Met on the Net Ch. 03

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Recap: Charles and Dana met in an online chat room one year ago. They fell in love through seductive words, web cam viewing and sensuous phone calls. Both decided 8 months ago to meet and take their love to the next level, in that time each has struggled with indecision concerning their lives at home and their lives with each other.

Dana is thrilled as she waits at the airport, thoughts of Chuck swim through her head, picturing his face, hands, smile as he made love to her the first time, remembering the long sweet love making in the park five months ago. She looks forward to this day and night with him, she had told her husband of the convention months ago, but now she wouldn’t be attending. Her belongings were all ready at the hotel, so she only need wait for Charles to arrive. She watches an elderly woman stroke her husband’s hand and smiles at the love still reflected in their eyes for one another, she knows that her own feelings are just as easily read on her face. She turns her head toward the crowd of passengers coming towards the loved ones waiting for them.

Charles scans the faces, looking for her, his Dana, spying her seconds before she turns her face to him, their eyes lock and hold, his penetrating gaze never leaving her face as he quickens his step to her. His carry-on drops to the floor, his hands grab her face, his lips cover hers, as he pushes his tongue deep into her mouth, feeling his body begin to respond to her presence. “Oh, god Dana!” his voice sounding hungry and desperate to his own ears. He moves his hands from her face pushing his fingers into her hair, turning her head, thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth, feeling as if he won’t ever get enough of her. Her lips are like silk, her mouth smooth as melted chocolate, as their tongues make love to each other.

Dana claws at his arms, covering each one with her hands, pulling herself tight against him. She holds herself to his body, reaching up on her toes sucking in his tongue trying to devour him. “Chuck” is all she manages to say before their mouths collide again, her pussy wetting instantly, she squeezes her body tight holding in her desire. She can hardly believe this need to have him, to spread her legs open and let him bury himself deep.

“Excuse me.”

Charles tucks her head against his chest as he hides her blush from the elderly gentleman who’s voice brings them back to reality. He hears the older man chuckle as he takes his wife’s hand, kisses her cheek and turns to hug a small child who had just run into their waiting arms. He holds Dana in a soft gentle hug, savoring this moment with her. He feels her tighten her hold on his shirt as she takes a deep breath calming herself, before stepping back from him. Moving his hand to hers, he bends to pick up his carry-on, together they move to collect his remaining luggage.

He signals a cab and helps Dana inside, as the driver puts his luggage in the trunk, Charles slides in next to her. They sit close, holding hands, he watches her fingers rub his, caressing the skin and stroking the knuckles. He feels in his chest how much he’s missed her, it had been five months since the night at the park. Five months of late night phone calls and five months of Internet romance. His wife, he knew had noticed the hickey on his neck, but had chosen never to question him about it, he wonders why and what he’ll say if she ever does. He remembers how worried he was for Dana, praying the whole way home that her husband wouldn’t notice his love mark on her. He closes his eyes and reflects on the relief he felt when she’d e-mailed him, letting him know that her spouse had not seen the bruised flesh, her make-up had once again kept their secret. Charles wonders as he looks down at the other woman in his life how her husband could be so blind. His own emotions are torn between his love and commitment to his spouse and this new love he feels inside him. He struggles with indecision, finally accepting that he must have Dana in his life for as long as she’ll have of him.

Dana ponders her reaction to seeing and touching Charles again, she knew she would have wanted to hold him immediately, to love him completely. She has teetered on the edge of leaving her husband and has decided that after this time with Charles she’ll either end her affair or her marriage. Her heart aches each time she ends a chat or phone call and now each time she leaves his arms, a piece of her is left behind, a hole waiting to be filled the next time they are together. She knows the children will be hurt, confused, devastated, but she prays in time that they’ll forgive her and see it was for the best to take them out of a home that offered only financial stability, not emotional substance for all involved.

