My Sister Becki

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My Sister Becki

by MDSW©

Writer’s Notes:

Everyone in this story is 18 years old or older. Enjoy the story. If you’re willing, please comment your likes and dislikes about the story. And vote!!!

* * * * *

It’s the first Thursday in December and it’s cold outside. The chill in the air goes through my clothes and I can feel the cold hit my skin with a shivering effect. It’s a typical day this time of year so I’m almost used to it, but I’m not really a snow kinda guy.

On this Xmas party day, I spend most of it in court defending our company from a fake accusation by a sleazy client we now wish we never did business with. Ain’t hind sight great? Anyway, as we complete our closing arguments, the judge says he will announce his decision in seven days, then dismisses the court. My gut feel is the company will win the counter law suit based on the evidence presented, but I never know until the judge renders his decision. Now I feel good as I return to work.

At the office, the family business Xmas party has already started as I join the festivities a little later than the rest of them. The early evening dinner has always been appreciated by the employees, but this year, things are a little different.

Mom and Dad own the business and paid for the party out of their pocket this year, for the first time since the company opened for business. It has run its course and is winding down as I single mingle and work my way through the work force in small groups.

From my conversations, the Xmas party is another hit with all employees in attendance. Everybody is enjoying all aspects of the party, including the fellowship, the band and choral group, the catered dinner and the free ride home for those who want it. There is more than enough food to go around and the left overs were given out to take home.

In her final speech, Mom announces the business has doubled, we added five employees, the gross income has tripled, and for the first time, bonus checks will be handed out as she reaches for them, handed to her by her husband. Each check is $2,200.

The cheer that comes from the employees warms her heart. Then she announces the final company gift to its employees, telling them the next day is a paid day off for everyone. An even louder cheer erupts the happiness in the room. With Mom’s speech over, they all return to fellowship, listen to the band, mingle, wander away from the dinner table, and eventually go home with happiness lingering in their souls.

My sister, Becki, at the young age of 24, lost her husband eleven months ago because of a drunk driver on New Year’s Day. Her emotional state is that of loneliness and despair with a poor outlook for her future. Eleven months later, she still suffers from his absence, having been a difficult year for her. This will be her first Xmas without him and she’s already feeling the heartbreak and loneliness. They were only married a year before the accident and she took his death very hard, as most any newly wed would.

Noticing Becki is nowhere to be seen, I wander around looking for her with no luck. Unable to find her anywhere else, I check her office and there she is, sitting behind her desk with her head resting on her arms. She has fallen asleep so I silently pad behind her and gently rub her shoulders. Waking up, she raises up and looks at me with sadness written on her face.

“Hi Ronnie,” she says with pain in her voice.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

“Just wishing the holidays were over and the loneliness would go away so I can continue moving onward with life.”

“I know, Sis. I can see it in your eyes and on your face. I can’t know everything you’re feeling these days, but I feel some of your pain and want to help.”

“How can you help?”

Reaching into my pocket, I remove a mistletoe, a fake mistletoe by the way, and hold it over her head. Becki looks up and sees the object hanging above her, stands up and faces me with a smile replacing the pain that controls her expression. She gives me a hug as I hold the mistletoe over her head.

“You’ve always been there for me, Ronnie, knocking me out of low points in my life, and now you’re doing it again. The only thing I can do to repay you is to say thank you for your continuous support and never ending love for me.”

My free hand moves to her chin and picks it up to line her lips up with mine. Leaning down to her, our lips meet and instantly, a surge of energy flashes through our bodies as if we were hit by a lightening bolt and I know we both feel it. Both of us wince as we break the kiss and we look at each other with surprise in our eyes.

“I felt that jolt, Ronnie. Did you?”

“I did, Sis… Let’s try that again.”

As our lips meet again, there was no burst of energy, no spark, but her sadness and my expectation makes the kiss go beyond the normal brother/sister kiss. Her passion suddenly takes control of her and I go with the flow with no resistance, bodrum escort totally surprising me. Realizing what I’m doing, I break the kiss as soon as I get my senses about me.

“I’m sorry about that, Sis. I don’t know what came over me…” I say, laying the blame on me. “Listen, I rather you not be alone tonight so, if you want, I’ll take you to my place and we can talk about anything and everything just to get your mind off the holidays. Deal?” I ask.

