Rooster Club Pt. 07: Now Members

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Note: This story contains partner swapping, interracial and multiple partner sex. If you find this type of content offensive, please close the story and move on. Thank You.

I woke the next morning to Lanas hot mouth sucking on my semi hard cock, while her hands gently fondled my balls. The sun was up and I could hear the birds outside.

“Not sure I have anything to give your sweetheart.”

“I know, but it’s 9am, and we have a brunch date. I wanted to wake you as lovingly as I could. Go get a shower and get ready for today, I’ll get the coffee started.” She said.

Around 10 or so, Steve and Kim arrived at our house. We chatted in the living room for a bit like old friends. Nothing like what I anticipated for a group of basically strangers who shared a wild sexual encounter less than 24 hours ago.

Steve drove us all to Frank’s Franks and More. A small local diner a few miles away. I sat in the front with Steve, while Lana and Kim sat in the back. Once seated at a large booth, and brunch ordered. Steve started the conversation about the Rooster Club. We continued to talk while we ate our brunch.

“Ray, Lana, You have been approved for membership. It was expected, just a formality, but everyone who voted approved your application. Now for a little business.

There is a contract to sign. It’s basic stuff, mainly protecting the clubs anonymity. There are penalty clauses for discussing and exposing the club and it’s members. Remember this also protects you both. It also outlines the rules and policies of the club. Finally the financial side, the membership dues, and clauses to protect from lawsuits from accidents on the estate properties.”

“Dues and rules, what are we looking at?” I asked.

“Dues are a flat $600 annually. Due at the first of the year. Prorated for new members of course. So just $50 per month. And this is per couple not per member.

The rules are basic we will go over each when we sign the contract. The main ones to know now are:

No, absolutely means no. There are no exceptions, you will never be in a situation you are uncomfortable with.

Per year there are on average 15-20 club gatherings. As a couple you are required to attend a minimum of 6. Your activity at these gatherings is not required but expected, after all why would you not participate after going through the trials.

You must arrive and leave as a couple. You can’t come together then leave with someone else. If say during a meeting you decide Lana wants to go home for a threesome with Pete and Roxie. She can’t leave with them. You must leave as a couple. Once your off the estate property, Lana can jump into their car.

Absolutely no recordings or pictures.

No overnight stays.

Only club members allowed on club estate property. No guests ever.

Minimum of 4 couples must be present at the club at any time. So there are no meetings of just two or three couples.

Alcohol consumption is typically nonexistent or minimal. Some exceptions based on the event.

There are a few others, but these are the big ones.”

“So who nominated us and why us?” Lana asked.

“Sorry, but you will find out when you spot them. It’s won’t be long before you know who. Why you two. You fit our profile. We look for couples that are stable, not likely to cause drama. When we find a couple where the woman is at least bi-tolerant, even better. Men wear out faster than women, so having ladies that are okay with bisexual play, helps out.” Kim replied.

“What gives the impression I have any bi-tendencies? You had me pretty revved up when you were planting those sexy thoughts in my head. I have no sexual girlfriends. Where did that come from?” Lana asked.

“Nobody said you are bi, Lana. We have some reasons to believe you are at least tolerant.” Kim said as her and Steve shared a glance.

We continued to eat and chat, now less about the club and more about each other. Over the course of the next hour we learned more about Kim and Steve, like their last name, Gold. Steve and Kim Gold. They have been married a couple years longer than us. They have one daughter and a couple grandchildren.

“Let me pay the bill then we will ride to the club estate.” Steve said as he got up to pay the tab.

The drive to the club took about 20 minutes where more small talk was exchanged. I paid attention to where we were so I would know how to get there. Steve turned onto a small dirt road that I passed many times but barely noticed. The road seemed to go on forever. Then a right turn onto another dirt road, and more driving. Finally we came to a gated property, Steve punched in a code and the gate opened. He drove through and waited until the gate was closed behind us.

“Always make sure the gate is closed before you drive off. It jammed once, but fortunately, it didn’t cause issues. Just a security precaution.”

Around the corner in the road was an impressive 3 story tall estate. There was a nice driveway, but not enough for more than a handful of cars. Off ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar to the side there was another parking area.

“We’re here. First impressions?” Kim asked

“Wow this place is beautiful.” Lana replied.

