Chris’ Adventures Ch. 08

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Christy sat up in bed and glanced over at the clock. It was eight in the morning and the sun was streaming through the bedroom window. She stretched her arms and rolled over to see that Chris was still sleeping. She sat up, not wanting to wake Chris yet. Her phone buzzed and she glanced at it. It was Patty. “I assume Chris is still coming over today to clean the house?”

Christy smiled to herself. Rob was out of town for a couple of weeks and she had been over at Patty’s earlier in the week for a little fun in bed and afterward Patty asked if Chris would be willing to come over and help clean the house. They had been doing some remodeling in the basement and there was drywall dust from sanding everywhere in the house. So Patty thought Chris would enjoy dressing up to come over and clean. Besides, Patty had said she hadn’t had a chance to see Chris all dressed close up. Christy agreed but she added that she’d spring it on Chris last minute, just to keep him on his toes.

“Yes. I just got up. He’s still sleeping. I’m headed out shopping so I’ll tell him to head over as soon as he’s ready.” Christy responded.

“Send him over dressed and ready.” Patty typed back. “And I’ll have him clean out my pipes if you know what I mean. I havn’t had a good cleaning for two weeks. :). Damn period showed up the week before Rob left for his business trip”

“Lol. Go ahead. I know Chris would love to help out with that “chore”. I may have some fun while I’m out shopping.” She typed back while thinking to herself about some conversations her and Chris had been having. Today seemed like an opportune time to do it.

Patty came back. “Oh? Anything you care to clue me in on?”

Christy could just see the quizzical look on Patty’s face in her mind as they texted. Chris stirred beside her as she typed. “Something Chris and I have been talking about. Maybe he’ll tell you if you ask him. Got to go, he’s starting to stir. :)”

A few seconds passed and a reply came back. “Ok. Don’t you clean his pipes before sending him over though. :)-.”

Christy laughed and set the phone down as Chris rolled over and stretched out. His arms spread wide and caressed her thigh.

“Morning baby.” He sighed.

Christy leaned over and planted a kiss on him as her hands disappeared under the covers and rubbed his hard cock in the panties he was wearing. “Morning baby.”

“Mmmm. Want to go for another roll in the hay?” Chris growled.

“Not today.” She grinned at him, pulling her hand away, teasing him. “I have other plans for you.” She paused. “And myself.”

Chris sat upright and gave her a quizzical look. “What are you talking about?”

Christy sat up in and began to get out of bed, getting ready to take a shower. “Remember the conversation we had after our little outing with you all dressed up?”

He thought back to few weeks ago and the night they went out and ended up picking up a college guy and a husband and wife to play with for the night. After that they talked about how hot it was seeing each other with someone else, or more specifically, someone else who wasn’t a friend. The conversation drifted to them talking about sleeping with other people sometime again and had brought up the subject of doing it when the other person wasn’t around. The thought turned Chris on immensely. Was that where she was going with this? He replied with a questionable, but hopeful response. “Yeah. We’ve talked about that off and on. What about it?”

Christy saw him squirming as he rolled over onto his back. She could see the bulge of his cock under the sheets of the bed. She hoped that was appositive sign for what she was going to say. Her own pussy was getting wet at the thought. “Well…” She started and paused. “What would you think about letting each other sleep with others, when one of us isn’t around?” She held her breath waiting for, what she hoped, was a positive answer. Chris didn’t say anything at first. He rolled onto his side and slid a hand up her thigh. She moaned as he reached higher until his fingers ran up and down her smooth lips that were wet with excitement.

“I think I like that idea.” He said as he slipped two fingers into Christy’s wet pussy. “Seems the idea excites you too.” He began to slide his fingers in and out slowly, making her groan and squirm. He slipped a third finger in and wiggled them around, eliciting a gasp from her.

“Yes. I do.” She gasped. “Don’t stop baby.” She spread her legs wide to allow Chris better access to her hole. All the while reaching over to grip his rock-hard cock. She wasn’t going to get him off but she was sure as hell going to tease him before sending him over to Patty’s. Gripping his cock, she pumped it slowly. He moaned in response. “A few months ago, I would have balked at the idea, but now, I want to do it.” She ground her hips against Chris’ hand and moaned. “Oh baby, wiggle those fingers in me. You know how I love it when you get me off with your hand.” In response he slipped a fourth finger in and began pistoning in and out of her. “Ughh, yessss.” She hissed. “That anadolu yakası escort makes me feel so full.”

