Game, Set and Match Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 — Back Home

As they reached Jack’s village, he slowed down and pointed out one or two sights which could still be seen in the moonlight, and at the far end of the green, they turned into a small lane which led to the cottage. Jack unlocked the door, which gave straight onto the living room, and ushered Julia inside and had her take a seat. He went back out to lock the car and bring in the luggage.

Jack poured glasses of red Cabernet Shiraz for them both, stayed to drink a little, then moved through to the kitchen to start to prepare dinner. Julia glanced around the living room, taking in the tasteful antique style furniture which was in keeping with the old house. The sofa was upholstered in tapestry, the carpet was a dark patterned traditional Axminster, and there were a couple of dark wood cupboards and a writing bureau around the edges of the room, with a dark wood dining suite at one end.

Julia eventually followed Jack into the kitchen, leaning on the doorpost while he worked. He took the prepared salad from the fridge, tossed it in French dressing and transferred it to a serving bowl. He also took from the fridge a small bowl of sliced onions, also the sirloin steak and some tomatoes. Establishing how Julia wanted her steak, he set to and started to cook the meat. As it was becoming cooked, he quickly halved the tomatoes and put them and the onions in another pan to cook. The meal was soon ready to be served, and Jack brought it to the set table, and replenished their wine glasses.

They chatted as they ate their meal, about the journey, about the tennis match, anything but the physical love which had passed between them, about which they were both a little shy and sheepish. They had dessert – gooseberry fool and cream – then Jack cleared the things away and they repaired back to the living room for coffee and a brandy each. Jack turned down the lighting so that only a couple of small table lamps lit the scene.

During the coffee time they had drawn closer and closer together on the couch, Jack extending his arm firstly along the top of the couch back, then down around Julia’s shoulders. He leaned forward to pour more brandy, then resumed his position with one arm around her. Now feeling very relaxed, Julia was happy when Jack put down their drinks and leaned round to kiss her full on the lips, with one hand feeling under the shoulder of her blouse and pulling at her bra strap. He pulled at both to bare her shoulder, and gently kissed her soft, sweet flesh. Continuing to kiss her, more urgently, he worked the buttons undone down the front of the blouse and opened it, showing the curve shanty town izle of her cleavage, and the globes of her breasts which were partially covered by the small pink lace bra. This bra fastened at the front, and he gently unclasped it and it fell away, exposing her full cleavage and breasts. He stroked her breasts and felt once again her nipples, which he found so delicious.

As he bent to kiss her nipples and tease them up into points, Jack’s hand went slowly and deliberately down Julia’s body to the hem of her skirt, which he gently lifted, so that he could feel her bare thigh. He ran his hand gently up the outside of her thigh, to find her panties, which at the hip were only the width of the narrow satin ribbon. Still kissing her hotly on the mouth, he ran a couple of fingers down her groin, following the satin material to the little triangle at her crotch. Julia sighed and opened her legs slightly for him, and he could feel at the edges of the panties the curls of her public hair. He reached a finger just under the edge of the material and started to stroke, as she opened further and moaned with pleasure. He pressed in a circular motion through the satin over her clit, then downwards, feeling heat and wetness through the narrow material, and feeling damp curls either side of the panties.

Jack took Julia’s hand and motioned her to stand up, and he gently slid her blouse off her at the shoulders, then completely off, then cupped both her bare breasts in his hands. He then took the fine straps of the bra, and eased that over her shoulders and off also, so that her top half was naked. He stood back a step and admired her smooth skin, running the flat of his palms around her firm breasts and upturned nipples, working downwards and undoing her skirt, pulling it away so that she stood only in her brief satin panties. He loved her in those panties, as the ribboned sides showed off her rounded hips to the best advantage. Running his hands gently down her sides, he caught the ribbons and gently slid her panties down, and stepped out of them, to reveal her full nakedness to him again. He stood and looked long at her beautiful body, and felt his cock, hard and straining, wanting to be let loose.

Looking at Julia’s naked breasts, in slight shadow in the lamplight, then letting his gaze travel down to the mound of hair at her crotch, Jack took off his shirt, exposing his muscular chest with its patch of dark brown curly hair which also extended downwards, but it was more urgent for him to release his erection from its confined space, and Julia stepped forward to help him undress, her hand deliberately shape island izle lingering too long over the crotch of his chinos before unhooking and unzipping them for him. The backs of her fingers deliberately brushed the material of his briefs, where his hard penis was straining to escape. He stepped out of his trousers, revealing the full extent of his erection, stretching the fine material of his briefs, and Julia stroked the length of his cock, through the material, and then ran her finger along his groin where the briefs were pulled away, before carefully releasing his cock from the briefs and taking them off him.

