rested against her slit. She was hot and wet, as I’d expected, and my hips moved instinctively to slide my cock along her furrow. I kissed her again, and she returned my kiss enthusiastically—her own hips rocking in answer to mine. She moaned into our kiss, and I moaned back my answer.

The kiss ended, but our hips continued to rock in opposition to each other. I looked again into the deep blue wells of her eyes, and I would have lost myself in them if it hadn’t been for what her pussy was doing to me.

She smiled at me and hummed a little moan at me. Then she said, “I really like to feel you moving against me like this.”

I smiled back. “I like it, too.”

We kept moving. The scents of her body came to me from under the bedclothes. They mingled with the scent of her hair. My head whirled.

I found a tit. I cupped it, squeezed it a bit, and twirled her nipple between thumb and forefinger. She closed her eyes, lost in the sensation, and her smile deepened. Another little groan of happiness escaped her lips and her arms tightened around me.

“I like your tits, too,” I whispered. I brought my head down so that my lips engaged that lovely little nipple. At the touch, her body relaxed and her hips all but stopped moving. My lips nibbled and tweaked; she arched her body in response—thrusting her nipple more deeply into my mouth and crushing the mound of her breast against my face. Wrapping my lips around my teeth, I pressed her against the roof of my mouth with my tongue and sucked her in more deeply. Her breath exploded in a deep sigh of pleasure, and her hips began to move again—helping me slide my length back and forth along her seething cleft.

Eventually, the sensations her inner and outer lips brought my cock weren’t enough for me. Without removing my mouth from her nipple, I pushed her over onto her back. I rolled with her, trying to keep my cock in contact with the hot wetness that had made it so hard, bringing my elbows out to either side of her chest where they could support the weight of my upper body.

She had no doubts about what I wanted. She wanted that, too, and as she rolled, she kept her arms around me—loosely now. She parted her thighs and drew her legs up, and as my knees found purchase on the mattress between her legs, I raised my hips up off of her. At the same time, I released her nipple from my mouth and raised my head to look at her lovely face once more.

She smiled at me again—an expectant smile, this time. I felt her legs wrap loosely about my legs. She unwrapped her arm from where it encircled me and I felt her grasp the hardness of my boner. I lowered my hips slowly, and she guided me into herself.

I looked into her eyes as my stiffness sank into buca escort the clasp of my sister’s hot, wet turmoil. The love in her eyes engulfed me, just as her sheath engulfed my cock. She brought her arm back around me, where it helped her other arm hold me against her. We lay there for a few seconds, while we adjusted to the sensations we brought each other. I shuddered a bit from those sensations; I saw and felt her shudder, too.

When our shudders had subsided, I saw that she was looking deeply into my eyes. I looked back.

She smiled. “I wish I knew how to tell you how much I like making love with you,” she said, softly, lovingly.

I kissed her, softly, quickly. “I do know how much I like making love with you,” I answered. She moved her hips under me; her channel transmitted the motion to the cock it was wrapped around.

Slowly, I withdrew my cock part way, and slowly again, I pushed it back into her. Her smile deepened, and, as I began to withdraw again, she rocked her hips backward—hastening and lengthening my withdrawal. And as I pushed back in again, she rocked her hips the other way, and she whispered, “Oh, yes, yes! You feel so good when you move inside me!”

And then my cock took control, pulling itself out and ramming itself back in with ever increasing speed and determination. Her hips kept pace, until we rocked furiously together, pumping ourselves toward mutual apex.

I thrust into her repeatedly, overcome by the soft curves of her naked body against mine, the excitement in her face, and the compulsion rising in my groin as the muscles within her stroked my cock. That compulsion intensified, strengthened until all that I could know was what was happening to my cock. The knot in my groin grew tighter, tighter, tighter still, until at last, both too soon and too late, it exploded.

Chaos overwhelmed me, and my hips thrust forward, driving me deep into her as viscid white fluid raced, again and again and again, through the length of my cock and into my little sister’s body. Vaguely, I felt her hips thrust back at mine, sharing my effort to plant my sperm where our bodies thought it would do the most good, and I knew that she, too, now so close to me and yet so far away, was lost in her own maelstrom.

And then came again that final spasm, marking the end of my orgasm. My body stiffened, driving me once again into her—deeply, deeply, deeply. For an eternity, that spasm held me in its grasp, and I knew nothing but limitless need to bury my throbbing organ in her. And then I collapsed, almost unconscious, on her.

Gradually, it seemed, my awareness returned. I thought that return interminable, but, when I was mindful once again, I found that she was still quaking in the grip of her own climax. Her eyes were closed, her face was slack, and I felt the contractions of her body, and of her channel around me—milking the last of my cum from me.

I found that the weight of my upper body now rested entirely upon her, so I raised myself onto my elbows again. As her contractions weakened and her body began to relax, I bent and took a nipple into my mouth. Gently—very gently I nipped it, and I felt her contract more strongly around my cock, as her body stiffened again. I nipped, released, nipped, released, several times in succession, and, each time, she contracted again around me. Gradually those reactions died, until they became gentle, barely perceptible waves.

I raised myself from her boob and looked again at her face. As I moved my head and looked at her, she opened her eyes and looked back at me. Blue fire engulfed me for the thousandth time, and, breathing heavily now, we communed silently with each other awhile.

I smiled at her, and she smiled back at me. Her arms and her legs, both still wrapped loosely around me, tightened about me again. I lowered my head and gently kissed her neck, her ears, her nose. And then I found her lips with mine, and we shared a long, delicate kiss. We had quenched the fire of our passion, but not that of our love.

I raised my head again to look at her; she smiled, and she whispered, “You sure do know how to make a girl come!”

I looked again into those deep blue eyes, and I smiled back and whispered, “You sure do know how to love a guy. And make him come.”

“I do love you,” she replied. “And I’m so glad I do. And it makes me so happy that I can make you come.”

“I love you back,” I answered. “And I’m glad, too. To love you and to make you come.”

We kissed again, and I rolled aside—pulling my slowly deflating cock out of her. It was messy with the products of our love, and I must have left tracks across her hip and her thigh as she straightened her legs and I moved across her.

When she could, she sat up and pulled the bedclothes—which our thrashing had left covering only our legs—up over us. As they came, she lay back down and rolled so that she came to rest on her side against me, with her head on my shoulder. She laid her arm and her leg across me again. Her perfect little tits rested against my upper body, and her bush tickled my left hip. Fluids—mine, mingled with hers—trickled out of her. I felt her pussy smush against them on my hip.

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