“Deal. It’s been too long since we’ve done that so let’s go… But first, answer me one question.”


“Are you doing this because I’m lonely, or is it because you are lonely?” Becki asks.

“Yes. Both. It’s a fair solution to both our lonely hearts.”

“I believe you’re right… Are we going now?”

“Whenever you want, Sis,” I tell her, pretty much knowing she’s ready to dump the party.

“I’m tired so it’s okay with me if you want to go now.”

“Let’s go then. Meet you at the door.”

I pad off to tell our parents we are leaving, then get my overcoat and meet Becki at the door all dolled up for the cold weather outside. We pad together to my car and get in, feeling the heat because the car has been running for about five minutes, thanks to remote start. Taking off my gloves, I grab the heated steering wheel and off we go.

“Why didn’t you open the car door for me?”

“I didn’t want to start any rumors if anybody saw us, Sis. That’s all we need is a rumor about us spreading through the company. Scandalous, my Dear.”

“Good point.”

* * * * *

When we arrive at my apartment, I open the front door and, being the gentleman I think I am, I allow her inside first, then follow her as I close and lock the door behind me.

“Can I take your coat?” I ask.

Saying nothing, she unbuttons it and shrugs it off her shoulders while I grab it, hang it in the closet near the door with my coat following soon after. I give my sister a hug just to warm us up and it works. She holds me as tight as I hold her, which is not what she normally does, but given the circumstances, I think nothing of it. I rub my hands all over her back to help warm her up and she looks at me with sad eyes. Jim must have done that to her too.

“Can I get you a drink?” I ask and release her, hoping to change the subject.

“A diet soda would be perfect. I’m pretty sure I’ve had enough alcohol today.”

“Your wish is my command. Have a seat and I’ll be right back with something a little more carbonated than liquor.”

Becki smiles, takes a seat on the sofa that faces the fireplace and leans her head back to relax away from the pressures of the office, not forgetting for a second she’s missing the man she loved very deeply. Just before I’m about to walk away, I pick up the remote and turn the fireplace on and dim the lights, then proceed on my journey.

First, I’m off to my bedroom to remove my suit coat and tie, then I’m off to the kitchen. When I return to Becki with the drinks, we talk about life and love between us, some of it very intimate. After talking for several hours, it’s late and I feel the desire to sleep more than my desire to stay awake so I get up to refresh the drinks.

“Thinking about Jim, are you?” I ask as I return and hand her the drink.

“I am. Even after all this time, I still want him back,” she says, taking the drink.

“Don’t blame you, Sis… Do you think you will ever love again?”

“At this point, feeling the way I do, no, but I hope there’s something in my future because I don’t want to be lonely the rest of my life. Jim would want me to move on. I know he would… Ronnie, would give me another of your infamous hugs please. I could really use one.”

“Infamous hugs?” I ask.

“Yes. One of the many reasons why I love my brother.”

I accept her answer so we stand together and she gives me a hug I never expected, but I sure as hell enjoy it and my tired body doesn’t seem to be as tired anymore. What a difference a hug makes… Or is it my sister… Or is it both? It’s the tightest hug she’s ever given me so I return the tightness and accept she is okay enough to do that.

With her head against my body, she asks, “Ronnie, did you ever try to sneak a peek at my naked body while we were in college, living in the same apartment with and without Jim?”

“No, but it did cross my mind several times.”

“What stopped you?”

“You did. My sister is off limits to me, especially with her boyfriend living with us. I can’t find it in my heart to disrespect you in that manner. It would completely destroy our relationship, and your relationship with your future husband, which was not and is not an option for me. I want to remain close to you like we always have,” I answer.

“What if I want you to touch my naked body?”

“What the…? Where are you going with this?”

She squeezes my body again and I grunt, just to make her chuckle. Becki is about six inches shorter than me so I try bodrum escort bayan to pick up her chin to look at me, but when I do, she wrestles her face back to my chest, forcing me to plan B.

“Talk to me, Sis. What’s going on here?”

