Fire and Filth Ch. 05

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I fetched my phone from the table to look at the time, and discovered I was up forty minutes before my alarm was supposed to ring. I tossed and turned the whole night feeling horny thinking about the game Malika made me play. The night long stroking had only made my sex drive higher. I climbed back to my bed and started googling sweaty and armpit photos of Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner and every Game of Thrones female cast’s name I could remember and stroked myself violently to them. Just before I could cum into a paper towel I was interrupted by a loud conversation outside my door. I opened my window just enough to peek at the cause of the disturbance.

“Are you sure you want to miss your classes?” asked Neha didi to her sister standing at the door.

“Yes. For the hundredth time, I don’t feel good. Now go!” replied Natasha with frustration in her voice.

I continued stroking my dick looking at Neha didi’s magnificent body. She was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans that stuck tightly to her muscular body. My horny brain could only think about sucking her perfect sweat armpits before lifting her petite body in my arms and bang the hell out of her.

“Alright then. Take care.” Neha didi said, as she walked off flaunting her tempting ass, making me stroke faster.

After she disappeared down the steps I saw her sister tiptoeing towards the staircase. She was obviously making sure her sister was gone. She then hurried back towards their room and peeked down the railing of the open corridor. I started to doubt if she was really not feeling well. She then started walking towards my door. I quickly jumped back pulling my pants up. She knocked on my door. The quick turn of events had left me paralysed. Wiping the sweat off my forehead, I answered the door after a short delay making sure everything beneath my waist was shielded by my half open door.

I saw her standing with her head hung down with shyness, as always. She was wearing tiny tennis shorts that didn’t conceal the stretch marks on her girthy thighs. Her legs were slightly tanned below her knee unlike the milky white upper half. She had a white tank top on that fit her tightly making her herculean tits spill out from the sides. A red bra, visible through the translucent top, supported her massive busts making ample cleavage visible. Stretch marks were also present between her boobs. Her bra straps couldn’t hide under the thin straps of her tank top. Her bare chest revealed freckles that faded away near her shoulders. She had a slightly chubby body with an extremely pretty face. Her face had minor stretches of acne and a prominent zit was on her forehead. Her cheeks were freckled like her chest. She had innocent looking eyes behind her black square-framed glasses. Her hair was tied into a loose ponytail with locks of hair falling at the sides of her face.

“Hi. I am Natasha.” she said with a sweet, innocent voice.

“Yes, I believe we have met before.” I said with an awkward smile, recollecting our first encounter.

“I was just wondering when you leave for your classes.” she said with urgency in her voice.

Something felt fishy. The most introverted girl I ever met was asking me when I would leave for college only on our second meeting, not to mention her double checking if her sister was gone. Fuck college, I told myself. I wanted to find out what she was upto.

“I will be leaving soon.” I lied. I now had plans to stayback and find out why she lied to her sister and wanted me to leave.

“Okay cool!” she said before hurrying back to her room abruptly.

I waited at the window to see what was going on. Only fifteen minutes later I heard her door bolt open. I quickly hid myself peeking through a narrow gap in my window. I saw her head peek out and scan the corridor. She then stepped out texting someone on her phone. A couple minutes later I saw a bald man walk into the corridor dressed as a courier guy. Natasha pulled out a rolled up bundle of cash from under her pants and waited near her door shaking her leg impatiently. The bald man approached her when I could see him better. He had his left eyebrow pierced and had a tattoo on his neck. He looked too shady to be a courier guy. He stood before Natasha looking at her top to bottom with his eyes finally stopping at her chest.

“You should really slow down on this stuff girl.” he said with a grin on his face.

Natasha kicked the man hard on his balls. “Mind your own business.” she said, handing over the thick bundle of cash, “..which you are doing really badly. If you are late one more time, I will feed you your balls.” she added.

I was shocked. I never expected a sweet, innocent and nerdy girl to be secretly so badass.