Chris pushed deeper until he was buried up to the base of his fingers. He loved watching her squirm as he played with her pussy and she responded in kind by stroking his cock, gripping it tighter. He pumped his hips in time with her hand and moaned. “Oh yeah baby. Keep that up.”

Between gasps and moans Chris asked, “So how will this work? We should set some ground rules.” Christy let go if his cock and squeezed his smooth balls, making him grunt.

A low sigh escaped Christy’s lips as tried to respond. “Yes. We should. No one comes to the house. Unless we know them personally or from an outing where both of us were there.” Chris spread his fingers inside her and she gasped as he hit places he’d never touched before. This was the first time she’d ever taken all four of his fingers in her.

Chris nodded. “And we let the other person know when we’re going to be playing around.” Christy fondled his balls and teased his ass with a finger as he spoke. Usually by now she was jerking him off with gusto, he wondered what she was planning on doing.

“Mmmmm.” Christy moaned as she pushed harder onto Chris’ hand. “Should we snap a pic of who we’re going to be with?” She asked through gritted teeth. Chris was pushing more into her, she felt a twinge of pain but didn’t want to stop, the feeling of fullness was so good. She dropped Chris’ balls from her hand and began playing with her nipples as he fucked her with almost his whole fist. The feeling was incredible.

Chris moaned when she let go of him. But he knew she would finish him off after he got her off so he redoubled his efforts. Especially after seeing her reach up and begin playing with her nipples, something she didn’t always do. “Yes.” He hissed. “And an address where we’ll be.” His hand was buried up to his base knuckle and Christy opened her hips wider. He took it as an invitation to try more. He withdrew his hand a bit and tucked in his thumb, pointing his digits like a spear and pushing deeper into her, watching the look on her face. Her eyes were screwed shut and she was gripping her nipples as he pushed his five digits into her.

A gasp escaped her lips as Chris pushed into her up to the base of his knuckles again. Oh God it hurt so good but she didn’t think that she could take any more. Her breath was coming in ragged gasp as she groaned and called out to Chris to pull out a bit. “Oh God baby. I can’t take any more.” She opened her eyes and saw that Chris had his fist buried up to the base of his knuckles. “I want to but it hurts to much.”

Chris pulled out until his thumb popped out. He sat up on his knees so he could scoot up towards Christy’s face. “That’s ok baby.” He kissed her tenderly on the lips and she sighed.

“But don’t stop with your four fingers though.” She replied between kisses. “I’m so close.”

Chris sat up on his knees next to Christy, his still hard cock pointing straight out towards her. “Oh I won’t. Now how about sucking on this cock? I know how you like being stuffed at both ends.”

Christy sank into the bed on her back as if she was getting ready to suck him off but she spread her legs wide and threw her head back. “Oh God Chris. Finish me off.” She moaned. “I have other plans for you.” She ground her hips against Chris’ four fingers inside her pussy. Chris took the hint and began rubbing her clit with his now free thumb while moving in and out of her now dripping pussy. Each thrust made wet squishing sounds bounce off the walls. He couldn’t believe how wet she was. After a couple of minutes of this Christy began to moan loudly and stiffen. He knew she was close so he redoubled his efforts. She grunted, groaned, and arched her back as her orgasm washed over her. He watched as her nipples distended and she convulsed slightly, her skin flushing red as waves of pleasure washed over her. He kept up his assault on her pussy until she finally pushed him away.

“No more! No more baby! I can’t take it.” She breathed heavily as her orgasm subsided and she rolled onto her side to face Chris’ cock pointing at her face like a spear. She wanted to suck it and take his load so bad after that incredible orgasm but that would spoil the fun her and Patty had planned for him. But she decided to tease him just a bit. She reached over and took his cock in her hand to pull it to her mouth.

“Mmmm. That’s it baby, suck my cock like a good girl.” He watched as she licked up and down his shaft flicking her tongue over the sensitive head. He moaned when she took his cock in her mouth and bobbed on it once only to pull off it and lick his cock again. “You tease.” He grunted.

She smiled from behind his cock and chuckled. “You love it. And it’s only going to get worse.” She grinned wide and sat up while letting go of his cock.

