June Ch. 02

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June first appeared in MY FIRST BLIND DATE, CH 3. You might want to read JUNE, CH 1 of this series to understand what is going on. Strong sexual content.


June awakened in a bright, sunshine lit room. She could see Wendy and another lady talking quietly. She moaned loudly and both rushed to the bed. She moaned again louder and Wendy said are you in pain. June looked at her and started laughing. June said no, she just could not resist giving her a shock. Wendy threatened to punch her and also started laughing. She introduced June to Lidia who was one of the nurses taking care of her for the next few days. Lidia reminded June that payback was hell. She did ask if June was really having any pain at all and June told her she was not, that she had no feeling below her breasts. The nurses that were taking care of her worked for the hospital. They knew the type of surgery that was done and had been screened. They all had no objections to it.

June asked if it was over and Wendy said yes, do you want to see. June said yes and Wendy pulled the sheet down to reveal June’s two very short, bandaged, leg stumps. June was quiet for a few seconds and then said well, I still can’t move them. She just got dirty looks this time. Wendy put the sheet back over her and June said she felt pretty good just groggy from the anesthesia. She felt like she wanted to go back to sleep and Lidia said for her to go ahead and do so. June did without any argument.

Later when she woke again it was getting dark. Another nurse by the name of Susan was with her and said hello. June said hello and asked if she could have anything to eat. Susan said she could and went to get her something. June pushed the sheet back again to be sure it was real and for sure she had no legs anymore. She could not believe it was happening and could not wait to try them out so to speak. Susan came in with a tray and June said she was just checking to be sure her catheter was hooked up. Susan fixed her tray on an over bed table and June had something to eat and drink. An IV was still hooked to her arm. The nurse saw her looking at it and said it would probably come out tomorrow afternoon if all was as good as it was now.

June finished her food and right after the phone rang. June answered and it was Wendy asking how she was. June said she was great and had just finished eating a bite. Wendy said good and then told her how good she looked with no legs when they looked earlier. June said thanks and she sure felt good about not having them anymore. Wendy said she was naked in bed thinking about her and was going to get off and go to sleep. June said she wished she could do the same. They said good night and Wendy would see her after work. June said to tell everyone hello.

Wendy was on her bed, naked, and had been playing with her breasts and clit while talking with June. She was wet and got one of her big rubber dildos out of her bedside drawer. It slipped in with no trouble and she started moving it in and out of her pussy. Her other hand was busy with her 36 C breast with a long nipple. She had shaved her pussy tonight and it was very slick and smooth. Her short stump was spread wide and her left leg was pushing on the bed moving her hips in time with the thrusting. After about 5 minutes she arched her back and came big time and she was able to make it last for a while. She just left the rubber cock in her and went to sleep, her hand still tweaking her nipple.

June was surprised that what Wendy told her she was going to do, made her so hot. She wished she was alone so she could play with her breasts but did not think Susan would understand. Maybe they could get some time alone tomorrow when Wendy came after work. June did feel like she had a hard day and was soon asleep again.

A short time later she was awakened when Dr. Edna came in. She apologized for being so late saying she had gotten tied up in surgery. She asked how June was doing and she said great. She had no pain at all, was just groggy from the anesthesia. Dr. Edna said that was great news and asked the nurse for some gloves so she could check and change the stump dressings. June asked if she could watch and Dr. Edna said if she wanted and June raised the head of the bed. The ace wrap was removed and the doctor explained that was to keep the bleeding slowed and to help shrink the stump. She would have the ace bandages on for about two weeks.

There was no sign of blood or fluid on the outer bandage and only a very slight amount on the ones right next to the incisions. There was a lot of bruising but June knew that would go away. Dr. Edna looked at her and said hold them up so I can re do them and June said you forgot to fix that part. They both laughed hard and Susan looked a little shocked at the banter. All of the stitches, and there were lots of them, looked very fine and the tails on them looked long. June asked about them and Dr. Edna said they were fine plastic and sometimes hard to see so she left those long so she could get hold of them when it came time to remove them. She explained when kütahya escort she started, it would take three days to get them all out. She did a third of them each day.

