Fucked by the Boys – the Aftermath

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Gina lay on her back, eyes tight shut against the sun. Taking stock. Trying to figure out what the hell she’d done. She was conscious of the voices around her, but not what they were saying. Laughing and joking. About her? Who knew?

Her cunt hurt like hell. And her ass. What the fuck had they done to her? Fists? It felt like whole arms. Breaching her. Splitting her. Deep inside her. Turning and twisting, pulling her apart. Fucking Jesus it hurt.

And yet, as she relaxed and became a little used to the pain, Gina thought about the boys, about her boss and Tracey, and why she’d come to the apartment on the weekend. Had she wanted to be violated? To be raped? Was it rape? No, she’d consented, participated willingly, wanted to fuck Jason all along. That was her plan.

But had she wanted to fuck the rest of the gang? It was too late maybe to worry about what she wanted. It had happened now. The guys from work had walked in while she was fucking Jason and she’d let him get up and walk away. The guys had replaced him and fucked her.

Just not one at a time.

Has she complained? Given any indication it was not OK? Had they been in any doubt about her willingness?

No. I encouraged them, she thought. And even when they were done and I left, I let the college guys lead me back into Jason’s apartment and done it all again.

The college guys…

Hmmm. Gina realised she was smiling. Not broadly. Maybe not even perceivably to an observer. Smiling inside. Oh the college guys…

Even as she smiled at the thought of what they’d done to her she realised she’d enjoyed it. It hurt. It still hurt. Their hands inside her. Deep…

But she’d enjoyed it. The release. The sheer fucking wonted debauched…gangfuck. Troy who was a monster, Larry who was a gentleman, Joon who was sweet and innocent…Jesus! Who was she kidding? Sweet and innocent. Nineteen year old gangfuckers. Sweet! Innocent!

The afternoon sun warmed her. Gina could feel her cunt relaxing, the raw skin stinging, the fluids leaking down from her hole and across her skin. And her ass. Sore and moist. Had they lubricated istanbul travesti her? Or themselves? Fucking Jesus I hope so, she thought. It didn’t feel like it. It wasn’t smooth. No, it was rough. Rough and relentless.

And yet, she wanted it. Didn’t she? Why else let it happen? She wanted it. A thirty four year old divorced Korean MILF. That’s what they called her. A MILF. Like she didn’t know what that stood for.

And it meant everything. It meant they desired her. Jason and the guys from work were just animals. That was for sure. And Tracey their fuck slut. So what? They could have each other. She’d wanted to fuck Jason. That’s why she was here. And she had, and he’d moved on like she was just a piece of meat.

But the college guys? Jesus. Fucking Christ! Three nineteen year old college guys. Smart, fit, handsome young men. Who’d found her attractive.

And why wouldn’t they? She was attractive. Thirty four wasn’t old. Not as old as their mothers. Why shouldn’t she fuck around? Enjoy herself. Tracey did it. Many women her age and older did it. Unthinkingkly. Unworriedly. Pursuing pleasure and release and freedom.

“How are you feeling?”

The male voice broke into her thoughts. Gina opened her eyes and squinted into the light. She couldn’t really make out the shadowed face up close, but it was Larry, of course. Larry. The gentleman. Who’d sat with her and asked about her. And told her how beautiful and desirable she was. And that he wanted to fuck her.

“Fine. I’m fine. It was just a little…”

“Rough,” said Larry. “I know…sorry.”

Sorry? Don’t be sorry. I’m not, Gina thought. I loved it. Every crazy, painful, ecstatic, orgasmic nanosecond of it…

“Sorry,” Larry said again, running his hand across her forehead and under her hair. “Can I get you anything?”

“Hands off,” said another voice. Troy, Gina thought. “I haven’t cum in the slut yet.”

“She’s resting,” Larry said. “Let her rest. It’s not everyday…”

Not everyday…what? Gina thought. They’d fucked her like it was everyday, like they’d fucked Tracey last weekend.

“Hey,” she said. Larry leaned down close to her face. She felt his warm breath.

“What, beautiful,” he said, up close. She wanted Larry to kiss her, istanbul travestileri and raised her face to invite him. He understood, placing his lips on hers. Gina breathed deeply, taking in his scent with his tongue. “What do you want,” he said, disengaging slightly.

