Libertine Adventures Ch. 11

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All the people are over the age of 18.

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Nicole, with an audience

Saturday morning, Krystal and I had just finished our morning jog. A brisk 10k run through the streets of Farmers Branch and into Carrollton had the blood flowing nicely. The fact that as soon as we arrived home Krystal dropped to her knees, and started to fellate me, localized that blood flow.

Pausing a moment she asked, “Do you think Lisa will bring someone tonight?”

I growled playfully, “You talk too much.”

As she did that swirly, twirly, sucking thing she does so well, despite the flood of pleasure coursing through me, I tried to answer the question, “Yeah, if she can, Lisa will bring someone over.”

Krystal hummed happily and my knees threatened to collapse underneath me. “Fuck woman,” I hissed out. “If she doesn’t it won’t be for a lack of effort on her part.”

Sweat was streaming down my back, chest, and arms. Looking down, Krystal’s red hair flashed not too unlike a fire. I do know that her mouth engulfing the top third of my hardness certainly felt cozy.

I pulled out of her mouth and ordered, “Strip and follow.”

I walked back to the bedroom and laid down on the bed, legs slightly spread apart. As she crawled into the bedroom “Put the bigger buttplug in and then come finish the blowjob.”

She looked at me hesitantly then crawled to the nightstand. It took her a couple of minutes to get the plug in, which was ample time for me to get soft.

Krystal crawled into the bed, and kissed her way up my right leg, licking the sweat off me as she went. By the time she started on my left leg, I was once again standing impressively tall.

Her hand wrapped around me and she slowly fondled my length as her mouth closed around my nut sack. I thrust my hips up into the air, more for my pleasure than her convenience, and I sibilantly hissed, “Yesss, suck my balls.”

Her tongue and mouth worked me over and I felt my orgasm building. Before I did come though I scooted out from under her and pressed her face down on the bed. I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and slathered my cock with a generous amount of lube.

I pulled the plug from her ass and pressed my thumb into the opening while shooting lube up her derriere.

After her backside was prepped, I placed the bulbous head against her slightly gaping hole. “Ready?”

Krystal responded by pressing back, forcing the tip inside of her slightly. I slowly pressed until the head popped through her sphincter. Krystal sucked in a breath and I paused, waiting for her to get accustomed to the intrusive presence of my cock.

After a minute or so, she nodded slightly signaling me to proceed. Down and up, in short, little micro-strokes, I worked my cock further and further inside my beloved wife’s ass. It felt as if she were trying to massage me to an orgasm her poop chute fluttering around my length.

I finally bottomed out in her, and Krystal whispered, “So full. So very full.”

As I pulled back, I added more lubrication to my cock, then pushed all the way back inside her with one long smooth stroke. I whispered in her ear, “Time for you to become an ass-slut.”

All the time it took to get myself into a position where I could fuck her ass, brought me to the edge of orgasm again. I stopped moving and maneuvered a hand between her hip and the mattress, so I could play with her clit.

I started diddling her and Krystal started humping up and down on my hand. The pleasure suffusing my body was incredible, she was fucking herself on me while helping me massage her most sensitive nub. We stayed in that position until Krystal’s hip action became more insistent.

Wrapping my arms around her, I rolled the two of us over, so that she now laid on top of me. “Sit up and turn around,” I demanded of her.

She sat up and slowly turned to face me, her feet walking her around. The sensation of that twisting movement was unlike anything else that I had experienced. It was amazing and I briefly wondered how I could make it happen more often and a little faster. As she settled into position, I decided that was an issue for another day.

I could see her pussy, tits, and face now. I smiled up at her and said, “When you are ready, fuck yourself on me.”

He normally sad face lit up like the sun, seemingly casting all shadows from our bedroom. Raising herself up, Krystal swayed her hips left and right then dropped herself onto my pole. Up and down, canlı bahis faster and faster Krystal pleasured herself on me. I placed my hand in such a way that my thumb was penetrating her honey pot on each downstroke.

