Dr May Reid’s Reunion Dinner Ch. 03

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Carol lived in a large villa. He drove up the driveway thinking that he wouldn’t like to work in this garden. She opened the front door as he got out of the car. She too was wearing tight-fitting leggings and a blouse with the buttons undone by one button too much. She looked stunning and sexy. She closed the door and took him in her arms; they kissed gently with a lot of affection. She said, “Thank you for coming, I appreciate it, I so enjoyed last night. He accused me of throwing myself at you. He said May was a whore. I told him to fuck off, and those were the last words that I said to him. He was a repulsive creature. I phoned my son and daughter, but only my daughter will fly in for the funeral, which is next Saturday morning at ten-thirty. They are both doctors, my son is in Australia, and my daughter is in the Mayo Clinic. Her contract expires tomorrow.”

“She was going to spend a month touring America, but she will now come home and help me in my Clinic. My son has been very successful in Australia. My first grandchild is due in three months. His partner is on holiday for the next two weeks. It would be expensive for him to get a locum in while he is away. He wasn’t very close to Jim, so I am not surprised that he is not coming. Come on into the lounge and get comfortable. I have removed all memorabilia of Jim from the room. Over the weekend I will remove everything that belonged to him from the house.”

She poured two glasses of Champagne. The sat on the sofa and chatted. Carol was a nice person. Paul was looking at her enormous tits. He undid another two buttons of her blouse. She said, “Let’s get naked. I wanted you last night. I got a bottle of wine from the fridge then locked myself in my bedroom. I played and had a powerful orgasm. I thought of you fucking May. You didn’t tell me if you had fucked her before the Reunion. She is glowing, I have never seen her look so happy. Will, you make me glow?”

They kissed then they both stripped naked. When she saw his cock, Carol said, “I know now why she is glowing. That is massive, I can take him but take your time as it’s so long since I have had a cock and I have never had one even approaching the size of that beauty.”

He placed her on the carpet, and they started to sixty-nine. She was like May and had a large clitoris. The slit on her swollen vulva was near perfect. He was tonguing her clit then started to suck it. He slid three fingers inside her hungry cunt. She pushed her hips up and spread her legs wide open. She was gripping his fingers with her strong cunt muscles. She was skillfully teasing his cock with her tongue and lips. She could take his full length when she went down on him. They kept this foreplay going for the next twenty minutes then Carol said, “We are ready, let me go on top.”

He lay on the carpet, and she squatted over him. She was teasing her hard clit with the bulbous tip of his cock. She centred the tip in the middle of her vulva then lowered herself onto his massive cock. She took half of him. Then she pushed down again, and his cock disappeared into her cunt. She then started an up and down circular movement which was getting more powerful with every move. She was also gripping at the base and the tip of his cock.

He was rubbing her clit as she rode him. Carol was moaning with pleasure, but she was in control. Her cunt was starting to squelch. It was an incredible sound. Carol kept riding him for the next thirty minutes then within seconds of each other they both climaxed. She gripped his cock tightly then bent over and kissed him. She said, “That was fucking amazing, I needed that. Can you stay overnight?”

He smiled but didn’t tell her Sue had packed a bag for him; he said, “Yes, I would love to stay over if that’s okay with you. I enjoyed that. Your cunt muscles are powerful, I love how you grip. What time are you up at in the morning?”

She replied, “During the week, I wake around six. I will wake you then as I love sex in the morning. I will cook breakfast for you after. I leave the house at around eight-thirty. Is there any way that you can transfer the pictures from your smartphone to my laptop as I would love to send some of them to my daughter. I have a lot to sort out with her as she will arrive on Thursday of next week and she will be staying here. Anji is a lovely girl. She is very like me. I will be able to take things easier when she joins the Clinic. Jim is not even cold, and I have had the best fuck of my life.”

She kissed him again the came off him and topped up the glasses. She brought bonus veren siteler him her laptop, and he transferred them. She wanted them on her Samsung smartphone so she could WhatsApp them to her daughter. She had an SD card in her phone, so he transferred them there too. She was delighted. They finished the first bottle of Champagne, and she got another. She was studying the pictures. There were four of Carol and Paul which May had taken. In all four photos they both looked so happy.

Paul asked, “When you were married did you have any lovers?”

She smiled and said, “No, I had no men at all, but I had several girlfriends. It was challenging living with Jim. Tom, my son, stood up to him and after he qualified he left for Australia. Jim gave him no financial support. I helped him a lot to get his practice set up. He has worked hard and has done well. Anji had to put up with a lot when she was at University. He caught her in the lounge one night giving a boy a blow job. He went crazy, calling her a slut and a whore. She had a breakdown, I thought that she would be asked to repeat the year, but she pulled through.”

“Jim would check on her every night, barging into her room without knocking. I had serious rows about that. He was putting her under so much pressure I thought that she would have another nervous breakdown. Anji, for her safety, started sleeping and studying in my bedroom. I told him if this continued I would report him to the British Medical Association. He then left her alone. I spent so much time with Anji, helping and explaining things to her. We became intimate and then lovers. It was worth it as she now has so many qualifications.”