Chris knelt there in disbelief as he watched Christy get up and head to the bathroom. He wondered what she had up her sleeve and followed her in. “Going ankara anal escort to finish me off in here?” he asked as she stepped into the now running shower.

Christy pulled the curtain back and poked her head out. “No.” she said matter of fact with a smile on her face. “I’m sending you over to Patty’s.” She saw the puzzled look on his face. “Remember Rob is out of town?”

“Oh yeah. So is she going to finish me off?” Chris asked wondering what was going on.

“She said she might.” Came the nonchalant reply as Christy popped her head back in the shower. “I told her I’d send you over all dressed up and ready to clean.”

Chris popped his head into the shower. “What??” Not understanding what she was getting at.

“She said she needed help cleaning the house. Rob just finished drywalling and sanding the basement so there’s drywall dust everywhere. She wanted you to come over and help.” She smiled at the shocked look on his face. “So, I said you’d be more than happy to get dressed up and come over to clean. I didn’t think you’d mind since I was going out shopping for a dress to the wedding we’re headed to next weekend.” She leaned in and kissed Chris as the shock wore off his face. He began to step into the shower as she soaped up her body. She felt him press his cock into the crack of her ass and try to slip into her still wet pussy.

“Don’t you dare.” She chided him as she reached back and gave him a gentle shove. “Patty asked specifically if you could ‘clean her pipes’ while you were there. Her period hit the week before Rob left so she hasn’t gotten any dick for two weeks. So she asked that I not drain yours. And I agreed.” A glance over her shoulder showed that Chris was smiling.

“So you two cooked this up behind my back?” He asked.

“I didn’t think you’d mind. You get to dress up AND you get to fuck Patty.” She shot back as she rinsed off. “I’d come over with you and we could make it a threesome but I need to go shopping.”

Chris sighed at the thought of that. “It would be even better if Rob was home. I’d love more of that cock.”

Christy turned around and squeezed his cock to tease him. “I would too.” And she planted a kiss on him. “So instead I’m going shopping for a dress and, if I’m lucky, some cock.”

Chris moaned. “Starting off this new arrangement immediately aren’t you? Sending your dick to the neighbor and going looking for something new.”

“You love it and you know it.” She squeezed his cock and pulled him close, jerking him under the shower head with her.

“Yes, I do.” He squeezed her ass in response. “I won’t turn down a chance to fuck Patty and those huge breasts.”

Christy gave him a mocking pout as she pushed her b cup breasts together. “These aren’t good enough for you?”

Chris leaned in and licked her nipples. “Of course they are.” He nibbled one nipple, making her gasp. “But just like you like Rob’s big cock. I like her big breasts.”

They chuckled and kissed each other as they rubbed their bodies under the shower spray and cleaned up. Christy stepped out of the shower but Chris stayed behind. He figured that if he was getting dressed up he should clean up a bit with the razor.

Chris grabbed the depilatory cream and stepped out of the shower spray to lather up and had one last question for Christy. “So does this new arrangement apply to whether we want to sleep with a guy or a girl?” he called out through the curtain.

Christy smiled. “Of course it does. I’m not going to pass up a chance to possibly get some more pussy.” She toweled off and went out to get dressed. Her head was swimming with the possibilities of this new arrangement. Looking through her clothes she decided to forgo underwear but did go with a bra because trying on dresses without a bra, they never fit right. She grabbed a sun dress, pulled it on and went down to get breakfast.

Chris finished up in the shower and started to get dressed when he remembered that Christy said he was to head over all dressed up. He’d never been out during the day all dressed up, he hoped that no one would notice him walking next door all dolled up. He pulled on a garter belt and slipped into some sheer back hose over his smooth legs. As he was clipping them into place Christy stepped back into the room.

“Sexy baby.” She commented as he stood up, his semi hard cock hanging between his hose clad legs. She walked over and rubbed him back to hardness, teasing him. “Remember, Patty wants the full effect. So don’t forget your breastforms.” She kissed him and headed out the door. “I left breakfast on the counter for you.”

Chris heard her voice trail off, calling out that she’d hopefully send him pics later in the morning if she was successful. His head was swimming with all sorts of ideas as to what Christy would be up to while she was out. He was also thinking about what he and Patty might get up to after she had him clean the house. His cock stirred as he tugged on the bikini cut panties over the hose and garter belt. He tucked himself into ankara anal yapan escort the panties as best he could in his aroused state and went to put on his breastforms.

