Learning to Dance

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My husband, James, recently submitted a story about our first home and the spectacular threesome we shared with our Realtor and friend, Amanda. That was one of the most erotic, most memorable nights of my life, and I think James did a great job retelling the events that took place. But while reading the story, I noticed one very minor mistake, one he didn’t know he was making.

While my husband watched me kiss Amanda’s sweet thighs and lick her wet lips, he was thinking I was being with a woman for the first time. What my husband doesn’t know is that it wasn’t the first time I shared a kiss with another female. (It was, however, the first time I shared a sexual moment with Amanda, and I must admit, her soft lips, her gentle touch, and oh God, her lovely pussy, are almost sinful, the works of incredible dreams and fantasies that I’ve imagined many times when alone at night.) In fact, that special night would probably never have happened if it weren’t for my prior experiences with other women.

You see, I was pretty shy growing up, and I never really felt comfortable around boys. In high school, Amanda always told me guys found me attractive. She tried to tell me that my “subtle curves and tight body” made the guys stare, and that my “silky brown hair and clear blue eyes” made the other girls jealous. But I didn’t buy it and stayed in my shell while Amanda went on dates and learned the joys that can only be shared with a man.

So when I moved to the dorms in college (Colorado State University for those that are interested), I was still shy, still a virgin, and definitely still nervous around men. But I was lucky enough to have a roommate that would help change all that.

Her name was Samantha, or Sam for short. She was from Georgia and had the cutest southern accent that everyone adored. Being a Southern Belle, she wasn’t used to the cold, but at the same time, she couldn’t accept having her legs covered; that’s why she was constantly wearing a huge sweatshirt and tattered jean-shorts, a combination that was somehow comfortable and sexy at the same time.

Although she looked cute in her outfit, it didn’t really do her body justice because the big sweatshirt all but hid her essentials. Not that her chest was so much bigger than mine (I remember her as a 34C, while I’m a 34B), but she definitely had a better body. At least I felt she did. Sometimes I watched her dress, wishing I had that firm stomach and those rounded breasts. And I always tried to imitate her diet and her workout routine. But she kept saying, “Anna, working out and not eating isn’t going to give you bigger tits.”

But larger boobs wasn’t all that she had on me. She was outgoing, and I was jealous. She always grabbed the guys’ attention and was asked out continually. She knew I wanted to go out more, and she said I’d have no problem picking up guys if I just opened up a little. Lighten up. One day, when she saw a lecture wouldn’t work, she took the matter into her own hands and set me up with a her friend, beşiktaş escort Brian, a Sophomore I had met once earlier in the year, one that I had mentioned to Sam as being incredibly cute.

As the date grew closer, I admitted to Sam that I was nervous. I didn’t know how to dance, and that’s what we were planning on doing. And what if he tried to kiss me afterward? Or invited me to his place? I was a wreck. So the night before the date, my savior once again stepped in.

“You’re driving me crazy, Anna,” she said as she crawled into bed. “You’ll be fine.”

“But what do I do? I don’t know how to dance,” I said, pacing around in my nightie.

“Fine,” she said, getting back out of bed, slipping on socks, and pulling a sweatshirt over her head. “I’ll show you how to dance, will that make you happy?”

I just smiled as she moved to the stereo and put on a mix of slow songs. She stepped closer and told me she would be Brian and that I should just follow her lead. For the first few songs, I just giggled, nervous even with my friend.

“Okay, this isn’t working. Let’s try a little different style.” With that, she grabbed my hands and put them around her neck, then she placed her arms around my waist, holding me gently. “Just sway and move your feet slowly, turning to the music.”

Being closer to her helped ease the giggles, and soon I was letting myself go with the music. “That’s better,” she said. “Nothing to it.”

When the next song started, instead of stopping, my roommate pulled me closer to her, and we snuggled as we danced. I moved my arms to fit around her side, and we tightened up even more when I lay my head on her shoulder. “This is nice,” I said. It was relaxing. I was being carried away by the music, letting Sam take me away from my worries about the coming date with Brian.

Although I didn’t really know it at the time, something other then the music and the gentle swaying was putting me at ease. Being in Sam’s arms had a calming effect. Her hair smelled of wild strawberries. I felt a churning inside, as if butterflies were fluttering in my stomach, and I had the sudden urge to kiss Sam’s neck.

“See, it feels nice, doesn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes it does,” I whispered.

That’s when Sam’s hands began to move slowly up and down my back. Her touch sent waves of sensations over my skin and those butterflies went crazy. I titled my head, my lips now inches from her neck, and I breathed in, basking in the slight aroma of perfume and strawberries.

That’s when her hands reached down and grabbed my ass.

Stunned, I pulled away from her. “What the hell was that?”

She looked at me and laughed. “Well, what are you going to do if Brian does that?” She must have seen some hurt in my eyes because she said, “Sorry, Anna, I didn’t mean anything by it. I just wanted to see what you’d do. Never know what he might do on the dance floor.”

“If he does that, I’ll smack him,” şişli escort I said.