I can hear her sniffling so I’m assuming she has wetness in her eyes. She doesn’t want to tell me her feelings, a first in our lives so I know this is serious for her. My question has put her on the spot so I lead her on with another question.

“Does this have something to do with us?”

Becki hesitates, takes a deep breath and hopes she isn’t about to destroy her brother/sister relationship. That would be another devastating blow to her on this holiday season.

“Yes… Sit down, please. I have a story to tell you and when I’m done, you’re either going to hate me or love me forever.”

“This sounds serious.”

“It’s very serious to me,” she confirms.

We take a seat and I sit close to her, wondering if this is a good thing or something that will turn to shit quickly. I take her hand in mine and encourage her to speak her mind without me saying another word.

Becki takes the reigns and speaks, saying, “As you know, Jim was a one in a lifetime find for me. I’ve told you that several times, but I never told you why and fortunately for me, you never asked, nobody asked. I can’t tell you how lucky I was to run into him when I did. Way back when, I was more attracted to you than anyone else, then came Jim. What you don’t know is I fell in love with you first, then him because he’s just like you in so many ways. He was handsome, had similar mannerisms, same physical stature, same intelligence, same sense of humor, everything, just like you, except for one thing.”

“Why are you telling me this, Sis?”

“I’m getting to that. Be patient… I’m risking my relationship with you by telling you this, so I want you to always be my brother and maintain our relationship the way it is now as a minimum. Deal?”

“Sis, we’ve know each other our entire life so I don’t think there’s anything you can tell me that would prevent that from happening, so you have a deal.”

She reaches for me, pulls herself across my lap and gets comfortable. Cuddling to me, I’m beginning to have second thoughts about what she’s going to tell me. Her sweater and long skirt hide all of her charms, but I can feel the heat emanating from her body so I hold her close and enjoy the warming feel of my sister. Because of the way she’s holding me, I’m getting to the point where I think I know where she’s going with this so I wait for her to speak her mind, which happens quickly.

“When the three of us were living in the same apartment in college, I was walking by your bedroom door one morning and when I looked through the opening, I saw my naked brother standing at the foot of the bed and your cock stood proudly before you and even though it was limp, I froze. I couldn’t do anything but stare. The only thing that separates Jim from you is the size of your cock, and it’s a significant difference.”

“I never got that moment out of my mind and I still haven’t forgotten it. As you know, I have to face facts and part of that is to deal with my current situation. As I bounce this around in my mind, I realize that finding another Jim is not likely to happen, but I have no desire to stop looking either… So, I have to ask, how much do you love your sister?”

“As you well know, very much.”

“Then, would you be willing to take his place? It was actually you I fell in love with first, after all.”

I’m stunned, unable to speak. My face is blank, showing no emotion. As I bounce this around in my mind, Becki gets off me and stands up, slowly removing her decorative sweater, then her long red skirt, teasing me as she progresses.

Standing before me in just a bra and panties, I finally speak up, saying, “Stop, Sis. You don’t have to do this.”

“I know I don’t, dear brother. I want to do this, and I want you to see me in the flesh so you get horny as hell for me.”

A smile comes to my face, knowing that’s nothing short of true. She removes her bra and panties and now stands before me as naked as the day she was born, but with several improvements. Her ample tits, shaved pussy and a perfect shape is what wet dreams are made from and I wish she had shown me her body in college.

She has made her state of mind clear to me so I remove my shoes and socks, stand, drop my pants and underwear to the floor, remove my shirt and now I’m naked in front of her.

“Does that answer your question?” I ask.

“Indeed it does,” she says with a huge, satisfying smile on her face.

We hug tight together for the first time as naked lovers, but before things get hot and heavy, we need do something first.

“Sis, before we start this, we need to talk about our future.”

“Always the lawyer… Okay then, let’s do it.”

We sit back down on the sofa, but her nakedness is too distracting for escort bodrum me to have a serious conversation. My cock is standing hard and proud before me and I know she’s having the same problem because she’s staring at my stiff pole.

“Second thought, a talk now is too distracting for both of us so let’s get rid of that obstacle first.”

“I’m go with that plan.”