“May and I have been lovers since University. She has been a wonderful friend. Always, there when I needed her. We have had some great times together. What about you, have you had many lovers?”

He smiled and thought of Gail; he wouldn’t mention her, he replied, “A couple of one night stands at University. Then my studying took over. I got a great degree. Then mum suggested that I partner May to the Reunion Dinner. I have been seeing May for the last six weeks. Then I met you last night. Life is getting good.”

She replied, “Wow, that’s not a lot. You know what you are doing in bed. Sue, is a lovely woman. She has two interests in her life, you and her dental practice. I am surprised that she has never remarried, she’s a beautiful woman. I think that it would break her heart if you moved out and went to live somewhere else. She has been my dentist for twenty years. You are all that she talks about. I feel a little guilty that we made love. I feel that I have let her down.”

He took her in his arms, and they kissed, he said, “Don’t feel guilty, I told her about last night. She knows about May. She is comfortable that I am having sex with you and May. I think that it may be down to the fact that she feels that I am safer with an older woman. I love big breasted mature women. I don’t socialise a lot. I work hard. I love my mother’s cooking. It’s her birthday next week, and I want to spoil her. I am going to take her out for lunch and dinner. I want to give her a special day as she makes all my days special. “

They kissed again. They were both touching as they kissed. Soon he was rock hard. He bent her over a chair and went into her doggy style. He loved how her massive tits wobbled as he rode her. He started taking some of her cunt juice and used it as lube as he fingered her ass. Carol loved it. She was pushing her butt hard against hid intruding fingers. When her ass was lubed up he came out of her pussy and with one gentle thrust his cock vanished inside her ass. He began to rub her clit as he pounded her ass.

The harder and deeper he went the more she loved it. Gail had taught him how to ass fuck. With the size and length of his massive cock and more specifically, the size of his bulbous tip, which stimulated the G-spot, it was possible for a woman to have multiple vaginal orgasms when she was ass fucked. In the space of twenty minutes, she had three powerful orgasms that left her trembling. He kept pounding her. Five minutes later he went back inside her cunt. He loved the way that she pushed back against his powerful thrusts. Her gripping was excellent. He was lucky, both May and Carol were terrific fucks.

Twenty minutes later he exploded inside her. She climaxed twenty seconds after him. She kissed him and said, “That was unbelievable, I had three massive vaginal orgasms as you fucked my ass. I love your cock; it can bedava bahis do so much. Will I see you over the weekend? “

He replied, “I am on call over the weekend but maybe a quickie on Sunday afternoon could be arranged.”

She smiled and said, “I’m looking forward to that already. Why do you work so hard? You don’t need to work at the car hire, Sue would look after you.”

He replied, “I enjoy it, I am self-sufficient, I earn over fifty thousand pounds a year from it. I am even thinking of keeping the weekend work going when I start my Monday to Friday office job. In July, I will be working for three full weeks on call as the Duty Manager. That’s because my manager will take his holidays then. Let’s go to bed now so that we are both fit for the morning.”

Paul awoke at six. Carol was sucking his cock. He excused himself and went to the bathroom to relieve himself. He then used the bidet to wash his cock. He went back to bed. For the next ninety minutes, he entirely concentrated on giving Carol pleasure. She wanted ass fucked again. He did her deep and hard. He came out of her ass, and she gave him a titty fuck. He squatted over her massive breasts, she put his cock between her tits, and she squeezed her breasts tightly against his hard cock. He moved in and out. When he went in, she was able to tease the tip of his cock with her tongue. He was fingering her wet cunt as he did this.

He then went into her pussy doggy style. He pounded her for the next twenty-five minutes. They both climaxed within seconds of each other. She said, “What a way to start a Friday. Thank you for coming here last night. Jim is history for me. I will phone his lawyer this morning to arrange an appointment. If I have any queries can I contact you?”

He replied, “I am here for you. I can even come with you if it’s in the afternoon as I have no afternoon lectures now. Any day apart from Wednesday, I want to spend Wednesday with Sue.”

She told him that she would let him know. They showered then Carol made breakfast. She gave him a long hot kiss, then they both left. He had an easy day. He had a message from May, it read, “Darling, I am hungry for you, can I see you over the weekend? Thanks for looking after Carol, I owe you a good one, May.”

He replied saying that he would see her on Saturday at four in the afternoon for a quickie. As he was leaving the University, he met Gail, she told him that she missed him so much, but it was impossible for them to meet. She also told him that his Doctorate paper was perfect. He had even got Distinction with it. She also told him six of the top Law Firms in the country had his name and address. They would make contact with him after next Wednesday when the results would be published. He thanked her and told her he would keep in touch through her naughty email address.

He had a message from Sue, it read, “Darling, thank God, I am now finished for the weekend. When will you be home tonight and I will cook supper for us. I had a big lunch so can wait until later. Over the weekend, what would you like to eat? I was thinking Leg of Lamb as that would keep us going until Tuesday. Let me know what you want, and I will organise it.”

