Getting Even with My Mother-in-Law Ch. 02

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It was around 9 o’clock when I awoke, having that feeling that someone was watching me. I looked at Grace and she looked so peaceful, lying there with a contented look on her face. She still had her hand around my cock and must have slept like that, for I remember her gently squeezing it just before I fell asleep. I moved closer to her and gently kissed her brow, and as I did her grip tightened and she gently ran her hand up and down my half erect member. I thought she was still asleep but she must have been waking just as I kissed her. Soon my cock was once again standing to attention and wanting more of this woman.

As her hand moved faster I kissed her more deeply and soon she was pulling my cock closer to her and telling me she wanted me to fuck her one more time before we got up for breakfast, and the inevitable facing her daughter. As I began to roll on top of her she stopped me and said she wanted me to take her from behind, and as she said this she rolled over and got on her hands and knees and pointed her firm arse at me. Not wanting to disappoint her I moved behind and positioned my cock at her waiting hole.

We were fucking this way for a few minutes before I got that strange “someone is watching” feeling again. I turned my head towards the door and nearly died when I saw Joyce standing at the half open doorway. As I went to speak Joyce put her finger to her mouth and motioned for me to say nothing, as she gave a wink and a sly smile. I realized that she was enjoying the show and did not want her mother to know she was watching her being fucked by her son-in-law. I was a bit worried about performing like this, but thought that as she already knew what her mother and I had done the previous night, and had not complained, then why should I stop now.

I continued to push my cock in and out of her mother’s wet cunt and the more I pumped into her, the more she moaned and kept telling me to fuck her harder.

“Oh yes, that feels so good, just keep fucking me please, make me cum again,” she cried.

Being a good son-in-law I did as requested and pounded harder and deeper into her canal. The more I pounded the louder her demands were, and the more she moaned and pleaded with me, the closer I was to cumming inside of her.

“Yes, yes, fuck me, I’m cumming,” she cried as I felt her muscles tighten around my cock as her juices began to flow.

A few moments later I was yet again spewing my sperm deep into her pussy and we both collapsed onto the bed with me landing on her back. As I rolled off of her she turned to face me and she locked her arms around me as she kissed me deeply.

“That was soooo hot watching you two do that,” Joyce said as she clapped her hands.

Grace spun around in shock and saw her daughter standing in the doorway, and she realized that she had seen the whole thing. She was in a state of shock and not sure what to say, not even thinking about the fact that she was laying there totally naked for her daughter to see.

“Mum, don’t look so worried,” she told her mum.

“I’m sorry dear, it was not supposed to happen last night, it just did somehow. I guess we all had too much too drink,” Grace shyly said.

“It’s OK mum, I am not angry, I think it is nice that you can have someone give you so much pleasure and I am just glad I got to see you enjoy yourself,” she explained to her mother as she licked her lips.

Joyce came over and sat on the side of the bed and gave her mother a hug and told her how happy she was for her and soon Grace was shedding a few tears as she told her daughter how much she loved her and thanked her for sharing me with her. As I watched mother and daughter exchange hugs and words of love I could not help but start to feel excitement growing between my legs.

“Wow Tiger, are you ready to go again so soon?” Joyce laughed as she saw my cock begin to stand.

With this Grace began to laugh and soon the two of them were staring at my cock and Joyce started to tell her mother again how hot the two of us looked and how horny it had made her feel.

“Well,” Grace started, “I can leave if you two want to fuck, after all he is your husband,” she added.

“No mum, I watched you get fucked by him, so I guess it is only fair that you get to watch him fuck me now,” she replied.

I could not believe what I had just heard, Joyce was telling her mother she could stay and watch us fuck. What was more amazing was that my cock was willing and able to do it once more after having done it so many times over the last 24 hours. While my mind was wandering on this line of thought, Joyce bent down and began to enclose her mouth around my cock and started to suck it for a few moments before lifting her head and turning to her mother.

“Yummm, it is a very nice cock, isn’t it mum?” she giggled.

