Nothing but a Tuesday Night

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Big Tits

She simply was the most sexually exciting woman he had ever known. Lying in bed, pretending to watch television, he was really watching her blow dry her hair. She was tall with classic curves. His parents had raised him on the movies of the 50’s and 60’s. He was convinced that he just happened to hit puberty on the same day his father had run Dr. No on the VCR because there was nothing that was more appealing to him than a tall blonde, with real hips and large breasts. His wife scored on all points.

With her back to him in front of the vanity she swayed back and forth. He watched her ass as she shifted the weight from one leg to the other. Thinking about touching it, holding it, nibbling at the curves of her hips he started to grow hard.

Putting the dryer down, she wandered from the vanity into the bedroom. Her breasts were full and round. She would pick at herself and complain about how they drooped, or her belly, but watching her move naked through the dark room, lit only by a small lamp on the far nightstand, she was as alluring as any woman could be. She sat on the floor, just within his view and began lotioning her long lean legs. He watched as she massaged the scented lotion into her skin. She wasn’t trying to be alluring, probably didn’t even know he was paying attention but as she moved up her hips, over her belly, and then onto and around her tits, he reached under the sheets to adjust his cock, fully hard in his shorts.

She made small talk. She asked about something going on the next day. It was moments like these when she might accuse him of not listening to her. It wasn’t that he wasn’t listening. It wasn’t that he didn’t care what she had to say. He was simply pre-occupied. The idea of her flesh against him, her nipples in his mouth, his cock pressed against her leg as he kissed and licked at her precluded thoughts of any other matter, trivial or not.

She came to bed next to him. Her long blonde hair draped across the pillow. Her breasts lay full on her chest and he reached a hand over to her. As he moved his fingers over her soft nipple she purred. He massaged it between his finger and thumb, rolling it delicately as it grew firm to his touch. Satisfied with one he moved to the other.

She was the type to be somewhat submissive in bed. The song that describes the singer’s lover as a wonderland always came to mind. He rolled over to her and nibbled at her neck and chest. He laid his body over her leg and she parted her thighs slightly. He moved his hand over her nipple again and down her side and her hip. Running his fingers over her belly he moved to the warmth between her legs. Touching her she parted more for him.

Familiarity may breed contempt among those locked in jail cells or office cubicles but with a lover it only allows you güvenilir bahis please them and satisfy them more each time. 14 years of exploring her body meant only that his fingers knew where to go, how to touch her. As his fingers danced about her, opening her, exploring her, his lips and mouth enclosed on her firm nipple. Pinching it slightly between his teeth and tongue she gasp just barely, her knees bending, his fingers finding the small fold that was her clit.

In small circles he worked to open her pussy for him. He teased at her nipple. Taking it firmly at times, and then releasing it to flick it quickly. The muscled of her stomach clenched and he knew he was close to the first one.

He had a plan. It may have been more of a routine but he knew it worked. He liked to start with his fingers. Rubbing and tickling and prodding that first orgasm out of her. He felt for the movements of her body and legs to know when he was close and only then did he focus down, small circles around her clit, a slight pinch, and then pressing, just delicately until she moaned. She came with her tit in his mouth.

Onto his knees he moved. Better access to both of her raised nipples. She lay motionless, a play toy for his amusement. He worked the other nipple briefly in his mouth. Just a bit harder he pressed his teeth to the firm rise. He moved with more intent now. Not quite as gently and pressed her legs open. His mouth moved down her body, he teased at her navel, grazing it lightly with his tongue before descending on her, kissing the soft smooth flesh of her shaved mound. Her pussy was his now, with his mouth and teeth he pulled her open. His fingers played at her lips until he could slip his tongue into her. He teased lightly at first, running in and over and around her open pink flesh before inserting. He ran is tongue in and out of her wet hole. He moved in longer motions. Her body moved above him. He could look up and see the large swell of her glorious tits. She held her hands over her head. She gave her body to his mercy. She wasn’t smiling any longer. The look on her face was the pained sexual look. It drove him to take her further, make her cum again.

Taking each thigh in a hand he spread her, raising her hips. Her ass and pussy were spread open to his tongue, he licked at the full surface of her. He teased her ass with the tip of his tongue. He wanted it wet. He licked at the slick juices of her pussy. This was all preface, as she moaned again he took her clit with his tongue.

Small movements — up and down. Small circles. It was the repetition. He sought that one movement that would do it today. He pressed more firmly at her clit until she was cumming again. He pressed his tongue into and around her. He brought it out of her. She was cuming again. This güvenilir bahis siteleri one just slightly more than the last, he wanted more.

