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Cub Camp Set Up Part Six  

� Van T Z Boi 2019 

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From Part Five 

Dan thoughts about that evening and since were shattered as Andy suddenly let go of Jason and hurtled towards him. As he caught Andy who was in danger of falling over Andy looked up at him with anguished eyes, the tears dropping down his face. 

“Fuck mmmmee Dan, please fuck me I need to feel,” he warbled. 

Part Six 

          Dan held the sobbing teenager, he felt the trembling and shivering as Andy let go of whatever it was that was troubling him. 

“I love my dad, he”s my dad,” he sobbed, “but he”s become so difficult,” he held on tight to Dan”s chest, his tears falling profusely. 

“I know, I know,” Dan nuzzled Andy”s head and neck, his hands slid down and then he caught hold of Andy”s teenrod, it pulsed and throbbed heavily, swelling up to full hard and stiff status in seconds.  He saw Davey was puzzled and there was a look of worry in his eyes. “Jason, Andy and I need a bit of privacy,” he said, “can you look after Davey for me while I help Andy. Davey, Jason is going to look after you, have some hot chocolate and then we”ll bed down.” 

“Sure Dan,” Jason nodded. 

“Okay Akela,” Davey piped up, he watched Dan and the teenager walk away from the fire. 

Holding Andy tight, supporting him as they walked Dan headed to the cliff edge where he had deflowered Davey. It”s a good place, open and safe, you can let the wind take your troubles far away,” he thought as he directed Andy”s footsteps. 

Andy sighed as they stood on the night air damp grass, he stared out over the view, the night-time beauty was not lost on his senses and Dan sensed he could feel Andy”s intense anguish fading away as Andy”s tense posture altered. Gently he undressed the teenager, taking his time, removing Andy”s few clothes one by one, they did not speak and Dan felt that words could only intrude on Andy”s uptight state of mind. The silvery moonlight picked up the satiny texture of Andy”s teenage skin, his aureoles gleaming with a darker hue around the lighter peaks of his stiffened teats. Dan kissed Andy holding him hard against his body, his cock straining against Andy”s trembling stomach and dominating Andy”s five inches of slim teenmeat. The cool breeze that swept around them had no effect as they created their own heat. 

“Ready?” Dan spoke softly and as Andy nodded he lifted the youth up and laid him down on the grass. 

Andy relaxed on the damp grass, it raised goosebumps on his skin but it was a coldness he both felt and ignored; between his legs his teennub twitched, wanting and need flooded his overwrought system, `I need the special release Dan can give me,” he told himself as he spread his legs wide arching his body so his teenpussy was accessible. 

Dan knelt down between the open legs, he leaned forward, his splayed palms taking his immediate weight as he bent his head down so they could continue their kisses. Andy”s hands sought Dan”s cock and heavy balls as their lips met; he thrilled to the sensation of Dan”s tongue against his teeth and the feeling of Dan”s throbbing manmeat and squidgy ball sac in his hands. Gently he teased Dan”s foreskin all the way back, locking it under the hard ridge of Dan”s helmet, his fingers worked the oozing precum across the exposed cockhead, a few drips splattering on his stomach. As he sucked at Dan”s tongue Andy”s finger explored and found the wet drools and dipping his fingers into the sticky gel he placed his sticky fingers at his teenpussy lips and spread Dan”s precum over them, his teenbud twitched as the sensation of the sticky dew sent a surge of expectant desire rock through him. Delicately he again caught hold of Dan”s prick and guided the oozing tip to his teenpussy, Dan adjusting his weight and position as he followed his dick down. Both growled their pleasure as Dan”s fat porker slid inside Andy”s welcoming teenpusssy, Andy trembling and shaking as the slow pleasure of Dan”s smooth entrance sent rippling shivers rising from his teencunt. 

“Oh,” Andy mewled as he felt Dan”s helmet bounce against his teen nub, a shock of tingling tickling excitement swiftly surged and soared, taking him to where he so desperately needed to go. 