“Why? You were having fun, right?” She moved closer and pulled me to her. We started moving together again. “You liked the way my hands felt, right?” I admitted that I did. “Well,” she continued, her hands now roaming over my back again. “His will feel good, too. You should let his hands wander. Enjoy his touch.”

Her hands began to caress my back again, but this time, when they moved down to gently grab my ass, I didn’t pull away. Instead, I let her arms pull me up a bit. I squeezed back, pulling her closer still and letting my mouth rest easy on the nape of her neck.

Her mouth moved to my ear, and the rush of her breath sent chills down my spine. “What if he wants to kiss you?” she asked in a whisper.

I slowly moved my head up to look her in the eye, my lips brushing ever so gently across her chin. “That makes me nervous,” I admitted.

“Don’t be,” she said, staring into my eyes, as if studying my inner thoughts and trying to give me strength with just her look. “It’s easy.” She then took my chin in her hand and raised my head. My heart raced, beating faster then I thought possible. I thought it would explode in my chest. And then it all but stopped when she bent forward and put her lips to mine.

It was so brief, yet it felt like an eternity. But that’s the way I wanted it. I wanted it to last forever. It didn’t. Instead, she pulled back from the kiss a mere second after it began, her lips lightly pulling on my lower lip as she retreated.

“Not bad,” she said, smiling. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding, but that’s all I could do. My mind was racing in pace with my pounding heart. The thoughts I was having, the feelings in my stomach and those from even lower, what did they mean? All I did know in that instant was that I wanted that feeling again. And I wanted more.

I closed my eyes and we kissed again. This time, our lips parted, allowing our tongues to meet. Sam was very gentle, kissing me softly and letting the kiss go where it would instead of forcing it. Our tongues flicked over one another lightly, as our lips moved ever so slightly across each other. Then she relinquished the kiss and moved over my cheek to my ear, where she planted one little kiss and a tickle of her tongue before she moved down to kiss and suck my neck.

My knees nearly gave out then, but I stood my ground as my legs quivered. I felt a warmth spread between my legs as my pussy became wet from the excitement. All that from just her lips and tongue. When her hands slid under my nightie and began to caress my ass, skin to skin, I gasped and nearly fell to my knees. Feeling this, Sam guided me to her bed. I sat on the edge and she slipped my pajamas over my head.

I sat there, naked, gasping for air, looking down on my roommate with a passion that has yet to be equaled. “I never thought I’d be touching your wonderful body, Anna. bahçeşehir escort bayan It’s intoxicating,” she smiled at me, but all I could do was let out another breath.

She then took off her sweatshirt and knelt before me, bare as I was except for her socks. She stretched out and kissed me again, her hands moving to my breasts. Her fingers gently flicked over my nipples, bringing them to a hardness I hadn’t expected. But when she sucked them into her mouth, they grew even more solid, and I couldn’t help reaching out to grab the back of her head and running my fingers through her hair.

“The guys are going to love you,” she whispered, moving down to my stomach. She lay tiny kiss after tiny kiss all over my belly and hips before slowly pushing me onto my back.

My legs still hanging over the side of the bed, she pushed against my thighs, opening me wide. Her hands massaged my thighs deeply, as her mouth sucked the soft skin there. As if on reflex, my hands moved to my crotch, and I began to rub my fingers over my pussy.

“That’s for me to do, my dear,” she said, moving my hands out of her way. The first swipe of her tongue about killed us both. I reacted by clamping my thighs together with enough force to make her gasp. But for me, I felt every nerve in my body explode with delight. This was indeed heaven.

“Easy, Anna,” she said with a giggle. This time she kept her hands on my thighs as she bent forward. Her mouth moved over my lips, taking them each into her mouth. Then her tongue entered me, slowly at first, but as she went deeper, her flicks became faster. My hips began to thrust in and out as we found a rhythm. I was near the brink. I wanted to stop; I wanted to continue. My body tensed, scared of what was to come next.

“Relax,” Sam said. “Let it come naturally.” As if on cue, her tongue found my clit and I exploded. Waves reverberated through my body, over my skin. The smell of sex was in the air, and I could hear her tongue and lips lap up warm, wet cum that flowed in my pussy.

I took a deep breath and arched my back, peering down at her. She smiled and said, “Yep, the guys are going to love you. Especially if you cum so quickly all the time.”

I wanted her so bad right then. I beckoned her to me. She moved up and we cuddled, kissing passionately, her lips giving me my first taste of a woman. But I wanted to taste her, not me, so I kissed and sucked my way over her body, finding her center.

“Slow down,” she said, “It’s not a race.”

Then I was between her legs, loving the smell and the taste. It was sweet, yet tangy. And very subtle. I loved it. “Tell me what to do,” I said.

And she did. That night and for many nights to come. The date with Brian the next night was okay, but nothing came of it. Most likely because I wanted to rush home to be with Sam. We eventually began to share the same bed. After that, we shared men. That semester, she not only taught me how to love a woman, she used dildos to show me how to please a man. She showed me how to fuck, and just as importantly, how to be fucked. Without her, I would not have experienced any of the sexuality I love today.

When we moved out of the dorms, we both knew our time together was over. But although she may no longer be in my bed, Sam will always be in my heart, and in my fantasies.

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