“What did you do to me?” Gina said. It sounded so innocent. So unschooled. Girlish. What did you bad boys do to me…

“What did we do…?” Larry caught his breath as if about to laugh, but held it in. “Well…we fucked. Finger fucked. Face fucked. You know…”

“With your fists?” There. She’d asked now. Said the word. Fists. Who put their fists inside someone? What sort of degenerates…

“Our fists? No. Gina. No. Not our fists. Just our fingers. Maybe the top of our hands. You seemed OK with it. Said all the right things while we did it. Was it OK? I’m sorry if…”

“No. It was OK. No fists…fingers and cocks and…”

Fisting. Jesus! It felt like something big. Had she ever been fucked by such big and intrusive things before? Her husband, long gone home to Korea, had only ever fucked her missionary style. The same for the other two guys she’d fucked before they were married. And then since…well, she’d been so lonely. Immersed herself in her work. And then when Jason had come along…

“It was great,” Larry said. “You were great. I…”

Oh, please finish the sentence, Gina thought.

“…I want to fuck you again. Maybe not now if you’re too sore. But soon. And I know Tory and Joon do too.”

“Troy and Joon want to do what?”

Gina heard Tracey’s voice. Over Larry’s shoulder her workmate’s face materialised, the camcorder at her side.

“That was hot, Gina,” Tracey said. She held the camcorder up before Gina’s face. “You are going to look so good on the web. Do you have a site? OnlyFans?”

OnlyFans. What the hell was that?

Troy’s face appeared beside Tracey’s. They had their arms round each other. Still completely naked, just as Gina was. She realised she was lying back on a soft lounge, legs apart, raw red cunt still leaking, for all the world to see. And yet, Gina felt none of the self consciousness she might have felt before…before it all happened. Indeed, she was even starting to feel comfortable and resisted travesti istanbul the temptation to close her legs, to conceal herself.

“She’s tired,” Larry said. “She thought we’d fisted her.”

Tracey laughed. “Fisted. Jesus, Gina. You’d know if you’d been fisted. Do you know what fisting even is? Fuck!”

“It was fingers,” Troy said. “Just our teensy weensy fingers. And Joon’s tiny little hands, maybe. Hey. Joony. Cum over here and show Gina your little hands.”

“Get outta here,” Larry said. “Jesus you guys are…”

He waved them away, then leaned down and kissed Gina again.

“How are you feeling now, baby. Anything I can get you?”

Gina willed his lips to stay on hers. Or maybe even kiss her somewhere else. Somewhere where she hurt…

“What about my hands?”

Joon hove into view, his darker features and that lick of hair falling like a comma over one eye. Gina realised Joon was squatting beside them.

“Gina thought we’d fisted her,” Larry said.

Joon held his hands up where she could see them. Gina smiled. They were tiny. Like a child’s.

“What’s fisting?” Joon asked. Larry laughed, and Gina joined in.

“I’m going to get you some cream,” Larry said. “For your…” He pointed down her body.

“For your cunt,” Joon said, startling her with his bluntness. “And your ass.”

“Please Larry,” Gina said. “For my cunt and my ass.”

She looked straight into Joon’s innocent boyish eyes as she echoed his words. He was stock still, staring into her. Then a faint smile played at his lips. Gina wanted to swoon. To tell him how beautiful he was. Tell him he could fuck her, play with her, finger her, anything…any time he felt like it…

The Korean teen sat on the lounge next to her as Larry went off to find some cream. He was silent, just running the tips of his fingers round her mouth and then along the side of her face. She smiled, not knowing what to say, willing him to speak. Joon smiled back.

“I loved…what you did to me,” Gina said eventually, nodding, smiling.

“Really?” he said. “But we…well…you know. And now you’re sore.”

“Yes, well that’s only natural. Given…what you did. But I loved it. I did. Really. And…” Gina grabbed his hand and held it against her bare breast. “You can do it again to me…any time.”

She felt Joon hold her hand a little more tightly, and then looked down the lounge to wear he sat, naked and cross legged, facing her. As she heard Larry returning, Gina watched Joon’s cock stiffen.

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