The bald man laughed and pulled out a brown paper bag from his delivery bag. Natasha snatched it and shut the door in his face immediately altındağ escort after. I didn’t know much about drug dealers but this man definitely felt like one. I waited for him to leave and stepped out of my door stealthily. I walked to her room and continued spying on the secretly badass girl. I could see that the window was closed but now bolted. I very carefully pushed it open very little to peek inside.

I saw Natasha standing and taking out the contents of the brown bag onto her table with little patience. From what I could figure, there were around three tiny cylindrical glass bottles with blue labels on them. There was also a plastic bag filled with what looked like a translucent jelly. I saw her lay it all on her table and drag a chair in front of her cupboard. She climbed the chair and opened the dirty top chamber that had cobwebs on it. She put her hands inside and struggled to pull out a red bag. She got down and unzipped the bag hurriedly pouring out all of its contents on the table as well. I saw two suction cups with pipes attached to them that ended in a transparent bottle that had a pump attached to it. There was also a metal box which she opened to take out a syringe from. My drug dealer hypothesis had enough evidence supporting it now. She dampened a piece of cotton with what looked like clinical spirit, disinfecting her arm which had a black strap tied to create pressure followed by the new injection needle. She punctured the metallic seal on the tiny bottle with the needle and pulled the plunger back filling the syringe with all the transparent fluid. She tapped it making sure no air bubbles were present. She then tapped her arm to expose her veins and injected it carefully in her arm. She pushed down the plunger emptying the drug into her veins.

The drug showed its effect in seconds. Natasha dropped down on the chair with her head hanging back and her eyes fluttering. While still in her ‘high’ she pulled the plastic bag with the jelly in it and opened it, her eyes barely being able to remain open. She picked up a tiny charred, metallic spatula and took out a bit of the translucent jelly. She then started warming it under a lighter from the same box she had the needles in. The jelly started to boil in seconds. Natasha stood up and walked to her bed barely maintaining balance. She pulled down her tiny shorts and her panties exposing her hairy pussy spreading her legs wide open. Her pussy mound was covered with dense curly pubic hair. Her clits were red and swollen. I was awed. She proceeded by pouring the melted jelly which now turned into a gooey slime onto her palm. She then started rubbing her clits with it. Strings of the goop formed between her hand and pussy. I had never imagined a mode of consuming drugs in this manner. The mysterious jelly was instantaneous in its effect. Natahsa started moaning and shaking as she rubbed her clits with the drug. As she rubbed faster and faster her moan transitioned more into a scream of pain which she seemed to enjoy the same. Her free hand suddenly grabbed her huge boobs as if someone had whipped them. Her scream grew more wild and wet patches started to emerge on her white tan top. She quickly pulled down her bra and tank top as her ginormous tits fell out. I was stunned to see milk leaking out from her pink, swollen nipples. Her areola was pink and prominently dotted. Blue veins ran all over her tits that were the size of a melon.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK.” she screamed, squeezing her tits as milk spurted out from them.

I was extremely turned on looking at her tits hanging out of her wet tank top and her hairy pussy being rubbed violently. To have a better view I tried to push open the window a bit more. To my utter misfortune, the window creaked and quickly got her attention. She jumped out of her bed in terror and looked staright at me. Her right hand covered her pussy and her left hand could barely cover the nipple of one tit. Her nipples were still leaking milk uncontrollably. I saw droplets of milk on her glasses and panic on her face. I instinctively rushed back to my room and bolted my door shut.

What did I just see? What will she do to me? Will I go to jail? How was she lactating? A thousand questions flooded my brain.

As I was going to reach out for the window to peek outside again I heard knocking at my door. I slowly walked to the door and waited. The knocking got more and more desperate. I opened the door to see Natasha standing in her tank top soaked in her own milk and with red, teary eyes. She pushed open the door fully getting inside and bolted it shut quickly.

“Please don’t tell this to anyone.” she pleaded, falling on her knees.

I saw that her bra was around her stomach and her nipples poked through the wet tank top.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” I said, ankara anal yapan escort trying to cover myself up.

“Please, I am begging you. I will do anything you want but don’t tell anyone.” she continued pleading, down on her knees.

My senses came back to me and I realised it was her who was at fault and not me.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked with authority.

