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She had miscalculated the journey time to her hairdressers and the amount of water she had consumed and she really, really needed to pee. Taking a swift detour she arrived at our home in the middle of the day, the house was empty and she wouldn’t be late if she hurried.

She burst through the front door and pounded up the stairs into the bathroom to run slap bang into me.

“You scared the shit out of me, why aren’t you at work?” She shouted, then stopped with her mouth open in surprise and shock. Her loving husband of two years (me) was standing in front of the mirror dressed in lingerie. I turned and went a bright shade of puce.

“What the fuck are you up to?” she gasped in astonishment.

“No I haven’t got time for this shit, but you are going to be punished when I do have time” she growled as she dropped her knickers to the floor dancing in need of relief.

A mischievous grin touched her lips and eyes as she forced me back to flop helplessly on the toilet behind me. As she straddled me she looked deep into my eyes and released a hot stream almost wilting with relief and clamping her hands over my mouth to shut me up.

“Not a fucking word!” she hissed.

Standing she folded some toilet tissue and handed it to me, pointing at her vagina. I obediently patted her dry, she turned on her heels to pull up the knickers giving me a close up of her perfect arse as she bent over.

Without another word she ran down the stairs and continued her journey.

She was sitting in the hairdresser chair waiting and hated the waiting part. She started flicking through her favourite website, LoveHunny trying to be inventive with her punishment. Her attention was drawn to the strapons, especially the black strapons.

“Sweetheart the real ones are much more pleasurable” said her hairdresser Vincent peeking over her shoulder. She jumped, startled. She had an excellent relationship with Vincent and he had become her confidant over the years. He was a strapping black man with a winning smile and muscles that could crush nuts, he had a strong sense of self and exuded confidence. She had long suspected that his flirting was a cover for his other sexual interests.

In a quiet undertone she told him what she had discovered and why she was researching on the website.

Vincent bent over and whispered in her ear, what he said made her gasp in a combination of shock and intrigue. She felt as if the air had been sucked out almanbahis of the room.

The text messages she then sent ordered me to be dressed in my most alluring underwear by the time she got home, and woe betide me if I hadn’t cleaned up. She left the hairdressers with giddy excitement, eager anticipation butterflies in her tummy, the radio was playing the old Beach Boys number ‘Good Vibrations’ and that gave her a dirty little idea! She grinned with the knowledge that she had an activity to while away the time until the hairdressers closed.

The traffic was awful, her knickers were damp, damn the other bloody drivers. Waiting in line to take the turning to their house she risked a quick touch of her vagina, oh it was sopping and felt so nice under her fingers. She turned to her right to look at the cars waiting alongside and felt a delicious thrill knowing the two men in the van were so close but so ignorant of her fingers teasing her clit. It was almost a shame when the lights changed. She needed to cool down or there would be a crash, the a.c. was on and the fan was angled to blow cooling air over her legs, her summer dress had ridden up her thighs exposing her long, strong legs to the air flow. “Calm the fuck down” she admonished herself, she needed to pace this better.

Now she had arrived home the doubts started. They had shared many fantasies and had been very frank with each other, however I had always been adamant that fantasy was just that. She took out her phone and took a vagina selfie, it was a glistening, wet mess with a landing strip pointing the way. She sent the pic to me without comment. I knew she was home having heard the car pull up.

I eventually sent her a pic of my black lace covered erection.

“Do you trust me?” She asked

“Of course” was the immediate response.

She sent me a one word reply – yellow!

“Why do I need a safe word?”

“Trust me!”


“Pull up your big boy knickers I’m coming in.”

We had read 50 Shades together while on holiday, hotel sex and a horny book were made for each other. We both enjoy reading, she said it was my intellect that first attracted her to me. She shivered when she remembered how we took a walk in the trees by the hotel one night and I had tied her to a tree, blindfolded her and left her there. I then, she thinks it was me anyway, returned and pulled her knickers down and licked her to orgasm, leaving her almanbahis giriş again and returning shortly after. She was sure it was me, sort of. Our safe word was agreed that night.

