Mum’s Fantasy

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Angela White

Hi, I’ve disabled comments. This is meant to be fun, and the shitty comments and trolling are tedious. I hope that you enjoy it.

Jill Ryan woke up. She first thought about her son Jack; this wasn’t unusual; she constantly thought of her son throughout the day. He was her only child; she loved him as only a mother can love her child. Her husband had died very suddenly four years ago, just as Jack was starting University. Jill was a lawyer; her husband had been a lawyer. They had their own firm where Jill was the Senior Partner. Next year, Jack would join the firm; this would be Jack’s future.

Jill hadn’t dated anyone since her husband died. She had spent as much time at home with Jack; they spent so much time together. Then Jill started to fantasise about Jack; she wanted to fuck him, she wanted him every day and every night. This had started six months after her husband died. Jack was very level headed; he was doing well a University; Jill helped him a lot. Jack had his bedroom, but he also used the dining room table. Jill would sit with him they’re going over and explaining to him what his lectures had been about.

Jill was a tall good looking woman in her late forties. She kept herself in good shape. She went to a Fitness Center three times a week. She had a voluptuous body. Over the last couple of years, she has started to wear more exciting and seductive clothes. Her curves were very distinct; her tits were massive, her stomach was flat. Her hips were perfect, and her legs were long. Jill was now lusting after her son. As a lawyer, she knew incest was wrong. She had done so much research online. She believed that consensual incest was okay if two adults were involved.

She found a site to blog about your sexual fantasies; she learned a lot about incest there. Reading the blogs made her pussy so wet. She found the mother-son incest blog very informative and hot. She read this blog twice a day. Then she found a role play website. They had a category for mum son role play. She took a profile out on this site, but she was sceptical if she got a seventy-year-old man looking for online sex. Her profile name was ‘bustymum’; she wrote that she was a widow in her late forties. She was looking for a young man in his twenties to role play as her son.

Jill knew that she would have to get up soon to make Jack’s breakfast; she would wear a dressing gown with nothing underneath, then her massive tits would jiggle. Hopefully, Jack would notice this. Jill then lay back on her bed; she spread her legs. Her hand went down, her pussy was so wet, and she hadn’t even started yet. She opened her iPad. On the sexual fantasy website, she found lots of incest pictures; mum’s sucking their son’s cock. Mum’s being ass fucked by their son. Mum’s having their clits sucked by their son; Jill loved that; she wondered if Jack would suck her clit before he fucked her. Jill realised that looking at the pictures wouldn’t make her cum with this thought in her head. It was thinking about Jack fucking her that would make her cum.

As Jill fingered her clit all she could think of was Jack fucking her. She wanted and needed sex, but she only wanted her son to fuck her. She started to think of Jack fucking her and shooting his load deep inside her hungry cunt. She would grip his cock so tightly with her cunt muscles that she would keep every last drop of his cum inside her. Jill stopped playing with her clit; she moved her hand down her long sex slit, then she slid four fingers inside her wet cunt; she loved her pussy stretched. She started to fist fuck herself; she thought would Jack lick my pussy? She then had a massive orgasm; so much cunt juice came out of her that the sheet was soaked.

Jill was so happy about this, she had had the strongest orgasm yet, and it was her thinking of Jack that had caused it. She always had cum before looking at dirty pictures or porn, but this was the first time she had cum solely thinking about Jack fucking her. She felt so good. She changed the sheet on the bed then left a towel beside the bed for tonight. She was more than happy in the shower. She must find a way to get Jack interested in her, but how? That was the problem.

Jill put on her dressing gown. As she went to the kitchen she heard that Jack was there, he was already up. Jill said, “Good morning Jack, what are you doing up so early?”

“I woke early, mum; I went for a run. I was making coffee. Will I make you a cup?”

“You’re my darling; I would love that. I have lovely bacon, eggs and sausages for you. But, first, you should go for a shower if you’ve been running, then you’ll be fresh.”

“I will do that, mum, but I’ll make your coffee first. What are you doing today, mum? Are you in the office?”

“I’m there for a couple of hours this morning. I’m meeting May for lunch; she’s treating me. Do you have any contact with Meg, I ask in case she asks me how you’re doing?”