She runs her hand over Chuck’s thigh and watches his leg move under her touch, they widen as he settles his arm around her shoulder. She thinks of the time he pleasured her in the car and her pussy clenches and throbs against her panties. She sighs heavily and tells him she is tired, her face blushes as she glances up at the rearview mirror noticing how the cabby’s eyes ataşehir escort bayan fill with humor. Covering her blush in Chuck’s chest she slowly lets her head settle lower on his body. Hearing his groan of approval, she waits as his body shifts and his legs stretch out in front of him, before running her palm against his crotch. The denim stretches across his cock, pushing her hand hard against him, she feels his cock growing, trying to get to her skin. She rubs the top of his head then moves back down to push against his balls, her pussy starts to slowly pump itself, moving in a circular motion, her head slides lower down his stomach. Her breathing comes faster as she imagines sucking his dick here in the cab, knowing the cabby could hear her, wanting him to hear her, wanting someone to know how much she loves this man.

Charles moves one hand to his lovers head, silently urging her to do what she wishes. His piercing stare connects with the driver, signaling him to keep his eyes away from the couple in the back. He lets his hand stroke her scalp while his eyes return to her head, his hard cock strains against his jeans, he moves to undo his pants, shifting his ass so he can open the zipper. He puts his finger against Dana’s lips and she sucks one in, then two, licking and stroking his fingers with her tongue. He moves his hand from her mouth placing it on the edge of the door. “Yes, baby.” he whispers, as his hips press towards her. He feels her hands move into his jeans, stroking his hard cock, then her hand slips into the waistband of his boxers, grasping his penis, she brings it out for her display.

Her pussy is wet, her panties slick with juice, she gazes at the hard cock just a lick away from her mouth. Her breath coming heavier as her finger runs across the swollen head, mumbling against his erection, “I want to suck you Chuck.” Her throaty voice surprising even herself, “I want your cock in my mouth”. Her head lowers over his cock, his hand pressing her onward.

“Make me cum, hun.” he says grinding his cock towards her eager lips.

She covers his cock with her mouth, sucking him in deep, when she hears his growl of approval she moves her tongue around the hot member. Her head bobbing over his hard shaft, her breath is drawn into her lungs through her nose, her mouth never leaving his penis. She’s wanted to do this for the last five months, she’d longed to fuck him again and was excited to do it this way, knowing someone else knew what she was doing. Up and down on his cock her mouth moves, sucking his dick in deep. His grip on her head helps plow his cock to the back of her throat, her jaw stretching to take him all the way in. She feels his hands on her ass, squeezing it as it rocks and pumps empty space. Her pussy aches to be touched, aches to be played with, she presses her ass up into his palm, silently telling him to touch her. Her mouth moves faster on his cock as his hand moves up her skirt, caressing the soft flesh. His fingers cause her to gasp as she feels them slowly slide between the crack of her ass. She lifts her mouth off his cock and moans his name, before she pushes her moist heaven back where it belongs.

Charles stares at the ass pumping up and down beside him. He lets his fingers follow the crack of her ass down, he rubs her anus simulating her hole. He strokes it hard before continuing his search for her wet cunt. He feels her slick juice on his hands, her panties soaked from her pussy, his finger slides in easily and he hears her juices slipping over it. He moves his eyes to the cabby’s and catches his stare in the mirror, with a jerk of his head, the cabby returns his focus to the road. Charles presses his cock against Dana’s mouth, giving her pussy long strokes with his finger, he moves his hand with the same rhythm she uses on his dick. He can feel her walls slick with cum wanting to flow out of her, he pumps harder letting a second finger join his first driving them deep as her pussy clenches him tight.

He can feel his body tense, he knows he’ll soon cum in her mouth, sliding a third finger into her, he fucks her harder and faster. She growls against his cock, as his other hand presses her down. Holding her to him, his cum shoots into her mouth. Her pussy clenches hard against his fingers, her hot slick cum covering him, flowing down his hand, gathering in his palm. Her mouth continues to draw all the cum from his body, milking it, emptying his cock for them both. His fingers slow their stroking, as he cradles her pussy in his palm petting her moistness, slowly his hand moves back over her ass, pausing at the tight hole and running her cum over it.

She slowly lifts her head from his cock, licking the tip and sides, cleansing it of his cum. Her pussy throbs as she attempts to regain her breath, her orgasm rocked her at the moment she felt his cum fill her mouth. She feels his chest under her head as they both struggle to breath. She lets her hand stroke his soft cock, before putting it back in his boxers. She covers his crotch as she feels his hand moving across her panties then smoothing her skirt back escort kadıköy down. When his hand returns to her hair, she slowly brings her head back to his chest. Wiping a few drops of cum from her lips, she glances at the mirror, her eyes connecting with the cabby’s as she licks her hand clean. His eyes widen, his face colors a dark red, before his eyes turn back to the road. She grins wickedly as she notices him shifting in his seat. Dana smiles, looks up at Charles, laughs as she hears him say, “Your a very bad girl.” Reaching up to kiss his lips, their tongues suck and stroke removing the last taste of cum from her mouth, she smiles again and rests her head on his chest and falls into a peaceful slumber.