“I just- It was my friend who- I don’t-” she broke down and started crying.

Not knowing what to do I knelt down and hugged her. “Hey, hey it’s alright.” I said to comfort her.

She cried for a full minute on my shoulder as I hugged her. I could feel her back damp with sweat. Her body gave out a strong odour of sweat and female lotion. I felt the wetness of her leaking tits on my stomach.

“Now if you don’t want me telling this to your sister, you have to tell me what’s going on.” I said lifting her up, holding her by her arms. “Who was that man and what drugs are you consuming?” I asked her, handing her a glass of water.

She sipped the water slowly only to allow herself time to think. She was not getting away. I had caught her red handed. Knowing she can’t cover it up she started speaking.

“He was my drug dealer and this is a libido inducing narcotic.” she said, pulling out the plastic bag from under her pants.

“And what was the one you injected?” I asked.

She covered her face with her hand realising I had seen it all.

“It’s also a libido inducing drug. It creates the high by giving you orgasms.” she revealed, not very proudly.

“And what the fuck is that?” I said pointing at her wet, lactating tits knowing that she was now under my control.

“The drug has side effects.” she said with embarrassment, “The one I injected is responsible for the milk and well.. Enlargement.” she said, grabbing both her heavy tits.

Controlling my non-drug induced libido I told her ” I don’t know. This is some serious shit and I have to tell your sister about this.”

Her eyes started to water again and she hugged me pleading. “Please, I am in a rehab program. I am making progress. Don’t tell her, please. She will kill me.”

“How do I know if you are not lying.” I said, distancing her slowly away from my body.

“I can show you the program and my progress badges.” she said, hand in hand, still pleading, “I am having bad withdrawals and I just need light doses to temper them down.”

Any junkie would say the same things to convince someone but for some reason I believed what she was saying.

“How did you start and where do you get all the money from?” I asked her more.

“My friends introduced the dealer to me. I wanted to do something daring to impress them all so I bought this. I got addicted.” she said adjusting her bra straps.

“And the money?” I repeated the second part of my question.

“My dad is a stock broker. Money has never been a problem.” she said with a voice which was transitioning from fear to calmness.

“You have to promise me you will do whatever it takes to stop this or I am gonna tell your sister.” I told her looking into her eyes.

“I promise. Daddy” she said with a happy glow restoring to her face red from masturbation and crying.

“Hey just because I am asking you to do the right thing doesn’t make me a daddy.” I said.

“Sure.” she said giggling, “Daddy.”

“What about the.. Side effects?” I said, trying hard not to look at her tits.

She smiled looking at me with sin stirring in her eyes. She tucked her loose strands of hair behind her ear and said “I don’t think you want them to be gone.”

She pulled down my pants and my erect dick popped out.

“Oh daddy! You seem to be furious.” she said, holding my dick in her hand. “Are you gonna punish your little girl now?”

She got down on her knees maintaining eye contact. She then started to slowly put my erection into her mouth until I could start feeling her throat. Her eyes turned red and watery again. She slowly started to suck on it, gagging because of the length she rammed into her throat. She gargled a mouth full of saliva while giving me the sloppiest blowjob I could imagine. Her bloodshot eyes started to tear up more. Mucus started to come out of her nose and saliva dripped all over her boobs. Her hair was a mess, she was a mess. She was getting hornier from the intense blowjob and the drugs in her system. She took my dick out of her mouth as a thick stream of white phlegm-saliva mixture poured out onto her body.

“Daddy you know my secrets now. Aren’t you gonna use them to take advantage of me?” she said, raising up. “Fuck me like the dirty slut I am, Daddy!”

She pulled out her tits from her tank top and used all the residual spit to massage it on them.

“Look Daddy. Huge stinking, lactating ankara escort tits. They reek of my spit and sweat.” she said, squeezing the two glossy tits together as milk streamed out of her swollen nipples. ” I know you like them dirty.”

