Icy Touch

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The cold weather that settled in overnight had not yet dissipated and she shivered as she awoke. The morning sun had not been warm enough to make for more comfortable weather but she struggled to get out of bed nonetheless. In the kitchen, she waited for the water to boil, perhaps her tea will make her feel better she thought as she stood against the counter, bundled in her thick night robe. The tea was helping a bit and she slowly approached the living room bay window. She had heard some rumbling in the distance and saw now that the snowploughs were going by.

She glanced at the driveway entrance and cursed under her breath. Both the road and sidewalk were cleared though the drive was completely blocked. “And I need the car this morning!” She muttered. She set her tea on the kitchen table and made her way back in the bedroom, where, he was still asleep. She envied him for that tiny moment, still wrapped up in warm sheets. She crawled in beside him and leaned to his ear. “Baby, wake up sweetie.” He stirred a moment and grunted. “Hey baby.” She whispered again and he looked at her with the smile she loved.

She kissed him softly and cuddled in his inviting embrace. He glanced at the time and stretched his arms out. “Sleep well?” He asked her. She nodded. “I did too I think.” He ended and kissed her again.

“You’re not going to like me very much in a minute.” She mumbled. She knew too well that the idea of shovelling snow so early in the morning was not what he enjoyed.

“Why’s that?” he asked. “We out of coffee or something?” he giggled lightly. She shook her head. “Then why?”

She looked up at him, resting her chin on his chest and her eyes – her sad, forgive me look – hinted to him that she would ask something that he would not want to do. “Because I need the car in about an hour.” Only silence followed.

Finally, he was feeling more awake and sat up on the bed. “How bad is it?” he asked, wondering of she had seen outside yet. He was beginning to feel the morning cold as well once the sheets were tossed aside. She groaned as their embrace was over and she moved to stand.

“Both ploughs passed. The drive is totally blocked.” He let out a sigh and she watched him dress. “But I’ll go make some coffee for you before you go out there.” He did not see her smile but the thought was perfect. He stood at the living room bay window and let out another grunt, sipped his coffee and tried to prepare himself mentally for the cold onslaught he was about to face.

Her tea was finished and she came up behind him, wrapped her arms around him and held him. “Make sure you’re dressed warmly enough. It looks bad out there.” She told him as she glanced out and saw the frost on a car’s windows across the street.

Bundled in his big winter coat and boots, he slipped his gloves on and threw on a tuque. He nodded to her, letting her know he was now ready and reached for the shovel beside the door. “I’ll get you for this.” He said and walked out into the -18 degree cold.

She watched him approach the drive and whispered as she held herself tightly; the open door had made her shiver again. “That’s what you think.” She smiled and stared out into the winter and her love began clearing the driveway.

He was taking his time clearing out the drive, not exerting himself too much but the cold was not welcoming. The worst was finally done and all that remained was cleaning off the car. When he was out of view, she returned to the kitchen and prepared another coffee for him. She heard the banging on the patio and knew he was shaking the snow from his boots and would come in. She brought the mug with her, holding it with both hands to take in its warmth and once more, the cold assailed her as he opened the door.

“Hurry up and close it!” She said to him as the cold bit at her. He did so and removed his gloves and boots.

“It is damn cold out there.” he mumbled as he undressed. He took the cup in one hand and she watched him carefully. She stepped back and tried to avoid anything he’d try to do with his free hand, remembering well how he had shocked her last winter. “So now you can go get ready and you won’t be late.” He told her as he sipped at his drink.

She nodded and walked to the bedroom. He, slowly, followed behind her. He watched her disrobe and found his opportunity. “Here, let me help you with that.” He whispered and reached for her night robe. When she went to place it in his offered hand, the hand shifted slightly and found its desired mark.

“Oh my God” she gasped loudly as his hand, still relatively cold, cupped her bare breast. She slapped at it but he held it there until he felt the result. When he did let go, he looked down at it and saw, with pleasure, her nipple was stiffly erect and around it, her dark areola had begun to ripple at the cold touch.