“Come on, lets get the contract signed and give you a tour.” Steve said leading the way.

He opened a door on the side of the estate with another keypad. The small room had a table, with the contract on it, and several lockers. We all sat down while Steve went over the contract and rules. Once we both signed it and paid our dues. We were officially Rooster Club Members.

“Here is your copy of the contract, a small information package, including the security code for today. The code rotates and you will get the updated code when there is an event. Locker number 8 will be yours. Keep what you want it in. Most members have robes in it and leave their cloths in it. We have never had an issue with people steeling, but if you have concerns you can bring a lock. Most couples leave any valuables they are concerned about in their car.

This is absolutely as far as your cell phones go.” Steve said making sure we took our phones and put them in the locker. “I’ll let Kim lead the tour for you two.”

“Follow me. Well start on the third floor.”

She walked us through every room on the third floor.

“As you can see, this floor is mainly storage. We rarely use this floor for events, it’s all storage and business. The last door led to a nice office for club business.”

“We only show this floor so there are no mysteries. Nothing happens on this floor. Activities are for the most part, off limits up here” Steve added.

The second floor was much different. There were five bedrooms and a full bath. The bedrooms were all furnished like guest rooms for the most part.

“No doors?” Lana commented.

“No, this is an open club. There is no hide and seek on this floor. If you head to a room for sex with a member, there is no expectation for privacy. Just like in the trials. If you want to have a private more intimate encounter with a member, you take that off club property. We found this works best over the years.” Steve answered.

The main floor was much like any big house. Living room, dining room, family game room, kitchen, etc.

“Activities may happen on this floor, with the exception of the kitchen for obvious health reasons. Again the only rooms with a door will be the restrooms.” Kim told us.

“No activities in the bathrooms either” Steve added.

“On to the basement” Kim said leading us.

The basement was sectioned off into three areas.

“This is our game room, pool table, darts, shuffle board, ping pong etc. just find a player and enjoy!” Steve said.

“Next is the theater room. Sometimes we show a movie, or watch sporting events in here. ” Kim told us.

“Movies?” Lana questioned.

“Some of the ladies enjoy the Lifetime Christmas movies, or it may be a new movie that someone has on DVD, or it could also be a dirty movie at times. You just never know with us.” Kim answered.

“Through this door,” Steve told us, “Is the sex dungeon.”

“It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you get into this, it’s quite fun.” Kim added.

The dungeon had all sorts of kinky things. There was a cross to be bound to, benches, tables, etc. On the wall was an assortment of harnesses, cuff, blindfolds etc. Certainly something to let the mind run wild.

“Let’s head outside. Follow me again.”

Kim lead us out a back door.

“Hear you find the patio, outdoor shower and our hot tub garden. We have 4 hot tubs so there is always room for everyone. We keep one hot tub active all winter. The others are operational during the nicer seasons of the year. “

The hot tub garden was inside a nice garden giving some privacy. As soon as we entered we spotted Pete, Roxie, Brent and Jill in one of them.

“As I told you, four couple minimum.” Steve said, then added, “There are rules for the hot tub garden. You must shower before getting in the tub. The tubs are for fully nude only, no swim suits. No eating or drinking here. No sex in this area. This is mainly a relaxing area. You can get frisky, but if things get going, head to another area.”

“Follow me, we will tour the rest of the property.” Kim said leading us around. “As you can see we have a large private piece of property here. There is a nice pond over the hill there, and wooded area off to the west. There are rockers on the front porch for relaxation also.” Kim explained as she walked us around.

“You will find other hidden features as you explore on your own.” Steve added. “Any questions”

“So sex pretty much anywhere with anyone?” Lana asked nervously.

“Yes, with the exception of the office, bathrooms, kitchen, and hot tub garden.” Steve answered.

“What happens at the events?” I asked.

“There are 12 monthly events. Those happen the second weekend of every month. Then there are holiday events, and elvankent götü büyük escortlar personal events. Anyone can create an event. You will learn as you go. They are just gatherings of members to use the property and enjoy each others company.” Kim told us.

“Would you two like to join us all in the hot tub garden. We can chat about all this with the others they can share their experiences.”

Lana nodded okay, so who was I to argue.

We stripped and showered outside, then joined the other couples in the hot tub.

