Learning To Be A Master – (Revised)

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I’ve had fun posting here before, and these are two more of my real-life stories posted on this site:

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I’m in a long-term almost sexless marriage (still am, nothing much has changed). Nearly everything else about my life was and is great, but the sex has always been missing, so I’ve developed pretty good skills at getting what I needed while keeping things happy on the home front.

At the time I was closing in on 40 years old but still had the libido of a 16yo! Like today, I was fit back then and while not a gym rat, I didn’t hesitate to take my shirt off to mow the lawn. I’m the nice-neighbor kind of guy who has a better than average Dad-Bod. I’m white with an olive complexion, 5’9” and just about 160 pounds, lots of dark hair, green eyes and have a wiry build.

So back then I joined an online “alternative” adult dating site. Pretty soon after I got way more than I bargained for! Within a couple days of posting my profile, this girl … a 29-yo woman at the time … she answered my ad.

I looked up her profile and it said something about her deep need to be punished. “Well, that’s kind of twisted,” I remembered thinking. I didn’t know anything about Doms and Subs and BSMD, but I was so hard up that I decided to play along and figure it out … it couldn’t be THAT difficult, right? I needed to get laid.

About the whole Dom thing … I’m NOT AT ALL the violent type … I don’t even like yelling at my dog. As a matter of fact, dogs and all animals really love me … and they say if animals like you, you’re probably not a horrible person. So honestly, the idea of being a DOM perplexed me. For me, sex was always about sharing a relationship … about getting closer, showing affection, and giving and receiving love. It was never about dominance or power or control. That was about to change.

Via email, the woman and I hit it off right away.

Here’s one reason; she made the early-internet-era mistake of having her name linked to her e-mail. Her real name! It was Joni, like from the old TV show Happy Days. It only took me about 5 seconds to look up her address. I sent her a really kind and unthreatening note to inform her of the rookie error. I even asked if she wanted to keep talking, or if my knowing who she really was caused her too much anxiety. My being honest helped her trust me, and that trust opened up a Pandora’s box of fun.

We chatted on line, and then on the phone. “She sure doesn’t sound weird,” I thought to myself as I hung up after our first live conversation. I expected somebody who wanted to feel pain during sex would exhibit some outward tells, but there wasn’t anything that stood out. I did learn that she’d been married and divorced, and that she was highly educated (Master’s degree) and a professional educator. A true upright person … with a secret. She sure wouldn’t want the school board finding out about this alterative life, eh?

We agreed to meet. Literally she said, “Come by my house after school,” like she was setting up a play date! I worked for myself at the time, so it was easy for me to adjust my schedule. Joni lived about 5 miles from my house so I swung by on my way home. She lived in a tidy little brick bungalow in one of Chicago’s older neighborhoods. I swung into the narrow driveway, shut the izmit rus escort car down and hopped out not knowing what to expect. Joni had sent a face picture but it wasn’t very flattering. I was half expecting her to be a Butter Face … as in she’s got a hot body, “but her face” is really ugly.

She was in her home’s back yard and came out to greet meet when she heard me pull up. This girl was NOT a butter face. She had short, curly, dirty blond hair, pretty blue eyes, and a sweet smile. I’d guess she was about 5’3”. Judging by how she filled out her t-shirt and jock shorts, she might have weighed 125 pounds. Her curves were mature and very sexy. For visualization purposes, I recall her breasts were a large b-cup … nothing monstrous.

We sat on her pack patio enjoying the shade on the warm summer afternoon. I could only stay a short time, but I felt sincerely attracted to her. We talked about careers, graduate classes and the excitement of looking through the personal ads. She thanked me again telling her about her email faux pax. Things were going great.

As the minutes ticked away, I had to get going. We both stood up, and respecting the fact that we were in plain sight of anybody who might have been outside in the neighborhood, I didn’t hug her or even hold her hand. But I did tell her very clearly that I wanted to grab her and kiss her very badly. She surprised me by suggesting we go inside. You could have knocked me over with a feather!