Dan sighed silently as he felt the encompassing moist membrane solidify around his dick and shaft; he felt Andy”s intensity and his passionate heat flare around his penetrating cock. `This is going to be a hot one,” he told himself as he started the long slow deepening thrusts that provided extreme pleasure to both of them. The two bodies, one mature, the other teenaged moved in understanding mutuality, torso”s bucking or swivelling, hands and fingers seeking known areas and special places of pleasure. Andy relaxed more so as he reacted to the pleasurable penetrating pressure of Dan”s dick, `So good to have his cock back inside me,” he said to himself as the familiar surges and shocks of delight and blissful ecstasy pitched and heaved within him. Dan relished the tightening quickening of Andy”s muscled membrane as it squeezed and contracted around his cock and shaft, he groaned as he sensed when is dickhead rubbed up against the slowly expanding bulge of Andy”s teenbud as the small gland expanded to elongate the tickling pleasure. Andy panted as he felt his body heat up, the little tendrils of pulsing delights becoming waving boughs of sweet seething intensity. His right hand wrapped itself around his own teen-throbber, the slimmer shaft wet with the excesses of his precum that leaked heavily from his cockslit. Dan adjusted his position to allow for the pressure of Andy”s wanking hand, he could feel the teenager”s teenprick harden and stiffen and felt the dampness as Andy”s teendick dribbled out more and more of his sticky dew. Together they jerked and juddered, Dan”s prick teasing the budding bulge of Andy”s inner nut, Andy working his teenprick with slow enticing strokes, their lungs panted and wheezed as their desire and pleasure drove higher and higher. Dan başakşehir escort bucked hard at Andy”s teenpussy, his balls bouncing off the spongy skin, Andy felt the powerful orbs swipe again and again, the slight tickling of Dan”s proud crinkled hairs creating another aspect of excitement within him. The strains of what had brought him sobbing and crying melted away, thawed by the sensual delights that overwhelmed every thought but the desire and vital important need to finally release his emotions in the one way he knew would bring contentment.

“Fuck Me, Fuck Me!” Andy”s cry in Dan”s ears was followed by the arching and tensing of Andy”s body beneath him, Dan understood instantly that Andy”s teenclimax had caught him almost unaware. Hurriedly he thrust harder and deeper, his meaty lance battering at Andy”s bloated teen nub. As he thrust hard, his body weight bearing down, iron hard and steely taut against Andy”s jerking torso, Andy let go of his teenprick, `Dan”s fucking is enough to finish me,” he told himself as he gave up his horny needy lust to the pounding cock fucking deep inside him and the weighty pressure of Dan”s forceful body rasping against his teenprick. Andy”s orgasmic shriek was lost in the breezes that floated up and then down over the silent landscape that anonymously observed their coupling. Dan maintained his striving driving thrusting as Andy”s teenprick exploded, his teencock head trapped between their stomachs pulsing wildly as Andy”s teenspunk spurted and blasted forth. 

“Oh, OOOOOOHHHHHHHH, Oooooohhhhhhh,” Andy”s cry softened and lowered becoming a pleased moan as his teen climax surged, flared and then ebbed gently away. 

Andy clutched tight at Dan”s hard and demanding body, he felt the slight ache as his teencock complained about the overstimulation but he wanted to please Dan now, to take his pounding dick and his spunk. Dan grunted, the race was on, his balls told him they were ready, his cock certainly was at the thrusting point and his head was full of the desperate need to finish and revel in the glory of orgasm. He sucked hard at Andy”s mouth, his tongue fucking through Andy”s parted teeth, he slid his hands down under Andy”s back, caught the two globes of Andy”s arse in his palms and bucked Andy even harder against him as his cock delved deep inside the hot glove that encased him.   

Dan thrust hard and deep, his thick manmeat invading well inside Andy”s squirming teenpussy, he grunted as he shot his load, feeling Andy”s heated rage dissipate as his heavy orgasm receded, leaving him relaxing and shrinking as Dan”s orgasm bore fruit. Dan held on tight, compressing Andy”s body between his hands and his torso as the teenager sighed and sobbed. 

“I needed that,” Andy sniffled as his heavings from both his anger and his climax subsided. Dan gently relaxed his tight grip. He did not speak but caressed the teenager gently, squeezing with tender strokes the wilting worm of Andy”s teendick.  