He kisses her awake and helps her out of the cab. They walk together around to the trunk and the driver hands the luggage to Charles, tipping the driver handsomely, he notices a wet stain on the cabby’s uniform, carrying his bags he grins to himself. His penis stirs as his eyes take in Dana’s form walking in front of him, he watches the way her skirt swings back and forth over her ass, making him want his hands all over her again. He thinks to himself, as he follows her into the hotel, wondering what kind of man could ignore this woman. He is glad she found him and he found her. He lets her walk ahead of him into their room, his mind fills with memories of their first encounter, he notices no connecting door this time. Noticing her things placed around the room he rests his bags by the dresser and turns her into his arms to kiss her. His tongue traces over her lips and strokes lightly over her tongue, releasing her he moves to the bed and reaches for the phone. He watches Dana move into the bathroom, allowing him privacy. He phones his wife to ease her mind that his plane had arrived on time and relays what time he should be at the airport late tomorrow evening. He hangs up while Dana sits beside him, waiting to know how is family is doing. He hears no signs of jealousy or maliciousness in her tone, so he relates how his children and wife are. She in turn shares with him the antics of her own small children and some minor details of her spouse. They touch base with each other and he hears her stomach growl seconds before his. “You know as hungry as I am for you, I’m also starving!” She laughs, the sound stirring his soul as she moves to open the blinds, waiting for him to learn the layout of the hotel.

Together they proceed to the hotel restaurant, he lets his hand guide her around others, as if he is shielding her from potential danger. He loves the protective feeling he gives her and longs to always protect her from harm. They arrive at the restaurant, sliding her into her chair he lets his fingers brush against the side of her breast, before taking his seat. He feels her foot slowly run along his, he winks at her, watching her raise her eyebrows and give him an innocent look. Staring back at her, he feels her foot slowly slide up his calf, over his knee, and up his inner thigh. He reaches his hand under the table and tickles her foot. She squeals and her foot drops to the floor just as the waitress approaches the table. Charles listens as his lover orders a bowl of soup and a salad, he orders the same, but includes a sandwich and a beer. He smiles across from her, watching her nose crinkle at the thought of tasting beer while she kisses him. He laughs loud as she tells him, “I’m saving my last drink of soda for you.”

Dana sits, watching him eat and drink his beer. She is actually looking forward to kissing him, she wonders how long the kiss would last before the taste of beer was no longer evident. She lets her shoe slip off her foot, sliding it back up his calf, this time instead of tickling her he slowly massages her foot under the table. He eats his lunch one handed as he strokes her foot, she feels her toes curl in delight and a sigh passes through her lips. She lets it rest there, his fingers caressing her ankle as they both eat their lunch. They share the last few drinks of her soda, before holding hands and leaving the restaurant. Together they stroll through the hotel, learning the location of the pool and bar, then moving outside they walk along the flower garden, taking in the fragrant blooms and tropical trees.

Charles notices Dana has had a few shivers as the breeze picks up and cool air rushes into the area. He places his arm around her, warming her skin as his fingers stroke her shoulders, pressing a kiss to her neck he notices a hidden alcove surrounded by gaudy statues and large tropical plants. He presses his hands against her hips, while his mouth moves over hers, his tongue tracing her lips before he plunges it deep, tasting her soda, drinking her in. Swallowing her moans, he focuses on the alcove and whispers in her ear where to step as he leads her backwards, shrouding them both in the dense foliage of plants and marble. He glances around again, making sure there are no prying eyes watching them, his mouth returns to capture her lips with his.

