Ribbon Girl

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Real story…..hubby and I’s first date memorialized.)

Even though we had only met a couple of weeks before I already felt like I’d known him for an eternity. Tomorrow was his birthday so I decided to plan a little surprise for him. He’d told me the night before that he had the day off because of a dentist apt and he should be back home by 11. So I started planning out just what I’d do in my head. We both loved the Grateful Dead and one verse of one of their songs always stuck out in my head, “must have been the roses…roses or the ribbons in her long brown hair.” Except for the fact that mine was long and blonde. I came up with a brilliant idea as I rummaged through my dresser drawer. I found 3 spools of ribbon that I had planned to use for something else, but at that moment I changed my mind.

The next morning I went by my favorite little French bakery/restaurant, La Madelines and bought 2 chocolate croissants and another pastry. All three desserts sinfully delicious. And made it to his place just after he walked in the door. I’d dressed my favorite little black dress. “Happy Birthday,” I said as he opened the door. While he was finishing a phone call, I put my plan into action. I slid the slinky little dress off of my body and took the 3 spools of ribbon out of my purse. Starting with the red ribbon I started to roll it out over my body. First over both shoulders and around my neck then down around my arms and stomach and ataşehir escort bayan across my abdomen. Slowly I let it curl around my hips and thighs, in and out between both legs and then spiraling down to my feet. Criss-crossing it over my body. I did the same thing with the green ribbon and purple ribbon. He watched in silence a wicked smile forming across his lips. When I was done with all three spools of ribbon I tied them together in a bow. I noticed he’d hung up the phone already and I smiled and told him. “I’m your present but you have to open me with your teeth ONLY,” I said teasingly.

I quivered for a moment as I felt the heat and desire I had for him began to flame up in my body. Looking down at myself noticing that my nipples were already starting to get hard, knowing that I was already wet for him. “Allright”, he replied as he told me to lie down on the pallet he’d made on the floor.

I smiled and eagerly did so.

I’d been waiting for this moment for so long. This was the first time we were going to be together. He laid between my legs slowing kissing his way up them. Nipping and licking my thighs softly, he started untying the bow with his teeth that was located around my knees. I lifted them for him and he smiled. Watching his mouth work at unraveling all three colors of ribbon from my body. “Gawd this man was good”, I thought silently to myself. He started to edge closer to my open shaven escort kadıköy sex and I really started to squirm. My mind started to slip away but he continued to unwrap his present with his skillful mouth and teeth and it wasn’t long until the ribbons were lying in a pile beside me. My body was on fire. I moaned softly begging for him to touch me. Every nerve in me was on edge.

He began very slowly teasing my outer lips with his tongue, lapping at them, outlining them. Ever so softly brushing the tip against my clit, which had already pushed itself forth. My sexual core. He wiggled closer against me and suddenly plunged his tongue into me. I gasped and began to run my fingers through his hair. “Ooooooooh Gawd,” I moaned. His tongue began to dance inside of me. Starting to seek the juices that were beginning to pour out of my body. Then he took my pearl between his teeth and began to flick his tongue back and forth ever so quickly over it. It felt like a soft fish’s tail moving back and forth over my most sensitive place. My hips pushed forward involuntarily and a low groan escaped my lips. He smiled up at me and told me to enjoy myself. I began to beg him to use his fingers on me if only just one. And he told me “No, I’m going to use just my tongue.” Well I soon found out his mouth was the only instrument of pleasure he needed to use on me as I began to sing my song of orgasm. Eagerly and hungrily he buried his tongue into bostancı escort me again. I squirmed and quivered bucking my hips up against him. Aching for him. My whole body craving him. I felt it curling up inside of me pressing against my inner walls. And I closed my eyes and began to let go. Feeling rivers of cum begin to flow from my body.

“Where did this angel come from,” my mind kept asking me. My body began to respond to the rhythm of his tongue. Pulsing and pushing against him as he devoured me whole. Lapping around my lips and then back against my clit and slowly pushing his tongue in and out of my hot boiling sex. I wondered how long he could keep this up. Time seemed to be at a stand still ever since he started to unwrap me. Groaning louder I lifted my hips again, begging him not to stop. “Do anything to me, Just don’t stop.” Little voices started telling me that this man was definitely the one and to not let him out of my sight. I started writhing and shaking uncontrollably as I began to have my hardest orgasm yet. I could feel my juices steadily flowing from my cunt. He held tight to my thighs as I bucked and shook furiously. Drinking and sipping from me as if my juices were a stream and he was a man who hadn’t drank a drop in years.

When he finally pulled away, I was as limp as a puddle and lying in a puddle of my juices there on the pallet. I smiled looking up at him and asked him if he was still hungry pointing to the pastries that I’d brought. And he nodded and we took a small break to eat them. They were so sweet. My eyes ran over his body up and down knowing that I was still very hungry…very hungry for only one thing, Him.

He would be my dessert.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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