Midnight Fantasy

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I always wondered if she knew that I was watching her. I saw her the first time in the LRC. She was minding her own business and doing some school stuff. I think she felt my eyes on her because she glanced over at me. A slight smile came my way and then I turned away. I didn’t want her to know that right then, I had a crush on her. Love at first sight definitely had new meaning for me, right at that moment.

I began to think about what I would do if she ever started to like me the same way that I liked her. I thought about some things that I did with my ex and the thoughts soon took form in a fantasy. Should current situations change, the one thing that I would want to do is this:

I wanna come up behind her in a parking lot and hug her from behind. As she realizes who it is and turns her head, I wanna meet her mouth in a warm, wet kiss. As she attempts to turn around, I use my hug from behind to keep her from moving. Using the surroundings of the school for an example, I would lead her around back where there is a small picnic table.

“I wanna put my cock in your ass,” I tell her. “But before I can put it in there, I need some sort of lubrication. And your tongue is just about right.” I lead her to the table and lay her down so that her head is more or less dangling off of one end. I use my hands to help hold her head as I unzip my pants and put my already hot and ready cock into her mouth. So, with her head upside down, bostancı escort her throat is a straight-in shot from the way her head is. I decide not to shove in and simply let her lick and slurp on my cock till it is good and wet. When I back out, she is quick to turn around so that her bare ass is pointed at me. I waste no time and slowly slide my slippery cock into her tight ass. Only, I think it’s her ass. Because I haven’t had sex in a while, I’ve actually slipped it into her pussy. And as soon as I’m halfway in, the ridge of my cock connects with the ridges in her pussy and immediately I know, I never really needed any lubrication. Her pussy is hotter than her mouth and wetter. Against my better judgment, I don’t remove my cock and start to thrust in and then pull out.

I do this several times. She isn’t protesting and I know this is what she wants. At one point, I push into her all the way and then tell her to stand up as best as possible. She does (just barely) and then I help her turn around. “I guess it’s tonight,” I barely whisper and her head nods. Giving my cock and her pussy a bit of a break (a quiet before the storm), reach out and pull her head towards mine. She knows what I seek and her mouth opens as her tongue stretches out. Our tongues meet and dance around before our mouths come together. For a long period of seconds, I explore her mouth as though for the first time.

Ripping away from her ümraniye escort bayan mouth, I drop my head and suck one of her very beautiful breasts into my mouth while I roll and pinch the other in between my thumb and index finger. Meanwhile, she’s getting a bit impatient and grinding her groin against me. I get the message and lay down on the table. With her on top, she starts to ride like she knows how to. I do my very best to keep from exploding right away, but since I was ready to explode when I had it first “lubricated”, it wasn’t more than two minutes before I came to the end of my fuse. With a grunt and several hard breaths, I came inside of her and the sheer amount that I expelled seemed almost too much for her as she waved and writhed on top of me like an out of control snake. As soon as I could, I rolled off the table and set her on it. With my cock well coated with my own cum and well coated with her love juices, I began to thrust in her much harder. I wanted to pound her. I wanted to hear the sound of my cock sliding into her.

Soon, that was all I heard. Except for one thing. She knew how horny I would get each time she squealed and now, she was squealing away. She also knew that as soon as I was done drilling her, I would pull her head to my lips, turn her head either to the right or left and suck one of her ears into my mouth where I would suck and lick on them while she squealed all the more. And kartal escort right then, she was squealing pretty good. I made a quick decision and stopped pounding her.

With a quickness that probably surprised her too, I leapt up on top of her and buried my head between her thighs while I dropped my cock into her face. She had a quick choice to make: either let my my wet and tasty looking cock just hang above her face, or reach up with her tongue and tickle it to the edge. Which is exactly what she did. While it silenced her squeals, it didn’t silence her moans. I hoped that it wouldn’t because what I was doing to her pussy would make a dead cat moan.

First thing I did was spell out her name using my tongue. Then, I parted her labias and slowly licked from top to bottom. Finally, I settled my face right on top of her and slid my tongue into her as far as could reach. Moving around in circles and side to side, I got a series of moans out of her. At some point, she rolled me under her and then began giving me the best blowjob ever. I knew I was getting close to exploding again, but wanted to delay it somehow.

So, I reached in with fingers, found her g spot and began to rub in circular motions while applying steady pressure to it. Her body began to radiate heat and she had trouble concentrating on her task. When she was almost at her peak and about to orgasm, I abruptly stopped with my finger and sunk my tongue back into her. At the same time, I exploded into her mouth. Our timing was perfect. I was swallowing as fast as I could while she was drinking up my cum. When I was finally empty, she lifted her head off of me, looked in my direction and asked, “What do you have planned for next week?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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