Kiss the Bride

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Amelia and her parents arrived at the church after a long wagon ride through the country, in the early morning. Waiting for them there was her future husband, William, whom she had never met before. The ceremony was short and simple followed by the regular Sunday service. The priest skipped the part about kissing the bride.

This was not the wedding Amelia had dreamt of as a little girl. She had visions of flowers and homemade lace dresses, a big party on her father’s farm. Most of all she had visions of a dashing man who had skillfully courted her with romantic walks and stolen kisses.

Unfortunately, hard times were upon them. Fathers were agreeing on marriages for their daughters simply because they couldn’t afford to feed them. Amelia trusted her father when he said he believed William was a good man. She also knew how important this marriage would be to the family, as Williams’s family had lots of land and houses. Marrying into this family ensured Amelia’s family a place to sleep should they loose the farm.

Amelia felt awkward though that Sunday morning sitting next to her new husband in church. She felt as if the whole congregation was looking at them. Her cheeks flushed when she imagined everyone thinking that tonight this man, who she didn’t know, would be having his way with her. Amelia had never so much as kissed a man other then her father. And, other than the few times over her father’s knee with her skirt over her head and her bloomers pulled down, no one had seen her naked body since she reached womanhood.

When the service was over, Amelia said tearful farewells to her parents. She dutifully joined her husband in the front of his wagon and, when her parents were no longer in her sights, she faced forward and was hit with the weight of what had just happened.

“Is this the road to your house?” Amelia asked William.

“Yes, a few miles down this road and we’ll be home.”

“Home,” Amelia said, letting the word hang in the air as she said it. “What does ‘home’ look like?”

“Pretty little house. Pa and I built it, once your Pa gave me your hand. I painted it white with blue shutters, thought you might like that. The inside is pretty simple, thought I would leave it up to you to decorate. Only thing in the house now is the kitchen table and the bed.”

As soon as William said the word ‘bed’ Amelia stiffened. How awkward this moment was. She tried to concentrate on the fact that he painted the house to try to make her happy. She hoped it was an indication that he would be gentle and kind.

“We’re on family property now,” William told her as they turned onto another dirt road. He began to point out different fields and what grew in them. Amelia was taken with the low lazy branches in the apple orchards and could picture her self spending time there. He pointed out the house where his older brother, James, lived with his wife, Emily and their children. The house of his parents a large, abidinpaşa escort pretty home. Amelia appreciated the warm welcome she had received from Mr. and Mrs. Drummond at the church.

Finally, they came to their house. It was small, but had a nice fence and a front porch. It had a chimney, so she knew she would be warm in the winter. She liked the way it sat lower than the rest of the houses, nestled in a valley. She noticed a place that might make a nice garden in the spring.

William hitched the horses to the fence and helped Amelia down from the wagon. “Welcome home,” he said, giving her a slight, awkward smile. He carried her bag, packed with her few meager belongings, and together they walked into the house.

Amelia’s eyes searched her surroundings. The front room had a nice stone fireplace. She could see into the kitchen. She was happy to see it had a pump to bring in water.

“On Wednesday Pa and I have to go into the city to make a delivery. You can come along and pick out some furniture, rugs and china for the house. Emily, will take you into town tomorrow to pick out material to sew curtains and whatnot.” William informed her. “Come, let me show you where you can put your things.”

William led her upstairs. Amelia noticed there were three bedrooms, although only one had a bed. She assumed, by the number of bedrooms, he was planning on her having children. Amelia started to feel a nervous tingle as she approached the bedroom with the bed. She hesitated at the threshold, wondering if she should wait to be asked in.

William knew his new bride was nervous about what would be happening in this room. It made his cock jump in his pants thinking about fucking this beautiful young virgin. He knew he had to go slow but he also knew that waiting until tonight would be torture for both of them. The tension in the air was thick. He looked at her, her light brown hair loosely tide back. Her small waist, held tight in her simple county dress. The way her breasts and hips gave her a soft womanly curve.

William took Amelia’s hand and led her into the room. “I bought you something,” he said, “A wedding present.” He went to the closet and took out a box wrapped in beautiful gold leaf paper. He put it in Amelia’ hands.

“I’ll give you a few moments alone. I hope when I come back you’re wearing this,” he said. Looking down at his wife, he gently kissed her forehead and turned to leave the room.

Amelia put the box on the bed and carefully opened the paper. She lifted the lid off the box and pulled back the soft tissue paper. Inside was a beautiful soft pink silk negligee. She felt a pang in her belly. She felt her nipples harden and her face blush. Part of her wanted to run for the hills, this was all happening so fast, with a man she hardly knew. But, she wanted to please her new husband. She began taking off her dress and her thick undergarments. Standing there, akyurt escort naked, she slipped the negligee over her head. The cool silk teased her already hard nipples as it fell into place on her body.

