Newlyweds First Anal Experience

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Four years ago I married my husband, Jimmy. We met a year earlier at a singles devotional that my church co-sponsored. We had a whirlwind courtship and were married within 3 months. I was 23 and he was 25.

As most couples know, the first year was harder than we expected. We both had to learn how to compromise and adjust our opinions to better match the other. He loves sports, I love music. Over the last few years I have learned to appreciate a few of the sports, and he tolerates my eclectic taste in music. We have really learned to appreciate each others differences.

Growing up in the church, I was very protected and shielded from a lot of stuff. I had one sexual experience before I got married, it was awkward and uncomfortable. Jimmy on the other hand, came to know God while in college. He had a number of girlfriends before me and had been quite sexually active. I was, needless to say, intimidated by his carnal knowledge.

On our wedding night I was nervous but excited. I wanted to please him and make him glad to have chosen me. I wore one of the sexy nighties I had received at my bridal shower. It was extremely sheer and left nothing to the imagination. My hard nipples were straining against the thin material. I was so horny. It had been over a year since my last/first sexual experience. Jimmys own sister had suggested that I shave my pubic hairs, and make my pussy as smooth as possible. I admit to thinking it was a little weird for my soon to be sister bahis siteleri in law, to be that blunt. I am glad I listened to her though. My pussy was smoother than I think it ever had been.

I asked Jimmy to close his eyes until I was standing next to him. He was naked, except for a stupid bow tie. I observed his semi hard cock for the first time ever, as I walked into the room. I considered surprising him by taking a hold of it while his eyes were still closed, but I was still shy and nervous.

Fast forward 3 years….

As a 26 year old woman, I had become confident, and competent in my sexuality. I love sex. There is nothing better to relieve the stress from work, from parenting a toddler, or from just life. I always feel closer to Jimmy and more connected when we are making love. We strive to keep romance in our marriage. We are seen as a very loving, “sweet” couple, in our neighborhood and in our church. But sometimes we just need to fuck. No romance required. Just get naked and do what feels good in the moment.

I love to be dominated by him. I crave his powerful arms to push me into the position he wants me. He likes to fuck me from behind. He wraps his fingers around my hair and pulls me back onto his hardness. He seems to especially like to press his other thumb, against my butthole as he rides me like a young whore. One thing he started to do is slide his thumb into my sweet pussy right next to his dick and really stretches me.

I started canlı bahis siteleri reading about kinky sex and read about anal play. I was totally curious and asked him to read up on the different things people do.

A week later, I got home from a run at the park and took a shower. I wrapped a towel around me and stepped into the living room. He was sitting there, stroking his cock while he watched the tv. On the screen, a husband and wife were in a frenzy with their babysitter. The young lady was on her hands and knees with her mouth buried in the wife’s pussy, as the husband was sliding his huge dick into her tightly stretched anus. I sat next to him as he slowly stroked the length of his cock. I could see how much the scene was doing for him.

I asked him what he was thinking as he watched it? What was the biggest turn-on for him? He said he was imagining that it was him fucking me in the ass like that, as I was eating another womans pussy. He wanted to look into her eyes as his young wife pleasured her with her tongue.

Then the people on the tv, moved around and the man lay on his back while the wife lowered herself onto his enormous cock, and the girl positioned her pussy on his face. I admit that right then I wanted my pussy eaten like I never had before.

But I was also a little pissed that my man, my forever love, fantasized about fucking another woman. I was so naive that I never imagined he could think of another woman in his bed? Lust, canlı bahis fantasy, were things I only did with him in mind. But here I was so conflicted. I was really enjoying the show, I was totally imagining that actors huge cock in my mouth. And I had my fingers frantically rubbing my clit.

I decided it was time to take his cock into my mouth. He was so slick with precum, and it tasted perfect on my wanting tongue. I told him to pretend that it was him on the bed with those two women as I worked over his cock. After about two minutes, he pushed me onto my hands and knees facing the tv. He told me to watch the man as he alternately fucked both women from behind. Back and forth he went between them. Jimmy described that he was imagining that he was fucking me and my coworker Jennifer. He confessed to beating off while looking out the window the previous month when she was laying by the pool with me. I heard all about how he wanted to slide his cock into her, while she ate my pussy. I was getting so hot picturing it. My pussy was so wet that he got his thumb all wet with my pussy juices, and he slid his thumb into my ass as he fucked my pussy hard. I screamed at first and was surprised, but I loved it. He pounded me hard for about 5 minutes before he slid his cock into my tight little butthole. It was so warm and tight that he couldn’t stop it, he filled up my ass with his cum.

I spun around and took his softening cock into my mouth. My very first ass to mouth experience. I cleaned his dick with my tongue and then collapsed into his waiting arms, on the floor.

That day I experienced quite a few firsts. Since that day we have experienced quite a few more. This was just the first story.

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