They came together into a sensual naked embrace, kissing deeply and wetly, tongues entwined, with their arms tightly around each other, and standing close so that Jack could feel Julia’s breasts softly rest against his chest, and Julia could feel Jack’s hard, hot erection against her belly.

Near to them, in front of the couch, was a thick fur rug, and Jack laid Julia down on her back on that rug. She enjoyed the feel of the long, silky fur against her bare back, her bottom and her thighs. As Jack lay down next to her, she also enjoyed the feel of his hands exploring her breasts, her belly, and her mound, his fingers working gently between her wet pink folds of skin, as he kissed her again.

After a short while Julia motioned Jack to turn over onto his back a little, and snuggling up beside him, she began to stroke the hair on his chest very gently, moving down his stomach a little, teasing, going back upwards, then back down a little, until eventually she arrived at his crotch, still just stroking the hair. She worked her fingers gently down his groin, across his thigh, and he opened his legs to her, so that she could gently stroke the hair of his inner thighs. This sent Jack wild, and his cock began to grow still more, and ooze liquid, and at last Julia ran her fingers from the base of his balls, gently between them, along the length of his hard cock, and rubbed the liquid around the head. Julia then moved to sit astride Jack, firstly onto his thighs into a position where she could stroke his cock and lean down and kiss it, then forward a little so that she could hold his shaft against her mound. She then moved gently so that his shaft rubbed her clit, and her juice started to spread along his cock.

At this point Jack stopped Julia and indicated that they should go upstairs. Hand in hand, they wasted no time in doing this, Jack asking Julia to wait a moment at the doorway. He switched on a small bedside lamp, which lit the scene and left romantic shadows around she hulk attorney at law izle the edges of the room. The king size bed was made up with a white broderie anglaise coverlet over crisp white sheets, and at some point since coming in the house had come up and covered the bed with rose petals, which fragranced the room. Jack then came back to the doorway, picked Julia up and carried her to the bed, where he laid her down gently, and laid down beside her.

Julia could feel the softness of the rose petals, contrasting with the laciness of the coverlet, against her naked flesh, and the bed was so soft and comfortable she relaxed into it. Jack moved over her and enveloped her mouth in a long, passionate kiss, at the same time stroking one hand over her body, down to her mound, and with his fingertips gently penetrating her dark wetness again. Her clit was hard and ready, and she spread her legs to await the full consummation.

Jack moved right over so that he knelt between her legs, and spread her labia wide to reveal her pink tunnel, moist and shining. Leaning down, he gently inserted the head of his penis between the folds, and still holding it, gently circled her clit, which made her moan with pleasure and arch up towards him. Unable to wait any longer, he gently and firmly plunged full length into her, supporting his body just above hers so that he could kiss her nipples or her lips.

To Julia the full penetration of his hard cock felt wonderful, filling her, stimulating her as she felt his balls gently touch her crotch when he was fully in. To Jack, the enveloping warmth of Julia’s pussy, much longed for, was everything he had wanted. He wanted to plunge into her fully, deeply, rapidly but for the moment just gently moved his cock right in and nearly out, caressing the inside of her love tunnel, rubbing against her clit, giving her unbounded pleasure.

After some while of doing this, their pleasure and passion were building, as they consummated their love in this ultimate way, kissing deeply, moaning with pleasure, pushing and arching towards each other. Julia was nearing her climax, and she grasped Jack’s buttocks and, digging her nails into his flesh, pulled him into her, asking him to go faster, firmer, harder, and after a short time, with a little cry, she climaxed, waves of feeling pulsing from her love tunnel outwards through her body, again and again, in total ecstasy as her orgasm took her to new heights. As she calmed a little, Jack released all restraint as he pumped and pumped his cock into her, roughly, quickly, until his cock exploded and he shot a load of his semen into her, thrusting with each ejaculation, groaning with intense pleasure, until he too was spent.

Kissing, whispering terms of endearment and holding each other close, they remained several minutes in their afterglow, and at length they disengaged slightly, and after one last tender embrace, became at rest.


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