I Finally Get Her

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We were both married, but not to each other. I had been there through her bad times and her good times. Seen her through heartbreak after heartbreak, and she through mine. And between us both, to find an ex, you just had to pick a page out of the phone book to find one of ours.

We saw each other rarely because we both lived separate lives, but played that game old friends who have slept together played. You know the one. You flirt with the safety that nothing will really happen.

I had been separated from my wife for sometime now and she was feeling the frustration that her husband didn’t fulfil her needs. He was there for her sexually, but she was a party animal and he was a homebody. Now and then she needed to get out, go nuts, and forget that she was married for the night. She would rarely indulge herself in a boy toy, but she loved to let men think they had a chance, then leave them with a set of blue balls.

God I loved that she did that. I never saw her do it, but she had told me of her little escapades on more than one occasion, and although she never knew it, but it helped fuel my fantasy life.

One night we had been keeping regular contact and both felt the need to get out. It was decided to meet at a club downtown. I wasn’t much of a snappy dresser, and was never really hip, but I knew that I could fill a suit and give the girls a reason to double take when looking at me.

So I hopped in the shower, cleaned all the nooks and crannies, and got dressed. Black always looked best on me, so I played it to the nines.

Black dress shoes, socks, jeans that showed I had an ass. Black dress shirt, tie and my new black leather blazer. I don’t know why I thought about it, but I wore a pair of black satin boxer briefs as well.

Damned I looked good.

“Damned!! You look fuckable baby!!” she said when we got to the club. I could have sworn she was reading my mind.

She was dressed in a pair of high heels and black stockings that were held up by a garter belt. I knew what was holding them up because the skirt was just high enough that you could see the clips.

Her top showed off her ample cleavage and showed her curves were the kind you loved to hold onto in any position. She could tell I approved and as she hugged me, she whispered “Red satin bra and thong to match underneath hot stuff”

She pulled away from the hug and glanced down with a twisted little smirk as she viewed my now saluting soldier. “Let’s go make somebody’s night”

The place was packed. Hundreds of early twenty something’s all dressed in jeans. At least the men were, the women (at 33 I really considered most of the female attendees girls) were dressed to tease. My friend and I both had no intentions of taking any one home. It was a night to bust loose and let the flirty animal that resided in both of us out for a night. Each of us was relying on the other to make sure that I would take her home to her hubby, and then go home alone myself.

We danced, and we drank. We teased and flirted. She was a master. Men were lining up to dance with her. When she took a break from the dance floor, she brought a little bit of fluff with her for my enjoyment. We were the creatures we were born to be that night and if that had been the end of it, I would have been pleased.

I should have known better.

At the end of the night, she looked at me and said “I am sooooooooooo drunk. I can’t go home like this. He was only ok with me going out with you because we have been friends for so long. But he hates when I get this drunk.”.

“Take me back to your place so I can call him and let him know that I am crashing Escort bayan at your place. You can take me home in the morning.”

I thought that she was drunker than she was letting on, even though I hadn’t been paying attention to how much she had drank, so I agreed. This was my little angel and I cared about her. I would always have lust for her, but would never act upon it because I cared too much.

We got back to my place and called the hubby. “Thanks for being there for her pal” He said and then hung up.

I took her to the bedroom and she just flopped on my bed. Her outfit was a little too constrictive to sleep in so I told her that I was going to strip her down to her panties and give her a t-shirt to sleep in.

God it took all my energy to behave myself as I took her top off. She was lying there in her bra and panties, and I could see that she hadn’t lied about the satin bra and thong. The garter belt and stockings just further enhanced how sexy she was, but I turned away to grab a shirt for her.

I walked over to my dresser and picked a nice long shirt for her to sleep in. I had it in my hand and turned to walk back to the bed, but was surprised to see her right there. I hadn’t even heard her get of the bed.

“Now, I don’t think that it’s fair that I am here in my undies, and you are still fully dressed” She said.

Blood left my brain, flowing to less intelligent parts of my body, as she smiled.

She reached up to my neck and started to remove the blazer I was still wearing. As she slid the jacket down my back, she leaned into my ear and told me “You should know by now that I am never too drunk, and always know when to pace myself”

I wanted to say no, but I had desired this for so many years. Then she looked me in the eyes and I could see that the alcohol was not affecting her in any way.

She leaned into my neck and slightly bit into me as she removed my belt. My pants fell to my ankles and she started to unbutton my shirt.

Without taking her lips off of my neck, she had me down to my boxers.

She pulled away from my neck and smiled at me. My hands had been wrapped around her and had unclipped her bra. As she walked backwards, leading me to the bed, she let her bra fall to the floor exposing her voluptuous breasts.

She sat on the bed, but before she could lie down, I got on my knees and placed her nipple in my mouth. They had a sweetness that couldn’t be compared to, even by chocolate.

I heard a gentle moan as I suckled her in my mouth. And she pushed closer to me as I caressed her tits. I gently placed my teeth on her nipple and slowly closed my jaw to give a little nibble.

“Oh god yes!” she moaned as I savoured her chest. “That feels so good, you know I like that”

I had always suspected she liked a bit of rough play. Maybe not the whole “ball-gag in the mouth and pull out the whip” kind of rough, but a little pain would be to her pleasing. She arched her back to push herself closer to me. Smothering me with the pleasure of her so close to me. I had been dying for this moment for so long.

I caressed and licked and sucked her tits for a long time. Lightly massaging her chest and feeling those luscious mounds with my touch. I had desired to touch her in this kind of way for so long, that I was not going to rush anything.

As I suckled her chest, I slowly placed my hand down between her legs and gently stroked her clit. This was the definition of wet. I could feel the moistness between her thighs through the soft fabric of the red silk thong she wore. As I sucked one of her nipples, I lightly pushed against Bayan Escort the silk barrier between my fingers and her flesh. This caused a moan from her that made my manhood stand harder than it ever had before.