He smiled at what he had done and let her slap him playfully. “So beautiful” he whispered and reached for it izmit rus escort again. She backed out of his reach.

“No, no! Don’t you dare touch them again!” She retorted and reached for her bra. He leaned against the wall and watched her. “That’s all the fun you’ll get today.” She added and with a teasing gesture, twisted her body left and right, her still exposed breasts swayed in both directions. His jaw fell open at the sight and when she put her bra on, he sighed.

“We’ll see.” He told her. “But it was so worth it.” He added and again reached for her body.

“Ah. I said no.” She giggled.

He shrugged and let her dress. His mind began racing with thoughts of how he could make her take back her words. But that was for later, when she would return from her appointment. “Thanks for the coffee, by the way.” He told her as he finished it and after a warm hug and tender kiss, she too, walked out into the cold winter.

She turned the car towards the driveway and saw that he had continued to clear the space. She was glad that she didn’t have to trudge thru the few inches of snow in her shoes but the still crisp air made her hurry towards the door. He was sitting cosily on the couch watching who knows what when she entered and slammed the door behind her. “It’s not getting any warmer out there.” She said thru her shivers and began to take her winter clothes off.

He watched her, smiling at her beauty and she approached him and with his light tapping on the cushion beside him, she sat down and instantly wanted to cuddle with him. When she clasped her hands together in front of her, he quickly shifted over to the opposite side of the couch, barely out of her reach and her surprise stopped her. “You really think I’m going to let you touch me now with those cold hands?” He snickered.

“But I’m cold. You know I don’t like the cold.” She slumped down and curled herself up as best she could on the sofa. “But if you don’t want to warm me up, fine.” She told him and stood. “I’ll just go curl up in bed under the warm covers.” She did not understand his sudden smile and walked away. “What the hell is this?” She yelled out. She stared at the bed when she came into the room. She stammered back to the living room and with some angry tone continued. “Why are the covers on the floor?” She asked him. He did not respond. “The bed is freezing!”

His grin did not sooth her anger and he stood to approach her. “I knew you would want to climb back in bed when you got home, the cold weather made that too obvious.” He began and the two made their way back to the bed. “You dared threaten to not let us have more fun because of what I did to you this morning? Fine. I improvised.” He finished, crossing his arms and his grin not letting up.

She picked up the covers and began making the bed. “Help me with this.” She cursed at him. He wouldn’t budge at first but reluctantly gave in and the bed was made proper in moments. His intention was well set in by now so it little mattered. “Why the bed?” She asked him when they finished. “What were you thinking?” She began undressing and pulled out some warmer clothes to wear around the house. When her blouse and bra were removed, he reached out to her and with some effort he managed to pull her down onto the bed, him resting above her.

If it wasn’t for the passion in his kiss, she would have pushed him away and the sudden coldness of the sheet on her back didn’t make for the moment to be truly pleasant. “For this” he whispered and passed a hand across her breast. Once more, he felt her nipple still erect with the cold and he pinched it lightly. She could not help but let out a moan.

“I knew that if I could get you onto this cold bed, it would bring about your best features.” He told her as he looked at both her aching and stiff nipples. He lowered his head and kissed each one lightly. “I thought,” He continued, “that you’d like me to warm you up this way.” She finally smiled at him, the thought was a very welcoming one after all but she still wanted to get him back for his earlier teasing and this treachery with the cold bed.

She looked in the eyes for a moment and whispered, “You may like what you see there and yes, the cold affects me like that…” she lowered her hand from around his back to down between his legs. “But the cold affects you quite differently.” She grinned wide. He staggered back at this and could only stare at her. She laughed at his silence and asked again, “What were you thinking?” She lay back on the bed and managed to cover her bare breasts with her arms and waited for any response.

It took him a good long moment to finally reply. “Because while I’m warming you up here, doing so will excite me nonetheless. Either way it’s a win-win.” He tried to sound convincing but he saw she was not buying it. His idea of the cold bed would certainly have caused problems for him but his passion for her breasts fogged izmit escort that negative thought well out of his mind.

