Schooling Molly

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Have you ever ended up in a situation where you don’t quite know how it started, or how it happened, just that it did start, it did happen, and it was pretty damned amazing? It happened to me. I still don’t quite know how I ended up fucking an eighteen year old I met taking my kid to school, but somehow it happened and somehow I did.

Her name was Molly. I’d seen her a few times, but never really taken any notice of her, to be honest. She wasn’t stunningly gorgeous, she rarely displayed any skin, she seemed quiet and bookish. I knew her mother, Karen, quite well, she was a bit of a secret fantasy of mine. Molly was the eldest daughter, there was a middle son a couple of years younger, and then a gap of eight years to the youngest daughter jokingly referred to as her ‘birthday night accident!’ Her youngest child went to the same school as my daughter. That’s how we met, waiting at the school gates at the end of the day.

Molly was at college, planning on going to university to study something involving business. She’d finished college early one afternoon, and joined her mother in coming to collect her younger sister. They were chatting away, I wasn’t really paying any attention at all, when suddenly Molly asked me a question about university life. I’d mentioned a few weeks earlier that I’d been to university, hated it so much I dropped out and Karen had asked me to talk to Molly about the things to avoid.

As I turned to Molly to ask her to repeat the question, it gave me the chance to really look at her for the first time. She was a little shorter than me, around 5’6”, I think. She wore a white vest top, cut a little lower than I’d seen in my peripheral vision, I spotted a lovely little freckle just peeking out from underneath the thin white material. Her black bra straps were clearly visible over her shoulders. A vision of ejaculating all over her tits flashed into my mind. Without thinking, I started flustering, red and embarrassed. I mumbled something incoherent about not studying something because she thought she should, but to go and do a subject that she’d actually enjoy and be passionate about.

My advice lead to her turning back to her mother in triumph, saying my advice was exactly what she’d been saying all along, to her mother rolling her eyes. I decided not to get involved in that argument, but instead, to take the opportunity to really check Molly out – discreetly, of course, I’m a gentleman. Her jeans were loose cut, so it was difficult to really work out much about her legs, but her ass pushed right up against the material, firm and proud. She was thin, in a sporty, lean way. There was a hint of a muscular frame underneath the loose white top. Facially, she really wasn’t anything special at all – she had mousy brown hair, loosely scraped back in a ponytail, small round-rimmed glasses and a couple of gaps in her teeth, but that body made up for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Brad Pitt myself, but given any whiff of an opportunity, I’d definitely be up for making a fool of myself and being rejected out of sight. Or so I thought.

The following day, Molly was at the school on her own. I arrived and stood in my usual spot, just underneath the tree by the gate. It was a prime spot, shaded in the summer, sheltered from the rain in the autumn and winter. Molly saw me, and came over. I watched her approach, drinking in the view. She’d made an effort with her hair and make-up. Gone were the unkempt hair and glasses, replaced with tasteful eye-liner, red lipstick and contact lenses. Her brown hair been straightened and framed her face beautifully. She was wearing a red shirt, with the top two buttons undone, a pair of dark green shorts that showed off her legs, white socks pulled up to the knee and black baseball boots. The change was remarkable, and I felt a slight stirring my groin as she got closer. That little freckle was hiding tantalisingly just out of sight.

‘Hi,’ I said as soon as she got close. ‘You okay?’

She smiled, shyly. ‘I think so. I just dumped my boyfriend. He was an idiot, you know? So I’m not that bothered.’

‘Sorry to hear that,’ I lied. ‘What makes him an idiot, if you don’t mind me asking?’

Molly shot me a sideways glance. Did I see the hint of a smile?

‘A few things. Kept ignoring me to play videogames, ignored me on nights out, and he was just terrible at sex. Barely a fuck worthy of the name.’

If I had any kind of coolness, I would have replied with a glib ‘Yeah, well, maybe you need someone experienced to show you how it’s done’ or maybe ‘you need a man, not a boy’, something along those lines. Instead, I gulped, coughed and snorted, in that order. I kept coughing. There were tears coming out of my eyes, there was snot, there was shame, and lots of it. Molly looked at me in amusement, waited for me to collect myself and asked if I was okay. All I could do was nod in shame, and thank the good Lord above that at that moment, school let out and the playground was swarming with bostancı escort bayan children. I grabbed my daughter and escaped.

I didn’t see Molly again for about a week, and I was glad of it. I was finding that I couldn’t stop thinking about her though. Her forwardness in talking about sex, her legs, that little freckle just peeking out from her cleavage. I found myself rethinking our conversation, kicking myself repeatedly for not having a suave comeback for her chatter, and promised myself endlessly that if the opportunity presented itself I’d just be cooler, more James Bond and – most importantly – I wouldn’t be myself.