Krystal’s tits, which I now knew to be a good C cup based on what she had taught me about bra sizes, bounced up and down hypnotically, the movements mesmerizing me. Her nipples hard points atop areola the size of a half-dollar. The normally pale areola and nipple back to a deep chestnut.

Higher and higher, her keening matched the pace she was fucking herself. “Please,” she screamed, “Please cum in my ass!”

I was trying to hold off, I wanted her to completely wear herself out, but as she screamed, “Cum, Master, please cum in your new ass-slut, ” I could hold back no longer. My cock flexed and contracted as each pulse of cum shot from my balls into her bowels.

Krystal began to have her orgasm with me and her body shook, either from the effort expended or from the waves of pleasure.

She collapsed on top of me, and I could feel her smile against my chest as my cock withered and shortly found itself outside of her body. “Damn,” she whispered, “I see now why Lisa keeps coming back for more of that.”

I chuckled and replied, “Next time I think I will let her be on top so I can watch her Himalayan tits.”

Lisa giggled, “That would be a sight to see.”

We showered together in an effort to ‘save water’ which turned out to take longer and far more water than individual showers would have. We made love standing up in the shower, at a slow languid tempo. I was completely sated by the time we were done.

Nervous energy dominated Krystal through the afternoon and it got worse the closer to 7:00 PM we got. I cleared a spot in the closet for Krystal to sit so she could watch whatever would happen that night; if anything.

At 7:00 I stuck Krystal into the closet with a kiss and headed to the living area. At 7:10 the front door opened (I really needed to learn to lock that) with Lisa leading Nicole in.

Nicole, the undisputed leader of the coterie of women. Her boyfriend was Hank Hahn, soon to be the class valedictorian, president of the Chess club, president of the math club, president of the drama team, and a charter member of George’s roleplaying game. It was one of the great mysteries on how those two got, and stayed, together.

I don’t know who I expected, but Nicole wasn’t the person that would have been in the top five of that list. Do you know that saying that behind every great man there was a great woman?

Meet Nicole. She was going to make whomever she settled down with into a great person.

She strode into our house wearing a tee shirt and shorts as if they were a business suit. Her hair was braided into a tail that reached down to her shoulder blades. Her skin had all the pigmentation that Krystal lacked, plus that of a normal person, giving her a year-round tanned appearance. The darkness of her skin and hair made her hazel eyes appear more prominent than they would otherwise. When smiling she was pretty enough, otherwise, she merely looked severe, much like one’s favorite grumpy if sexy librarian.

She was thin, I was pretty sure I could touch my thumb to finger if I wrapped a hand around her neck. Standing around five feet six inches she couldn’t have weighed over 110 to 115 pounds.

I gave Lisa a kiss then said, “Hi Nicole. I am surprised to see you here.”

She looked around the living room and dismissed it at the same time. “If I listen to Lisa, you are God’s gift to women. She is easily dismissed because, well, because she is Lisa.”

She looked me up and down, appraising me, “But Amy and Stephanie say much the same thing. So I am curious.”

This was doing nothing for my libido. The only reason I planned to go through with it is that Krystal was so excited about the likelihood of watching the exhibition.

“Well if curiosity is your only motivation, then you can watch as I fuck Lisa up the ass.”

Nicole pulled up, shock on her face before she replaced it with a more placid visage. Lisa piped in, “Maybe, Master, there is an in-between spot?”

Nicole’s head whipped toward Lisa when she said, “Master.” This time the shock stayed on Nicole’s face.

I looked at Lisa and said, “I am listening.”

She looked at my crotch and said, “Perhaps, if I play with your cock, it will convince Nicole that a test drive is worthwhile.”

I looked at Nicole, “Conditionally, I agree.”

Nicole smirked, “What conditions do you have?”

Finally movement I could bahis siteleri understand, “First, if I have one of the five biggest penises you have seen, we go to the room and do what Lisa brought you to do.”

Nicole nodded.

