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Dani Daniels

Thank-you to ChiDom for edditing my stories.

It’s nearly 2 A.M. Everyone is sleeping off the turkey and ham. Snow is still falling, making a blanket over the yard.

Nina is woken up to the sounds of the hounds, another wild hog running around. Not like she was fully asleep, it’s always so hard for her to fall asleep in another person’s house.

Nina and her lover are visiting his family for this holiday. She knows it will be hours before she can fall asleep again so she decides to make her way to the kitchen. She wiggles out of her lover’s tight grip. His large Slavic body crushing down on her. “My Viking daddy” she giggles to herself once free.

After slipping out of what seemed to be the world’s loudest creaky door, Nina’s eyes are drawn to a glow coming from the next room.

“Everyone is sleeping, one of the cats must have sat on the remote. ” Nina rationalizes to herself, but to her surprise someone was fully awake. It was her father-in-law Mark; he was sitting at his computer desk watching something and masturbating. Embarrassed, Nina turns away but then does something she shouldn’t have.

Nina slowly walks closer to the door. She pushes it very slightly just so she is able to see with both eyes, she stands there watching him stroke and pull his cock. She grips her breast to match his choking grip on his shaft. Aroused at how he looks while pleasing himself; his thick neck stretched back releasing deep quiet grunts and groans, his broad chest heaving rapidly.

Nina knows he’s about to cum, and with that realization her arousal turns to embarrassment and shame. She gasps/sequels and backs away quietly.

Each step on the cold wooden floor is a nagging reminder that her warm fuzzy kitten socks are lost in the house.

Nina opens the icebox and finds the eggnog and fixes herself a tall glass.

About half done, her eyes dart to the liquor cabinet. The eggnog already had brandy in it but Nina is a drinker. She likes her Friday sakarya escort nights at her small-town bar.

She decides to take just a peek around. In the back she sees a tall pretty bottle of brown rum, “Yummy” she murmurs to herself. She takes the bottle and adds a very healthy amount to her glass.

Reaching up to put the bottle back, they start to clink.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?”

That voice! That deep rough voice. Nina jumps around out of breath.

“Christ! Mark, you scared the hell out of me.”

He steps closer, eyes burrowing into her making her look down to the floor.

” I said, What.” His voice even more stern than before

“I umm I couldn’t sleep, so I…”

“So, you made yourself a glass with stolen rum, my rum as a matter of fact.” Mark interrupts, smelling her glass.

Nina bites her bottom lip, she’s wide eyed but still looking to the floor. Mark sets her glass down on the table and turns his dark gaze back to her, walking painfully slow to her.

“I bought that bottle when I was working in Germany, it was a gift to myself for all the hard work I did, all the money I would bring back home. This is my private bottle for a special occasion, little lady, and you have stolen some from me.”

“I- I’m so sorry…” Nina’s voice is soft and unsteady. She feels so little now.

“That’s not good enough, you have been a wild card all week. Go downstairs.”

Nina looks to the game room/basement door then back to him.

“Excuse me??”

He takes her by the wrist and pulls her downstairs.

“Mark, seriously, what the shit?? Why are we down here?”

“Turn around and bend over.” He said darkly pointing to the couch.

Nina laughs nervously,” What are you going to spank me?”

Mark walks extremely close to her, “Yes, you stole from me, now bend over or I’m putting you across my knee.”

“Mark, this isn’t funny…you’re making escort sakarya me feel…”

Mark interrupts her, his voice still dark. Eyes fixed on her, “Nervous? Guilty? Like a naughty girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar, or in this case my fucking rum?” Last chance, turn around, and bend the fuck over.”

Nina’s whole body is shaking, she can feel her wetness seeping through her panties. His voice has always had an effect on her. He has always had an effect on her.

“You can’t’ be serious right now? I’m twenty-eight years old, you can’t spank me!”.

Mark pushes Nina on the couch and pulls her fighting self onto his lap. He holds her hands behind her back and covers her mouth.

“Fight all you want, I have two kids, you’re not getting away, I warned you and you didn’t listen.” With his large arm, he buries her face into the couch cushions still holding onto her wrists tightly.

Mark slides his free hand up her long chocolate legs. “Shhhh, this is what happens…” he struggles with her bucking hips before laying his full weight on her, smothering her into the couch “this is what happens when you don’t listen and obey in my house.”

He rubs his hand up and down her lower back, “calm down and this will take no time, now are you going to listen?”

Nina stops her fighting, feeling defeated and trapped; she finally succumbs to his will.

Mark gives her a few soft quick pats on the bottom of her bum, “Arch your back a little, you don’t want me to miss your cheeks.”

Nina, whimpering and shaking obeys and arches her lower back pressing her round ass to him. In that moment he plants a hard smack on her cheeks, and then another harder one on her right cheek then her left then her left again forming his own rhythm on her sore tender ass.

” I wonder if I can make your chocolate ass red.” He hits her one last time, harder than the last few and rubs her warm skin.

He consoles her, listening sakarya escort bayan to her cries and whimpers. It gives him the perfect opportunity to feel her up again and slip in a finger or two.

He rubs his hand down to her heated quivering pussy and rubs a finger between her lips.

“Oh, someone enjoyed herself and isn’t fighting anyone more? You liked it baby?”

Mark lessens his grip; Nina turns to him tearful and biting her bottom lip.

“I don’t want to like it.”

“It’s ok Nina, I will just give you another spanking, for being horny for your father-in-law, yet again.”

“…what?” Nina’s voice cracks.

“I saw you watching me tonight and the other night. I even got to see how you wiggle when you touch yourself. I even got to smell your potent pussy.”

Nina froze her biggest secret out in the open from his very lips.

“No need to say anything, just do as you are told, lay back down on my lap and be still.” Mark pulls her night shorts down to her thighs and bites her bare ass cheek. He gives her another smack and slides in two of his big fingers into her soaking cunt.

Nina bites into his pants leg trying to muffle herself, but it’s no use, he strokes and rubs on her clit just right. Everything about the last hour or so has been exactly what she wanted.

Mark pulls her braids far back releasing a long moan from Nina. He takes his soaked fingers out of her then into her mouth.

“Clean them while I punish you.”

Nina sucks and muffles her screams on his fingers as she is spanked, harsher this time. The pain, being spanked by Mark, feeling his throbbing cock against her belly sent Nina over the edge, leaving a nice wet spot on Mark’s pants and a few bite marks on his fingers.

“Didn’t your mother teach you not to bite people? No matter, I have no problem putting a bad girl in her place.”

Mark reaches for a locked box behind some other boxes, he then pulls out one of many rulers and paddles. Mark slaps his hand with a thick ruler.

“I’m going to send you to bed with a sore ass and a wet pussy, how does that make you feel?”

Nina arches her lower back and turns to face him, “Naughty.” She smiles and wiggles her ass.

Mark grins, “Good. Maybe you will earn that nightcap after.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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