Dilemma 2_(3)

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Are you back with me, I hope so …….

The days off, although welcome, did not go well at home. My partner had a bee in her bonnet about something, not sure what. The damned if I did and damned if I didn’t scenario. I wanted to resolve whatever was bothering her, but I got the cold shoulder treatment. So I amused myself with little odd jobs, some T.V and reading, any affectionate advances by myself towards her , was met with virtually ” fuck off, you aren’t getting anything here” !

So, I arrive back at work and carry on my normal duties. Tracey is not working on my shift, but I see from the roster, she is working this afternoon. I really am looking forward to her friendly face, as I was only getting scowls at home.

The time arrives, Tracey enters the office and a pang of desire runs through my body. We smile and relay greetings.
Mmmm I can smell her perfume, as she walks past. I am not usually an impulsive person, but the attraction is strong, and I think fuck it – make a move, see what happens if I get the opportunity.

After an hour or so….. opportunity knocks…here goes.

I watch her enter the medication room, obviously attending to a clients request. I enter, closing the door behind me, we are to only ones there. Tracey is kocaeli escort bayan busy, with her back to me. I walk up behind her, being very close – she turns quickly in surprise, as she had been concentrating on her task. In turning she smiles, as she sees it is me, her breasts touching my chest, a warmth radiates through my body, although we are in uniforms, the closeness breath taking.

I place my finger to my lips in a quieting gesture — shhhhh.

Tracey looks inquisitively into my eyes, I do not give her anymore opportunity, bending slightly to indulge her lips in a passionate kiss. Tracey does not resist, she welcomed my lips, my tongue, my directness. The warmth , the electricity, exuded by both lips on contact was mind blowing. The air was full of lust and desire.

Our hands hungrily grasp each others bodies, I pull her closer. Feeling her breasts on my chest, and my bulging cock pressed into her mid-section. My hands on her buttocks, her hands around my neck, both pulling each other as close as possible, wanting our clothes to disappear immediately. Our lips united in passionate desire, hungrily taking in each others sexual energies.The passion, the sexual energy, the lust was mind blowing. I could feel my pre-cum oozing, I was sure she was really kocaeli sınırsız escort wet. I raised her dress and found her panties soaking wet, touching her concealed mound, sending my desires sky rocketing. My cock at full attention.

BBZZZ BBZZZZ, her pager goes, then her phone – an emergency, can you believe it, shit, shit, shit.

Tracey her face flushed, looking so hot and sexy, apologizes and hastily, tidies herself, and as she departs, says ” Sorry duty calls, thanks for the surprise visit, loved it” and she quickly leaves.

Well fuck me, I thought, here I am in the medication room with a real boner, I could nearly fuck whatever walks in the door next. Luckily that didn’t occur, the elderly doctor was excused.

For the remainder of the shift, I was on edge, horny, all the female nurses, and even some of the clients looked so sexy.
I was watching, or should I say imagining what they may look like unclothed. Naughty, naughty, not professional.

My mind was playing tricks, guided by my other brain, my cock.

I managed to get through the shift without sexually harassing anyone. To my disappointment, I only caught a brief glance of Tracey, as we were required in other parts of the ward. On passing by each izmit anal yapan escort other, smiles were exchanged, and I had a shiver of desire through my body. Then our shifts ended, and she was gone for the day.

Home I went, hoping to meet a more relaxed and communicative partner, but to no avail. The barrier, the cold shoulder treatment remained. Routine comments were made, and the night was uneventful.

But when showering, I thought about he day, and yes, my cock sprung up wanting action, my ball bag was full and urgently needing attention. I grabbed some essential oils, and commenced rubbing them on my cock and balls….mmmm oh so good.
While the water powered on my shoulders, I imagined what Tracey would look like naked, and I imagined fucking her, I fantasized that she would be real good fuck. That my cock would plunder her pussy, over and over again.

I groaned as my hands, played with my balls and vigorously pumped my cock up and down. I spoke softly in the shower to myself, close my eyes “Oh yes Tracey spread your legs, take me”, I pump harder, quicker, “Yes, Tracey, I’m going to explode in you, oh god here I cum …mmmmmmm”. Leaving a satisfied, but unfulfilled need.

On getting into bed, my partner says, “were you talking to yourself in the shower”.

I reply, ” Just singing, humming to myself”. She says okay , turns and goes to sleep.

I am relieved, and sleep well.

My work will be more interesting now, I can’t wait to get back to work.

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