The heat gone from their fuck allowed the night air to move in, cold breezes played across their heated sex sweated bodies and goosebumps from the cold sprouted. Dan his back exposed to the breath of the breezes shivered as the cold breached through the dissipating heat of a hot fuck.

“We need to move,” Dan carefully eased his bloated dick from Andy”s teencunt, the squelching sucking sound seemed loud in the calm of the night. 

Dan struggled to his feet, he was taut from lying in the one position and his knees and thighs ached as he managed to gain his footing. He smiled down at Andy who was similarly struggling to get up, “Here take my hand,” he stuck out his arm. Groaning Andy stood up and stamped his feet to get rid of the tingling. The two stood still, a silvery ivory statute on top of the cliff as the observing audience below slept on, the moonlight shivered across their bodies. Arms around each other they headed back to the campfire. 

Davey was clearly dozing, his fingers slipping from the handle of the tin mug, there was a ring of chocolate around his lips. Jason was holding the boy upright against his own body, the fire flamed as they sat down. 

“Okay?” Jason”s soft enquiry was met by silent nods. 

Dan warmed himself holding his hands out to the flames; Andy sat beside him doing the same, the two soon regained some of the heat they had lost to the night air. 

“Time to bed down,” Dan decided, `all of them look tired and even I am feeling wasted after that hard fuck with Andy,” he thought. 

“I”ll deal with damping down the fire,” Jason stood up, Dan taking hold of Davey”s sleepy body. 

Dan carried Davey to the tent, by the time he managed to get Davey in-between the sleeping bags, Davey”s eyes were closed and he was well on the way to the land of nod. Dan gazed at the naked body, Davey”s vulnerability sent a surge of desire rock through him, `if it were just the two of us I”d wake him and fuck him, but not with the others, it”s going to be a cramped fit with the four of us.” Andy”s head poked through the tentflaps. 

“Oaky to stay?” he asked his eyes hopeful. 

“Sure,” Dan moved aside to let Andy slide in. 

Jason followed on. “Tight fit, lucky we all know each other so well,” he grinned. Dan and Andy giggled and pulled him down on them. 

Dan locked the tent flaps tight as everyone sought a space between the sleeping bags. Dan slid in between Jason and Andy, leaving Davey comfortably at the edge where he would keep warm against the kitbags. A final kissing of each other and everyone spooned into position. 

`Not quite what I had expected and planned for the first night,” Dan thought to himself, `but Davey is cherried and took dick very well. Must do something to help Andy though,” with thoughts of Andy and his father whirring away Dan fell asleep, his limp dick parked between Jason”s taut arse cheeks. 

It was still dark when Dan was awoken by the hand clutched around his cock. He jerked into wakefulness and felt the first tingling delight wash over him as his dick swelled and bloated.  The air shifted as someone moved and Dan caught the scent of his admirer, `Jason,” he identified the hand and then the lips that found his. No word were exchanged, a simple change of position and Dan was lying between Jason”s open thighs. As they kissed Jason”s hand guided Dan”s pulsing rod towards his teenpussy entrance. Dan sighed into Jason”s mouth as his dick slid into the furnace of Jason”s needy teenpussy. Slowly they rocked back and forth heating up the space between the sleeping bags. Jason moaned as one of Dan”s longer thrusts battered his teenbud, sending hot trails twitching inside him. His hips bucked and his back arched as the pleasure soared. Dan encompassed by Jason”s muscular arms and legs reached between their bodies and wrapped his hand around Jason”s teendick. A heavy spurt of Jason”s precumdew spilled over his fingers and he massaged it along Jason”s shaft and knobhead, Jason squirming heavily underneath him. Dan could feel Jason”s teenfurrow contacting around his dick, the squeezing slow and purposeful and he rocked back and forth, his cockhead stroking intently against the swollen bulge of Jason”s lovenut. Dan could feel Jason”s teencock throb and jerk, the slight bucking of Jason”s balls told him Jason was close. Quickly he thrust harder and faster, at the same time he squeezed and rubbed Jason”s teencock, with a heavy grunting halkalı escort and shuddering they came within seconds of each other. Jason”s teendick spitting his dew between their sweaty bellies as Dan”s cock fertilised Jason”s teenhole. 