“We split up three months ago; Meg is a bit of a girl. She likes to experiment with different things. She’s bisexual, I marmaris escort have nothing against that, but she’s a hundred miles from here now with a good job. The distance isn’t good as I like to do things spontaneously. I haven’t seen her for ages, but we parted amicably.”

When Jack said he liked to do things spontaneously, mum felt her pussy get wet; she had no panties on. Mum replied, “Jack, thanks for telling me that; I’ll be careful with what I say. May is my oldest friend; she was happy when you started dating Meg; go and get your shower, darling; I’m getting hungry.”

Jack smiled then went for his shower; he looked gorgeous; there was something so athletic about the way he walked and moved. Jill thought that three months was a long time for Jack to be alone. He had been working very hard with his studies, but he should have had a girlfriend. Then Jill started to think about May; they had grown up together, same schools then same University though May had done Law. She was her best friend. Jill thought if she should tell May about her fantasy with Jack. Then she decided to tell May; there was no doubt that May would give her sound advice. Then Jill thought of Jack and the orgasm she had this morning.

Jack came into the kitchen, showered and dressed for University; mum hugged him, she pulled him close, letting him feel the weight of her massive tits. Then Jill said, “I love that aftershave; you smell gorgeous, Jack. Keep wearing that for me. Sit down breakfast is ready, and there’s fresh coffee too.”

Jack loved it when mum hugged him; he would wear that aftershave all the time. God, mum’s tits felt good. She wasn’t wearing a bra this morning. Should I ask her not to wear a bra when she’s at home? I can’t do that. Things were getting worse; he was masturbating, thinking about mum two and even three times every day now. Finally, he decided to hug mum, kiss her on the cheek, and tell her that he loved her every morning, afternoon or night. Maybe if he did this, then she would come in his direction.

Jack left for University; he hugged mum, kissed her on the cheek and said, “I love you, mum, have a great day and see you tonight.”

Mum was still wearing her dressing gown; her massive tits felt firm and meaty; he wanted mum so much. Jill was surprised when Jack did this; she loved to hug him and feel his tight body. Jill then looked in her wardrobe to see what she would wear today. May and Jill were very similar in size and taste in clothes. When they were together, they were two good looking Milfs; they always got stares from men and women.

Jack got to the University early; the traffic was light. He had twenty minutes before his first lecture. He got a coffee and checked his phone. He checked the blog; there was nothing new there, the usual mum’s who like to suck and swallow. He then checked the Roleplay website; he always checked new profiles in the mum section. He saw bustymum; he liked the profile; her age and figure were similar to mum’s. He liked the style that the profile had been written in. He replied as ‘honeststudent’ wrote, “Hi bustymum, found your profile this morning. It was refreshing to read your profile. There’s a lot of crap on this site. I am a twenty-two-year-old student. I have a wonderful mum who is widowed. She doesn’t date anyone. I am attracted to her sexually. I am on this site not for a quick fuck but searching to get closer to my mum and know how to do this. I understand this is incest, but I want it to be consensual incest. Thank you for taking the time to read my message. Regards honeststudent.”

Mum was in the office now; there was a lot for her to do. She was so well organised. She only worked part-time, so she knew all her priorities. The staff were also excellent, they all worked well. Finally, at eleven-forty-five, mum was ready to go and meet May for lunch at twelve. She looked at her office desk, how she would love Jack to fuck her on that desk. Her chair, how she would let Jack sit on it, then she would go on top and ride him with her massive tits exposed so he could suck and play with them as she pounded his stiff cock.

May was already in the restaurant; she looked gorgeous, like mum, they were both showing a lot of cleavage. May stood up, and they hugged; they both felt the weight of the other’s massive tits. Then May said, “You’re looking great, Jill, and you feel wonderful; you have kept your figure beautifully.”

The following two hours were general chats. First, they talked about Meg and Jack, how May was disappointed when they broke up. Then, over coffee, May said, “Jill, have you started to date yet? You’re a very eligible and attractive woman?”

“May, I’m not dating; I’m just not interested. That’s why I’m happy that we’re meeting today, as I want a real heart to heart conversation with you. You might think that I’m starting to lose it a bit, but I need to talk about this with someone, and you are my best friend.”

May squeezed mum’s hand; she was still marmaris escort bayan holding it and caressing mum’s hand when she said, “Please tell me what’s on your mind; if I can, you know that I’ll do everything that I can to help you.”

