Cousin Laura, My First Love Ch. 01

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Laura and I are practically brother and sister. Technically we’re just first cousins but we spent a ot of time together growing up and recently she came to live with us. She’s 18 and just one year younger than me. We both have basically worthless parents. When her dad was locked up and her mom stayed too stoned to take care of her she came to live with us, which was better but not by a whole lot. My dad left years ago and my mom was gone most of the time.

The apartment we lived in was just 2 bedrooms. The day Laura’s mom dropped her off I remember my mom saying, “Well she sure as hell isn’t staying in my room. You two will have to work it out.” Those first few days were awkward. Even though we were cousins and good friends with each other we were teenagers past puberty and there wasn’t a ot of privacy. At night I would give her a few minutes to change into her night clothes and get under her blanket on the floor. When she was ready she would yell “Ok” and turn the light off. Then I would come in and get undressed, stumbling around in the dark, and get into my bed.

Laura is my cousin but I still find her hot. Somehow I’ve always felt guilty about that. She’s 5-6, 120 pounds, dirty blond hair, brown eyes, 32b Her boobs aren’t all that big but her nipples always seem to be poking out, which drives me crazy. He lips are full and gorgeous and she has the cutest nose. As you can guess, it was hard sleeping in the same room with her. Without privacy I couldn’t even jerk off anymore except in the shower.

Late at night we talked for hours in the dark. We even found a mutual interest in engineering and decided to go to the same college out of state, far away from our disappointing childhoods. One winter night, deep in conversation we noticed it getting increasingly cold in the house. I knew what had happened. My mom failed to pay the gas bill again. I was embarrassed to tell Laura. She was shivering down there on the floor.

“Laura, why don’t you come up here with me?” I asked timidly. As soon as the words came escort out I wanted to shoot myself.

“Thank you!” she squealed, jumping up into the bed with me. Her body was trembling from the cold. It was pitch dark and she cuddled up behind me. I was hard and thankful to be facing away from her. Her body heat felt so good. I was wearing boxers and a t-shirt. I could feel her bare legs on mine. I assumed she had changed into the panties and sweatshirt I always saw laying on top of her blanket.

“Ohhh that’s so much warmer cuz,” she sighed. “I owe you and your mom so much I can’t tell you how grateful I am.” She’s always called me cuz.

“It’s the least we can do Laura, after all we’re family. My mom wasn’t sure about you staying here at first but I begged her not to let you stay in that terrible situation at home.”

“It was really hard for me. Now that I’m here, safe and warm with you, it seems like a lifetime ago.”

We fell asleep and in the morning I was so hard it hurt. In the night I had rolled onto my back and as I opened my eyes I could see that I was making a tent in the bed covers. I gasped as I glanced over and saw Laura, her head propped up in her hand, grinning at me. I quickly rolled to the side, away from her. She giggled.

“It’s ok, cuz. I’m so sorry. I’ve been so selfish, stealing your room like this. We’ve been so close, just like friends, and after growing up together, I totally forgot you’re a man as well as an awesome cousin.”

My heart was pounding. “I, uh…I must have been dreaming…”

She giggled some more. “Oh cuz it’s completely natural. Don’t even worry about it. Do you know how many times I’ve masturbated in the bathroom with your electric toothbrush? We all need a release sometimes.”

“My toothbrush?” I couldn’t believe what she was saying.

“Oh, yeah, that thing is perfect.”

“Do you want to…uhh…should I close my eyes so you can out of bed and change in the bathroom?”

“No, I want to help you with this…” She slipped her hand into my boxers izmit escort bayan and wrapped her fingers around my raging hard-on. I gasped.

“Ohhh…Laura…what…I don’t think you should…”

“Shhhhh,” she whispered in my ear and with her other hand on my shoulder she rolled me back over onto my back. Her hand felt like heaven around my cock. She slipped her head under the covers and I suddenly felt her mouth enveloping me. I practically cried it felt so fucking good. She was moving her head up and down, her warm mouth taking all of me. I could feel my orgasm quickly building.

“La…Laura…you better…uhhh…” She stopped for a moment, listening to me. “You better stop…or I’m…I’m going to…like…cum…”

“That’s what I want you to do, silly!” She giggled as she lowered her mouth back onto me. I was glad she under the covers. It would be so embarrassing for me if our eyes met at this moment. I couldn’t hold back a second more. I covered my mouth to muffle the heavy sighs, not knowing if anyone else was in the house, and came. Wave after wave of my cum spilling into my pretty cousin’s mouth. It felt like all of the stress of my whole life was lifted at that moment.

She came up out of the covers licking her lips. “Wow, cuz that was a ot of cum! You must have been really backed up. How do you feel?”

“Amazing.” It was all I could think to say.

“Well if you want, I will take care of you that way anytime you need it ok?”

We had always been open and honest with each other, but this was uncharted territory.

“That would be…uhh…yes…very nice.”

“I love you cuz”, she said. “Without you and your mom I would be completely lost right now.”

“Laura…I love you too…I always have.”

Things were very different after that. She slept with me every night, and there was no more worry about modesty. We were naked around each other without shame. She was sucking my cock on a regular basis and we were sleeping nude, holding and touching izmit sınırsız escort each other in the night. The subject of intercourse didn’t come up in conversation for a while, although she had to be thinking about it and I definitely was. One night we were in bed, in a spooning position. Normally she would be behind me when we spooned but tonight somehow I wound up behind her and soon I was hard, my cock poking against her ass cheeks.

“Cuz I want to ask you something,” she whispered.


“Are you a virgin?”

“No way.”

“Cuz? Be honest.” Even if I wanted to lie I knew she could always see right through me.

“Ok, fine…I am,” I admitted.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re hot and everything I just think you’ve been too shy to get laid.”

“I guess so…maybe.”

“I want to be your first…right now. Oh, and I’m on the pill.”

There was thirty seconds of stunned silence and then I moved my hand from her stomach to her boob. She opened her legs enough to reach down and move my cock to her pussy and started rubbing it along her slit. It was wet and warm and I wanted to be inside of her more than anything in the world. She moved her thumb over the head of my cock and there was a slippery bead of pre-cum. The room filled with the smell of sex. She was pushing back now and I moved forward and was in her. She purred softly as I moved back and forth, fucking her slowly from behind. I never imagined my first time would be in this spoon position but I loved it. Of course I never imagined my first time to be with my cousin either.

My fingers were rubbing her nipple as she purred and moaned, moving her hips in rhythm with mine. She reached down and started massaging her clit, her breathing and moans becoming louder and her movements more rapid.

“Uhhhh huhhh uhhhh huhhh uhhaaaaa…,” she yelled as I felt the tight walls of her pussy contacting around my cock. The contractions basically milked me, and as the last waves of her orgasm subsided mine started and I wrapped my arms and legs around her body as I let loose inside her.

We both fell asleep, still joined together, our bodies exhausted and satiated. I dreamed about Laura and wished we never had to leave this room.

To be continued…

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