He replied, “You are a sweetheart, I will be home at seven-thirty this evening. There are no flights after seven this evening at the airport, so that lets me get away early. The lamb sounds great; I will finish around six on Saturday and Sunday evening. What will we eat tonight?”

She responded, “That’s excellent, a patient gave me a recipe for Paella so I would like to try that. How do you feel about Paella?

He replied, “I love it, remember you used to cook it when I was still at school. Where would you like to lunch on Wednesday? I have booked a table at the Italian restaurant for seven. Wherever you want we can go.”

She answered, “I would love to go to the Colonial Restaurant for lunch and share a medium-rare Chateaubriand with you, the Hollandaise sauce they do with it is perfection. It’s like the Italian restaurant a two-minute walk from the apartment. I am in the supermarket this now, and I have everything for the Paella. Is there anything that you need from the supermarket?”

He replied, “What time will you be finished at the Pampered Lady? Then I can book a table at the Colonial. I am okay, I have all my toiletries.”

She answered, “Darling, I have something to ask you. Could you drive me there at eight in the morning and pick me up at one? Then you drive me home, and we walk to the Colonial for one-fifteen. deneme bonus They give you Champagne; it’s included in the price of the Platinum Package. Image, I will be drinking Champagne from eight in the morning. One other thing, can we change it to lunch in the Italian restaurant and dinner at the Colonial as they have live music there on a Wednesday evening?”

He replied, “I will be your chauffeur and also change the Italian restaurant for lunch. I would want to sleep if we had a Chateaubriand for lunch, it’s more of a dinner course. I think that you will enjoy Wednesday. I will have to go now. See you at seven-thirty.”

He arrived home at seven-forty, Sue was in the kitchen wearing her cooking apron. She gave him a big smile then said, “I can serve now or would you like a few minutes to relax?”

He replied, “It smells wonderful, let’s eat now.”

The Paella was excellent. It was so tasty. They went into the lounge and sat on the sofa. Sue’s laptop was on the coffee table. Sue said, “On my way home I went into the Pampered Lady and spoke with the stylist. She has suggested three different hairstyles that I will show you. She also suggested some highlights which I will also show you. You are the one that will be seeing me most of the time, so your opinion counts.”

She then showed him the styles and the highlights. She went into a lot of detail. Showing May’s pictures from the Reunion dinner. May’s tits looked massive in the pictures, but he had to focus on her hair. They agreed on the style that suited her best. Sue then told him that she liked several items of clothing in the boutique, but her stylist had suggested waiting until Wednesday to be sure that everything blended together.

She then asked Paul what was he going to do about a holiday. Neither of them had been on holiday for over five years. Paul’s job was the main reason for this. Sue had told him that she had researched going on a Wine Tasting holiday to Champagne and Burgundy. She wanted Paul to come with her. She knew that he was seeing May and Carol but would he like to go with her? She thought that they could be away for ten to fourteen days.

He replied, “I would love to do that with you, but it will have to be in August or the last week in July. I must work for three weeks in July when my manager is on holiday. Just like I have done for the last five years. We have at the depot a Mercedes Marco Polo. I can hire that at a massive discount. It sleeps four, so there’s lots of room for the two of us. It’s the top of the range model and has every extra imaginable. It has only done five thousand miles, and I was thinking about buying it. It has so much room that we could bring a lot of wine back with us. I will speak to my manager on Monday.”

Sue was so happy. She told him that was a great idea as they could eat in the best restaurants and that they would have no hotel bills. Paul went to his bed, and Sue told him that breakfast would be on the table at seven-thirty. He gave her a hug and a kiss on her cheek and went to bed. Next morning, he had an excellent breakfast. He got to the depot at eight. His manager was at the depot. He asked about hiring the Marco Polo for two weeks and also the possibility of purchasing it after his holiday. The manager gave him the rental cost of five hundred pounds a week with unlimited mileage. The vehicle would be over six months old when he returned from France. He would check with head office and get the best price possible.

The weekend flew in. He saw May on Saturday, and they had a great hour together. May had told him that Sue was so happy that they were going to France together. Sue hadn’t taken a holiday because she wanted to make sure that Paul had breakfast in the morning. Sunday with Carol was also good. Carol had sent some pictures and the Lady in Red video to Anji, her daughter. Anji had told Carol that Paul looked good. Both May and Carol both wanted ass fucked, so he did it for both of them.

The lamb was excellent; there was still enough left for Tuesday. Paul was happy about this as it saved Sue from cooking. On Monday night Paul had a lot to drink as he had been busy over the weekend. He had gone to his bed and was asleep in no time. Sue was looking forward to Wednesday and also for the French Holiday. They would leave on Saturday of the last week in July and would return two weeks later. Paul had sourced a lot of vineyards to visit. They were going to eat at a lot of first-class restaurants.

On Tuesday night both of them went to their beds early. He would take Sue to her appointment then drive to the University to see his results. He still hadn’t told Sue that he had a Doctorate with Distinction as he wanted it to be part of her birthday celebrations. He set his alarm for six-thirty and was asleep five minutes later.

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