She had Susan put a glove on and hold the stump up as she redid them. June told her thanks for such a great job and gave her a hug. Dr. Edna said since you are not having any pain she would have Physical Therapy start in the am but to be very careful and not get the bleeding started. Just practice getting in and out of your bed to your wheelchair and back, with someone supporting your stumps. June said she understood and could not wait for that to happen.

Susan usually did not ask any questions or make any comments about her patients but tonight her curiosity got the better of her. She knew that the amputation was requested by the patient but was not sure she understood why in this case. She asked June why she had the amputations and apologized at the same time if she was being too personal. June said not at all and explained about her high spinal injury and how much trouble she was having moving around. With no muscles that worked below her breasts, it was very hard to maneuver herself around and keep her legs out of the way. They just flopped around. Having them amputated meant they were no longer in the way and made her body much lighter. Susan got the picture and understood. She thanked June and asked if there was anything she needed. June said no and that she was going back to sleep.

June slept all night and did not even meet the night nurse. She awakened in the morning when her breakfast tray arrived. Lidia was there and said good morning sleepy head. June laughed and said thanks. She ate breakfast and felt like a million dollars. Lidia asked if she wanted to get her sponge bath out of the way before PT got there and June said good idea. Lidia cranked the bed up some and got hot water and towels ready. She asked if June wanted her to do it or was June ok to do it herself. June said she would but Lidia could do her back. They had everything done and the bed changed in 30 minutes.

Later a man in a white coat came in and introduced himself as Rob from Physical Therapy. He said he was sorry but June’s chart was missing and he had no information about her so could he ask some questions to get up to speed. June said sure, ask away. Rob got the picture quickly about her paralysis, and leg bone tumors were given as the reason for the amputations. (No one had access to June’s chart but the doctor and nurse, but that was not mentioned.) June just went along and let him do his thing, asking questions.

It finally dawned on him that she already knew how to get in and out of bed with a trapeze; she just needed to learn about it with her new body. Each leg represented about ten percent of the body’s weight so having twenty percent of your body missing all of a sudden took some adjustment. Lidia reminded him they needed to be careful of the stumps as she only had her surgery yesterday. It was decided that Lidia would hold on to June’s stumps because her hospital gown kept falling open.

The first thing Rob did was have June just sit up on the side of the bed to be sure she did not get dizzy. He fell into auto mode and asked if that hurt. June just looked at him with a big grin and he realized what he had said and who to. June said don’t worry it happens all the time. With Rob acting as backup, in case she slipped, June lifted herself using the trapeze and Lidia guided her stumps and she let herself down into her wheelchair. There were no problems and for the first time June knew how light she now was. Even with Lidia holding her stumps she could tell how great it felt.

They went back and forth several times and Rob said he was satisfied with how she was doing. He would see her again this afternoon. After he left, Lidia said she had not seen him around before, he must be new. She also said he was cute and it dawned on June that she had paid no attention to him, she was just so anxious to try her new body out.

They spent the morning talking and it was soon time for lunch. June took a nap and then Rob was back. He got her out of bed and then asked if she would like to try moving to a regular chair. June said fine and they tried having her move to several other things both in and out of her room. She was elated at how things went and would be glad when her stumps healed. She paid more attention to Rob and agreed he was cute. Rob seemed to be paying a lot of attention to her also. Their eyes met several times, when he was not looking at her stumps.

Susan came and got report from Lidia. Susan asked June about her catheter routine and since it had been three days since she had changed it, it was time to do so again per hospital policy. June said fine and Susan got the stuff and did the job. Just as she finished Dr. Edna came in and asked how things were going. She looked at the chart and the nurse’s notes that said PT had been there and the results. Dr. Edna asked June how she thought things had gone and June said very good. She lara escort was able to move around 1000 percent better now. Dr. Edna said she wanted June to go down to PT tomorrow and do some work on balancing and weights. If that went well she could go home the following day.

