Curious Cousin

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Not that I’m ever likely to forget, but it happened one afternoon a few years back. At the time I was attending our local College, and living in a converted apartment above my Uncle’s garage. One Saturday my Aunt and Uncle were out, and I wasn’t expecting them home until sometime late that night. Apparently neither was my Cousin Leslie., but then, she wasn’t expecting me to be home either.

It was a Saturday and I had a movie date set up. My date canceled, which turned out to be fortuitous. So, with nothing much better to do, I decided to do some laundry. Wearing a pair of gym shorts and a pair of flip-flops I carried an over-loaded laundry basket down stairs. I skirted the pool, heading for the back door and the laundry room. Then, when I heard giggling coming from the direction of Leslie’s room, I paused. So yeah, I should have moved on. But, I didn’t, not after hearing my cousin Leslie’s BFF Anita wail a questioning “Yeah, yeah, I know we talked about it; but seriously, now you actually want to do it?”

I knew Anita casually, mostly from afternoons the three of us spent lazing around the pool. She was what I would have called seriously cute, not quite a full-blown hottie. Maybe a bit short, she was a red headed pixie with hazel eyes and a wickedly curvaceous body.

Standing there in the dark, I listened to their girlish giggling, and some intriguing back and forth sparring. Leslie was clearly on the offensive, cajoling, and sometimes wheedling. From where I stood it sounded an awful lot like Leslie was trying hard to talk Anita in to something, something that sure appeared to involved sex. So, being the curious sort-well, the curious and perpetually horny sort-I sat my basket of dirty clothes down. And then, thinking that just maybe sneaky-quiet was in order, I removed my flip-flops.

Leslie’s room had a glass slider that conveniently opened on to the patio. It was open; but then, so was the curtain, just not quite all the way. As I crept closer, I heard Leslie ask “Yeah, well you’re sure you’re good with it?”

I caught Anita’s huffy “Sure, yeah why not?” By the time she got out “Only, well, don’t count on my doing it to you,” my imagination already had them naked, entwined as they sixty-nined.

It didn’t matter, wherever I positioned myself I couldn’t see squat, not even in the closet’s mirrored doors. Regrettably, that meant I missed there strip-down. But then, Leslie came striding in to view. She was bare-ass naked, and I couldn’t help noticing, tan all over. She stopped, hands fisted on her hips at the foot of her bed. Nice as it was, all I had was a rear view. Of course I had seen my nineteen year-old Cousin in a bikini, a couple of times only that bikini’s bottom half. And, she was a green-eyed flame-haired hottie, with a seriously cute butt and these amazing jiggle-free boobs.

I stopped ogling my hot Cousin’s curvy rear end when I spotted Anita crawling on to the bed. As I had been hoping, she was naked. She quickly knelt in the middle of the bed, head cocked coquettishly as she checked herself out in the mirror. I was checking her out too, recalling that out by the pool the bikini clad cutie hadn’t minded my ogling her, not even the times her and Leslie had cavorted topless. Still, I took full advantage of my frontal view, scrutinizing an absolutely prime double handful of perfectly sculpted tits. And just then, they were topped by dark, clearly aroused gumdrop sized nipples. So, I figured that just maybe Leslie’s less than enthusiastic BFF was actually more aroused than nervous.

Anita giggled, or maybe it was a snicker, either way I watched her shrug and then stretch out on the bed. Leslie didn’t react, only stood there watching, so I figured it was still Anita’s move. And, totally playing it, a grinning Anita slowly eased her legs apart. That move left me with an unobstructed view of her pussy, and a tiny, downward pointing triangle of neatly trimmed red pubes. So, I savored the view and waited for someone to make a move.

My curious Cousin went right for it, clambering up on to the bed and kneeling between Anita’s legs. Somehow it just didn’t seem fair. Not only did Leslie have a better view than me, her’s was up close and personal. So, what I badly wanted to know was just why she was saying “Now or never, it’s your last chance to say stop.”

Anita fired back, huffily declaring “As if,” and it was game on.

Leslie nodded and quickly slid on to her stomach. Nice, but it meant she was blocking my view of her BFF’s pussy. I forgave her; because, for the first time ever I was getting a look at my uninhibited young Cousin’s pussy. I had been wondering, and almost cut-loose with a whoop when I saw it was shaved bare, absolutely, and utterly bare.