We stepped inside the home’s small side entrance. It was a tiny space that was quite dark compared to the bright outdoors. I recall awkwardly shuffling about in the dim light as she closed the door behind us. Like so many of those older small homes, from the tiny landing you could go into the kitchen, into the front living room, or fall down the basement stairs!

Standing close in the small entrance, she slid her body close to mine, looked up into my eyes and kissed me so passionately that the backs of my legs tingled.

After a few moments, her tongue found mine, and then she stiffened it up and forced it in my mouth. I sucked on it like it was a big clit! After a few minutes of kissing like high-schoolers, I had her breasts out of her t-shirt. Her firm nipples were like plump grapes, and her breasts filled my large hands just perfectly.

In my first act as a would-be pretenting-DOM, I purposefully twisted her left nipple with my right index finger and thumb … not too hard, but enough to let her know I meant business. Her legs went weak and she moaned the sexiest sound I’d ever heard come from a woman. I figured, “I guess I’ll get the hang of this!” Still holding her plump nipple firmly, I could feel her areola stretch. She pulled back slightly, just enough to tug her breast skin tightly. And then another moan….

I really had to get home, so I very reluctantly stopped what we were doing. The look in Joni’s eyes was somewhere between out-of-control passion and genuine love. She looked up at me with such fuck-me eyes I almost creamed myself. But my real life called me back to reality.

We quickly agreed on our next meeting, and chatted a few times in between. When she emailed me, she called me Master. And I referred to her as my Sweet Little Bitch. Working to play up the DOM thing, I swung by the hardware store to buy some thick cotton rope and a new utility knife. That’s me, always the kidder, but the reaction I got from Joni totally surprised me.

I arrived at her house on our second play date izmit escort much earlier in the afternoon. I carried to rope and knife in my tool bag. The props helped make a positive impact. I brought out the rope and flicked out the blade like some kind of criminal and said, “I gonna make you my bitch for real.” Her eyes gleamed with excitement.

She led me down the basement stairs to what seemed like an old, unused rec room. There was some light coming in from the glass block windows and it was dead quiet. There was an old sofa pushed up against a wall, plus a couple chairs and an old TV sitting on an even older coffee table. The tile floor was a simple checkerboard pattern. Everything was a little dusty. Like many houses of the era, a metal beam traversed the center ceiling, and steel posts supported the beam.

I knew in a flash what I’d do. Transforming into what I thought a Dom should be, I looked at her, grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her toward me, and looked her right in the eyes. “Strip,” was all I said. She looked down. But I lifted her eyes back to me mine by holding her chin and lifting her head up firmly. She blinked and nodded.

I stepped back and crossed my arms to watch.

She started by taking off her t-shirt. Then her shorts. Then I told her, “Stop.” Then I just looked at her. She blushed standing there in plain skin colored bra like she’d wear to work and white boy-cut panties. I told her, “Turn around.” I looked at her some more, then stepped closer and said in a potently critical tone, “White granny pants? Seriously? And you knew I was coming? Fuuuuuuuuck.” And with that I cocked my right hand back, opened my palm and swatted her right ass cheek with a hard slap. She squealed and jumped up. “Shut up,” I said, “That didn’t hurt. I’m not even warmed up!” Then I moved to my left so I could slap her left ass cheek with even more force. As I roughly grabbed her bra clasp and unfastened it, I said, “Take those ugly thnigs off.” She bent over facing away from me, and as she slid her panties down, my hand marks began to show bright red on her china-white ass.

“Turn around,” I commanded. Looking down, and clumsily kicking off her panties from her feet, she turned around, her bra dangling some, but still covering her chest. I reached forward and used my entire hand to grip between the cups and just pulled. Caught off guard, she wiggled her arms free and they dropped back to her side.

