My Angel

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Cheryl is my wife’s best friend. Her mother is Asian and her father Caucasian. Rather than the average of the beauty of both races, she is the product. At what she would consider to be her worst, she is butterflies in your stomach cute. When she is all dolled up, like she was at her wedding and our rehearsal dinner, she is soul shaking, devastatingly beautiful.

Her brown almond shaped eyes mirror her inescapable elegance and inner beauty. Her lips and mouth are sensual an sexy. When she laughs I want to ravish her. Her bust is excitingly full and wonderfully shaped. Her petite frame enhances this feature. Her cute buns are, well…cute. They beckon me to squeeze and fondle them. I imagine taking her from behind and watching the shock waves from my thrusts rippling across her checks.

We have this picture of her in a boat. She is sitting and her hair is wet. Her gorgeous mouth is blooming with a smile. Just below her prize mouth is her womanly cleavage. I must confess that I have taken that picture with me behind locked doors more than once.

Truthfully, her mouth is my favorite aspect of her. When she smiles I am filled with the desire to kiss her. I want to feel her full lips against mine. I want to suck on her lower lip. I want her to go down on me and caress my organ with her sexy mouth. I want to look in to her eyes as she does me and watch her lips on my cock.

I have many fantasies of Cheryl.

Cheryl and I are alone in my house. It is late in the morning, around 10 or so. I have already showered and I am dressed. Cheryl is in the upstairs bathroom taking a shower.

I hear the water running and I imagine the rivulets traveling and tracing her body. Down her pretty raven hair and the soft skin of her back the water runs. The water travels between her cute cheeks to land on the shower floor. She turns and the water peppers her beautiful face to run down her kissable neck. As she moves the water alternates between sliding between her breasts to flow in her dream like cleavage, to rushing down the great swell of her breasts, colliding with her hard nipples, to leap from her body.

My daydream engorges my desire. I enjoy the pressure of my hard cock swollen in my jeans. I feel the wet beginnings of my precum. “Enough!” I think. “I gotta go organize that damn crap hole I call an office.” Thankfully the water has stopped running so my mind can focus on more productive things.

I am still rock hard as I walk up stairs. Flashing thoughts of her body tease me continuously. Before I get to the top of the stairs I hear the bathroom door open. I am rewarded with an Angel. Her wet hair is wrapped in a towel and her petite body is bundled in a cozy robe. With her other attributes masked it draws my attention to her face. I am electrified.

Her face with out make up is adorable! “Her fresh clean showered body is naked under that robe” my cock chimes in. “Crap!” I think as I realize my aching hard on is quite visible in my jeans. I should go downstairs but I am caught by her beauty. She smiles and my penis twitches in its confinement.

“Good morning” she says.

“Morning sunshine” I reply.

I have not taken the last step up the stairs. I become aware ataşehir escort that I am fixated on Cheryl. She becomes self-conscious and yields a nervous laugh as she walks towards me and the guest room. I still cannot take my eyes off her and I wonder what my gaze conveys. I hope I don’t look like a lustful dolt. I am powerless to do anything but look at her.

Her rich brown eyes leave my gaze and travel down. “Great” I think. “She sees my hard on.” Her eyes meet mine. She is wearing a nervous giddy girl smile. God what she does to me! She stops in front of me. We have not said a word to each other. She removes the towel from her hair. Her dark hair is wet and falls on her shoulders. A few wet locks fall teasingly across her pretty face. Her wet hair is very sexy to me.

With out thinking I reach up to brush her hair from her face. Her eyes are locked on mine and as my hand touches her cheek her pretty eyes narrow slightly like a cat being pet. My heart is racing and its rhythm is beating in my ears and head. “Did she just encourage me?” I move to remove the other lock and she moves closer to me. Her eyes are alive with a deep penetrating desire that pumps new life through my racing blood.

Am I really seeing this or am I willing my senses to lie to me? Are my desires clouding my perception? Her hands reach up an cup my face. Her touch, both hands, are harmony and melody to the beat of my heart. Her warm skin electrifies me while becoming part of my body. They belong there.

Emboldened with desire and the swirling feeling of letting go to float in the river of passion, I untie her robe. She is smiling at me. The robe clings to her breasts leaving a channel of delightful skin. Her inviting cleavage draws my attention and I follow the river down to the dark mound between her legs. My eyes swim back up to meet hers.

With her a step higher than me she is a comfortable height for my next move. I part her robe to grab her wonderful hips. I pull her to me. In waterfall exhilaration, our lips meet and my tongue enters her mouth. Our tongues circle each other in roiling desire. The boiling waters of passion toss and turn me with the sensation of her mouth and her hands running through my hair. My hands move to caress, fondle, and squeeze her bottom.

Traveling up the soft skin of her back I pull the robe, from the inside, off her shoulders. Her arms move behind her to let the robe flow to the floor while jutting her womanly full bust toward me. I grab her breasts from underneath and kiss them. My tongue circles and tickles her nipples. A fluttering sigh escapes my Angel.

I guide her breast in circles with my hand as I kiss and lick her flesh with butterfly lapping. I feel her hands and flawless nails run through the hair on the back of my head. She pulls me in to dine on her bountiful feast.

My excitement is spiked with thoughts. “I am kissing Cheryl!” “Cheryl is naked before me and yielding to my lustful desires” “Her breasts feel so warm, full, firm, and heavy in my hands!”

I put my hands on her shoulders and turn her around. She starts to head to the bedroom. I grab her hips before she can walk avcılar escort and pull her towards me. I hug her from behind and kiss the nape of her neck. Her head leans back on me while I nibble and blow in her ear. I whisper “Angel” as my hands cup her breasts.