Joyce opened her gown and slid it off her shoulders to reveal her nakedness below. As her mother and I both looked at her body Joyce straddled my legs and lowered her pussy down onto my cock and inserted it into her already izmir escort wet cunt. As she rode up and down on my pole I looked at Grace and was amazed at the look on her face; her mouth was slightly open and her eyes were wide open as they looked directly at my cock going in and out of her daughter’s pussy.

“Don’t just sit there with your mouth open mum, either say something or join in and let him lick your cunt,” she told her mother.

With that said I reached out and started to rub her mother’s tits as Joyce kept up her pounding on my cock. It did not take long for Grace to get in the swing of things and soon she was across my neck, on her knees, and presenting her open pussy lips for my tongue. Just as I was about to lick Joyce spoke again.

“Not that way mum, how do you expect to see me fuck him if you have your back turned?”

Grace repositioned herself so that she was now facing the other way and soon her hot, wet pussy (and arse) was over my mouth where I was happily licking it and tasting her juices and mine. I could not see what was happening or the looks on their faces, but soon I heard them talk to each other as if they were alone and I was in another room.

“Do you like what his tongue is doing mum?”

“Oh yes Joyce, it feels so nice. And it feels even better when I can watch his cock sliding in and out of your cunt like that. It makes me feel so hot and horny,” Grace replied.

“You know mum, he has not been able to fuck so many times in a day like this for years, so I guess it must be because of you, and now that I can see “all” of your body, I can understand why, you have a great body for a woman your age and even I feel more horny just looking at your tits and pussy,” Joyce added.

I could not believe it, it was as though I were no longer here and that these two women were not mother and daughter, but just two women about to explore their bodies together. I felt Joyce move her position forward and soon Grace was moaning more so then before and I felt her knees tighten as her juice began to flow down across my mouth and tongue.

“Oh yes, yes, I’m cumming,” Grace yelled, “please yes, keep sucking my tits like that girl, it feels so nice,” she added.

Damn! I thought, Joyce was sucking on her mother’s tits and her mother loved every minute of it! I wished I could see it, and soon my wish was granted.

“Now it’s my turn to do the same for you,” Grace said as she moved from my mouth.

Once she had gotten off my mouth I looked up and saw that she had moved to my side and was now running her tongue and lips over Joyce’s tits, while Joyce was still pounding away on my cock.

“FUCK! That’s so hot mum, please don’t stop!” Joyce cried.

After only a few more minutes of this I was ready to cum, and just as my sperm began to travel up from my balls I felt Joyce tighten and cum on my cock. I spurted my juice up into her and felt like all my dreams had come true, I was one very lucky guy to have a wife who would share me, but not just with anyone, but her mother. How could it get any better I thought? We all collapsed together and we stayed that way for some time before we all got up and decided to get cleaned and have breakfast, or lunch by this time of the day.

After cleaning ourselves we went to the kitchen where the two women prepared a meal and we all sat around and ate, but again I felt it was more like they were the only ones there in the room, for they were comparing notes on technique and what each of them liked about sex and the ways that I had done it with each of them. Soon the subject changed to what the two had done to each other and at first Grace was embarrassed, but after Joyce explained that she had bi-feeling for some time, and that she was glad she had tried it first with her mother, whom she loved, Grace relaxed and admitted that although she had never given it any thoughts, she did in fact enjoy what they had done.

“Mum, we are both adults, and as such we should not have to worry about things. I always say that whatever people do in the privacy of their bedrooms is fine, as long as all are agreeable and there is no pressure,” Joyce said.

“I love you so much Joyce, how could I wish for a better daughter than you?” she replied.

“And I love you too mum, you are the greatest, and now that everything is out in the open, we can both do this again whenever you want,” she said.

“Hey! Do I have any say in this matter girls?” I interrupted.

They both looked at me and laughed, and almost at the same time they both said, “NO, you don’t!”

After lunch and the cleaning up was done, we sat and talked about the last 24 hours and Grace said she could not wait until next month when she could have her turn with me again. She told Joyce how “alive” she felt now that she was able to have sex once more.