“Nice tits,” I said as I reached out with both hands to palpate each breast from the side. “They’ll do.”

“Thank you, Master,” was her response.

Before I knew it, I had her naked in her own basement. I was being a little rougher on her breasts than I ever thought I would be with a woman…but she liked it…it turned her on. She started yelling like it hurt…but there was a smile on her face and the devil in her eye….

I pushed her down on the couch…made a quick noose and tied her hands together and then to the foot of the couch. Then I really went at her tits, twisting the hell out of them….she yelled so loudly that my ears rang. She never did use her safe word…which she mumbled to me while I was biting the side of one of her breasts as a “just in case” thing. I got into a rhythm where I’d pinch and twist, holding just long enough that I thought the burn would begin, then I’d gently lay my wet, hot tongue across her nipples. The contrast of feelings made her body writhe, and the sounds she made were exquisite. The gasps and winces turned to pleasurable moans kocaeli escort and coos.

After working on her breasts, I went for her cunt lips. She was drenched, and not only her pussy. The insides of her thighs were also wet, and my fingers slid easily around her inner and outer lips. I’d alternate between sliding around the outside of her snatch, every so often tweaking her clit, to plunging my fingers deep inside her. Her lips were so wet that it was hard to get a good hold on them, but I did a few times and twisted her outer lips hard. As a reward for taking the pain, I planted a hot mouth on her pussy and gently sucked her lips into my mouth. A few times I focused on her clit, gently, in a teasing way … then I’d pull my head back and while her eyes were closed, I’d slap her pussy with my hand, “smack!” Her body would convulse in surprise then relax again as my mouth returned to sooth the sting.

I got her to the point of cumming a few times, but wouldn’t let her….until I was ready.

About then, I figured it was time for some oral action FOR ME…she pursed her lips…..I played pissed and spanked her ass and the backs of her thighs ’till they were pink and blotchy. I went after her tits and pussy again, and let her cum. Then I got my BJ. At this time in my life I’d had so little oral that even though she wasn’t as great as some women I’ve had since, the experience sent my head spinning. Her mouth was so hot and she used nice pressure. She kept her hands moving around my shaft and balls. It was also so wonderful to watch my cock disappear into her mouth. So so sexy.

After this nice oral, I had her climb on me. She was rocking away, but I slowed her right down. I was bottoming out in her and could feel the cone of her cervix tweaking the tip of my cock when she came down on me with her full force. Her breasts bobbing in front of me made a perfect target for more “torture.” With both hands free, I could take a tit in each hand and squeeze them, then zero in on each nipple to pinch and twist. When I’d do that, her body would tighten … her eyes would scrunch shut, her neck muscles would tense, her legs would close around me, and her pussy would clench down on my shaft.

I wasn’t going to last much longer. I timed it so we both came at the same time. I felt like I pumped jiz into her for an hour. And my body quivered with aftershocks for a few minutes after. Then I just held her … and I could feel the cum oozing from her pussy, down my shaft and balls, covering my thighs.

The peacefulness of this post-orgasmic time was wonderful.

I showered in a dazed stupor. It was around 5:30 pm when I went home, and I was wobbly legged the rest of the night. Every time I thought about the experience, I got stiff and excited. The next day, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I had discovered the pleasure of being a master, and found new power in being able to pleasure a woman in a way that was new to me.

What happened shortly thereafter floored me. I got an email from Joni.

Here’s what it said: “Rich, If you get a divorce you can have me for life. I want you, I need you, and yet I can’t have all of you. This isn’t fair. If I had just a year or two before you filed for a divorce, I would be very patient. Since I know you won’t change your life, I can’t see you again. It hurts too much. Even so, I send you a big passionate kiss. Joni”

Over the next year or two we corresponded a few times. Joni got married and earned her PhD. My hope is that she is still leading a wonderful life surrounded by a loving family. But I’ll always remember Joni through the passion in her eyes and the sound from her lips when I twisted her nipples …

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