Laura’s Dilemma

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Copyright BobDogwood 2002

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Warning: Intended for mature, open-minded readers due to some sexual content.

One cold and rainy Saturday afternoon, Brandi, an attractive redheaded young woman lay on her bed, feeling extremely restless and quite bored, so she decided to visit her boyfriend unannounced. Having had her mother drop her off in front of his house, as Brandi was still living at home so she could afford to attend the local junior college, she strode up the front walk and rang the doorbell.

When Joshy, a extremely well built tall young man with short dark hair, opened the front door, Brandi was flabbergasted to observe her friends Chris and Mallory sitting in the living with Laurie Paddock, her most hated enemy. Chris had recently dumped Laurie after a two year relationship and she was still following him around shamelessly. Offering Joshy a quick kiss, she hurried past him and stepped down in the living room.

“What the hell are you doing here, you whore?” Brandi demanded loudly.

Laura, flushing uncomfortably, replied, “That’s kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” demanded Brandi, standing menacingly over the seated Laurie. The redhaired young woman was several inches taller than the five feet, two inch young blonde woman.

As Joshy hurried back to the living room in an effort to sooth the raging tempers, he heard his friend Chris suggest, “Hey, let’s play some poker.’ Chris was a very attractive nineteen year old young man, with blonde hair and medium build and height.

Laura quickly agreed, because she considered herself to be an expert poker player, but in actuality she was only mediocre at best.

Everyone seated themselves in a circle on the floor, while Joshy produced a deck of playing cards. Laura thought she had the first hand won, as she was holding a full house, kings over treys. Everyone, except Chris, had folded their hands after the first go around and every time Laura bet, Chris would bump her and she would meet his call. After the final cards had been dealt, Laura pushed all her money into the pot, well over fifty dollars because she had planned to go shopping at the mall later in the afternoon. She triumphantly lay her hand of cards down on the floor and began to pull the huge pot toward her, when Chris exclaimed, “Wait a minute!” He proceeded to slowly lay down four aces, one after the other.

As Christ leaned over to collect his spoils, Laura burst into tears protesting, “Tissy, don’t take all my money.” Tissy was a private name between the two of them.

Christ paused and said, “If I don’t win something, there’s no point to playing the game, Laura.”

“Huh?” Laura replied.

Brandi explained tartly, “He means if he doesn’t take your money, then you have to give him something else.”

Laura looked up with her big round green eyes and asked, “Is that what you mean, Chris?”

“Why sure, Laura.”

“W – What is it you want?” the slightly blushing Laura stammered.

Chris appeared as if he were thinking intently for a moment and then answered, “I’ll take your bracelet.”

“Okay,” Laura responded while removing the bracelet from her left arm and handing it to Chris. “But you have to give me a chance to win it back.”

“Of course,” Chris agreed.

Josh, Mallory, and Brandi suddenly developed a much keener interest in the game as they realized what Chris was attempting to do and why he had suggested a game of poker to Laura in the first place. Brandi, in particular, was anxious to discover if that slut Laura was doing to tumble to Chris’s true intentions before it was too late to back down.

But apparently Laura hadn’t figured out Chris’s true intentions as she lost the second hand of the game in which she held three kings to his full house and she had to sacrifice her necklace.

Laura was quickly defeated in two straight hands and surrendered her new shoes. Her outfit and underwear were the only things separating her from total defeat and total embarrassment from total nudity. Joshy and Mallory watched intently not making a sound as Brandi sat and wondered if Laura had a clue of what was coming and if she did, why she didn’t just cut her losses and quit the game.

“Ready, Laura?” Chris questioned. It was just the two of them playing now, since Joshy, Mallory, and Brandi had dropped out. Laura silently nodded and Chris began to deal the cards. Laura moaned aloud when Chris won the next round handily. Flashing a big grin at her, Chris declared, “Give me your pants, Laura.”

Brandi inwardly smiled and waited in anticipation of Laura’s decision, while Joshy continued to watch closely, while Mallory thought, ‘Wait ‘til Tom hears about this.’ Tom was Mallory’s boyfriend who was out of town for the weekend and would be quite upset to learn he had missed this.

“No, Chris!” Laura heatedly exclaimed, not quite believing that Escort Beylikdüzü her former boyfriend was serious.

