Daughters’ Revenge Ch. 05

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Judy led the way and I followed, last in line. Jewel was standing there looking down.

“Time to finish up, mother.” Judy said.

Jewel looked up and when she saw me, she covered her tits and pussy.

“Hands down!” Jeanne ordered.

Jewel dropped her hands and Judy handed her the stick restraint that had been on her ankles.

“Put it on.” Deb said.

As soon as Jewel had her ankles restrained, Judy held up two leather wrist cuffs. “Now these.”

I couldn’t believe Jewel was obediently restraining herself. Once the cuffs were on, Judy snapped a short steel bar to them. Judy pulled on the bar forcing Jewel to follow. It was funny looking. Try strapping a three foot piece of wood between your ankles and walking.

Judy led her to this thing that must have been the table she talked about. It didn’t look like a table, though. It was made of steel bars with padded wood planks. The planks had holes and notches.

She led her against this thing and pulled her arms so she had to lay across it. Judy raised a couple of bars and hooked Jewel’s wrist restraint to them. Judy looked at Deb and said, “Hook her feet.”

With Jewel’s ankles hooked to the table, Judy grabbed the wrist bar, placed her foot on the table and pulled. Jewels hips were pinned against the table. Her feet came off the floor as her arms stretched out and she moaned in pain.

Judy kicked something, locking the thing in place. “Yeah, I like that. … How many mother?”

“How many what?” Jewel asked straining.

“Swats for your spanking.”

“Oh, God! I don’t know! Five.”

Jeanne whispered in my ear. “She chose the same number we used to tell Daddy when he spanked us.” Then Jeanne spoke aloud. “Five from each of us sounds good.”

“Each of you?” Jewel moaned.

“Each of us mother.” Judy said sternly. “Stephen, you go first. And Jeanne, you’re last.”

Deb handed me a strap and whispered, “Do it right. Or, We’ll hurt her.”

I stepped up and swatted Jewel’s ass. She didn’t make a sound.

“Oh, come on!” Judy snapped.

So, I put some force in the next one. Jewel’s ass flexed and she moaned.

All three women said, “Better,” at the same time.

The next three were like that one. The final blow had Jewel squirming and crying out loudly.

Deb took the strap and stepped up to deliver her five. Judy delayed her by softly rubbing and caressing Jewel’s ass. With a nod from Judy, Deb delivered the first blow. Judy once again massaged Jewel’s ass.

Each of Deb’s blows were followed by Judy massaging Jewel’s ass. None-the-less, Jewel was squirming and moaning in pain. Her white flesh growing redder and redder.

For their ten swats, Jewel was hurt and then soothed, leaving her sobbing.

Jeanne waited as her sisters soothed her mother until she quieted. Then, Jeanne stepped up, taking a stance like ball player.

Delivering her five. “This (smack) is (smack) for (smack) your (smack) deceit. (smack)”

Deb had started to rub Jewel’s ass after the first hit. But seeing Jeanne wasn’t stopping, she quickly withdrew and watched in surprise.

Jewel’s ass had flexed at the first blow. The rapidly delivered following blows kept her body rigid as she let out one continuous loud scream. She remained rigid for a few seconds after the blows stopped and then went limp.

The three of us were in shock. I had never Ankara escort seen this side of my wife and it bothered me. This part of her anger fulfilled, she wanted it finished.

Jeanne threw the strap down, looked at me and angrily said, “Now, Fuck Her!”

Her sisters swarmed her, hugging and kissing. They were whispering in her ear and I couldn’t make out what they said. When Jeanne calmed down they separated with a kiss.

Jeanne came to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me. “Whew, I didn’t realize how angry I was.”

“Why were you that angry?”

“Rules. Mother broke one of the most important rules. Adultery.”

“Adultery? But, she doesn’t fuck around.”

“Oh Stephen, Honey. Read your Bible instead of listening to what people say. Adultery isn’t fucking around. Adultery is defined as, ‘The taking away of another’s spouse.’ That is what she’s done to Judy and tried to do to me.”

Later, I checked. Sure enough, in the Old Testament, it plainly says, ‘Adultery’ is the taking away of another’s spouse. My how man has twisted and turned things to suit himself.

“Judy and Ronny are still married, how’s it adultery.”