“So, if you can’t do anything about warming me up now,” she tried to push him aside so to stand. “I want to get changed into something that’s actually warm.” Finally he gave in and fell to her side. After putting on a thick sweater, she offered him a hand. “Besides, I told you you’d not get any more fun for what you did to me this morning and I meant it.”

He followed her as she led him out of the room but question her motives when she brought him into the bathroom. She bent down under the sink and in the cupboard, she retrieved her hair dryer. “Find yourself an extension cord and take this. You will use it to re-heat the bed until it’s comfortable again.” She handed the dryer to him and was slowly wrapping the cord around his wrists. Before she went into the kitchen for another tea, she mumbled out to him. “This ought to make you think a few times before trying to do something as stupid as that.” He could do nothing but comply as he looked for a long enough cord to reach all sides of the cold bed.

At the time, she was furious with what he had done; these vague attempts to do who knows what and that only ended up annoying her more and more but when she heard the hair dryer in the bedroom, she could not help but laugh as the mental image passed thru her mind. She had gotten as comfortable as she could on the couch and was surfing channels looking for anything that would take her mind off the day’s ordeals. She was thinking of all that he had done to her and despite it all, the strongest lingering sensation was that he had done it all to her to tease her body. When she thought of how her nipples reacted to his cold hand, they began aching once more under her thick sweater. She could feel the sensation and could not help but feel a bit aroused again.

She had not heard him finish with the dryer in the bedroom but when she saw him come around the corner, it took her a second to acknowledge him and realized she was staring at him blankly. “I hate you.” She whispered.

He stopped dead in his tracks and looked back at her, quite surprised. He brought his arms up and out in a shrug that demanded an explanation. “And why?” He finally muttered.

Telling him that her body was submitting to his earlier intentions was not a good idea and she fought down the urge however much she wanted him to satisfy her again. “You really think I’m going to tell you why?” She told him and crossed her arms. Fortunately the thick sweater did not show her bare and erect nipples under the fabric and she tried to look away from him.

Again he shrugged and said, “Bed’s warm now if you want to go lay down.” And he made his way into the kitchen to see if there was any coffee left. He heard her turn off the TV and she stood. He watched her as she reached over to grab her empty tea cup and as she bent forward, the front of her sweater hung down, allowing him to see the curve of her breasts. She glanced back at him when she heard his little moan and shot him a disapproving look.

“No.” She told him when she passed him and entered the kitchen. “I’m going to lie down.” She knew well what he was thinking after that little show of her body and she still held firm to her earlier threat. Surprisingly, he didn’t try to make any advance and let her walk away.

Finally comfortable in her warm bed and ready to fall asleep for a little while, she could not stop herself from thinking over and over again of his passionate touches on her body, his lips against hers in that little way he kissed her so tenderly. She was strong willed, she knew that but when it came to how he could please her, she couldn’t keep her will from collapsing and giving in to him. ‘He would not win.’ She thought to herself as her arousal tugged at her mind, ‘not today.’ Sleep finally set in on her and she was happy and cosily warm.

He tip-toed his way into the room and saw her sleeping peacefully, snuggled well within the covers. He found a spot near the bed and her nightstand, sat down on the floor and looked at her. There was such an innocent aura about her when she slept; she truly looked angelic while she slept. He stared at her facial features; his eyes followed the strands of her bangs and across her eyebrows. When he fixed his look to her lips, he felt the urge to kiss her again. He knew well she always loved his kisses and he thought it would be a pleasant way to wake up; she had been resting for over an hour and a half.

He raised himself to his knees and carefully placed his hands on the edge of the bed, trying not to push on it so she’d realize too soon. His lips touched hers very slightly and he kissed her. When he leaned back, she slowly opened her eyes and smiled wide.

“Again” she whispered very softly and again, he sat up and kissed her though more passionately and when she moaned lightly he smiled back at kocaeli escort her.

“Are you still mad?” He asked her carefully. She mumbled a soft and negative little grunt and closed her eyes hoping to fall asleep once more. “How’s the bed?” He added.