Brent lead off the conversation. “So glad you are members. You will have so much fun here with us. I see Kim and Steve gave you the nickel tour. What do you think?”

“Very impressive.” Lana said.

“They were asking about the events, anyone care to share a memorable one?” Steve tossed out to the group.

“I really enjoyed hide and seek Saturday.” Jill said. “The women would hide around the club grounds. We either hid alone or with another girl. After a while the men came to look for us, either one at a time or with another guy. When we were found, we were fucked. One on one or two on one. Then we would clean up, and hide again. That was a fun day. We should do that again.”

“Plan it Jill. I had a great time too. I always hid alone, had a couple two at a time that day.” Roxie added.

“I had a great time with the Bang Beth party.” Brent joined in. “Beth celebrated her birthday with a gang bang. Her husband secured her to a table in the dungeon, and we all took turns with her. Even the women joined in.”

“All the women?” Lana asked.

“I sure did!” Kim said. “I kissed her and played with her tits while Steve pounded her. Then he would kiss her while I licked her and used a dildo on her.”

“I fingered her and sucked her nipples.” Roxie said

“I took a turn with her too.” Jill added. “Never know, someday I may want something like that.”

“I had a great evening in the glory hole box.” Jill said. I think about every guy took his turn sticking his cock through the hole for me to enjoy.”

“Some of us went more than once.” Pete added.

“So the dungeon is for having sex with tied up women huh?” Lana asked with a wink.

“Oh I don’t know about that.” Pete said. “I enjoyed the night Roxie blindfolded me and bound me to the cross. The ladies would come in and have their way with me. I didn’t know who’s lips were caressing my cock, well maybe I recognized one or two of their techniques. Some stroked my cock, then bent over to fuck me. I think they made me come four times that night. A group of them moved me to the bench and tied me there. Then the girls made the rounds to sit on my face. Oh yeah that was a night to remember.”

“You see Lana, this is a safe place to live out fantasies.” Jill said

“Any non sexual gatherings?” Lana asked.

“Sure those happen too. Most of the time off property.” Jill said. “Last year there was a group of us that all vacationed together in Vegas. For a bunch of swingers vacationing in Sin City, we pretty much stuck with our spouses. “

“Same thing happened on the cruise a couple years back. And we get together for ball games now and then, no sex, just friends having an outing.” Kim added.

Roxie spoke up, “So Lana, ever have three guys pleasure you at once?”

Lana just blushed, and shook her head.

“We would be happy to take care of that one for you.” Brent said.

But it was Pete who stood and extended his hand to help her up. His black cock was already starting to get hard.

“Go for it Lana, we’ll keep Ray occupied.” Kim said.

I watched as three naked men walked off with my naked wife. Lana glanced back to make sure I was okay with it. Once she saw my smile, she grinned big and kept walking to the estate.

“Come on Ray, you ready for us gals to give you a treat?” Kim asked.

“Lead the way.”

I strolled to the estate with three naked women. They led me to the dungeon. Once there they tied me to the bench. Kim and Jill kneeled next to the bench and took turns licking my cock and fondling my balls. I was stretching to watch them, then suddenly my view was blocked by Roxies black pussy.

“You wanted to enjoy this longer during the trial, now you have time Ray. Lick my hot cunt baby.”

I so wish I could have grabbed her hips, but I had no control. Roxie put her cunt where she wanted my tongue. I snacked on her meaty lips as much as I could. I was tonguing her clit as best I could, while one of the other women dropped her pussy over my cock. I had no clue which woman was fucking herself on me.

“Such a beautiful sight Ray,” Roxie said, “Jill and Kim are French kissing and playing with each other’s tits. Ahh your tongue is good. What do you say ladies, should we move him to the bed in the corner?”

A few minutes later, they both got off me. My face was wet with Roxies juice, and my cock wet with pussy juice of one of the other ladies. All three women walked over to the bed, bent over presenting etimesgut çıtır escortlar their asses to me.

“Come over here Ray, you get to fuck us all. Try us all. Come play with us.”

I walked over not even thinking which cunt I wanted to be in first. I sank my cock into Roxie, just because she was in the middle. While pumping Roxie, I fingered Kim and Jills pussy. Roxie started cumming and her tight cunt clamped down on my cock. She climbed onto the bed as her orgasm subsided. She laid on her back in front of Jill. I moved behind Jill and started to fuck her pussy. My hand was still working on Kims pussy and clit. While I fucked Jill, she had her face buried in Roxies pussy.