Suddenly she pulled me away from her chest so quickly; I began to fear that she had decided that this was all that would happen. She sat there on my bed and stared at me on my knees for only a few seconds, but the fear I was feeling caused it to seem like an eternity.

She took my hands and used them to make me stand. I stood there before her in my underwear and we looked into each others eyes. “You know it is rude to point” she said with a smirk. She then reached around and slid my boxers down so that my erection was right before her mouth.

The sensation that went though me as she wrapped her lips around the head of my dick was like a jolt of electricity. The moisture of her saliva combined with the heat of her breath was one of the most pleasurable feelings I had ever had.

With her hands massaging my ass, she pulled me into her mouth as far as she could. I was all the way in, and she wanted more. She slid her tongue around the base of my cock as she took me all the way in her mouth and wouldn’t stop sliding back and forth. The coolness of the air when she took me out of her mouth was like a snap of winter that kept me hard, but made sure I didn’t come. It was like she had found my personal restart button.

I couldn’t take much more, so I forced myself to push her head away and gently pushed her back onto the bed. I then climbed aboard the bed, but not on top of her just yet.

I made sure that she was on her back and raised her legs so I could undo the clips that had held the stockings in place. I then reached the waistband of those satin barriers and slid them down and threw them over my shoulder.

Sliding my self down, I took a moment to smell source of the aroma that her wetness had caused to fill the room. Then with all my enthusiasm I licked her below her pubic hair.

Her labium was puffed to perfection with arousal. The sweet nectar that had caused a slight stain on her panties slide onto my tongue and tickled my taste buds as it flowed down my throat. I had to have more.

Like a staved dog, I lapped at her pussy. I had to hold her thighs on the outside to keep her still. The moaning that she produced was only a catalyst for my eagerness. The more she moaned, the more I tasted.

She squealed as I placed my tongue into her as far as it would go. I pushed it in all the way and wriggled it inside her like it was the only way to get the last cherry in the jar.

Without moving my mouth from where it was, I then rolled us over so that she was sitting on my face. The ride had only just begun.

Using my hands I continued pull her lower until there was no further down onto me she could go. I could feel her thighs tight against my ears, but that didn’t stop the panting and gasping from her.

Suddenly I heard her scream as her legs started to quiver. This was more than I had hoped for and I tasted more wetness begin to flow. This only served to encourage me to continue my sucking and licking. To keep her coming I had no choice but to take her clit between my teeth and gently move them back and forth.

She leaped off of my face so quickly, that I thought she was going to bolt for the door. But I was way off base. “Why should you be the only one to feel like this?” she asked and then climbed on top of me again.

The foreplay wasn’t over, thank god, as she let me know of her desire to have me continue what I was doing. Only now Escort I had to see how long I could maintain my actions, while she did the same to me.

We spent the next while seeing how far we could push each other to orgasm. Dear God I didn’t want to be the one to end this and it took every trick I could think of not to just fire my load in her mouth.

I had thought that picking up the pace of my tongue against her clit, I could bring her to orgasm again to fill my mouth with her juices, but every time I went faster, she did the same.

Finally she had had enough and climbed off of me. As our eyes met again, she refused to back down, or wipe the smile off her face. She lay on her back and pulled me on top of her. Her kiss was the most passionate one I had tasted in years.

I tried not to rush things by keeping my body to the side of hers, thereby prolonging what seemed inevitable, but she had other ideas. She pushed her hand against my side so that finally I was looking at her eye to eye, with my hard-on only millimetres away from the folds of her twat.

She reached her hands around and grabbed my ass and pulled me into her with all her might. I nearly lost it there, but managed to keep myself from exploding inside her. We both knew that I had had a vasectomy several years ago, so explanations about an expanding belly was a worry.

She pushed her self towards me to take all that I had. This was something I had been dreaming about for years. We had done this when our friendship was new, and we were both horny teens, and it had been established that this moment would never come again, but I was still allowed my fantasies was I not?

The soft moans that came from both of us as I slid myself in and out of her only fuelled our desire for each other. This was a moment that deep inside we had both been waiting for and I was tired of waiting, even though I would have waited another 15 years.

She rolled me over so that now gravity could do its job and pull her onto me. Deeper and deeper she sank onto me, her moistness coating my balls in all that she had. I could feel the pressure of her thighs as she pinned them closer to mine and as she rocked herself back and forth, I was almost ready to do in her, what she had done on me.

She had other plans though. Looking at me she could tell that the moment was near, and she pulled herself off of me again. This caused me to snap out of the fantasy that I could not believe was coming true, and back to reality.

Placing her hands on the footboard of the bed, there was no denying what position she wanted now.

I placed my hands on the curves of her hips and slid myself back into her. The sounds of here yelping in pleasure as my thighs repeatedly slapped her ass cheeks were too much to bear and finally I had to end it.

As I erupted inside of her, she to had her final orgasm of the night. I felt her soak my legs with her cum and enjoyed the coolness as it flowed down to drip onto my sheets.

We lay there for what seemed like an eternity and fell asleep in each others arms, like two lost souls who had finally found what the other had needed.

When I drove her home the next morning, there was a special feeling in the car. She would look at me occasionally and smile, and me at her. When we arrived at her home, her husband was there to greet us.

“Thanks for taking care of her buddy, and I hope you had a good time last night”

“Hey, I have been her friend for so long now, I couldn’t let myself see her get in trouble” I told him while images from the night before soared through my mind.

“We will have to clubbing again soon” she said. “And don’t worry honey, I will make sure that he takes care of me again, just like he did last night”

The look in her eyes, with the devilish grin on her face told me that I better make sure my schedule was always clear for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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