He released her legs. The collapsed around his head and pressing his face into her he reached around her hips to her tits. He took one in each hand. She was his toy now, and the game was her orgasms. He wanted her to come harder. To come louder. He pinched her nipples. He knew better each time how. Firmly he took them between a thumb and finger and as his tongue worked over her clitty he pinched them hard, just at the tip. “Yeah!” he moaned.

He sucked at her. She was close again and he held tight to her tits, fucking her hole with his face. He shook his whole head, working her clit hard with his tongue until she was arching her back. He shook her tits by her nipples. “Come for me.” He barked at her and as he tongue fucked her she did. Her legs rose briefly as it hit her, and then relaxed back onto the bed. He was close to done but not quite. That was the game, make her cum so hard she had to pull away from him rolling across the bed to escape his attack on her pussy.

He never knew going in how much she could take. What would finally do her in, but he was always pleased when she made it this far. He adjusted on the bed. He released her tits. He needed his fingers.

He licked at her whole pussy for a minute. It was a process. He needed her wet. She was still coming down from the last one. When finally, he had her hole slick enough for his fingers, he began to work on her again. He teased her again with his tongue, small strokes on her clit. He worked his smallest finger into her easily. He felt the inside of her wet and ready. She needed to be fucked. He was close, but one more. He knew he could get one more.

With his smallest finger slick and wet he teased at her clit faster. He needed her relaxed. He licked at her waiting until… There it was. The first moan, and with that, two fingers slipped into her wet pussy. She was so tight, two fingers were more than enough to fill her and she moaned harder. He fucked her slowly at first but as her breathing increased, as his tongue worked more quickly on her pussy, he picked up the pace. “Now!” he thought, breaking loose of her clitty he took his fingers into his mouth, tasting her and preparing them to enter her. Slow circles on her clit as the index slid easily into her pussy. Slowly he pulled it out. Two this time. He pussy swallowed both and he licked her clit just as a reward. Slowly, he pressed them back in, this time adding the third. His ass puckered when he touched it but as he licked her clit it opened for him and he slipped all the fingers deep into her.

Slowly… licking, moving the fingers in and out of her. Slowly again… His tongue pressing harder. iddaa siteleri Slowly…. She moaned again. His cock pulsed; he was close to coming on his own. Slowly…. She moaned louder…

Now! He pressed his fingers fully into her. His hand folded against her wet hole he pressed them as deep as she could take them. “Yeah… take it baby.” He mumbled into her hole. His own hips were moving now as he fucked both her holes. She moaned louder. She spread her legs for him and he fucked her. Yeah, he fucked that tight ass, that tight pussy and devoured her clit. He wanted that last one. She moaned and now grabbed her own nipples. His hand slapped against her ass as she took him as deep as she could. Fully opened to him it was hitting her. Her pussy and ass clamped down on her fingers as her body writhed. His size kept her in place as she tugged and pulled away, crying into a pillow with the wash of her hardest orgasm yet. She moaned again, he fucked her, she cried out, he fucked her. Her body shook, he fucked her, sucking her clit and using her body. He was there. She pressed her legs closed, rolling to her side.

She was done but he wasn’t.

His cock had waited patiently and now, rolling her onto her knees he lifted her ass and climbed up the bed until his cock was at her pussy. As he entered her, he felt her pussy still cuming. No slow strokes this time, he was close himself and plunged his cock into her. He didn’t know if she was still coming from the last one or working on the next bet he didn’t care. This one was for him and shafted her wet cunt with every inch of his dick. Hard and fast, he hit it. He slapped her ass and felt himself there. Deeper he thrust into her until he came. A great explosion that seemed to shoot from his legs, down his chest, through his ass and out his cock, filling her tight, wet hole. He felt the slickness of his cum in her and used it slide is cock into her more. It was hot and wet and dripping. He was done but wasn’t ready to leave. Panting, he kept himself inside of her. He pulled at her hips, pulling her ass back toward him. His balls hurt from slapping against her but he fucked on. Could he get a second? She moaned again. He felt her tight hole pressing down on him and he felt the telltale sign he was going to get another. Furiously he kept at it, sweating now from the pace of his exertions. He had to get it. She was telling him now. “Come in me. Do it” and he thrust harder.

“Tell me you want it!” He ordered.

“Yeah… Come in me.”

“Ask for it.” He begged her.

“Oh yeah, Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” And just saying it was enough as he pulsed, Shooting a second load into her. Filling her till it dripped from her. He slapped her ass again, pulling out he looked down on the perfectly round shape of her and took a playful bite. Collapsing onto the bed next to her, he gasped for air. Damn, he did need to get in better shape.

“Good?” she asked him…

“Yeah…” panting “good…” breathing, “you?”

“Yeah…” she said, rolling next to him. “Good!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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