My left hand cups her breast and the index and middle fingers scissor and tease her nipple. My right hand slides down her smooth body to her dark mound. I massage her pubic bone and run my fingers through her pubic hair while kissing the length of the side of her neck. “Huh uhnn” she whispers as my right hand slides to her heat and I feel her lean full against me.

Her shifting weight raises me to the next plateau of arousal. She trusts my strength to keep her from falling down the stairs. She is surrendering to my touch. She is giving herself to me. Her small body is mine to protect and pleasure.

With the heal of my palm still massaging her pubic bone I let my fingers gently part her swollen lips. She is deliciously wet and hot. Another gentle sigh escapes my beautiful Angel. Pleasuring her is like pleasing the Gods! My fingers explore her hot wetness. I run them up and down between her lips. My fingers are slick with her excitement. Oh how I love to pleasure my Angel!

“Angel” I whisper in her ear before I insert my tongue.

“Whoooo!” she reacts to my tongue.

I squeeze her bust as my finger circles her hot wet entrance. Around and ’round I circle her womanhood and her knees weaken. Was it her knees that weakened or her desire for penetration the grew stronger? “Not yet my Angel” I think. I slide my hand to her clitoris.

“Huuuu” she moans and her body shivers at my simultaneous touch of her nipple and clitoris. I playfully bite her shoulder. She grabs my arm and pull me in to the bedroom.

She sits on the bed while I hurry to undress. I want to feel her body against me. Her playful smile inspires me. Her eyes invite me. Her mouth commands me. I walk to her. My cock is so hard it is not just sticking straight out, but is jutted upwards at a 45 degree angle. I have not been this hard since high school!

She surprises me and grabs my cock. She pulls me towards her beautiful mouth. She licks me while looking me in the eye. I could just cum right now! Her mischievous smile and dark eyes dare my ejaculation.

“Hooo God Angel!” I let out as she takes me in her mouth. Her beautiful sexy mouth that has inspired many shower ejaculations is sucking my cock. Her deep beautiful eyes are staring up at me. How many times have I cum while looking at her picture. Staring in to those eyes?

“Yes!” I shout as she licks my balls an up my shaft. The sounds for her sucking and sighing surround me. I have to pull away before I blow.

She looks surprised.

“Cheryl, I have fantasized about you too long to cum so soon”

She smiles and makes me want her mouth again. I lean her back on the bed and straddle her. I put my penis between her breasts and she pushes them together. I fuck her cleavage slowly. I feel the smooth beauty of her bust caress and envelope my shaft. I am oozing warm clear precum between them. She is smiling avrupa yakası escort at me.

“My Angel.”

I climb off of her and lift her legs over my shoulder. With less romance, and more lust, I put my face between her legs and lick her lips. She grabs her legs to allow me to freely taste her. I lick my fingers and reach up to find her bust. I lick her in long strokes. I find her clitoris and circle it with my tongue. I suck it and lick it side to side, up and down, ’round and ’round, hard and soft, slow and fast.

I insert 2 fingers in to her hot pussy.

“Hmmmmm!” She moans.

Tickling her nipple, licking her clitoris, and massaging the front of her vaginal wall, makes her body twitch and shiver. Moans escape her. Her hands alternate from holding her legs to grabbing my hair and guiding her pleasure.

She begins to shiver, then shake, and draw up in to a ball. She grabs my head and forces it to her sweet vagina. I use my tongue to press hard on her clitoris. She moans is gasping breaths. My finger press firmly on the front wall of her vagina. Then she pushes my head away.

I pull away from her to allow her sensitive body to recover. She collapses in a mock faint and giggles. I ache for her.

With out waiting for her to catch her breath I push her legs back and kneel on the bed. My knees are on either side of her cute bottom. I slide my cock in to her pussy. I push as deep as I can go. I look in to her eyes and see they are deep and dark with passion. My hands grab her legs with my thumbs in the bend of her knees.

I rock back and forth and groove with the rhythm of the bed. The bed is passion’s ocean, both pulling us apart and joining us again. I watch my penis invade my Angel. The head of my penis is working the front wall of her vagina. I can feel her. I am part of her.

My eyes sail up her body to her breasts. They sway with the motion of our sea of sex and desire. Up to her face my eyes navigate. Her lips are parted and she is breathing heavy. Her arms are outstretched. Her body is mine. Her eyes beg me to take her. To use her body as I desire. Oh my sweet Angel!

I lean forward to feel as much of her body as I can. I kiss her. My tongue and penis penetrate my Angel. My hands dive under her back and pull down on her shoulders. I want to be so deep in her. I want to cum in her.

I get up in to a push up position. I use my arms to bounce the bed. Her small body floats up an down. We slap together. Her breasts swirl in opposing circles. Her eyes are locked on mine. Begging me.

The ocean swells as the storm of desire rages. Our bodies ram together. My Angle gives herself to me. She gives her body to my pleasure. I thrust in her. Invade her. Conquer her.

“Oh God Cheryl! Oh Angel! I want to cum in you! I want to bury my seed in you!”

“Fuck me! Take me! Use me!”

“Yes! I am going to use you Angel! I am going to use your sweet hole to make me cum!”

“Cum in me! Give me your cum!”

“Ahhh I am going to cum in your pussy Cheryl! I am going to cum deep now!”

“Yes! Cum in me!” she coaxes me as I orgasm. I am lost in her eyes. I want to give her all my cum. I want to empty my manhood in to her body. I thrust long an deep in to her.

I feel every spurt launch from my body in to her. I drown in every wave of ecstasy. My body is rocked by the raw unrelenting orgasmic storm. Each load is a crashing swell of intense euphoria. In the deep currents of this sea the thought calls to me like a siren “You are cumming in Cheryl! You are cumming in your Angel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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