“May, don’t think I’m crazy, I have given this a lot of thought, but I’ve got a huge sexual attraction to Jack. I know that it’s incest; I would only do it if it were consensual; we are both adults. I am now masturbating twice a day, imagining that he is fucking me. We are close as a mother and son. I love him with all my heart, but I’m scared to let him know this if he rejects me. Can you give me any advice on what I should do?”

May continued to caress mum’s hand then said, “May, what I am going to tell you is between ourselves. I understand your problem; Meg and I are lovers, we have been having excellent sex for years. We are both bisexual; when you think back to when we were younger, we were lovers too. The sleepovers in each other’s houses. The kissing and touching in bed. Then we started giving each other oral. We still went out with guys, we would let them play with our tits, and the special ones would get a feel of our pussy. Then we got on to cucumbers; we went from the small thin ones to the longest and thickest we could get. How many times did we fuck each other with cucumbers? I have no idea, but it was a lot.”

“I was so sorry when Meg and Jack broke up. I thought it was a match made in heaven, but it wasn’t to be. Jack is an amazing lover; I’ve heard him fucking Meg for a straight three hours. He would give her multiple orgasms in a session. Meg told me that Jack’s cock is bigger than any cucumber that I ever fucked her with, and I used some long thick ones on her. May, I have had a few of Meg’s boyfriends as lovers. One thing that I would ask you is Jack into mature women? Has he fucked any older women? This is important as they have the pick of all the young cunt around.”

“Jack loves you as his mum, but he might not be into older women. What you could do is invite me over one evening, and I’ll flirt with him; if he responds, then I’ll suggest we go out for a meal. If I do that, then you’ll know if he’s into older women. There’s one I still see with the young guys I have had; the rest of them want a quick fuck, and they are gone just after they cum. The one that I still see sucks my clit beautifully; his cock is tiny, so he’s useless for fucking, but I always buy a very thick cucumber when he visits. He’s happy if he shoots his load on my tits. Have you ever tongue kissed Jack?”

“May, thank you for being so open and honest with me. I have never thought if he’s into older women. I don’t think that he has been with any. I loved it when we had the cucumbers, you sucking my clit and fucking with the biggest cucumber we could get; I need one now. Come over one evening for supper and flirt with him, that’s a great idea, then we’ll know. I have never tongue kissed Jack in my life, I would love to, but I am scared; it would kill me if he rejected me. You have given me great advice, May, thank you.”

“I’m happy to have helped. But, Jill, why don’t we go to my place now? We can go into the supermarket and select a nice cucumber; then I’ll give you a wonderful fucking. Would you like to do that?”

“I would love to do that, and I’ll give you a wonderful fucking too.”

Mum followed May back to her house; mum was excited, May had incredible touch and knew how to suck a clit. May stopped at a supermarket, mum that was strange two stopping at a supermarket to buy a big thick cucumber. They got a beauty; it would stretch both of their pussies. May bought two bottles of Champagne as well. They arrived at the house, May put the Champagne in the fridge then washed the cucumber. May then hugged mum; they tongue kissed and touched; this reminded mum of how good a kisser May was. They were kissing and slowly undressing each other. They were in their bra and panties, May said, “Let’s go to bed, you potential motherfucker, I want your juicy cunt so much.”

They were naked when they lay on the bed; May left the cucumber on a bedside table. Then started an amazingly long and intimate foreplay. The kissing and touching were so caring and attentive. Mum thought back to their youth; it was always fast and rushed, they now had the experience of how it should be done. Ten minutes later, they were still kissing and playing and sucking the other’s massive tits, neither had gone near the other’s pussy. Finally, May said, “I was fucked yesterday by my young one. You need it more than I do. I’ll do you first, darling.”

Mum knew what would happen now; she spread her legs wide, giving May perfect access to her cunt and ass. Mum’s vulva was excellent; when she was a teenager, her cunt was always smooth, as was May’s; before she shaved, May had told her that she didn’t like hair in her teeth. That was all she needed; they both found that their pussies were so sensitive when they were smooth, both escort marmaris of them loved sensations. May teased mum’s clit with her tongue; mum loved it and said, “That’s amazing, you’re so much better than you used to be, keep going, you will make me cum.”

“You just want to cum in my mouth again, you sexy fuck, don’t you?”

“Of course, and I want you to swallow that’s still the rule!”

“Do you want to suck Jack’s big cock? How will you make him hard before you suck him?”