“Then give me your blouse,” he responded. Laura silently lowered the zipper on the front of her black blouse and then pulled it over her head and off her body in one motion revealing her very skimpy black and white bra. She handed her blouse to Chris.

When Laura lost the next hand and Chris asked for her new black leather pants, Laura didn’t even bother to remonstrate, but simply stood and quickly opened her pants and allowed them to drop to the floor. She stepped out of them and, handing them to Chris, she sat back down wearing only her bra and a matching pair of black and white panties.

When after losing the next hand, Laura sat in stunned silence realizing what was coming.

Chris demanded, “Give me your panties.”

Laura loudly protested, “No way in hell!”

“Then give me your bra,” Chris countered.

“Okay,” Laura acquiesced reluctantly, while thinking, ‘Alright, I’ll play along with your silly game just one more time and if I lose, I’ll refuse to pay up.’

Laura leaned slightly over and pulled her bra up and over her head, fully exposing her pert young breasts to the open air. As is was rather coolish in the room, her nipples became erect immediately embarrassing her greatly. She quickly handed her bra over to Chris and then sat with her arms folded across her chest in an effort to hide her semi-nudity as much as possible.

A few minutes later, Laura sat in bewildered stillness after Chris won the next hand. Laura was certain she’d had this hand ‘wired’ but her four aces were beaten by Chris’s straight flush.

Chris broke the silence by saying, “I want your panties, Laura.”

Laura literally went into a state of shock and was having a great deal of difficulty in thinking clearly. The blood began to pound in her temples and her ears were ringing as adrenaline began to race through her body. She just wasn’t able to comprehend how a simple game of poker had led to the point where she was expected to stand up in front of her fully dressed close friends and strip herself stark naked before them. The very thought of it made her frozen with embarrassment and she questioned whether she could keep her sanity as her thoughts were currently careening wildly. As Laura looked upon their expectant faces, she suddenly realized that maybe she didn’t know them very well after all.

Finally deciding that fleeing the room would cause her to lose all her new possessions and quite possibly rupture the last remnants of her shattered relationship with Chris, Laura merely stood up and pushed her panties over her shapely hips and down to the floor. Quickly stepping out of them, she stood in all her stark naked glory displaying her pert young breasts and her light blonde pubic haired labia to the view of the startled onlookers. Totally humiliated to be stark naked in front of Joshy, Mallory, and Brandi, Laura handed her panties to the delighted Chris.

Blushing crimson with embarrassment, Laura attempted to cover her most intimate private parts with her hands, when Chris suddenly reached up and clutched Laura by her wrists and pulled her hands down and in the process fully exposed her pubic area.

“Don’t Chris!” Laura loudly protested, while twisting her body lewdly partially exposing her opened labia in an attempt to wrest herself from his grasp.

Brandi noticed jealously that Joshy had developed a significant bulge beneath his blue jeans and loudly protested, “Laura! Show some decency and cover yourself!”

“Joshy, please lend me something to wear,” Laura tearfully entreated.

Chris exclaimed, “Oh no! That wouldn’t be fair. You can’t use other people’s possessions to bet with.”

“Then I guess the game is over and you can give me my stuff back,” Laura offered in a timid voice.

“The only way this game is over,” Chris explained, “is if you are willing to go back home buck naked.”

“But what can I bet with?” the bewildered Laura asked.

“Oh, I’ll think of ‘something’,” Chris responded in a playful voice.

Laura realized there was no way in hell she could possibly leave Joshy’s house totally nude and ‘streak’ five miles through her hometown to her house and then how would she sneak into her house in that condition with her family home? She quickly reseated herself on the rug.

Chris’s ‘something’ came rather quickly as Laura lost the next hand.

The pretty blonde was still quite naturally attempting to hide her pert breasts and vaginal lips from the unrelenting gaze of the four teenagers and she glanced up tearfully at Chris as if to ask ‘now what?’

Chris explained, “I want you to sit up straight and not hide your breasts and stretch your legs out straight and as wide as you can.”

Laura felt as though she was caught in a hideous nightmare and she just couldn’t seem to make herself wake up. She just didn’t want to believe that her Chris would make her do such horribly wicked things and her close friends Escort Bahçeşehir would just sit there and allow it. As she silently appealed to Brandi, Brandi returned Laura’s gaze with a malicious smile and, when she turned to Josh for some sort of support, she perceived nothing but his ‘lusting’ anticipation of seeing her totally expose herself written across his features. Ultimately she saw no way out.