Roxie and Jill came about the same time. Jill got on the bed. Roxie and Jill started to scissor each other while I slid into Kim. The hot scene and my fingering her for a while now, had Kim orgasming as my cock filled her. I fucked her through her orgasm then another. She laid on her back on the bed so I could pound her pussy. Jill started to kiss Kim and play with her tits. Roxie not to be left out, started kissing me.

The sensations and wild sex did it, my hard cock jetted a load, pulse after pulse into Kims pussy.

We were back in the hot tub after catching our breath and cleaning up. We chatted like nothing erotic happened.

“You think Lana and the guys will be back soon?” I questioned.

“Not likely. Let’s give them another 40 minutes, if their not back, we’ll go investigate. Okay” Roxie replied

“40 minutes! Really?”

“Sweetie, your one guy and had 3 women to empty your balls. Lana is one woman and has three men to drain.” Jill reasoned.

“And by the time she cycles through them, the first of our hubby’s to get off, will be ready again.” Kim added.

“But they have experience, they won’t keep her too long.” Roxie said trying to reassure me. “It won’t be like the bang Beth party. She had to be carried out when all of us got done with her.”

We chatted for what felt like hours, my thought on what the guys were doing to my wife.

“Okay, let’s go find Lana and the guys Ray.” Jill said.

We left Roxie and Kim in the hot tub. It wasn’t hard to find my wife and the men, all we had to do was follow the sounds. We found them in the far bedroom on the second floor. Lana was on her hands and knees. Steve was fucking her from behind. Each forward thrust pushed Lanas body and head further on Petes cock that she was sucking. Brents cock was in her hand as she was doing what she could to get him off.

“Oh my gawd, she’s working them all.” I said.

Jill just dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock while I watched my wife working at satisfying three cocks. Petes cock in her mouth muted her cry’s of passion.

Jill sucking my cock and fondling my balls with one hand as she was fingering her own cunt with the other. I reached down and held Jills head as I started to thrust in and out of her mouth.

The guys rotated places. Pete was now fucking my wife, Brent was getting sucked, while she jerked Steve.

Jill pulled my hands from her head. She bent over and guided my cock into her pussy.

“Fuck me while you watch these men fuck your wife.”

Grabbing her hips I fucked Jill slow and steady. I could see Lana was cumming every few minutes. After she would cum on one cock, the guys would rotate. Lana was completely lost in the fucking she was receiving.

I picked up the pace and started to pound Jill.

“Yeah make me cum Ray. Bang me hard. Please make me cum.”

Reaching below I rubbed her clit to make sure she came.

“AHHHH FUCK YES. PUMP ME FULL RAY. DON’T STOP FUCKING ME. AHHHHHH. FUCK” she yelled as her pussy spasmed on my dick, bringing me over.

I looked at Lana to see if she was upset, I don’t even think she even knew I was there.

Jill told the guys “15 minutes boys, then we’re going to interrupt the party.”

“So they will wrap it up in 15 minutes?” I asked as we walked back to the hot tub.

“Hell no. It just means me and the other girls will join in then. The four of us will get them off so Lana can recover some. When we join in, you take Lana and show her the love and affection you know how to. Show her you love her and are okay with everything.”

Soon we were back in the room. Kim pulled Pete aside, Jill took Steve, and Kim took Brent. Only Jill and Steve stayed in the same room as us. I got on the bed, rolled Lana onto her back and slipped into her very cum soaked pussy. Her eyes were closed, I don’t even know if she knew it was me. I kissed her while slowly fucking my wife. Lana opened her eyes, a smile crossed her face just before a strong orgasm hit her.


Lanas cumming pussy brought me over. Not much cum left in me, but my cock spasmed inside her pulsating pussy.

We cleaned up and let the hot tub relax our bodies again.

Brent finally asked, “Happy you joined us?”

“You guys are married to some incredible women. And now I understand why women who are bi is a plus”. I replied.

“Why does everyone assume in bi?” Lana challenged.

“Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll take care of you. There’s no pressure.” Roxie replied.

We were in the Golds car heading home about an hour later. Lana and I sat in the back seat.

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