“Too big” was her only response. He stood and made his way to his side, climbed in and nestled up beside her under the covers. He wrapped his arm around her and she snuggled back into his embrace as she had been that morning. Again she let out a satisfied little moan and the two lay there resting.

They slept for roughly a half hour and when she awoke, still in his arms, he was on his back and she was resting her head on his chest. She looked up at him and he was still quite asleep. She grinned when the thought entered her mind and as carefully as she could, she sat up and removed her sweater. Slowly, she lay back down and crawled over top of him.

He opened his eyes when he felt her breasts pressed against his chest and he was pleasantly surprised. “Wow” he muttered. He leaned down lightly to kiss her and she sat up, chest bare and smiling as she rested on his hidden but stiffening member.

“No I’m not mad at you, but I hate you for turning me on like you did.” She told him and slowly she began rocking in his lap. She placed her hands on his chest which made her arms squeeze her breasts together and again he stared at them smiling wide.

He reached a hand to take one of her nipples and she slapped it away with one hand while her other held up a swaying finger. Again she grunted a negative comment and giggled. “Fine then, you can do all the work.” He laughed lightly but he was right, she would end up doing everything at this rate.

She took up one of his hands and brought a finger to her mouth and let it slip in slowly. She licked at it and when she felt it was moistened enough, she lowered the hand and placed the fingertip to one of her nipples making him trace circles around it.

His eyed widened at this and the sensation of the act aroused him more and she felt it thru both his and her jeans as he strained his member with the aching feeling of arousal. She smiled at the pleasure she was both giving and receiving then she let him pinch her now very erect nipple. She continued her straddling of his member and he cupped her breast, squeezing and rubbing it gently.

With his other hand, he did what she had done and the wet fingertip found her other breast to repeat the act. The feelings he was giving her were very enjoyable and she crossed her arms around her breasts, holding his hands in place and she moaned.

“You knew I couldn’t resist your teasing.” She told him, “I hate you; I hate that I give in to you so easily.” She pressed her hands against his and they both massaged her breasts. “You’re so good with these.” And she moaned again.

He suddenly looked about the room as though aware of his surroundings and realized that the room had actually warmed since the morning. He wrapped an arm around her waist and slowly sat up being careful not to let her move from her perfect spot. She took the opportunity to cup his face in her hands and kissed him passionately. When he caught his breath, he lowered his head lightly and found, with an extended tongue, an aching nipple and he licked at it.

She held herself by wrapping her arms around him and let him enjoy her completely. He bit her nipple lightly and with her head resting on his shoulder, moaned softly in his ear and kissed the tip of it. One hand rubbed her breast while his mouth sucked at her nipple, first one, and then the other and back. She gasped loudly in his ear when he had blown a small gust of air against the damp nipple and squeezed that breast.

“You’re so cruel.” She told him and tried to cup her breast with a hand but he stopped it and held it.

“I told you, I like them cold.” He giggled and did it again.

She let out an exasperated groan and tried to push him back. Feeling this, his hands fell and he cupped her ass, holding her as best he could where he wanted her. “If you’re going to be like that again then I’m not interested.” She grumbled and tried to free herself. “Let go of me, I’m getting up.”

He sighed, loosed his grip of her and let himself fall back on the bed, arms limp at his sides. “As you wish.”

She stood and grabbed her sweater and told him while putting it back on, “I tried to be forgiving but you’re so adamant on teasing me like that.” She fixed herself a bit and continued, “I’m just not in the mood for that right now.” And she walked out of the room.

Once again she regained control over him and his teasing ways and though her needs weren’t satisfied, she was sure she could hold off just a little longer while he came to his senses and would please her normally, like he always did.

Over the course of the afternoon, he replayed in his mind all that went on that day and he would not dare tell her the things he had been thinking; more devious ways of teasing her, pleasing her and she would give into him finally, she could not go without for long. When she was not looking, his grin grew wide. “I will get you for this.” He told himself.


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