It was maddening. Anita’s moaned oohs and aahs told me that Leslie had put her tongue to work. türbanlı escort My imagination didn’t have any trouble painting vivid images of that tongue’s tip working over an aroused clit, or of it plunging in and out of the exposed wet pink of Anita’s vagina. But, what I wanted was an eyes-on, up close look at whatever that tongue was getting up to. Instead I watched Anita, clearly no longer a reluctant participant reach for Leslie’s hair. Then, she was gasping yeses, her hands tangled in her BFF’s red hair as she pleaded “Do it, do it, oh God yes, do it.”

I stood there in the dark, dick in my hand as I pondered the possibilities. No doubt about it, if the girls positions had been reversed, I wouldn’t have hesitated to clamber up, grab Anita’s hips and drive my dick deep in to her. But then, Cousin or not, I didn’t think there was any possibility of my passing up a chance to bang my muff-diving Cousin. Only, just then I was nothing more than a horny and increasingly frustrated spectator hoping to watch his Cousin send her BFF orgasmic.

Leslie succeeded, and never mind that she was a novice. Half the neighborhood could have heard Anita’s impassioned screamed. And, if anyone had caught her shrieked “hey, what the fuck, why did you stop,” like me, they would have been wondering.

Leslie was lying between Anita’s legs; chin resting on a curled fist, when I heard her dreamily explained “Fuck Anita, I love doing it. Honestly, it’s a total turn-on. And seriously, girlfriend if you don’t reconsider, well then you’re an idiot.”

“Yeah, yeah, we’ll see,” a panting Anita fired back. But, by then she had already reached down, using her fingers to peel her labia back. I almost blew my cover, barely managing to stifle a whoop. Holding her self spread open, Anita boldly declared “So, Like Maybe you could, you know shut-up and do me.”

“What? You won’t go down on me, but you’re expecting seconds,” my teasingly sarcastic Cousin replied.

It was already in my hand. So, when Leslie shifted so she was lying almost sideways across Anita’s thigh, I began to stroke my dick. Then, when she waggled a pair of fingers in front of Anita’s face, I didn’t whoop, but I did groan. Leslie just went for it, leaning in as she wriggled those fingers in past Anita’s wetly glistening labia. Slow, fully penetrating thrusts had Anita oohing and aahing. And, when Leslie’s probing fingers began to twist as they penetrated, Anita’s hips began bucking up in to those pistoning fingers. Then, when my “Hot damn,” went unnoticed, I blew out a slow breath.

Leslie’s tongue went back to work, and it was quickly obvious that her two-pronged assault was a winner. Anita was thrashing and bucking as she screamed yeses that pleaded for more. She climaxed once, panting hard even after Leslie stopped treating her pussy like an ice cream cone. Only her fingers were still slowly churning away, even as she enthusiastically declared “Oh fuck yes, I like fucking you.”

I liked the way Anita answered her talkative girlfriend. She reached out and pushed Leslie’s head back down where she obviously thought it belonged. Then, holding her BFF’s head, fingers tangled in her hair, she climaxed twice more. I couldn’t see any tongue, but with the way Anita just went on screaming guttural oohs, I figured Leslie was sucking clit. After that, except for the sounds of a couple of gasping nineteen year-olds struggling to catch their breath, things got kind of quiet. So, I got kind of nervous, afraid that they were going to call an end to things.

Getting caught playing voyeur was the last thing I wanted, except maybe for getting caught with my dick in my hand. So, intending to beat a retreat, I let go of my dick and reached for my shorts. Only, I accidentally banged an elbow against the glass slider. I hadn’t even straightened up, before Leslie was bellowing “Hey, what the fuck?” But, somehow she knew, not asking, but demanding “It’s you isn’t it Robby. You are just so busted.”

I didn’t panic, not quite anyway! Still, slinking away was out of the question, especially after Leslie scolded “, Robby, you just better get in here.”

If Leslie hadn’t started to laugh, I might have gone ahead and panicked anyway. But, hoping I didn’t look half as embarrassed as I felt, manning-up, I walked in to her bedroom. And of course, really making me feel like a dork, I was sporting an impossible to hide hard-on. The girls were waiting, both standing there bare ass naked. At least Anita looked embarrassed, not Leslie, she just stood there, hands on her hips as she laughed hysterically.

An explanation seemed to be called for. So, I shrugged, and grinning sheepishly, I went with the truth. I even offered to drag in my laundry basket. I began to think that just maybe I was off the hook when tüyap escort Leslie said “Yeah sure, and what the fuck; I mean, who cares anyway.” Then, I really did relax, because Leslie jabbed an accusing finger at Anita, while bitchily declaring “Only gosh Robby, it’s too bad, but you won’t get to watch my chicken-shit BFF go down on me.”

