Cindy Ch. 05

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Claire and I fucked six or seven times more that night. She even fell asleep on me with my cock still buried deep within her soaked pussy. I just kept on pounding away until I exploded inside her. Claire only moaned and pushed against me when I slipped my semi-hard cock into her ass and then whimpered a sigh before falling back to sleep.

Her soft sweet snoring touched my heart as I gently pumped my cock in and out of her asshole. We never got along, we actually hated each others guts but now as I looked down onto her sleeping face, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, for what I couldn’t say.

“Fuck….I’m falling in love with my sister, christ….the bitch was now my whore, sex on demand, anywhere, anytime……she’s not my sister, she’s my slut, my whore” I said to myself as I gave my sister’s ass a few good powerful thrusts.

“Oowwww……aaaaaaahhhhh….jesus christ, where have you got your cock” Claire moaned lifting herself onto one arm, looking over her shoulder at me.

“Guess whore” I replied ramming my stiff cock back up into her ass.

“Ooowww christ, you’re fucking my ass, I thought you were still fucking my cunt, not my ass, I wouldn’t even let dad fuck me there” Claire said trying to push me away.

“DON’T” I growled pushing Claire onto her stomachbefore I rammed the entire length of my cock right up into her anal gavity.

“FUCKEN HELL……NO…..PLEASE……..OH GOD NO PLEASE” Claire screamed into her pillow as I continued to ram my cock into her ass as hard as I could.

“Oh….please….Ryan….no…more….please…..oh….god….please” Claire moaned but instead of trying to push me off her, she now pushed her ass up into the air, meeting my thrusts as I plunged my cock harder and deeper into her sweet, hot anal passage.

“Tell me you want me to fuck your ass bitch” I grunted, pulling my sister back so she was now on her hands and knees.

“No fuck you……oooooohhhhhh jesus christ no” Claire moaned, her breathing getting more and more ragged.

“Say it bitch” I said giving her ass one powerful thrust.

“Ooooowwwww……okay,okay, fuck my ass Ryan, fuck my ass bastard” Claire yelled, ramming her ass onto my cock as I held onto her hips.

“Good girl” I moaned, feeling my hot load of cum building up inside my balls.

“Oh god……oh god….oh fucken hell…….OH FUCKEN HELL” Claire moaned and then screamed as her own orgasm ripped through her body.

The feeling of her hot juices splashing against my thighs was to much for me so I gave my sister’s ass one more powerful thrust, burying my cock deep inside her anal.

“Oh god sis, I’m going to cum, oh fuck I’m cumming” I moaned pushing my cock even harder into Claire’s ass.

“Cum….cum for…..cum for me pleaseeeeeeeee” Claire moaned cumming herself.

“Oh fucken hell sis, fuck you’re tightttttttttttt”I moaned shooting my hot load of cum straight into her tight little ass.

“Fuck I feel it bro, I feel you cumming…..cum some more… feels good” Claire moaned pulling her ass away from me so that the tip of my cock sat just inside the opening of her ass.

I squirted two jets of cum into that dark little hole before Claire pushed back against me, burying my cock deep inside her again where I unloaded the rest of my load.

“Oh yes….oh nice and hot…..mmmmmm feels good” Claire purred as she pushed back and forth against me.

“For someone who didn’t want me to fuck her ass, you seem to be loving it sis” I said slowly pulling my welting cock from her ass.

“Okay so I was wrong….fuck what an orgasm….fuck that was good, when can you fuck me like that again” Claire said cuddling up against me, pushing her ass hard against my semi-hard cock.

“Suck my cock clean and I’ll think about it” I said sitting up in her bed.

Claire looked at me once before diving in between my legs. Claire then grabbed my cock with one hand and my balls in the other before sliding the entire length of my cock slowly down her throat. Oh god was she good. The sensations she was giving me were incredible and it didn’t take very much time for my semi-erect cock to become as hard as a pole. Claire went absolutely crazy, licking every inch of my cock before taking it back down her throat. Her head bobbed up and down, gaining speed with every second. Both of us were moaning and groaning loudly. Claire placed my foot between her legs and massaged her soaked pussy against it. She was so hot. I could feel her pussy lips slide up and down the length of my foot. My big toe even slipped into her soaked cunt when I bent it forward.

“I hope your going to swallow every drop of my cum bitch”.