“Second, if I make you have more than one orgasm you help Lisa, Amy, and Stephanie get the rest of the girls here, say one every Saturday night.”

This time she thought about it long enough that I thought she was going to disagree. Then, “Fine, Anne would be next.”

“Third, if I am the best lay, by a male, you have ever had, you, Lisa and I will have a threesome next week instead of Anne.”

Nicole smiled, replying, “If you are in the halfway range I would probably agree to that.”

“Finally, Lisa gets to watch, naked and on the bed with us; but, she can neither touch us nor herself.”

Nicole actually laughed, “That is beautiful, agreed. All of which is dependent on the first condition being true.

I turned my head toward Lisa, “Ass-slut, why the fuck are you still in clothes?”

She stammered, “S-sorry Master,” and began undressing.

Watching Lisa undress, particularly her mammoth tits coming free, started the blood flowing into my penis. Bonus points, and blood flow, for Lisa, when she dropped into Nadu.

Lisa was reaching for my shorts when Nicole, who I almost forgot about, said, “I am satisfied that condition one has been met.”

I smirked a little at Nicole and asked, “Please wait here. I want to get Lisa into position first.”

Nicole nodded then turned to Lisa. She bent her knees to bring her face down to Lisa’s level and whispered something in her ear that I did not hear. Once Nicole was done she gave Lisa a soft kiss.

I started toward the bedroom with, “Heel, ass-slut.”

I took the handcuffs and cuffed Lisa’s hands behind her back and pointed her pussy toward the closet so Krystal would have a side show to watch.

I walked back into the living room and to my surprise, Nicole was standing there naked. Her tits were the smallest in the house, the smallest I had gotten my hands on, maybe an A cup. But they had a lovely slope to them and puffy areola, slightly larger than Krystal’s. A narrow waist that sloped to narrow hips. She had a landing strip about two fingers wide that led one’s eyes down to see her state of excitement.

I walked around her, appraising her much as she did me. Her ass was nearly non-existent barely a handful on each side.

I stepped up from behind her and wrapped my arms around her narrow waist, one hand between the landing strip and her belly button, and the other halfway between her belly button and breasts.

I kissed her shoulder and slowly kissed and licked my way to her ear. Nicole held her breath a moment and released it as I nipped the fatty part of her ear.

I took a quarter step back and swept Nicole up in my arms, earning me a playful, “Oh a big strong man, are you?”

I decided to shut her up by kissing her. Soft lips, initially resistant, tasted of strawberry. As she began kissing me back, my tongue slid into her mouth to duel with her tongue.

As we stepped into the bedroom she saw Lisa handcuffed in the corner of the bed and said, “Nice. I think I like that.”

I placed Nicole on the bed and stepped back. I took my tee shirt off and tossed it at Nicole. While she was removing it I dropped my shorts to my ankles and waited.

When she saw it, Nicole said, “No way that is going in my ass.”

I laughed as I stepped up to the bed and joined her on it. “Right now is not the time to worry about that.”

She laid back on the pillow and splayed her legs open for me. I cocked an eyebrow at her and asked, “Is that what you do with Hank?”

She looked up at me and asked, “What did you have in mind?”

I grabbed her ankles and yanked her down off the pillow, saying, “Your first orgasm.”

I kissed and licked my way up Nicole’s left leg, pacing myself close to what Krystal had done to me earlier. Her skin was soft, smooth, almost like warm butter. As I kissed my way up her leg, I pushed Nicole’s legs up and followed the motion in a way that I was kissing the back of her leg by the time I got to her knee. I kissed along her hamstring up to her tiny ass, and then across her ass cheek to her hole.

Here I paused and tongued around the puckered star, then across it. Nicole was thrusting her hips trying to make me sustain contact which I avoided. I continued to kiss and lick around her star with feathery touches until I heard Nicole whimper.

Then I thrust my tongue into her ass, and ass bahis şirketleri fucked her with the tip until she shuddered and moaned happily. As she slowed down I started on her other leg, moving my lips, tongue, and test down her skinny leg unhurriedly. Lisa commented, “That is one Master.”