“S”nice,” Jason whispered sleepily and Dan kissed him gently, in seconds Jason was asleep with Dan still lying on top of him, his dick hard and stiff inside the wet teenpussy. 

Dan lay quiet enjoying the slow breathing of the supporting teenager beneath him, `one of the pleasures of camping,” he told himself but as Jason twitched and moved in his sleep Dan gently eased his dick out of the relaxing clasp of Jason”s teencunt. Sighing sleepily he settled in beside Andy, his dick prodded inside and found a supporting space between Andy”s arsecheeks. Andy twitched slightly but made no other sounds or movements. Dan allowed sleep to reclaim him once more.

The light in the tent was a soft rose, dawn was just about breaking and the pale rays of the rising sun illuminated the interior with its soft pinky glow. Dan woke as his brain registered the touch on his dick. Blinking his eyes to accustom his sight to the gentle light he focused on Andy”s hand which slowly stroked his dick which was fully hard and pulsing.

“Morning Dan,” Andy simpered as he leaned down to kiss Dan”s cockslit, Dan twitched at the moist warm sensation of Andy”s lips and tonguetip which delved right into his slit.

“Morning to you Andy,” Dan smiled and stretched languidly, he felt the rushing lust blood, poke and creep along his veins, his balls twitched and trembled.

Andy licked Dan”s cock, working the spilling precum around the purple head and down over the foreskin and along Dan”s thick shaft. Dan twitched and trembled as his body dictated; he watched as Andy clearly happy that Dan”s dick was readied slid over his thighs and then rose upwards. Dan gently grasped Andy”s slim teenrod, he could feel the heat and passion stiffness that emanated from Andy”s teenmeat. Andy took hold of Dan”s thick shaft, rising up higher he rubbed the oozing tip against his teenpussy, relishing the sensation of the sticky dew as it coated his pussylips, his teenbub inside twitched and expanded quickly. Andy continued to rub the spilling dickhead around his pussy until he was satisfied, then with a slow rotation of his hips he sank down on Dan”s throbbing dick. Dan grunted lowly as he felt his dick enter the hot funnel, the gripping teenpussylips, sliding and stimulating hi sensory nerves as his dick slid all the way inside. Dan felt the slight itchiness as Andy bottomed out, the teenagers balls hanging either side of his groin, resting on his own public bush.

Andy breathed harder for a few moments as he adjusted his position on top of Dan”s hard dick, his own teenrod pulsed upwards inside the hold of Dan”s caressing fingers. He could feel the slight ache of being stretched slide away, leaving him with just the slow throb of Dan”s dick inside his teenpussy, the tip was just in reach of his teennub and the soft tingling rippled away in rhythm with Dan”s steady trembling. Andy started a slow bucking action, panting harder as his pulse raced when Dan”s cockhead butted his ting bud, the heated flares rocketing and buffeting inside him, unconsciously he quickened his pace but not to a fast heady heavy rate. `I want this slow and easy,” Andy told himself, `the hard fuck from last night, I need that then but now I just want,” he held the thought as he bucked again, `loved, I want to be loved,” he decided and his eyes fell to watching the expressions of lust and desire that flowed over Dan”s face. `Not sure if Dan is the loving kind, the fucking is always special but it”s not love, just sex and I think I want some loving in my life,” he lost his train of thought as Dan suddenly arched his back, pushing him high, he could feel Dan”s dick swell and bloat as he was stimulated by Andy”s bucking.