No one in the room made a sound as Laura did as directed and sat straight up displaying her bountiful breasts and gaping vagina to the sight of the four teenagers. Laura sat blushing uncontrollably.

After Chris redundantly won the next hand with four nines, Laura sat horror struck wondering what new degrading embarrassment lay in wait for her. She didn’t have long to wait as Chris immediately explained, “I want you to masturbate yourself.”

“Huh?” Laura questioned, not believing her own ears.

“He means,” Brandi explained distinctly, “he wants you to play with yourself.” Beside her, Joshy and Mallory giggled in nervous anticipation.

Crimson with embarrassment, Laura protested, “Oh, Tissy. I could never do something like ‘that’ in front of everybody.”

“Do it now Laura!” Chris ordered in a stern voice.

When Laura slipped her middle finger on her left hand into her open labia and began to tentatively move it in and out of her slightly distended vagina, Brandi looked on extremely interested to discover if Laura had any special techniques to bring herself to sexual fruition. Brandi, herself, despite her constant sexual liaisons with Josh, would resort to masturbation several times a week.

As Laura was still very tentative in her finger thrusting, due to her intense embarrassment at being engaged in such an intimate sexual act in front of her four friends, Chris suddenly commanded, “Do it like you mean it, Laura or this could take all night!”

Laura blushed furiously but began to search for her clitoris with her finger and, when she located it, she began to stroke it vigorously. The extreme sexual pleasure that Laura began to experience from her own hand caused her to forget that her four close friends were watching her intently and she lay down on her back and bent her legs at the knees in an effort to better stimulate her clitoris. She began to moan softly and then louder and louder as she felt her orgasm building. Suddenly she shrieked incoherently as her cum cascaded from her vagina. When she was finished, she suddenly sat up and winced with humiliation when she observed Joshy and Mallory staring at her with their mouths agape.

“Lick your finger, Laura,” Chris ordered.

“Tissy, stop,” Laura tearfully pleaded.

Chris explained, “If you don’t lick your finger, you are welcomed to leave now and travel back to your home stark naked with cum dripping from your ‘pussy’.”

Laura sat totally shocked. She had never heard Chris speak with such vulgarity. Faced with those consequences, Laura complied with Chris’s directive and licked her cum laden finger clean.

When Laura lost her ‘umpteenth’ straight hand she sat finally completely numb as Chris explained, “I want you to give me a ‘hand job’.”

When Laura replied, “Say what?” Brandi explained, “He wants you to ‘jack him off’.”

“Oh, Chris,” Laura whined. “I don’t want to do our ‘special’ lovemaking in front of them.”

Josh laughed out loud to learn that the supposedly famous ‘cocksman,’ Chris, had only been able to score a ‘hand job’ from Laura.

This time Chris was blushing and he was angry because of Josh’s laughter. “Do it now, Laura!” he exclaimed angrily “Or walk back to your home!”

Totally contrite now because she realized she had embarrassed Chris, she crawled across the floor to him on her hands and knees inadvertently displaying the inner workings of her entirely exposed vagina from behind to the startled gaze of Brandi, Josh, and Mallory.

“Laura!” Brandi exclaimed, “Have some shame, for God sakes.”

Laura inwardly cringed when she realized the lewd view of her body she was displaying to Josh and Mallory.

Reaching Chris, Laura unzipped his brown trousers and, slipping her right hand inside the front slit of his boxer shorts, she pulled out his penis, which was quickly growing to enormous proportion at the touch of her hand. Laura began moving her hand up and down his impressive shaft quickly. Chris groaned aloud, “Ah, that’s it, Laura. Keep it agoing.”

After a few short minutes of Laura’s rubbing, Chris’s eight-inch penis suddenly spurted his orgasm, which shot through the air and hit Laura on the top of her head. “Oh, yeah!” Chris shouted.

Brandi hid her laughter behind her right hand, as she watched Chris’s orgasm hit Laura’s beautiful blonde hair and then slowly trickle down on to her forehead.

“Oh bummer!” Laura exclaimed, while putting her hand up to her hair and feeling Chris’s cum in it.

Chris instructed Laura to regain her position on the other side of him and they quickly started another hand.

After Laura predictably lost the next hand, she sat with her mind whirling wondering what Chris’s next degradation would involve her in. Chris stated, “I want oral sex, Laura.”

“Huh?” she questioned.