I reach for my sister’s body and discover her softness and warmth to be refreshing. She reaches for my exposed cock and caresses it tenderly, as if it were a baby’s ass. It feels so WOW to have my sister touch my cock because the strength of the taboo gets the best of me as I pull her to me for our first kiss. Before I can count to any number, it turns passionate and sooner than not, we have to break to maintain a basic parameter of life, called breathing.

In my adult life, my sister has always turned me on because she always wore sexy clothes around the apartment and around Jim, so now is the proper opportunity for me, since she wants the same thing.

“I could stay like this all night long, Sis.”

“Me too, but I have no desire to stop here. I’m horny and need some special attention from you so don’t get lazy on me now. You have lots of work to do and you may proceed at your discretion.”

“No problem. Hang on cause we’re off to a more comfortable location.”

“Like your bed?”

“Hmmm, good guess,” I say, smiling.

As she’s getting off me, I turn off the fireplace and the lights, and as soon as I’m steady on my feet, she mounts me with quickness and holds on tight. For whatever reason, my hands go straight to her ass as the warmth of her body creates a pleasing sensation in my brain, and elsewhere. Her cheeks are soft, strong, firm and tight, egging me on to knead her ass as I pad to my bed.

Reaching my bed, I lay her on her back, crawl on the bed next to her and begin caressing her body.

“Oh god Ronnie, I haven’t felt this since Jim died. He did the same thing for me when we were in college.”

“Not surprising, Sis. Your body demands to be treated with tenderness because you’re a perfect 12.”

“Haven’t heard that in a while either.”

“If you’re real careful, you may hear it more often.”

She chuckles as she reaches for my dick and strokes it with tenderness as I caress her body. My hands stop on her clean shaven mound and she opens her legs. I get my first view of her dripping wet pussy causing a smile to come to my face. Like me, she’s turned on and ready for more so she pulls her feet toward her as I move between them and put my face against her pussy.

She does a little squeal as my tongue teases the most sensitive areas her pussy has to offer and then, without hesitation, my tongue attacks her clit as she shrieks at the sudden pleasure of it all. She’s moaning and wiggling her ass so I have to hold her as I proceed to her essence, diving my tongue inside her, sucking as much as I can get and savoring the taste as it consumes my mouth.

“As horny as I am, dear brother, I need your cock as soon as now.”

I smirk, move up her body, and she takes my cock in her hand and aims it at her pussy, sliding in easily as her expression turns to shear euphoric pleasure. I push it all the way in as her moaning becomes urgent and passionate in the moon lit room. Once it bottoms out, she pauses, then wraps her arms around my neck and gives me the kiss of my life. When she breaks it, we smile at each other, hoping for more in the future.

“It doesn’t feel like I thought it would, but it does feel a whole lot better… Fuck me, Bro. Only you know how bad I want it.”

She’s gripping my cock with intense strength and it feels amazing to me. As I slide out, her pussy squeezes me hard and I almost lose it then, so I pull it out to avoid an instant orgasm. Pushing back inside her, I slam into her hard causing her to gasp, then moan as the sensation gets the best of her.

“I love that so much,” she finally says as I keep a slow pace.

I lean in and give her a kiss and quicken the pace at the same time. I can tell she’s getting close after such a short time, but so am I. Her breathing is shallow as I penetrate her again. A few more times experiencing my cock inside her and she’s had enough. Going over the edge, she has a very intense orgasm as I groan and deposit rope after rope in her pussy.

Both of us are breathing heavier than normal. Both of us have a film of sweat on our bodies and both of us are weaker. The excitement of us fucking each other after several years of sister/brother fantasies has given both of us a short fuse and boy did it explode with intensity. I roll off her and lay on my back, trying to catch up to myself, as I realize my sister fantasy is no longer a fantasy.

“WOW, Bro. That was fanfuckingtastic! Can we do it again?” Becki asks in her cute, adorable voice, then laughs.

“If I can catch up to myself first, we can do it again if you’re so inclined.”

“Good,” she says as she rolls to me and strokes my well lubricated cock.

I welcome her to my body and reach for her ass. I’m an ass man, something I’ve learned from past female encounters. She has a well shaped tear drop ass which is strong, tight, soft, tender, and just caressing it keeps my dick hard. I give it as much attention as I’m allowed, until my sister intervenes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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