Dan grunted as an especially hot flare of tingling excitement spiked through him, he arched his back accordingly, his strong frame managing to cope with Andy”s weight as the balance was disturbed. Immediately he followed this upward thrust with several more, all slow and easy but all producing hot rockets of joy that soared within him. Andy became engaged with Dan”s lancing delving and he rocked back and forth, Dan”s fingers along his teendick became intense and heavily pleasurable. The two took up the rhythm of their dance, twisting and bucking knowledgably as they strove for release. Up and down, sideways twist and backwards tug, Andy went through all the variations as his needful passion quickened and thickened. Andy reached the apex first, the double action of riding dick and having his teencock wanked brought him along the heavenly road quicker than Dan. Dan groaned as Andy went into a series of rocking bucking movements, his dick was fully compressed and squeezed and he had to remember to squeeze and stroke Andy”s throbbing teenrod, he could feel Andy”s balls jerk and twitch and then his own manmeat was heavily squeezed as Andy”s undulations due to his orgasm cascaded inside and around Dan”s bloating dick. Andy growled and mewled as his orgasm flowed though him, his dick spitting his load in the confines of Dan”s rubbing fingers. As Andy squirmed and rocked Dan felt his own climax hit the long stretch, he growled and panted hard, his dick thrusting deep inside Andy who was still bearing hard and down.

“Fuck that feels good,” Dan blurted as his dick exploded, Andy lost in his own passionate happening heard not a word or a sound, all he saw were the bright sparkling lights that flared across his eyelids, the comets of blissful joy that orbited and spun inside his heaving brain. `It may not be love but it feels fucking great!” thought Andy as he rocked and twitched, aware of the hot wetness that speared inside him. Dan shoved his dick further in, squashing Andy against the ground under the sleeping bag; he jerked and twitched several times as his dick shot its load deep inside Andy”s squirming teenpussy.

“Thanks,” Andy”s voice was already full of welcoming sleep and as Dan twisted a final buck, a dribble of his cum passed out of his dickhead to slide down to joins its brothers, Dan saw that Andy was closing his eyes and his breathing softened to the gentle hush of sleep. As he lay there, his dick twitching inside Andy”s fuckhole, Dan felt the soft steady wave of the need to sleep wash over him. He twitched a final time before easing his cock out of Andy”s arsehole, he hardly noticed the stinging pain as his exposed helmet bounced against Andy”s knee, he fell on his side and with his arm draped over Jason”s side he too fell fast asleep.

Davey woke, blinking his eyes at the warm pinkness that illuminated the interior of the tent. For a moment he wondered where he was and then the memories of the previous day slipped into his head and he abruptly sat up. The edge of the covering sleeping bag fell away and his young body gleamed with the reflected light of the morning sun. Rubbing his eyes he gazed around the tent, looking at the shapes under the rest of the sleeping bag. Akela he knew but had to recall the names of the other youths, `Jason, that”s one and the other is, is Andy,” he smiled triumphantly as his memory cells worked hard. He noticed that Akela”s arm lay across Jason”s body and that Andy was cuddled up against Akela”s, for a moment şirinevler escort Davey felt envious but then he reminded himself that he was new to camping with Akela so he had to learn find his place. The need to pee suddenly insinuated itself in his thinking and he hurriedly, as boys do, slid across the sleeping figures, managing to undo the tent flap to allow him to wriggle out.

Standing outside the tent, he held his willie in his hand, `gotta pee!” was his most foremost thought and he searched for the place Akela had shown him the previous day. Davey stood naked in the morning sun, pointing his pissing willie at the tree, delighted in the natural process of emptying his bladder he did not notice or hear someone approach. The first thing he knew he was not alone was when a second steamy stream of pee splashed across his now dribbling down flow.

“Morning Davey,” Dan”s hand smoothed across Davey”s shoulder before it slid down the pink ivory skin which gleamed in the morning sun”s rays before cupping Davey”s left buttock and gently squeezing the plump softness. Davey giggled.

“Morning Akela,” Davey turned his head, his finger flapped his boycocklet, swishing the last few drips away. Davey watched Akela”s willie continue to pour its pale cascade and thought about what that willie had done to him, `Will we be doing more of that?” he asked himself hopefully.

Dan shook his cock, squeezing out the last drips before looking down at the young cub, a surge of desire gushed within him and his cock swelled and bloated between his fingers. He saw Davey”s eyes were intent on his dick.

“Let”s start the morning well,” he smiled and patted Davey”s backside gently.

Davey strode beside Akela; his skin tingled with more than the goosebumps that the cooler morning air supplied. He knew where Akela was taking him, `to where we were yesterday,” his head told him.