By now he’d gotten adept at putting them on. They’d gone out a few times with him dressed up for a night out of fun as girls but hadn’t had anywhere near the fun they did that first time. It ended up being mostly flirting with the guys and then going home to get undressed and screw each others brains out. After getting the forms in place he selected a black lace demi cup bra that pushed his chest together and gave his chest a very full look. Digging through the closet he found the maid outfit Christy bought for him when they went out shopping that first day after finding out his little secret and tugged it on. He grabbed the low slung heels and headed downstairs to the kitchen to eat before finishing up with a wig and makeup.

Sitting on the island was a plate of fruit, a bowl of cereal with milk next to it and a glass of orange juice. He also noticed that there was a note and one of their butt plugs and a bottle of lube. He smiled as he sat down to eat and wondered just how much she had planned this out with Patty. As he ate he read the note: “Have fun at Patty’s today. I’m sure she’ll take good care of you. Since she’s not the dominant type I’ll take the lead here. Slip the plug in your ass before heading over. It will keep you on edge all morning while cleaning up the house and ready for her. And all that stimulation will lead to a monstrous load for her when she finally let’s you orgasm (I told her not to let you cum until she’s had her fill). Kisses. Christy.”

Chris grinned and took another look at the butt plug. He noticed she picked one of their longer ones. It was about six inches long and an inch and a half and the base. She knew him well. He loved the larger plugs they had, but he’d never had one that long in while walking around. This would be interesting. He quickly finished eating and headed upstairs to get his wig and makeup on.

He pulled a blonde wig from the closet for today. He had started with a red one but had added a blonde and brunette wig to the collection over the last few months. Tucking it in place he quickly did his makeup, going with some red lipstick and a matching eyeliner. When he finished, he looked at himself in the mirror and grinned. Another great job. No one would know unless they took a real close look. He looked at his watch and saw that it was almost 10:00. Christy had been out of the house for a little over an hour now and Patty was probably wondering where he was. He snapped a pic of himself in the mirror and sent it to Christy. “Almost ready to head over. How do I look?”

Almost immediately a reply came back. “Love it. Blonde is a good color for you. What do you think of the shoes I just picked up? The stock boy had a hard time concentrating, what with my bare pussy staring at him from under my dress. :)” He looked at the picture of the three-inch, strappy, open toed heels. He could just imagine how her legs would look in those and moaned.

“I love them. I can’t wait to see you in them.”

“Well right now you need to finish getting ready and head over. Don’t forget the toy I left out for you. I’ll ask Patty if you used it. So don’t think you can get away with leaving it at home, or you will be punished.”

Chris read the last text and a shiver went up his spine. The last time she “punished” him was incredible. She had dressed him up and paraded him around the house. Then shoving a large plug in his ass and spanking him. She finally took him to the bedroom and tied him spread eagled to the bed while she fucked his ass with their strap on and finished by making him eat her out until she came multiple times. To complete the night she let him have his release by watching him jerk off into his own face, denying him her touch on his cock the whole night. He had shot a huge load all over his face. That was when Christy discovered that if she kept him on edge for a long time he came in copious amounts. Apparently, she was intending on giving Patty the benefit of this newfound knowledge.

The phone fell to the island top as he picked up the plug and the lube. Rather than head to the bathroom ne just dropped his panties there in the kitchen and got on his knees on the floor, ready to impale himself on the toy. He ran his finger around his tight hole after lubing it up, getting himself ready for the plug. He slipped a finger into his ass and wiggled it. His cock jumped in response. Withdrawing the digi,t he generously lubed up the plug and pressed against his ready ass. The slick silicone spread his cheeks and hole easily until he got the wide flare towards the end. His hole stretched to accommodate the invading toy. Relaxing he eased back on it as he pushed. It was only a little wider than the vibrator he usually used on himself so it should slip in with little problem. Leaning back the plug slid into his ass, his sphincter clamping around the smaller radius at the base, keeping it in place. Having the toy in his ass and poking his prostate aroused him. He stood up and the plug moved inside of him, causing his cock to twitch and stiffen as he pulled up the panties he was wearing. His hard cock was barely contained when his phone buzzed again. It was a text from Patty, “Are you coming over? I’ve got lots of work for you to do. ;)”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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