Fetish with Neighbor Aunty

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Hi Readers,

This is my first story. Please vote and suggest or criticize my writing. I am sure it will help me in the long run. I am an avid reader of and I think I am ready to share my experiences with women.

This happened when I was 18 years of age. I was a shy guy from an early age, and also a horny guy with wet dreams while growing up. I use to strip every girl naked in my thoughts and try visualizing myself in bed with her. I am not the only one who is like this… I believe each and every horny guy (in India, and elsewhere) sees women as sex objects until he gets sexual relief. We are sex starved because of the upbringing by our parents. Sex or Intercourse is considered sacred, and is permitted only after marriage. This applies to both the sexes; boys and girls. So, every time a girl or married women (we call them aunties) with a pretty face and nice breasts crosses our path, in our imagination we immediately take her to bed, and begin sucking her nipples. We dream of how her breasts will feel in our hands, weighing her breasts, mauling them, pinching their nipples, biting the nipples, etc. Everything will be over within seconds in our minds. When we go back to our home we go straight to the bathroom, and masturbate thinking of the girl or aunty.

This is our routine way of growing up during our adolescent years. Some guys get lucky like one of my friends, when he was 18, he had a chance to sleep with a lady in our neighborhood burdur escort who was 25 at that time. He got close enough to actually penetrate her, and was proud to tell this fact to everyone in the class. We envied him then, and tease him about it even now!

When I was in my 10th grade we moved to a new house and my mother got friendly with our neighbor. She was close to my mother’s age, had two boys who were students. Aunty must have been in her late thirties, and tall. Her complexion was wheatish; not very fair, not too dark. The most astonishing part of her body was her breasts; she had a huge pair of breasts which stood out proudly. The bra size must have been around 40DD, and with her height, made her look absolutely stunning. Any man that looks at her will certainly ogle at her breasts; you just cannot take your eyes from her breasts and I think she was proud to display her assets. Indian women wear blouses and sarees; a traditional outfit displaying the breasts outline and some skin at the hips. It is one of sexiest dresses that South Indian women wear.

Aunty likes to wear sarees in bright colors which attracts more attention. Sometimes during a function at her house or our house, her blouse is usually low cut, and she wears thin see–through sarees. I get to watch her ample cleavage and the upper portion of her breasts at these functions. I am interested in socializing, but I go to functions when aunty is present and bursa escort try to be around her always. I never wanted to miss the pretty sight of her skin, particularly her breasts. I help her in doing petty chores so that I can get close her, smell her and get a good look at her breasts without her noticing me. When I get close to aunty, I can see that her breasts are only inches away from my hand and yet so far. It was agonizing not to touch her breasts! I think she did not mind me looking at her because she thought I was young and harmless; almost like her son.

When the function got over I could not wait to run to the bathroom and relieve my sexual tensions. My cock was throbbing and erect. I masturbated thinking of the closeness of her breasts, size of the breasts, her cleavage, and her big ass. I ejaculated copious amounts of semen, dreaming of the day when I would see her naked in bed.

Once, when my mother was out of town, aunty invited us for lunch at their house. She was dressed as usual for the occasion with a glowing saree with matching blouse. I could not get a look of her breasts, skin, or her cleavage for about half hour, as she was busy preparing lunch for us. It is a tradition that we sit on the floor and eat. We sat for lunch and she started serving dishes. While serving us she has to bend down. I was expecting to see some parts of her breasts while we had lunch. The first two times her saree was tight and I could çanakkale escort not get a look of her cleavage nor her breasts. The third time when she bent down the saree fell on her hands and I got a breathtaking view of her two breasts. It was marvelous site for a teenage guy whose dream is to see the women’s breasts. The pair of breasts was huge, white as a pearl, and I could see traces of areolas due to the low cut of the blouse. I was staring at her breasts as she started to adjust her saree. I was spell bound and I could not concentrate on lunch. Aunty came near me and said, “Eat my son; to become strong and healthy” and combed my hair with her hands. All the time I was thinking of the boobs that she displayed to me and I knew that I had to masturbate quickly.

I excused myself and went straight to bed. I started masturbating furiously stroking my penis thinking that I was mauling auntie’s breast with my other hand. I could squeeze her breasts and pull the left nipple, stretching the nipple to the limit. In my imagination I saw that my hand was massaging the left breast and the areola was round with a size of at least two Rupee (silver dollar) coin, with slight traces of pink color. The nipple was big as a stone pebble and at least a half inch long. Aunty was moaning as I continued to maul her left breast and she came close to offer her breasts to my mouth. I was in heaven as soon as I caught the left nipple in my mouth. I took as much flesh from the breast as possible and started sucking like a baby. Aunty was stretching herself back and I was pulling her breast to my mouth. I came out of my imagination as I shot my cum. My cum spilled all over my body and I made a quick trip to the shower.

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