Dan sat down on the grass, it was already warming up in the morning sun”s heat, the two sat together watching the sun shine across the valley spread below them, Dan smoothed his hand down Davey”s back, rubbing over the tiny bumps of Davey”s backbone and feeling the pricking of Davey”s goosebumps. Davey leaned closer and when Dan”s head touched his cheek he turned his head, his lips ready for the expected kiss. The kiss was soft and gentle but there was heat behind it, Davey sensed his goosebumps pricking larger, the thrilling tingle running up and down his spine where Dan”s hand continued to stroke and caress.

“Up on all fours Davey, let”s get your boypussy ready,” smiled Dan.

Davey knelt on all fours, he faced the sunlit vista and let out a gentle mewling cry as he felt Dan”s tongue lick across his bumhole, his whole body jerked and twitched as the slicking rasp sent a sudden shock of tingling pleasure judder through him, his hips bucked and unconsciously he backed his backside back against Dan”s mouth. Dan clamped his mouth over the pulsing pucker, his tongue lavished over the wrinkled pleats before pushing his tonguetip inside the slight gap that opened at his moist touch. Davey purred as he felt the wet sliver tickle the delicate nerve endings that were embedded within the wrinkled lips, the subtle delights increasing and surging deeper and deeper. Dan fucked his tonguetip with increasing rapidity in Davey”s boypussy, he swiped his saliva across the creased skin and tongued his dripping saliva inside the expanding hole, all the while Davey was trembling and bucking, his hips twitching in response to the joys flaring and rippling through his young body. Davey”s eyes were wide open but all he could see were the flashing sparkling lights that danced across his eyes, the rose tinted view of the valley could hardly be seen through the curtain of dazzling radiances blurring his eyesight.

“On your back Davey please,” Dan spoke quietly.

Davey twitched and spun around, falling onto his back, his legs already spreading wide. Dan sighed as he caught sight of Davey”s boydicklet, the slim chalky crayon was stiff and throbbing, he watched it jerk in the air above Davey”s trembling stomach. Davey cried out and humped his torso at Dan”s head as Dan”s lips closed around the boymeat and sucked it hard, slurping his tongue over the glowing pink tip. Dan”s fingers caressed Davey”s boypussy, stimulating the lips and just inside the gape as his tongue had done, Davey squirreled; his arms and legs joggling as his young head tried to contend with the tingling excitements that rocked and swayed his body and thinking part of his head. Dan gave Davey”s cocklet a final swirling suck and then knelt upright between the panting boy”s spreadeagled legs. His horned up dick stood large and thick and proud over Davey”s trembling form. A long strand of his precum drooled from his cockslit, the thin shiny thread landing on Davey”s dicklet. Dan could see the expectant look in Davey”s eyes and he smiled.

Dan leaned forward to rub his dickhead across Davey”s pucker, once more Davey twitched as he felt the sticky moistness rub against his bumhole and a hidden tingle jolted inside him. `Will it be like yesterday?” his head wondered and then his mouth opened in a silent cry of pain as he felt his bumhole being stretched wide. Dan grunted as his knobhead met the sticky resistance of Davey”s boypussylips, he pushed with increasing directness at the opening gape. Davey grunted and his eyes boggled as the sharp pain shot inside him but he ignored the hurting stretching, his eyes watered and a tear slid down his right cheek.

“Just a second more Davey,” Dan assured the boy and Davey nodded his head slightly.

Dan pushed down, he watched with special delights as his dick slowly disappeared inside the tight lips of Davey”s boyhole, the creased skin becoming paler as it was stretched wider and wider. A final quick jerking thrust and his cockhead was inside, his shaft slid slowly in. Dan sighed and his eyes stared out over the view, below the cows and sheep meandered over the green fields, the hay rippled in the breezes as the sun shove down. A distant tractor could be seen moving slowly up a track on the other side of the dip. Dan gazed down at Davey, the look of pain had disappeared from Davey”s eyes and face, instead there was a glittering expectation in Davey”s eyes. Dan moved his hips slightly; his dick moved forward, the final two inches sliding inside, his balls came to rest just touching the stretched skin beneath Davey”s boypussy.

End of Part Six

To Be Continued…?????????????????????????????????????????????????

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