Brandi explained, “He wants you to give him ‘head’, Laura.”

“Oh no, Tissy,” the young blonde protested. “I’ve never done anything like that.”

“Well then, this is a good time to learn,” Chris replied while he arose to his feet quickly and strode over to where Laura was sitting. He proceeded to rapidly remove his brown trousers and red and blue stripped boxer shorts by pulling them over his shoes and then laying them on the floor. Chris stood over Laura with his penis standing half-mast and entreated, “Come on, Laura or do you want to go back to your home?”

Laura whimpered and attempted to not notice the scornful expression on Brandi’s face and the leering expression of Joshy and pulled herself up to her knees in front of Chris’s ever lengthening penis. She began to kiss the head of his penis, not being quite sure what was expected of her. Chris suggested, “Open your mouth, Laura,” and when she complied he proceeded to ram his penis as far back as he could into her mouth.

“Mmf,” Laura attempted to say in protest. Chris directed, “Suck on it, Laura!” Laura began to work her mouth in the shape of an oval around Chris’s sexual organ and to take almost all of his eight-inch penis in and out of her mouth faster and faster when suddenly Chris gripped her hair tightly with his hands and his penis exploded its hot load of semen into her mouth with his cum dripping down her throat.

When he finally withdrew his wilting erection, Laura complained “Oh, that was so gross, Chris. Why did you have to go in my mouth?” She felt even more degraded when she heard Brandi laughing. Laura had Chris’s orgasm still dripping from the corners of her mouth when he returned to the other side of her and reseated himself still naked from the waist down.

While Brandi and Mallory enjoyed their unimpeded view of Chris’s penis, Laura discovered herself pointedly staring at Chris’s sexual apparatus from across the rug and she began to blush and complained to him, “Chris, would you please have the decency to put your pants back on?”

Chris glanced up at Laura with a sly look and responded, “If it bothers you so much, Laura, you’re free to leave anytime.”

Laura had the advantage in cards through most of the next hand and she sat hoping against hope that she could somehow manage to hold on and win her pants back and then she planned to flee the house as fast as she could (topless or not), but Chris once again beat her in the end.

As the pretty blonde sat silently quivering in horror struck anticipation of Chris’s next request, he arose to his feet and quickly removed the rest of his apparel leaving him as naked as Laura. Brandi and Mallory looked on delightedly at the total nudity of Chris, not being embarrassed in the slightest, because they had always been inordinately curious about what he looked like under all that clothing that he usually wore.

Chris crossed the room to Laura and knelt down while gently pushing her on to her back. Laura attempted to struggle to no avail against his superior physical strength but remained silent. Chris lay his nude body down upon Laura thereby blocking most of their sexual activity to the disappointment of Josh.

He began to passionately kiss Laura and thrust his tongue into her startled mouth while gently rubbing her enormous left nipple. When her nipple became erect, Chris began to rub her right nipple while continuing to move his tongue everywhere in her mouth. Laura groaned quietly and had ceased her struggling. “I do love you so much,” Chris whispered to her. “Oh Tissy,” Laura cooed. She was always the ‘fool’ for her former boyfriend’s ‘sweet talking.’

Chris suddenly attached his mouth to Laura’s left nipple and began to suckle it gently while moving his left hand down to her distended vagina, which glistened with wetness and began to search for her clitoris. When he located her clitoris with his finger and began to manipulate it, Laura began to buck and writhe on the floor finding herself inexplicitly completely sexually aroused; quite possibly because of all the humiliating sexual experiences she had just been forced to undergo.

“Chris,” Laura moaned, “Take me now! And don’t worry about being gentle, I’m no longer a virgin.”

“You’re not?!” he exclaimed, feeling very surprised and a little put out that it had not been he to claim her prize of virginity.

“No,” she murmured. “But you wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Laura said thinking back to the drummer of ‘Linkin Park’ magically appearing through her bedroom wall on her eighteenth birthday. (See Laura’s Birthday Surprise by BobDogwood)

Brandi found herself becoming extremely sexually aroused and glancing at Josh and Mallory and noticing that they were paying absolutely no attention to her, but rather were engrossed with watching Laura and Chris she surreptitiously unbuttoned the top of her black shorts and slipped her left hand inside her sheer panties and began to search for her clitoris. She located it immediately and began to manipulate it while continuing to watch the sexual cavorting of Laura and Chris.

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