I could endure no more. I pushed her onto the bed and started gorging on her tits. They were huge and mushy. Just as she described it reeked of her sweat and saliva mixed. I bit her fleshy udders mercilessly which sent her into total ecstasy. I started sucking her nipples. A thick stream of viscous fluid started gushing out. It was sweet and creamy. As I started sucking harder her milk got more and more viscous. It was like the solid constituents were stuck and needed force to be sucked out. As the milk got thicker it became more and more difficult to suck out.

“Harder daddy! These are the tits of a drugged slut. You need to suck harder!” she screamed.

My cheeks started hurting but I continued sucking harder. The flow slowed down as if something was stuck in her milk ducts. I kept sucking harder. Suddenly, milk started gushing out again after something slurped into my mouth. It felt like a gelatinous curd of her own milk. She gave out a loud moan as the obstruction cleared and her milk flowed freely still. She then held my head and raised it, stopping me from sucking. I looked into her eyes.

“Fuck me.” she said, looking back at my eyes.

I quickly jumped out of the bed to pull out a pack of condoms from my drawer which I had bought out of curiosity. As I was opening to pull out one I felt her hand stopping me. I looked at her confused. She snatched the pack and threw it and started pulling her pants down.

“There are more side effects than just my cow udders.” she said as her pants slipped down exposing her pussy. “I don’t ovulate every month. Just when I am off these. You can fuck me all you want I won’t get pregnant. I am a cum dumpster. I am just a fuck hole for the mankind.” she added as she spread her legs in invitation. “Fuck my virgin holes. Fill them as you like.”

I wasn’t thinking anymore. I slammed her back on the bed and put myself deep into her already wet pussy. Her eyes rolled up towards each other. She bit her lips and was in absolute ecstasy as I started fucking her slowly. She started moaning with her shrill innocent voice. The drug on her pussy started showing its effect on my dick. I started ramming her without control. She didn’t object to any of the harshness. She rather enjoyed it. I gripped her neck with one hand and started choking her. She moaned louder. Just when I thought that I had seen enough crazy side-effects in her body I was proved wrong. The deep thrusting brought her to her first orgasm. She started to cum and squirt. I had never fucked a girl before but I was sure that usual girl-cum was nothing like what this drugged slut squirrted. It was thick, viscous and white like condensed milk. The spurting pussy cream had coated my dick in a thick film as I pulled myself out. More and more of the cum oozed out of her like her vagina was a can full of her bodily ‘condensed milk’.

“Eat it. I know you want to.” she said with dominance in her voice. “Eat it or I will tell everyone that you raped me.” she said as her voice turned evil and more dominating.

Even if she didn’t threaten me I was up and ready to slurp all of it. As I leaned forward to reach the big white puddle she grabbed me by my hair and made me lean enough to have the tip of my nose touch the puddle.

“Aw my baby. Did you not enjoy drinking mommy’s milk from her drugged tits? I know you did. I know you enjoyed those bits of curd from mommy’s milk, didn’t you, my baby boy?” she said switching positions of the whole roleplay she initiated. “Now lick mommy’s cum, you might find some of it curdled too.”

I started to do as I was instructed. I started licking into the puddle of thick pussy cream. It was so viscous I felt like licking adhesive out of a bottle. It was sour and tasted strongly like her vagina. The thickness of it was almost making me choke but I didn’t stop. I could feel bits of her cum turned into jelly which I could chew. The drug she was having had some real good side effects!

“Good boy. Now let mommy make you cum too.” she said, sitting up and pushing me back to make room for her kneeling stance. She did not care to prevent her cum from messing up her clothes and hair while she got down. She rather grabbed a handful of it and smeared it all across her chest coating her boobs with a white, shiny film. She grabbed another handful and lubed my cock with it and stroked it continuing with her dirty talk.

“The first time we met, you came so much just looking at my sweaty pits. I wonder how much you are gonna bust now.”

She put my cock in her mouth tasting her own cum and started blowing me hard again. This time I couldn’t endure anymore. Soon, I deposited a massive load of cum into her throat. She swallowed it and gave out a sigh as if a long thirst for cum was quenched.

“We are going to have a lot more adventures than this, if you keep me as your little secret.” she said as she got up and left with a cum covered body.

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