June said that sounded like a good plan and when did Dr. Edna think the stitches could come out. She answered not until they had been in ten days. She could start taking a shower with covers over her stumps after she got home. She said she wanted to see her in the office on the tenth post op day to start taking the stitches out. If Wendy was willing she could take them out after that. Dr. Edna said she wanted to look at the stumps and change the dressings so she put on gloves and started removing the elastic bandages and dressings. Everything looked great; there was no drainage so she said she was not going to put as many dressings on this time. She pulled the drains out and put everything back together.

Wendy came in just after dinner and she told Susan she would be glad to stay if she wanted to go to dinner and take a break. Susan knew Wendy and said that would be great and left. Wendy closed the door and put a chair behind it. She gave June a package and June opened it. Inside were two very nice night gowns. They were short and sexy. June removed her hospital gown and Wendy took hold of her breasts. They kissed quickly and Wendy continued to play with her breast and used her finger along her feeling line. She looked down at June’s stumps and said she looked very sexy. June said she was going to need a shave job by the time she got home. Wendy said she would be glad to volunteer. They kissed again and then June put the new night gown on. Wendy had even washed it. It had panties with it but June left them off.

Wendy moved the chair and sat in it next to the bed. June told her about the schedule Dr. Edna had mentioned and Wendy said that sounded good to her. She was going to take Friday off so she could get June home and be with her. She also had no problem with removing the stitches. She said she was anxious to see the stumps without bandages on them. Susan came back and saw the new gown. She liked it and said so. The three of them talked for a while, and then Wendy said she needed to get home and left. June asked Susan if she could get up in her wheelchair and take a ride around the hospital. Susan did not see a problem with that and so June put a robe on and transferred to her chair and she and Susan went out in the hall for a while.

In the morning Rob came to take June down to PT. June was up in her chair waiting and they headed out. On the way Rob asked her how long she was going to be there and she told him she was going home tomorrow. Rob was surprised she was going that quick. They got to the department and he went through several different things showing her how balance was affected with no legs. He showed her how the paralysis would even add to the problems. June was sure to take note of all of these. The biggest was when she was on the john. She had been using a bedside commode at the hospital for her bowel routine but it had a larger seat. Rob showed her several types of toilet seats she might want to look into after she got home.

They went over to the weight machine area and Rob instructed her on a couple of machines. June was already very strong in her upper body and was able to pass all of the tests. June had removed her robe and the gown she had on was very revealing to Rob. Her catheter was coiled in her panties but she thought he could see it and was sure he could see her 32 B breasts through the material of the gown. They had a little time left and Rob asked if he could talk to her for a minute. June said sure and they moved to an out of the way place outside the department.

Rob was a little shy but finally got out that he would like to get in touch with June after she went home. June did not say anything for a while and then told him she did not see any problem with that and gave him her number. She had noticed that he paid a lot of attention to her paralysis and amputations, most of the time more than he did to her breasts. Rob looked like he was going to burst. June had wondered if she might see him after she was out of the hospital. The way he had been looking at her, she wondered if he might be a devotee.

They started back to the room and he said he would see her tomorrow. He had written his number on a card and gave that to her. His hand was on her bare shoulder as he said good bye and give her a light squeeze.

Dr. Edna got to her room at the same time so June was glad they had talked earlier. Rob reported how good June had done today and left. Dr. Edna removed the dressings and looked at the stumps good, pushing here and there on the flesh. She put a light dressing over the scars and then the ace bandage. She asked June if Wendy could pick her up now as she did not see any reason to keep her any longer. She also told June to keep the bandages off for most of the day and her stumps lara eve gelen escort exposed to the air to heal faster. Keep them covered in bed.