Amelia wished there were a mirror in the room. She tried to get an idea of what she looked like. She noticed the low the neckline was, plunging even lower between her perky, round breast. She noticed how her nipples protruded through the thin silk and suddenly wish she had something to cover up with. The length, which fell just below her ass, left far more leg than she was comfortable showing.

Amelia was standing there, trying to get the small amount of material to cover a larger amount of space when she heard a soft knock on the door. She quickly jumped into the bed and pulled the big down comforter over her body.

William smiled as he opened the door, seeing his blushing bride hidden in the bed. He assumed this meant she was wearing his gift. “Come now,” he said, “I didn’t buy you that to not see you in it. I’m sure you look beautiful.” He reached out his hand for hers and pulled her out of the bed.

Amelia stood in the room, blushing and feeling very naked and vulnerable. William looked at his wife and loved what he saw. She had taken the comb out of her hair, he could now see that her long hair tickled the top of her ass with its curly ends. Her breasts, which he couldn’t gauge in her tight thick dress, now revealed themselves as ample orbs with hard nipple pointing upward, begging to be sucked a teased.

William took his wife firmly in his hands, cupping her ass and pulling her close to him. He kissed his wife’s soft lips and parted them with his forceful tongue getting a first taste of her.

Amelia’s body was responding to William’s hard touch. She could feel his hard manhood push into her belly through the soft silk. William’s strong hands pulling her ass toward him with each thrust. She got excited when his hands wandered up her body, finding their way to her breast, tugging and squeezing her nipples.

William pushed Amelia back onto the bed. He knelt on the floor, between his bride’s legs hungry to taste her. He plunged toward her wet pussy, taking her clit between his lips, sucking it into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. He worked down to her tight hole and rammed his tongue in and out. Alternating teasing her engorged clit then penetrating her with his tongue.

Amelia, whose body was now awakened with sexual feelings, arched her back and threw her head back with pleasure as William continued to work her. She could hear herself moaning as the feeling in her pussy intensified. She could feel Williams hand gently caressing the soft skin of her inner thigh. His hands working their way up, getting wet with the juices of her pussy. She felt William’s finger reach down toward her ass and play with her anus, gently working his finger in and out, loosing her ankara escort tight hole. As more of his finger penetrated her ass, the fuller and more intense her feeling of pleasure became.

William could tell, by the way his wife was arching her back that she was close to reaching orgasm. He worked her two holes with his thumb and forefinger while his lips and tongue concentrated on her clit, pecking it with thrusts of his tongue and then taking it into his mouth and licking it hard. He kept up the pattern, his wife’s moans becoming more and more intense until her could feel the waves of her orgasm wrap themselves around his fingers. Her head pushing back into the bed while her back arched her soft belly in the air. William reached up with his free hand and gripped her breast, rolling her hard nipple between his fingers as she came.

Listening to his wife’s moans as he worked her pussy in his mouth made William’s cock expand to maximum capacity. He knew he needed to fuck her tight pussy. He climbed on top of his wife, spreading her legs wide with the width of his mass. He knew he should go slower with her, but she tasted so good. And, knowing that she was his wife, that she was supposed to let him fuck her, turned him on even more.

Amelia couldn’t believe the size of William’s hard cock. She had never seen a grown man erect. While she loved the mind-blowing orgasm she just had, having him now move on to spreading her lips with the top-heavy head of his member pushing it into her tight hole made her inch up the mattress away from him.

William noticed Amelia nervously inching away from him in anticipation of receiving the full bang of his cock. He wanted to comfort her, but he was so turned on by her inexperience, he grabbed her head in his strong hands, pulling her hair that was wrapped in his fingers. He pulled himself up further on top of her, again meeting the tip of his cock with her wet tight pussy. He pushed hard against the tightness of her pussy, feeling just the tip of his cock enter her tight warm walls. He pulled out briefly, and then thrust into her harder, this time feeling her envelope his whole cock.

Amelia let out a yelp of pain, taking his whole big cock in one hard thrust. But, she also grabbed his back, scratching from his shoulders down to his ass and then pulling him deeper into her. He knew she was enjoying this.

William found his rhythm, giving Amelia five or six hard blows, reaching deep inside her, followed by a few slow tender thrusts. He knew he couldn’t keep from cumming much longer, and was relieved to hear her breath shallow and her moans become deeper. She found her own rhythm of bringing her hips up to meet his hard blows, trying to get as much of his cock inside of her as possible.

When William sucked on Amelia’s hard nipple, playing with the tip in his mouth with his tongue, she hit her pleasure high. Amelia came hard while William gave her hard blows delivering his hot cum deep inside her while the waves of her orgasm made him cum harder and harder.

William collapsed on top of Amelia, supporting himself on his forearms that cradled either side of her head. He looked down at his sweaty satisfied wife’s face, his cock still inside her, and kissed the bride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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