Claire stop in mid suck and just looked up and smiled at me before she pushed my cock all the way back down her throat again. Was she going to swallow or was she going to waste my precious cum, only time would tell and by the way she was sucking me off, I knew I was going to last very long.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM……..oh god not again…….not again……ooooohhhhhh Bycasino fuck me” Claire moaned squeezing hard on my manhood as she ground her pussy against my foot.

“Oh fuck…..oh fuck…..oh shit…..hummmmmmmm…….fuck me” Claire moaned as she pushed against my foot as I pushed back, trying to slip my big toe back into her hot very soaked pussy.

“Oh god….that was intense…..for that….I will swallow for you, just this once, I really don’t like the taste of cum but since you’ve made me cum so much tonight, I can afford too.” Claire said pumping her hand up and down the shaft of my cock before impaling her mouth with it.

Oh god what a sight she was. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock so fast and her mouth gripped my cock so tightly, it was absolutely impossible for me not to cum. Claire knew I couldn’t hold back anymore and grabbed my balls with her other hand and squeezed them gently, forcing my cum up into the shaft of my cock. I think I lasted for about two or three minutes longer before finally I couldn’t hold back and fired my load into her mouth. I just held onto her head as load after load filled her mouth. I could see her cheeks expand as she tried to keep up, swallowing as hard as she could.

“Very good sis, suck every drop out of my cock, drink it all down……very good……now how does that feel” I said as i watched my sister suck the gland of my cock as her hand pumped up and down the shaft, squeezing out every last drop.

“Very filling, no wonder you’ve got big balls, none of the other guys I’ve sucked off as ever blown a load that big at me before” Claire said smiling at me as she licked the last drop of cum off of my cock.

“Plenty more where that came from and I expect you to swallow every last drop, whether it’s in your mouth or in another girls cunt, got it” I said grabbing a hand of full of her hair and giving it a slight tug.

“Yes I got it, you don’t have to be rough”.

“You like it rough so don’t complain or I’ll bend you over my knee and give you something to complain about”.

“Like what” Claire said kissing me affectionately on the lips.

“A sore ass and that’s before I fuck you sore” I replied grabbing a handful of tit and giving it a squeeze, pinching her stiff nipple between my fingertips.

“I’d enjoy that wouldn’t you…..are you finished fucking me so I can get some sleep at least or am I going to be up all night getting my brains fucked out” Claire said wrapping her arms and legs around my body at the same time as she pushed the hottest cunt onto my weary cock.

“Sleep I think, to tell you the truth I’m a little fucked myself….literally” I replied sliping my still semi-hard back into my sister pussy before laying back on the bed with her in my arms.


“A-hem…good morning you two” Mum said waking us both up from our well needed sleep.

“Aaaagggghhh, what time is it” I asked looking up over Claire’s shoulder to see what time it was.

“10:30am… you two need to tell me something or do I need to quess” mum said looking down at our semi-covered naked bodies.

It was very cold last night so I asked Ryan to sleep with me to keep me warm” Claire replied giving out a fake shiver before she pushed herself against me. Some where during the night Claire must of hopped off me and cuddled herself back against me because my stiff cock was firmly planted inside her hot cunt so I pushed against her, burying my cock all the way inside her just to let her know it was hard again. Claire moaned but made it look like she was moaning about the cold chill in the air as she pulled the blanket up over her naked tits. Mum must of known something was up, mainly me inside my sister hot pussy because she raised her eyebrows at us as she looked from Claire’s stiff nipples and firm breasts to her face before looking at me.

“Where’s dad” Claire asked mum as she slid back and forth along the shaft of my cock ever so slightly, thrusting back hard as mum sat down on the side of the bed.

“He’s probaly out jerking himself off, thinking about the young blonde bimbo he picked up at the bar last night” Mum said ignoring us as she made herself comfortable.

Mum even ignored the fact that my hands were cupping my sister’s tits as I gently massaged them. What really surprised me was the the fact Claire moaned openly as she pumped her pussy back and forth along my cock, her strokes getting longer and more forceful as she thrust against me as mum told us about dad’s escapades at the bar.

“Your father is an absolute dick head, he knew he wasn’t going to score with Michelle, she’s got two kids and isn’t interested men, did your father listen, no, he just had to made a pass at her and get his face slapped, right in front of everyone, how embarrassing, god I don’t know why I married that man, i really don’t” mum said taking her daughters hand in hers.

