Mixed Company Ch. 02

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On that Friday morning I received an interesting telephone call. It was Kelly, and she wanted to know when I was arriving in New Orleans so that we could possibly share a cab or a rental. Tina drove a Cooper Mini and there was no way both of us with luggage would fit, and Kelly was not comfortable traveling alone in a large city.

I told her that my flight arrived there at approximately 3:30 local time. She gave a sigh of relief and said that her Delta flight arrived at about the same time departing from Raleigh. I told her that was great. I had no problem sharing a taxi with her. I could hear the relief in her voice as she said thank you. I was about to hang up when I heard her say something else. I quickly put the phone back to my ear and said “Excuse me?”

She laughed and said “I was just telling you that I am really looking forward to meeting you. Tina has told me a lot of interesting stories. I have a picture of you that Tina posted on Facebook. Do you have one of me?”

I am sure that my ears were burning as I stammered out my reply that I was looking forward to meeting her too. I told her that she did not have to bother with the photo as Tina had provided an excellent description of her. I quickly disconnected and sat down breathing hard. What had Tina told her?

I chided myself for being so nervous. Of course Tina would tell her about me. They were best friends, after all.

I got upgraded on my flight from Atlanta and ordered two vodka and tonics while in the air. By the time I landed I was feeling fine and all nervousness was gone. I exited the plane with my back pack and carryon suitcase and went to the Delta arrivals board and looked for the Raleigh flight. It wasn’t listed. I looked for Durham. No flight listed. I was about to go to the Delta desk when it suddenly hit me and I ran back to the gate I had just left. She had escort bostancı connected in Atlanta. She had been on my flight.

As I got back to my gate my phone rang. It was Tina. I answered, out of breath.

“Hey honey I just wanted you to know that I have Kelly. I talked her into an earlier flight and I couldn’t reach you to tell you.” Tina always made everything sound so casual, as though everything that happened was supposed to. “We are sipping wine on the deck right now so get your cute little ass here.”

The call disconnected. Tina never said goodbye, she just stopped talking and hung up. I told her one time that it was rude but she said there was a very good reason for it, and that someday she would tell me that story. I looked at the phone and said “Yes, I love you too. Bye!” I laughed and put the phone in my pocket.

Thirty minutes later I was approaching Jackson Square. I handed the cab driver $40 as he pulled up in front of her place and told him to keep the change. I headed for the front entrance and looked up just in time to avoid being hit by a carnation dropped from above.

I saw Tina on the third floor deck, smiling and waving her arms like maybe she was stranded on an island and trying to get the attention of a passing ship. I was thinking think that maybe that they had done more than sip a little wine. I picked up the white carnation and slipped it into my lapel button hole.

Two minutes later I was in her arms and we were kissing like we always did after not seeing each other for a week. I could taste the pot on her breath and she was carrying a half empty bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. She was wearing a dark blue cotton maxi dress. I couldn’t see her feet but I knew that she would not be wearing shoes…or underwear for that matter.

Where’s Kelly?” I asked looking around.

“She crashed ümraniye escort a little while ago. She had to get up at 4:30 to make her flight and I think maybe she isn’t used to my Friday afternoon libations. She is in the 2nd floor bedroom. I think that’s actually perfect because it gives us a little time to get reacquainted, buster.”

It’s not as if Tina needed anything to activate her sexual desires. She was an extremely sexual woman. Pot, however, made her feel sexy and silly. She loved to experiment when she was high. I stuck to alcohol as I had found that although pot might increase desire, it sometimes had the opposite effect on ability.

She took my hand and we headed for her bedroom. She was using my tie like a leash. As soon as we were inside she kicked the door closed and immediately started tugging on my belt. I decided that this was going to be fun, so I just dropped my suitcase and back pack where I stood and let her work on the belt.

“What the fuck is this thing locked or something?” She said. “Let me get my hacksaw or a blow torch or something.” She instead dropped to her knees and switched her attention to my zipper.

“That’s exactly how I feel about your bra sometimes.” I decided to give her a little help and I released my belt and pulled it off with one quick motion.

She got my pants and boxers pulled to the floor with a few tugs and suddenly I was in her mouth. Both of her hands had a firm grip on my ass cheeks. As my cock became rigid I slipped my sport coat off and let it drop on the floor behind me.

I was always amazed at the intensity that overcame Tina when she gave me head, especially when she was high. It was like she had been told that making me cum was the only way to save the world and by God she was not going to let the world die. But holy fuck did it turn me on.

She was kartal escort bayan grunting and groaning and slurping and gasping and I even thought I heard her singing. As bad as I wanted to cum in her mouth I wanted to fuck her even more.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her to her feet. She was still grunting and her breathing was ragged and hoarse. I kissed her deeply and turned her around roughly and pushed her face against the oak paneled wall. I pulled her dress up above her ass and kicked her feet apart. She slowly lowered her face against the wall so that her ass was protruding towards me.

I took a chance and just rammed my cock hard in the general direction of her pussy. She was so wet that I immediately slipped in, slamming her against the wall. We both moaned as I continued to slam into her again and again.

“Fuck me, baby.” She said and I pistoned into her even harder and faster. I heard something fall from her bookshelf off to my right and shatter on the floor.

She raised herself up onto her toes and I could feel my throbbing cock go even deeper into her. She reached down and started massaging her clit while I pounded into her. She was rubbing furiously and I knew what that meant. She was about to cum hard.

She screamed “FUCK!” and I felt her body tighten and convulse as her orgasm spread throughout her body, wave after wave. I could feel her pussy squeeze hard on my cock. It was more than I could stand and I came hot and hard inside of her.

I reached around and held her tight against me as my body tightened and released over and over. I ground hard against her ass as the spasms hit me. I felt her body suddenly go limp in my arms and I carried her best I could over to the bed, shuffling because my pants were around my ankles. I laid her on the bed and reached down and slipped my shoes and pants off. She reached up without looking and grabbed my tie and pulled me down to her.

“Lay with me.” She commanded.

As I lay down beside her and held her in my arms, she kissed the side of my face sleepily and whispered in my ear “God I love the way you fuck me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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