“Mum, after what we did just before, how can I make you wait a month? Plus, I can’t wait to do the same again, so you are welcome to join us any time you like,” she told her alsancak escort mother. “That is, if he is up to it,” she added as she looked directly into my eyes.

They both laughed at this and soon I was thinking of all the possibilities that were being offered to me, but also realizing that these two women may prove to be just too much for me in the long term. They would eventually kill me, but what a way to die I thought. I expressed my concerns to them and after a few moments of contemplation, Grace turned to me and spoke.

“Well, I have always thought his father looks very handsome. Do you think he would be interested in me?” she asked.

My thoughts turned to my father and what he may think about Grace. Realizing that my mother had been dead now for a few years, and that I had never heard dad even mention another woman, let alone go with one, I could not give an answer. I knew that unless he was “brain dead” from the waist down, he must still have desires, but how to approach him and ask was another matter.

“Mum! I never knew you even looked at his father that way, but yes, he is yummy isn’t he? I would love to get him into bed as well!” Joyce blurted out.

Little did I ever imagine my father with anyone but mum, yet today I am hearing my mother-in-law say she wants to fuck him, and if that was not bad enough, my wife admitted that she lusted after him as well. Damn! Where did all this emotion and sexual openness come from?

“Hey, your dad has always been teasing me in a sexual way,” Joyce told me. “So how about the next time he does, I tell him my mum is in need of a good service and leave it up to him to decide?” she added.

The two women giggled and talked about the idea and how Joyce would phrase it to my father next time she saw him. They decided on a plan of attack and if he was interested Joyce would invite him to super as well as her mother, and then Grace could take it from there. The following week we were visiting my father, and when he started with his little sexual jokes to Joyce, she turned to him and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. He was taken aback with her response and did not seem to know what to do, but soon Joyce rubbed her groin into his, and it was obvious from the look on his face that he enjoyed every minute of it.

“Dad, I always thought you were just teasing me for fun and that you would never go any further, but with what I can feel growing between your legs, I gather you are still alive and in need of a good service,” she said to him.

He stuttered and stammered for a few minutes, trying to extricate himself from her hold, but also seemingly aware that I would notice his bulge if he did pull away.

“Don’t worry, I don’t mean with me, but my mother thinks you’re handsome and she says she would love to get you into bed sometime if you are interested,” she explained to him. “I just wanted to tease you back a little so you felt uncomfortable as well,” she laughed.

Quickly she let him go and stood back from him and before he had a chance to think she turned to me and said I should look at the size of his bulge and tell her if I thought he would give her mum a good service. His face went red as he tried to cover his tented shorts. And I just said that I was sure she would enjoy him very much. Without so much as giving him a chance, we told him to get cleaned up and come to our place for supper and to meet Grace.

While my father was in the shower I rang Grace and told her to come for supper, and too wear something very revealing and sexy. She sounded so happy and excited and said she would be there around 6pm. When I got off the phone I looked around for Joyce but she was not there. I walked through the house looking for her, and as I went down the hall I heard her voice call me. She was in his bedroom, going through his closet and getting clothes out for him to wear. She made sure she got him things that were more trendy that would make him look good. Lastly, she opened his underwear draw and pulled out a pair of hipster briefs and with a wink she said she was going to have some fun. I did not understand at first but did not have long to understand her meaning. She walked to the bathroom door and without knocking she just walked right in. She walked to the shower curtain and pulled it back suddenly.

“Here dad, make sure you wear these tonight, as I am sure my mother will be impressed when she sees them,” she told him, but all the time her eyes were on his cock instead of on his face. “Yummy, mum will love having that inside of her tonight!” she smiled at him.

As I stood in the doorway I could not believe what I had just heard Joyce say. Neither could I believe that my joking father was finally stuck for words. Never before had anyone been able to stupefy him like she had just done, but even more was too come, she reached her hand out and took hold of his now rigid cock and gave it a squeeze.