You could really see that Claire was on her way to having an orgasm by the she was moaning and thrusting against Bycasino giriş me, burying my cock right up inside her and by the way she squeezed mum’s hand, bending over a little bit more and laying her head on mum’s lap as mum continued to chat away, not taking any notice of us. What really surprised was when Claire let out a loud groan and nearly ram her hand up inside mum’s skirt. Mum just pulled Claire’s hand out from beneath her skirt and patted it before combing strands of hair away from my sister’s eyes. I couldn’t control myself anymore and bent my sister over some more so that when I started to pound my cock in and out of Claire’s pussy, the blanket slipped away from the waist to expose my mine and my sister’s lower half. Mum just watched in a trance as I rammed my cock in and out of my sister’s hot tight little cunt. She even raised her eyebrows when she caught sight of how big my cock was compaired to dads.

God you should of seen her face when I finally did blow after Claire’s second orgasm. Mum practically jumped off the bed when I pulled my cock out of my sister’s pussy and fired a hot streaming load up Claire’s body and onto mum’s arm and lap, getting some of the load on Claire’s face while the rest of it landed on mum’s skirt.

“You two get yourselves dressed while I go make some breakfast after I clean this mess off my clothes…….I didn’t really need to quess, just don’t go blabbing it around that you two are having sex, there’s already enough rumours floating around about us already” Mum said as she got up from the bed and stood at the door before leaving to go down to the kitchen.

“I suppose you won’t be my whore now now that mum knows about us two” I asked.

“I’ll still let you fuck me when ever you want but you’ll have to fuck me when I want it too now…” Claire said squeezing the rest of my cum out of my cock and onto her hand before licking it into her mouth and swallowing it.

“I like sex and your cock is very satisfying, to my pussy and ass and to meso hurry up and get up, I’m starved” Claire said hurrying to pull up her knickers as she searched on floor for the rest of her clothes.

“Claire, tell me something……did you manage to feel mum’s pussy when you slipped your hand up between her legs.

“Yes…..and to keep your imagination running…..she didn’t have any panties on and she was wet so she must of enjoyed watching you fuck me” Claire said slipping on a shirt and pulling it down over her perky firm breasts.


All through breakfast, I couldn’t keep my eyes off mum. I knew she knew I was watching her because every now and the she would blush when she caught me stearing at her. Since I sat across from her, I accidently dropped my knife or my fork onto the floor so i would have to bend down and pick it up.

Sure enough, Claire was right. Mum wasn’t wearing any knickers at all. I had two or three excellent views of her pussy. Once I even saw her juices between her pussylips, making them glisten and shine before she slowly closed her legs, cutting off my view. When I had sat back up, both mum and Claire had smiles on their faces but didn’t say a word as we continued having breakfast.

“Get a good view….I told you she didn’t have any panties on” Claire whispered as mum went up the stairs to have a shower.

“I wouldn’t mind fucking that pussy…..I caught a glimpse of her juices… it would be great to fuck my own mother” I said turning Claire around on her seat and unbuttoning her pants.

“Mum will hear us” Claire said lifting her ass up off the chair as I pulled her jeans down to her ankles.

“So we’ll cum quietly, anyway I don’t think mum will mind if we came loudly either.

We both giggled as we pulled each other together. Claire put one of her legs onto the table and grabbed my cock and lead it to her pussy. I gave her one good powerful thrust, burying my cock deep inside her pussy. Claire gave out a loud moan as she began to grind her hot pussy onto my cock as I held it deep within her.

“Oh god you don’t know how good this feels…’s cock always shrunk half in between him fucking me……oh god this is good” Claire purred as i began to pump my cock in and out of her pussy.

As I was happily pounding my sister’s cunt, mum came down the stairs and stopped right next to us and watched as my cock slid in and out of her daughter’s pussy. She even reached down and touched claire’s stiff clit causing Claire to gasp and moan, sending her off on a voilent orgasm. That of course was enough to make me cum, shooting my load deep into Claire’s pussy. When I pulled out, mum’s finger went straigth to her daughter’s hot little pussy, scooping two fingers into Claire’s pussylips and coming out with finger fulls of my cum. Both Claire and I smiled as we watched mum lick her fingers clean, sucking my cum into her mouth.

“So how does it taste mum” Claire asked plunging two finger of her own into her hot pussy and licked and sucked my cum off them.

“Very Bycasino güncel giriş nice…better than your fathers….are you still letting him fuck you when he thinks I’m asleep” mum asked straight out.