In what I considered a neat bit of deflection, a red-faced Anita fired back, pointing and exclaiming “Hey, I’ll tell you what’s too bad. I mean, check it out. Tell me you don’t want to see what he’s got hiding in those shorts.”

I caught Leslie’s mischievous grin; but just stood there grinning stupidly as she slid around behind me. So, it took me by surprise when she reached out and yanked my shorts down. Anita’s spun in a circle, clapping as she squealed “Ooh wow, look at that. Oh fuck Leslie, your Cousin’s hung.”

It was embarrassing, mostly because it wasn’t true. So, I was blushing, while trying and failing to come up with some witty comment. It didn’t help any that Leslie’s naked body was pressing against my back, or that she had just wrapped a fist around my dick. Struck dumb, I listened as she ask “What do you say Anita? I mean, if you’re too chicken to do me, well, maybe you’d like to go down on Robby instead?”

“She won’t do it,” Leslie confided in to my ear, her fist already delivering on a reach-around.

I wanted Leslie to be wrong, but figured she was right. “Come on Anita, just do it, like just go for it already,” she wheedled. And then, she was panting hot breathy oohs in to my ear as her pumping fist picked up speed. I groaned, and not just because I didn’t know what to make of her “Come on Brit, you’re always going on about how you just love sucking cock. Yeah, so how about it?”

Glaring daggers at Leslie, Anita responded with a bitchy “Yeah girlfriend, well I could do that, especially if it’s going to shut you up.” I bit back a hot damn, liking that she added an enthusiastic “But hey, I’d do Robby anyway; you know, just because.”

My snickering Cousin let go of my dick, and cracked a swat off my butt. Then, as she took a seat on the bed she cheerfully declared “Well Ok then, let’s see some cock sucking.”

Anita sank to her knees in front of me. She reached out and slapped a fist around me, which was pretty much what I expected. Not expected was her swooping in to lick my balls. Leslie sounded-off, complaining “Hey, like come on already.”

Anita latched on to my hips, and began to lick her way up and down my dick’s full length. Playing it safe, I didn’t reach for her head, not even when the tease began to swirl the flicking tip of her tongue around its head. It was a glistening knob when she took it in to her mouth and began to suck. Then, with me eagerly anticipating the feel of those soft lips sliding downward, instead she abandoned my dick and sucked my balls in to her mouth. That surprise move had Leslie whooping “Ooh yeah, you go girl.”

I reached for Anita’s head, and she batted my hands away, actually grinning up at me as she traded balls for dick. This time her lips did begin that downward slide, ripping a moaned “Ooh yeah, all the way baby,” out of me.

Anita’s head bobbed, but her lips never did make it much more than half way down. And that failure left her wide open for more of my merciless Cousin’s teasing. “Nice,” she declared before challenging “Only gosh, aren’t you, like going to deep throat it or anything?”

Anita flipped Leslie off, before huffily demanding “Uh-huh, and I suppose you could?”

“Piece of cake,” was Leslie’s instant, and supremely confident sounding response.

Not buying it, Anita snarled a dismissive “yeah, well Cousin or not, I’d sure like to see you try. Fuck yeah, I’d be impressed.”

Picking up on the challenge, my grinning Cousin asked “What, like impressed enough to try a little pussy if I do?”

Even knowing how badly my cajoling Cousin wanted her BFF to go down on her, I still figured she was kidding. While Anita pondered her choices, I reminded myself that we were only talking oral. I could picture it alright; my dick driving in and out of my Cousin’s mouth, her big green eyes going wide as I pumped a load of cum in to that mouth. But, I just didn’t know; and was still trying to wrap my head around it when Anita answered with an enthusiastic “OK smarty, you’re on.”

Silent and smirking, Leslie got up, walked over and sank to her knees beside her BFF. Without even glancing up at me, she leaned in, closed her lips around the head of my dick, already sucking as she began to swallow. She stopped, not even half way down, and I reached for her head. Once again, I got my hands swatted aside. Anita snickered nastily, and I wondered if she actually thought Leslie had taken all she could handle. tuzla escort I didn’t, and wasn’t surprised when Leslie stopped sucking, and in one smooth maddeningly slow move slid her soft lips down, all the way down.

Leslie effortlessly held me fully deep-throated, her lips a fiery ring snugged around the base of my dick. For one crazy moment her eyes caught and held mine. Then, they slid away and locked on to Anita’s. Satisfied; the show-off put her hands behind her back, and began to power her mouth up and down, smoothly taking my full length.