“It’s been name only. Judy hasn’t been allowed to have sex with Ronny. She’s only been allowed to have sex, when, where, and with whom mother says. That has made Ronny grow distant and he’s seeking divorce. In fact, none of us knew, he moved out months ago.”

“Oh shit, I didn’t know he left. How’s Judy taking it?”

Judy heard me and said, “I’m taking it fine. And, now I can get him back.”

“Honey, this last thing is because of her broken promises. I want you to do it, because I don’t want it to be a stranger. Please, can you do this for my sisters and me?”

‘Yeah,’ I thought, ‘I’d love to fuck that bitch.’ But, I said, “Somethin’s gonna have to get me goin again, because all this has pretty much tightened me up.”

Jeanne kissed me and said, “I know what’ll work.” Then she went and whispered something to Judy.

Judy released Jewel’s wrists letting her sag onto the table. Then she removed the bar and put it under Jewel’s arm, across her back and under the other arm. Last she hooked the bar back to the arms it was attached to, only lower.

This had a nice effect. It caused Jewel to push her tits out and put her head in the open.

Judy let Jewel get used to this new position before grabbing the bar and pulling Jewel out again. Jewel moaned and grimaced in pain as her feet came off the floor.

“C’mere Stephen. I need to make another adjustment.”

I walked over and Judy looked at me and Jewel. Judy looked at Jeanne and said, “Take his pants off sis.”

“Aw, I’m just gonna strip him.” Jeanne said as she walked over.

Jeanne took my clothes off and Judy moved me behind Jewel.

“She’s too high.” Judy said. Then she turned a wheel which folded Jewel closer and lowered her ass. When Jewel’s ass pressed against my soft dick, she said, “Yeah, that’s where her ass needs to be.”

“Want me to get him hard?” Deb said with a chuckle.

“No.” Jeanne said, “Mother’s going to.” And she led me around to Jewel’s head.

“He’s gonna have to stand on somethin’.” Deb said.

“No he’s not. Watch.” Judy said as she released a lever and turned a wheel bringing Jewel’s head down to my dick. “Now step to the side and she can turn her head to use her mouth.”

As Ankara escort bayan I stepped to the side, Jewel did what she heard Judy say and began sucking my soft dick.

Jeanne took my hand and put it on her mother’s hanging tit. “Enjoy yourself. Her body’s your playground.”

I played with the tits I’d only dreamt about until now as I started to slowly get hard. Then I held my mother-in-laws head and slowly thrust my almost fully hard dick in her sucking mouth.

“Get’r lubed.” Judy said to Deb.

“Can’t she do it dry, like I had to?” Deb replied.

“No.” Jeanne said. “We’re making her do what she promised and we don’t need to be brutal.”

“It’s not fair.” Deb pouted. “I wanted her to feel it like I did.”

“Just lube’r. And maybe stick your fingers in’r ass.” Judy said a little irritated.

I closed my eyes, knowing, if I kept it up Jewel was going to eat more cum.

Jeanne, being able to read me, grabbed my dick and said, “Uh, uh. This load goes in her ass.”

Jewel moaned. I don’t know if it was from not being able to suck on more than the head of my dick, or the thought of getting it in the ass. OR, from Deb’s fingers rapidly fucking her ass.

Jeanne pulled my dickhead from her mothers mouth and kissed me. “Ready to take mother’s virgin ass?” She asked as she stroked my dick.

“I guess so, yeah. And, I feel like a puppet.”

“In a way you are, honey. You’re the instrument of our revenge. No. That’s not right. She’s getting her comeuppance.”

With her arm around me and stroking my dick, Jeanne led me around behind her mother. She rubbed my dickhead up and down her mother’s pussy. Jewel moaned.

“Soon enough dear. Soon enough. But, first her ass.” Jeanne moved my dickhead up to her mother’s well lubed puckered ring and whispered in my ear. “I want to stick it in.”


“Because, years ago she stuck something in my ass.”

“Is that …”

“Yes. It hurt. That’s why I’ve always been turned off by it.”

I felt hands on my hips.

“Don’t even think about it, Deb!”


“Move around and get a closeup.” Judy interjected and nodded at Jeanne.

Jeanne put a hand on the small of my back and gripped my dick, easing me forward.

“Ooooh Shit! Gawd-damn!” Jewel screamed.