“Not anymore now that I have Ryan….His cock is much bigger and longer than dads” Claire answered flatly.

“You must be pretty tight to even feel if his cock is inside you or you’ve got good muscle control” mum said as she plunged her finger back into her daughter’s cunt to scoop out more of my cum.

“Mmmmmmm…….Muscle control” Claire moaned when mum kept her fingers inside her daughter’s pussy a little bit longer.

They both acted as if I wasn’t there so I just sat back at the table and watched them both. Man what a sight to see. My sister, her legs spread wide with her knickers and jeans around her ankle. One leg on the table while the other one dangled in mud-air. My mother standing between those spraed legs, fishing out my cum from her daughters hot dripping cunt. Licking and sucking on those fingers as her daughter did the same to herself. Both of them talking as if it was just another day.

“You should really feel Ryan’s cock inside your pussy mum, it would be better than dad’s little cock and so much forefilling, we both know how unsatisfied you are with dad so why don’t you give it a go” Claire said breaking me out of my trance.

Mum took one look at me and smiled.

“Maybe later dear, we don’t want to wear him out before bed time now do we” mum said as she reached down and took my semi-hard cock in her hand.

She ran her finger over the eye of my cock, spreading precum over the gland. Now she did something that took me absolutely by surprise. She bent down and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and gently sucked on it. I thought I was going to blow right and then. It was better than I had ever dreamed. Mum even came back up licking her lips.

“There was still some cum in there” Mum said giving my cock a couple of gentle tugs.

“He shoots one hell of alot of cum thats for sure, I had a hard time swallowing a load of it this morning…..hope you got that on film” Claire said as she pulled her knickers back up around her waist.

“I always video my sexual encounters” I replied smiling at my sister.

“Do you have many adult only films” mum asked me as she turned Claire around and pulled the seam of her knickers out from between her ass cheeks.

“A few” I replied pulling my own pants up.

“Any of me” mum asked enquiringly.

“Yes” I replied blantly, not caring anymore about secrets in the house.

“Can I see them” Mum said turning on me with her hands on her hips.

“Only if you let me feel your pussy, inside and out” I said taking the plunge.

I never told her about the night I had finger fucked her in her sleep and made her cum. Mum stared at me in more surprise than shock. I think she thought I would never ask but she was wrong. I had wanted to feel more of my mother’s hot pussy ever since that first night I discovered dad was having sex with his daughter, Claire.

“Okay since you let me touch and suck on yours, I’ll let you touch mine” mum said after a little while.

I opened the bottom of mum’s knee length robe and put my hand inside. Mum instantly parted her legs and stood still. It was heaven as I gently glided my fingertips over the soft skin of her pussy. I could feel the heat being generated by her. I ventured further and parted her pusylips with two of my fingers before I slowly and carefully inserted my two middle fingers. Mum breathed in and her pussy muscles tightened around fingers as I pulled them further into mum’s hot cunt.

“Mmmmmmm big fingers” mum moaned holding onto the side of the table as I began to pump my fingers in and out of mum’s cunt.

“Can’t let you have all the fun” Claire said slipping her hand up the back of mum’s robe.

Mum gasped and I felt a finger slide into mum but it wasn’t in her pussy. Claire had parted mum’s ass cheeks and slipped a finger into her ass. Now mum was really moaning as her son and her daughter pumped their fingers in and out of her pussy and her ass at the same time.

“Oh yes….Oh yes….OH FUCKEN HELL YES” mum cried out as Claire and I went hell for leather, ramming our fingers in and out of mum’s pussy and ass.

I knew mum wanted more since she didn’t stop us when she had her first orgasm so we carried on. By the second orgasm, mum was holding onto my shoulder and the table tightly, placing her leg up onto the chair that Claire vacated so she could kneel behind mum and finger fuck her ass. By the third orgasm, mum was delirious, her eyes were glassy and she was sweating profusely. By the forth orgasm, mum’s legs were starting to give way. Claire and I were getting tired so we gave mum one more orgasm, this time instead of crying out, she just wailed and whimpered, sagging into the chair only when Claire and I took our fingers out of her body. I couldn’t resist the tempation to dive my face into her pussy as she sat in the chair with her legs spread wide.

“Oh son…..oh yes….suck mummy’s pussy…..oh that’s the way…..oh yes” mum moaned as I licked and sucked at her clit and pussy lips, driving my tongue deep into her hole which made her moan even more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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