Dana realizes he has found some privacy for them, relaxing into his kiss, she feels bostancı escort his tongue stroking hers. She deepens the kiss, cleansing the bitter taste of his beer from his mouth, barely noticing it any longer as her body begins to heat up. Wrapping her arms around him, her lips slide across his neck, tasting his skin as she rubs her body against him. Her nipples become taunt against her bra, leaving them aching and itching to be touched. Her moans deepen as his hands rest on her hips then slide up her back. Curling her fingers in his hair, she presses her breast deep against his chest, feeling the afternoon air hit her thighs, as he slowly gathers her skirt in his hand. She feels him pressing her back further into the alcove, her legs hitting a wicker chair, she bends to sit.

Charles watches her move her hands up his thighs, over his crotch, causing him to groan and press closer to her. He moves her hands from his body and sees the questioning look in her eyes disappear as he bends down on his knees in front of her. The moan of anticipation escapes her lips as he slides his hands to her ass, bringing her closer to the edge of the seat. He kisses her knees, slowly running his fingers up her inner thighs, rubbing, circling, stroking them. He hears her sounds of pleasure touch his heart as his fingers reach the leg holes of her panties, they curl around the hem and stroke the edging. His hand rubs against her thigh then back to the center of her womanhood, covered only by a thin piece of silk. His fingertips barely graze the soft hairs, skimming back to each hip, slowly he works her panties off, urging her ass to lift, as he slides them down her body. Taking first her left foot, then right, he moves the panties from her, pressing them to his face, he inhales her scent. He rubs the wet crotch between his fingers before telling her, “These are illegal when your with me.” He tosses them over his shoulder, as her giggle escapes from between her lips.

His mind is in awe of this woman, so full of life and only able to show a small part of her sexuality with her spouse, yet he gets it all. He is treated to her humor, kindness, sexual desires, he knows her wants, dreams and knows he would never take her for granted. Her shiver from the cool breeze brings him back to her body, pressing his lips to the white flesh of her inner thigh, he sucks gently, nibbling his way up her leg. His finger moves up the other, circling it, stroking it, as he slowly presses her thighs open, his head moves her skirt, he sees her hands gathering it further up her hips.

Dana lets her head rest on the back of the chair, moaning his name, feeling the silkiness of her skirt as it caressing her hips. His tongue licks her skin, soft bites call to her body making it want more of his touches. Her eyes close, her mouth opens to get more breath for her starving lungs. She feels his mouth resting for a moment just beside the edge of her pussy, he is concentrating, focusing on making his mark of ownership high on her body. She quivers sliding a finger over her clit, as he sucks her sensitive flesh, her finger presses against her swollen nub. She gasps as he bites and assaults her skin, making sure she knows who owns her. Her finger runs over her mound, feeling the soft hairs, presses her palm against them. She pets her pussy, stroking it like a kitten, wanting her own body to purr in delight, she dips a finger inside the folds and coaxes some of her slick moisture out of its cell. She jerks up as her lover’s mouth releases her skin to move to her finger, his tongue circling it, devouring the hot juice that covers it. She presses her hips further off the seat, as his tongue and mouth tease the opposite thigh, repeating the process again, leaving his brand twice on her body. She dips her finger in again, her hot pussy rocks against it, while he licks and sucks her thigh. Her ears pick up the sound of his growl as once again sucks her finger clean, taking her hand, he laces her fingers with his, before he groans out to her, “Dana, I’m feeling very greedy today.”

Charles plunges his tongue into her wet cunt, fucking her deep hole, sliding in and out while his hand squeezes hers. Moving his tongue from her dark tunnel he runs it up and down your wet lips, lapping at all the juice covering them. His tongue moves over her bush as he licks it also, tasting her nectar, cleansing her thatch. He moves his hand from hers, placing it on her breast, as he moves his to her swollen lips and spreads them open for his probing muscle. His tongue stiffens, entering her hole, stroking the walls, eating his way through her. He loves to have her like this, thrashing, thrusting under his mouth, tasting her sweetness, blowing hot breath into her pussy. His cock is rock hard as his tongue continues to lap at this unique gift opening wide for him, moving his other hand to her, he watches his finger slide into her cunt. He pushes his finger deep, caressing her walls, pushing against them, stroking them, his tongue joins his finger, urging her to give over her precious treasure. Her cum hits his mouth and finger, soaking his face as he lick it, savors it, wanting it to cover, his tongue, lips, chin. He buries his face deep into her and sucks her cum from her body, lapping it up with full long strokes. He presses kisses along her thatch, feeling her body relax as his fingers slowly massage her thighs again.

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