I was standing in the hallway wearing black hold ups, a black lace man thong and a fucking, honest to goodness corset! She did something she had never done before, she spurted. Her vagina dripped as she helped herself to an orgasm. There was something about my shoulders above the captivating corset that weakened her knees. Oh and the thighs between hold up and thong, “fuck me” she thought and absolutely meant it. She almost ripped off the soaking knickers. I started to speak but she held her hand up to silence me, then pushed her knickers gently into my mouth, dipped into her vagina again and pushed them in much harder. She then sucked the cock that was escaping from my black lace. Her plan was going awry.

Dragging herself back she took a deep breath, then another, then panted to build up her oxygen levels.

“Stay!” She ordered.

Running to our bedroom she retrieved two gifts I had bought her but she had never used. A beginners bondage set and a Rampant Rabbit. She called me into their bedroom. As he got to the doorway she ordered me to kneel then crawl to the bed.

“I married a fucking panty boy did I?”

When I tried to speak she snapped “shut the fuck up, my eyes told her she was going too far. She always went too fucking far.

“Trust me lover, please!”

I bowed slightly in acquiescence.

“Turn around” it was a feast for her lusty eyes, “kneel on the bed”.

She pulled my wrists back and fastened them wrists to my ankles, then pushed me forcefully onto my face and knees with my arse in the air. Slipping around to his my face she put a blindfold me.

She discovered that if she shimmied up to my face her vagina could rub his face. She rubbed herself and leaked more of her juices on me, I raised my head lapped them up.

She moved behind me and used a bottle of lube on my arse, rubbing everywhere she could reach and reaching some places she’d never reached before. Silence was a useful tool. She massaged my balls and stroked my cock, with much mutual pleasure. My groans were the only silence breaker.

A buzzing sound punctuated the silence. She teased my arse with her much underused Rabbit. She moved and prodded and stroked and wondered how in earth the Rabbit would fit inside me. She almanbahis yeni giriş had a half hour to find out.

It did fit, after some coaxing and much more lubricant, the shiny silver end of the Rabbit was clutched in her hand as she pumped it into me. Twice i almost said yellow, but shook my head when questioned. She leaned up against me covering me with her body. She could almost feel a body meld where she took over control and feeling. With one hand milking me and the other Rabbiting me, she was in a good place.

It was almost time.

She heard the sound she had been waiting for and kissed me deeply.

“Trust me?” She breathed in my ear. The answer was slow in coming, mostly because I nearly was coming. I nodded.

She helpfully decided to bury the Rabbit in my arse and leave it there, as she left the room for a few minutes.

Upon her return the Rabbit was removed slowly, very slowly and just when the feeling of fullness had abated more pressure was returned. Fingers added lube to me, insistent fingers that covered me with slick, tingling lube. After a pause something bumped my lips. I parted my lips to investigate and poked out my tongue.

“Yellow, fucking yellow!” I shouted. Immediately the blindfold was lifted and I was face to face with a very erect and very black cock.

My wife stood holding the blindfold wearing a fearful look. She had gone too far, again.

I looked her in the eyes and held her gaze for an age, I then leaned forward maintaining eye contact with her and wrapped my lips around the cock. There was no breaking the eye contact as I slid my mouth up and down the hard shaft. Tears were in both our eyes, she with relief, me with the effort of not gagging. I sped up, bobbing my head faster and faster. When the cock started to thrust I moved back and shock my head. There was a little drop of cum on the end, so I licked it and beckoned my wife closer. I plunged my tongue in her mouth and kissed her deeply.

“Untie me” he was quickly untied.

Locking eyes again I caught hold of Vincents cock and resumed my attentions. Her eyes widened like saucers as she watch Vincent nearing orgasm, she held her breath as the cock exploded over my lingerie, there’s such a thing as too far!

She was fully dressed, I was wearing stained lingerie and Vincent was wearing nothing but a smile as he sat on the bed drinking wine. She was glowing with desire and desperate for her own orgasm.

“My turn” I said and pointed at my own cock. She sucked it with pleasure as Vincent asked permission to stay and watch. Vincent stroked himself watching and timed his orgasm to splash over both husband and wife as I came in my wife’s mouth.

“You owe me one” I said!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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