I looked at Lisa briefly and could see she was just as worked up as Nicole and I. Her petals had blossomed and nectar clinging to them in copious amounts. Her nipples were as hard as I had ever seen them and she had a flush from mid tit all the way to her hairline.

Turning my attention back to Nicole, I could see her petals in full bloom as well, with perhaps more nectar on them. I licked some off and had to moan into her crotch. She tasted kind of like warm honey, very sweet without any tartness.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and Nicole shuddered in pleasure. My lips fastened onto her sensitive and engorged button. My tongue swirled around it as I easily slid a finger into her wet pussy. She started humping up and down on my finger and in a minute or so I felt her legs clamp around my head holding me in place as she shuddered through her second orgasm.

My cock and balls we’re beginning to ache in need and I really wanted her tight cunt around me. I skipped her torso and placed my penis at her opening.

I pressed my hips down, forcing my cock to fill the void between her legs in one long steady push. Once there I caught her knees up with my elbows and began fucking her.

I felt her hard nipples digging into my chest with each thrust. Nicole tried to free her legs which forced me to squeeze them together for more control.

Looking down at her face, she appeared to be in anguish or exaltation. In that she was not crying I went with exaltation. Her body shuddered again as I hammered into her tight snatch. I picked up the speed which she was cumming to intensify and lengthen her orgasm. As it abated I slowed down.

In the back of my mind, I had to thank Krystal for getting me off a couple of times earlier this morning, it was giving me a great deal of stamina. Thinking of Krystal reminded me she was watching and all she could see at the moment really well was my ass.

I rolled the two of us over and aimed my crotch at the closet door. I scooted so I could place my head on one of Lisa’s gargantuan tits. I looked up at the surprised Nicole and said, “Turn around, I want to watch your ass as you squat your ass on my cock.”

She stood, turned around and impaled herself on my meat pole. Her hands landed on my shins and she began to vigorously fuck herself after a brief trial period. Her tiny little ass flying up and down as fast as I had seen anyone do it.

She collapsed a few minutes later in a muffled scream and laid there panting, unmoving.

I raised up on my knees and grabbed her long ponytail and pulled her up, “Are you okay?”

She nodded, her breathing in short shallow spurts. “Good, ” I said. “It’s my turn to get off.”

I started fucking her doggy style. Her face, nose down into the mattress, while I stared at the closet doors. I couldn’t see Krystal through the slats, but I knew she was there, staring at us. The thought that she was sent a thrill down my spine and to my orbs. Having Lisa watch was an added bonus to what would have been a lovely fuck anyway.

I could feel Lisa behind me staring at my ass, Krystal in front of me staring at Nicole’s head, or at the space between her ass cheeks as my cock excavated her pleasure ditch.

Then I knew how I wanted to blow.

As my orgasm approached I pulled out of Nicole. Grabbing her ponytail, I draped her over Lisa and started masturbating to finish myself. The first shot I aimed at Nicole’s face, the white glob clearly visible against her golden skin. After that, I spent a shot back and forth between Lisa and Nicole until I ran out and slumped down against them and the bed.

Nicole’s hooded eyes turned toward me and she said, “Threesome next Saturday night. Anne the week after.”

She kissed my cockhead and said, “That is definitely not going up my ass. It won’t fit.”

I smiled down at her and said, “We’ll see.”

Nicole looked at Lisa and said, “I thought you said someone else was going to watch.”

I smiled at Lisa, “You told her?”

Lisa replied, “Yes, Master. I was told that she had to know exactly what she was getting into.”

“Good girl,” I praised. Looking at Nicole, “She did. In the closet.”

Nicole raised her head, looked at the closet then at me, “Can she come out now?”

I went to the closet and opened the door. Krystal dropped to her knees and sucked my limp cock into her mouth removing all traces of Nicole off of it. “She tastes marvelous, ” Krystal said.

I looked down at her, scowled, and said, “Go clean my cum off them.”

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