It was pure ecstasy, especially knowing it was my Cousin about to find herself with a mouthful of cum erupting cock. So, before I could blurt-out a warning, on one of Leslie’s downward plunges, I just absolutely exploded a monster sized load.

Anita shrieked “Fuck me,” about the time I successfully corralled Leslie’s head. Then, lost in an orgasmic daze, it was me doing the fucking. With her head locked between my hands, and with her hands guiding my hips, I fucked my Cousin’s mouth, grunting as I unloaded a final salvo.

What had I been worried about? I had just enjoyed about the best happy-ending ever. My curious Cousin was grinning up at me. Her BFF was still on her knees, shaking her head and muttering incoherently.

After a whooped “OK then,” Leslie got up and walked over to the bed. Stretching out, she slowly spread her legs. And then, while jabbing a finger at an invitingly exposed pussy, she almost purred her insistent “My turn.”

Knowing it wouldn’t last, but feeling at least momentarily satiated, I got up, wobbled over and dropped in to the nearest chair. So, by the time Anita knelt between Leslie’s legs, I had a ring side seat. She had a better view, but we were both staring at the hot wet pink of my Cousin’s very bare and exceedingly fuckable looking pussy. Both sounding, and looking incredibly nasty, Leslie spread that glistening pussy open with her fingers, inviting “come on Anita, trust me, you’re gonna love it. So, like eat me.”

Anita didn’t hesitate, just slid on to her stomach. Leslie squealed “Oh yeah,” planted her feet on her BFF’s shoulders and let her knees splay open.

Ring side wasn’t near good enough, which is why I wound up kneeling beside the bed. Anita rested her hands high on Leslie’s inner thighs and just went for it. Barely taking the time to run the tip of her tongue around Leslie’s opening, she started to fuck that pussy, almost manically plunging her tongue in and out. I almost laughed out loud when my writhing Cousin gasped “Told you so. Ooh yeah, you love it alright.”

Anita’s cheeks were glistening; wet with Leslie’s juices when she began dancing the tip of her tongue over Leslie’s already visibly aroused clit. Leslie went rigid, arms flung out, head whipping back and forth as she cried “That, yes, do that.” And then, not taking any chances, Leslie had her hands in Anita’s red hair, breathlessly demanding “Ooh yeah, more, yes, oh God that’s it.”

I was expecting to see my Cousin go orgasmic. Only, instead of rocketing off in to an orgasm, side-tracked by a trio of Anita’s tunneling fingers, Leslie shrieked “Oh fuck, do it, yeah fuck me.”

Anita Continued to work her tongue, sometimes furiously pumping her pussy drenched fingers in and out, sometimes twisting them around deep inside Leslie. But, she was also partially up on her knees, her butt practically inviting me to take advantage of it. Well, by then not only was I hard again, I was through playing voyeur. So, I was swinging in to position when Leslie went off, tugging hard on Anita’s hair as she came all over her BFF’s face. With Leslie franticly pleading “More, more yeah do it, do it, do it,” Anita spread her legs. That was all the invitation I needed.

Taking hold of Anita’s hips, I pushed the head of my cock right up against her opening. But then, when Leslie bellowed “Again, fuck yes Anita don’t stop,” I hesitated. Anita bumped back in to me, and that was that. One hard hip thrust, and I was buried balls deep. I stopped, wrapped up tight in the molten wetness of Anita’s vagina. Taking advantage of the moment, Anita wrapped her arms around Leslie’s thighs. She hadn’t asked, but I could have told her that holding on tight was a real good idea.

I wasn’t thinking selfish; after all, I figured Anita was going to be busy working to launch her BFF back in to orgasmic orbit. So, I intended to go balls to the wall and fuck her for my own selfish pleasure. Besides, I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

I was a jack hammering fool. And if I wasn’t jabbing in hard twisting thrusts, I was slamming in power-packed fully penetrating ones. And then, I made the mistake of looking down. I saw Leslie grinning up at me and totally lost it. I banged Anita so hard that she’s probably lucky I didn’t drive her head right in to Leslie’s vagina. And then, listening to Leslie cry “Yeah fuck her Robby, yeah go for it,” I shot off.

Anita yelled “Ooh yeah, hard, come on Robby do it, ooh yeah, cum in me.” But then, I was already doing that, and much too distracted to be worrying about the odds of my getting to do my curious Cousin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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