While Dr. Edna wrote the orders, June called Wendy and she said she could come and pick her up. Dr. Edna said for June to call the office for a time and she would see her then. June packed her few things and a short time later Wendy called to say she was down at the door and Lidia took her down. Wendy was driving June’s van so there was no trouble getting on the lift and inside. Wendy was using her wheelchair so she could drive. June thanked Lidia for her good care and asked her to pass the same to Susan.

Wendy stopped on the way home and picked up a pizza for dinner. They ate and June was so happy to be home. Wendy removed her leg and changed clothes and they watched a movie. At bed time Wendy helped June get into bed and undressed. She was going to the guest room and June asked her to get in bed with her for a while. She said sure and undressed and crawled in with June. Their arms were around each other in no time and they were kissing passionately. Both of them were very Horney.

Wendy quickly moved down to June’s breasts and she sucked on them hard. June was soon Cumming and Wendy kept on, adding her fingers to her feeling line. June came again. Wendy moved back up to her face and after they kissed for a while, June asked Wendy to sit on her face. Wendy moved up and swung her leg stump over and soon June was playing with her breasts as she ate her very wet pussy out. Wendy’s clit was sticking way out of its hood and June sucked on it making Wendy cum hard over and over. Finally Wendy had to move off as she could not stand any more.

After they came down from their high, Wendy moved to the guest room so she would not accidently hit June’s stumps during the night. They slept late the next morning and finally got up. June was anxious to take a shower so Wendy fixed plastic bags over her stumps and they moved into the shower. Wendy washed June as June was a little afraid of falling from the bench for some reason, so she held on to the bar. Wendy took her shower when she was done with June and was standing in front of June as she did so. June used one hand and played with Wendy’s pussy and short stump and then her breasts. June marveled at how Wendy could stand on one leg for so long and be so well balanced.

The dried off and only put on t-shirts. June remarked she needed to get her braces changed and said she would call after lunch for an appointment. Wendy suggested that she wait until she could go without dressings and her stumps had shrunk so they got the measurements right. June said that was a good idea. They had an early lunch and after lay in the sun nude and with no dressings. They only stayed for 15 minutes total.

Wendy stayed the weekend with June and on Sunday afternoon returned to her house. June was getting along fine and her stumps were healing nicely. Rob called after dinner and they talked for over an hour. He asked if it would be ok for June to tell him more about her life as a para and she did. She had not given him all the details when he asked her at the hospital and she did now. He asked how her stumps were doing and she said great.

June finally asked him if he was a devotee and he said yes. She told him thanks for being honest and she was glad that he was. She surprised him by saying she was glad he was a devotee because she was also. Being crippled was a turn on for her also. He thanked her for being honest and so open with him. They agreed they would be that way with each other. He closed the call by saying he hoped she would let him see her stumps soon. June said she would.

June had a late afternoon appointment on Wednesday with Edna and Wendy came and took her. Edna started taking the stitches out, every third one, and said it did not matter which ones Wendy started on. The bruising had gone away and the stumps looked great. As soon as Wendy got all of them out, June could get them wet the next day. She could also stop using the ace wrap after all the stitches were out.

Wendy stopped on her way home the next two days and took the rest of the stitches out. She said Edna had done a remarkable job of matching the skin so there were no pockets, just nice and smooth. The scars were just a very thin line and would soon go away along with any suture holes. As Wendy got the last of the stitches out she was rubbing the stump. For once June wished she could feel it but just having them was enough she realized. They fixed dinner and took a shower together. Wendy shaved June’s pussy and they made out for a while and Wendy headed home.

June called Rob and told him the stitches were all out. They had been talking on the phone a lot and had gotten to know each other. June asked him to come over for dinner Saturday night and he accepted gladly. She told him to dress comfortable and asked him if he would like for her to wear her back brace for him and he said yes, he would like to see her in it very much. She had not taken it to the hospital with her and told him she still needed to get it reworked but it would do for now. The top thigh strap still went around her stump. June figured he was getting turned on by what she was telling him. They finally got off the phone and June got into her nightly routine.

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