“Aw. Does it hurt? You can do it baby.” Deb said, very sarcastically.

Jeanne kissed me on the cheek. “Now fuck her. Don’t give her time to think.” She pushed me forward, burying my dick completely in her mother’s ass.

“Goddamn! Oh, God” Jewel cried out as her head jerked up and down.

I grabbed her hips and slowly began fucking her. Her painful moans gave way to those of pleasure. Not just from me fucking her ass, but from Judy playing with her tits and Jeanne playing with her pussy as well.

Within minutes Jewel was gasping and almost howling through an orgasm. “Oh, Jesus, God, Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!” She began going through another round of orgasm.

“See if you can get off with her and fill her ass with cum, Stephen. Pound it to her.” Deb said coldly.

“C’mon honey, you can do it. Fill mother’s ass with cum as she orgasms.” Jeanne said softly as she tickled my balls.

Jewel started howling through another orgasm. I started slamming into her ass hard for my own release and filled her intestines with cum.

Judy hit a lever and Escort Ankara Jewel’s ass pointed in the air. “Gotta keep it in’r, till’r asshole closes.” She said, matter of factly.

“Yeah, she’ll stand before the family court, holding another man’s cum.” Deb said almost taunting.

Judy closed her phone and said, “You have time for a quick shower.” It was almost like an order.

I took a fast shower and dressed. As I walked into the living room, there was a knock on the door. I started toward it and Judy stopped me. She took my hand and led me to the basement.

“This is our court. You wait down here.” Judy said as she put a collar and leash on her mother. When we call, hit this lever to release the tension. Unhook her and lead her upstairs.”

“Like that?”

“Just like that. She is to appear as she is.” Judy walked to the stairs. “Oh, why don’t you have her suck you off, while you wait. She needs to get used to it. I have a feeling, your cock is going to be in her mouth a lot.” With a smile, Judy walked upstairs.

I wanted to hear what was going on and could only do that from the doorway. I also liked the idea of my past tormentor sucking my dick. ‘Decisions, decisions. Do I listen to them or stick my dick in my mother-in-laws mouth?’

“Fuck it. I’ll find out anyway.” I said out loud. As I walked toward her I thought. ‘Bullshit. I’m gonna fuck her. Then, cum in’r mouth.’

I put the ball gag in her mouth so they wouldn’t hear her upstairs. She does get a little vocal. I had a hardon just getting ready for my forbidden act.

‘Damn, I’m about to rape my mother-in-law.’ I thought. But, was it really rape? Since, she had submitted to whatever happened to her?

I got a chair to stand on, because her ass was in the air. It seemed like I was even harder because of what I was about to do. No foreplay or preliminaries. I put the head of my dick to her pussy and pushed in.

I felt the dry skin pulling on my dick and she cried out from the pain. “That hurt, Bitch?” I couldn’t hear it but knew she said, “Yes.”

I didn’t just start slamming into her. I slowly pulled back and pushed in. Her pussy getting warmer and wetter with each thrust. Until, she began moaning in pleasure. I didn’t know how much time I had, so I just thought about cuming.

When I felt it on it’s way, I pulled out of her pussy, hopped down and went around to her head. Grabbing her by the hair I pulled her head up and put my slimy dick to her lips. As her lips parted, I shoved my dick all the way in her mouth.

She gagged and jerked. I pulled back slightly, making her get over it with my dick in her mouth. As soon as she did, she started sucking like the slut she really is. Hell, she was even trying to keep deep-throating me, but I was a little to far away.

Having been brought to the edge and wanting to cum, it didn’t take long for my balls to empty. As I shot off into her mouth, she started moaning and sucking harder. Really going for it.

‘Damn, Jewel! Why the hell didn’t you let yourself go a long time ago?’ I thought.

I let her suck me soft and pulled my dick from her mouth. Leaning down, I kissed her.

“Why this way, Jewel? When it could be so loving.”

With a lust filled voice, she moaned, “I need this!”

I recovered and hearing some movement upstairs, I headed for the door.

Just as I got to the stairs, I heard Jeanne. “Honey.” I cocked my head. “Bring her up now, Honey.”

I released Jewel and started leading her upstairs. “Well, Jewel. This is it. You’re about to learn your fate. From your family.”

Slowly, I led her up the stairs.

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