“I know many ways to make him hard; I’ll probably sit opposite him and let him watch me work my pussy then he will know how to start my sex button, May that’s so good, keep going, I’m close.”

Two minutes later, mum filled May’s mouth with her creamy spunk, May just kept sucking. She then came off mum’s clit; she opened her mouth, there was a giant blob of cum on her tongue. May smiled then swallowed the lot. Mum’s pussy was now dripping wet. May said, “What do you want now?”

“You know what I want.”

“Tell me what you want; I need to know?”

“I want and need fucked hard and deep, and I need it now!”

May took the cucumber and slowly slid it up mum’s very hungry cunt. May was gentle at first as she knew mum hadn’t had penetrative sex for a long time. She soon knew how deep mum could take the cucumber; it was thick, it was stretching mum’s pussy, mum was comfortable with it. The cucumber was sliding in and out of mum’s pussy like a thriving engine. May was stimulating mum’s clit with two fingers; May knew how to give pleasure. Ten minutes later, mum had a body-shaking orgasm; her whole body was trembling. When she had composed herself, she took May in her arms; they kissed lovingly, then mum said, “Thank you so much, May, I needed that so bad. I need to get to know how Jack feels; you must come soon to the house and flirt with him.”

Mum then went to work on May; once again, they were so intimate in their foreplay, then with the cucumber. Mum was wonderful with May; she remembered the things she liked and did them to her. May also had a powerful orgasm. They lay on top of the bed, kissing and touching. Mum’s phone beeped, the message from Jack read, “Hi mum, I hope your day has gone well, and you have enjoyed yourself with May, give her my kindest regards. I won’t be home until six-thirty, can we eat at seven? I love you, Jack xx.”

Mum was happy with the I love you and the kisses. She then said, “May, do you want to come for supper tonight? Jack’s going to be home later; this could be the night.”

“Let’s do it; I will wear something that shows my figure to perfection. Then, I will know tonight if he likes older women or not.”

Mum then replied to Jack, “Jack, no problem, I’ve invited May for some supper. That’s good that you will be home as I have an appointment with a client at eight this evening. Can you entertain May when I’m away? I am sorry that I’ve to ask you to do this; I’ve got to do it out of the office today. So I have breast of duck for supper. I love you too, darling, lots of kisses, mum xx.”

Jack was happy when he read mum’s reply. He liked Mary a lot. She was the same height and build as mum. Her tits were massive, just like mum’s. She was a mum that he definitely would like to fuck. He thought I’ve fucked the daughter, and she was hot, so why not fuck the mum too? It would be great to do the two of them.

Mum and May were in the lounge when Jack got home; May had a glass of wine, mum was drinking water as she had to go out. May and Mum were both showing lots of cleavage. Mum poured Jack a glass of wine then said, “Jack, we can eat in ten minutes which is better for me tonight; let me check the kitchen as it could be earlier.”

Jack sat down beside Jack; she gave him a hug and a very tender kiss on the cheek; she said, “Jack, you get better-looking every time I see you, how are you darling, have you a new girlfriend that’s looking after you?”

Jack wanted to put his arms around her and go deep with his tongue in her mouth as he took her massive tits that she was pushing at him and started playing with them; Jack replied, “Thanks May, you’re looking terrific yourself, no I’ve just been concentrating on my studies. I am free at the moment but always looking.”

May put her glass on the coffee table, then put her arm around Jack, pressing her massive tit on to him then said, “That’s good, Jack, have you ever thought of dating a mature woman? I would be very interested if you wanted me as I like younger men.”

Jack couldn’t believe what he was hearing; his cock was now rock hard. He wanted her; he was about to reply when mum cried out, “Dinner is on the table.”

May kissed Jack on the lips, with no tongue, then wiped her lipstick off his lips, May said, “Let’s talk later after your mum goes out.”

The meal was excellent; May flirted with her eyes throughout the meal. Mum was quietly watching what was happening with Jack and May; it was looking good. After dinner, mum got up and went to the bathroom to check her make up. She came back into the kitchen holding an attaché case with her papers; mum said, “Jack, will you stack the dishwasher? There’s lots of wine in the fridge. May, today was wonderful. If you want to drink, I’ll drive you home when I get back; in fact, you can have a relaxing evening with Jack. I will give you a call when the meeting is over.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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