“What’s wrong big boy, the cat got your tongue? Better not have, I know my mother will buca escort want your tongue in her as well as this big monster,” she said. “For that matter, I would love to get my tongue and pussy around it also,” she added as she gave him a wink.

At that moment I wished that I had a camera as his mouth was open but not a word was emerging, his eyes were bulging and his cock seemed to be straining when suddenly I understood why. It was obvious my father had not been with a woman in such a long time, for as Joyce gave his cock one final tug he exploded all over her hand. After just a few playful strokes of his cock he had unloaded his sperm and now it was Joyce who was dumbstruck. Finally my father went red and tried to apologize for what had happened and at the same time Joyce began to utter her apologies for having teased and embarrassed him in such a way.

When we arrived at our house Joyce went in and began the preparations for supper and dad and I sat down to have a few beers and relax. He asked me a few times if we had been serious about Grace, and also he admitted that he had never touched another woman since mum had died. I wanted to tell him that Grace was serious and that I knew this for a fact as I had already fucked her a few times and she was hot. But I also knew that this would maybe scare him and make her look like a slut and he would run away really quickly. Instead I told him that Joyce had been speaking with her mother and that is when it all came about as well as telling him that her husband could not get an erection and that Grace was sex starved, just like him. He seemed to accept all of this.

“By the way son, I am really very sorry for all the times I have teased Joyce as well as what happened today in my shower,” he pleaded.

“That’s OK dad, it was just some harmless fun, and I think Joyce is even more scared than you that she went way too far in trying to get even with you. I guess it was a spur of the moment thing with her and she was just getting excited about you and her mum getting together,” I told him.

At 6 o’clock Grace arrived, and after introductions we all settled in to a glass of wine and waited for the meal to be ready. The air was thick with tension as neither of them seemed to know what to say to each other, so we had to make small talk about everyday things until they seemed to get in the “groove” and began talking to each other. When supper was ready Joyce placed my father and I next to each other and her and her mother sat on the opposite side of the table; Joyce across from me and Grace across from my father.

During the meal I noticed my father gasp a few times and wondered what was wrong. It was only when Joyce said she wanted me to help bring out the next course that I found the reason. Joyce had slipped her shoes off and run her foot up the inside of my fathers legs, but she was sure that he thought it was her mother that had done it as he kept looking at her and smiling. She then suggested that I do the same to her mother, and then maybe they would both take it from there. It was a good idea and when I returned I did as I was told and saw the look of surprise and glee on Grace’s face as she looked at my father.

After that Joyce and I did not need to “help” for soon Grace and my father were both letting out low moans and looked like they were in heaven. We innocently asked them were they OK and they both commented that the food was so nice and that was why they made the noises. I laughed to myself knowing the real reasons and soon I had my foot on Joyce’s legs and she on mine. It was slowly turning into a touching session, and one that had a long way further to go before this night was over.

When the meal was over we retired to the lounge room and before either of them had a chance to sit, Joyce beckoned me to sit with her and that way our parents could sit together and get to know each other better. At first they both looked a little worried and neither of them seemed to say much or even look at each other, when Joyce decided to start things going. She excused herself and said she would change into something more comfortable and as she went to leave she explained that as her mother was staying the night, she might as well get changed also, as they would be too drunk later to change.

My father said he had enjoyed the meal and that he should get home soon, so I lied and said that I had been drinking too much and would not be able to drive him and he was welcome to stay the night. He agreed and thanked me, but luckily he had not thought about the fact that we only had the one spare bed, and Grace would be in that one. When the women returned my father saw them first and he let out a sound that I was sure he had not meant too. I looked around and saw the reason.

Grace had on one of Joyce’s low-cut nighties that was almost see-through and over this she had a flimsy cover that was not fully closed. We could see the top half of her breasts protruding. Joyce had on one of her thin summer bathrobes which was tied loosely around the front, and when she sat down the top opened a little and revealed that she was not wearing anything else as almost all of her breasts were exposed; and dad had not missed this sight either. I suggested to him that we were overdressed and may as well get changed now as well.

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