I had the day off work the next time I saw her. The weather had turned, clouds hung low in the morning sky, with the threat of rain ever-present. She appeared, wearing jeans, hiding those legs and ass, a pink raincoat that just hinted at her breasts, and hair loosely spilling around her shoulders. She was wearing her small glasses again, and a smile as she saw me and came over once the children had gone into class.

‘Play it cool,’ I told myself. ‘Just be cool!’

‘Hi!’ she greeted me cheerfully. ‘How come you’re not in a suit?’

‘Day off,’ I replied, glad I’d managed to get a coherent sentence out. ‘All I’ve got to do all day is sit on the sofa and watch TV. And do the washing-up.’

‘Sounds great,’ she replied. ‘I’ve got a media lecture this morning, and then a business economics class. I know what I’d rather be doing.’

I laughed. ‘There’s plenty of room on my sofa if you wanted to skip your classes… I wouldn’t even make you do any washing up.’

She laughed, and raised an eyebrow at me. ‘You usually go around propositioning young, impressionable ladies?’

My immediate reaction is to start blustering and plead innocence, but I think if I ever have a shot with Molly, this is it.

I smile at her. ‘How’s your boyfriend? Back with him yet?’

‘God, no! I told you, he was too immature, and just really bad at everything. Talking, being normal, sex. Everything.’

I took a deep breath, and went for it. ‘Maybe you need an older guy to teach you a thing or two. I can talk, I’m fairly normal, and well… I’m pretty good at the other thing too.’

Molly licked her lips, and looked me up and down. ‘You just want to see my freckle again.’

This time, I can’t hide my embarrassment. ‘Shit! You noticed?’

She laughs, triumphantly. ‘Course I did. And I saw you looking at my bum afterwards. You’re really not as cool as you think you are.’

I nod. ‘Oh, don’t worry, I don’t think I’m cool at all. Men don’t get any cooler as we grow up, you know. You women just forgive us for being dumbasses more often.’

‘Something to look forward to, I guess. So…’ she tipped her head coquettishly and looked me straight in the eye. ‘You mentioned an older guy would be able to teach me a thing or two? Including sex?’

‘I reckon so. Did your ex-boyfriend ever make you orgasm?’

‘I think so. By accident.’

‘Then no, he didn’t. If he had, you’d know. Trust me.’

We started walking home. The route would take us to her house first, then mine was a few minutes after that. She talked freely for most of the way, about her hopes for university, her friend who was learning to drive and another friend who was starting to date Molly’s ex and had all the same complaints she did. Somewhere along the way, she slipped her arm into mine as we walked. I felt a surge of heat where our bodies connected.

Before long, we found ourselves at the end of her front garden. She took her arm out of mine, took her keys out of her pocket and turned to me. ‘So, are you coming in?’

‘Do you want me to?’ I asked. ‘You have classes soon, you know.’

She took a deep breath and shook her head. ‘No, no it’s good. I mean, I want to. I don’t want to go to uni barely having fucked anyone. I need someone to show me how things are supposed to be.’

‘Is your house empty? No-one’s home?’

She nodded. ‘Yeah, but the neighbours are nosey as hell. You’ll have to come in through the back door.’

‘Well, we might leave the back door lessons for another time…’

‘Rule 1: nothing goes in my bum. Got it?’ she tells me, elbowing me in the ribs.

I smirked. ‘We’ll see.’

A couple of minutes later, she was opening the back door to her house, and I was sneaking through the garden, running while hunched over, trying to avoid being spotted by the neighbours. Once inside, Molly locked the door, unzipped her raincoat and hung it carefully on the peg. I stood, watching her every move, my heart thundering in my chest, and my cock already starting to wake up in anticipation of what was to happen.

‘Shall we go to my room?’ she asked.

I nod. She walks over, takes my hand, and leads me through the kitchen, into the hallway, past the door to the lounge and up the stairs. We go to the left, and into her bedroom. I was expecting pink walls, pictures of One Direction ümraniye escort everywhere, and thousands upon thousands of teddy bears. What I got was something infinitely better – books, Indian-themed artwork and a large, soft looking bed, with pillows, pink duvet and just the one teddy, an old tattered thing with one eye. She slowly turned to me, and smiled sweetly. I melted into her brown eyes that looked like they’d been dipped into caramel.

‘What happens now?’ she asked.

‘This,’ I replied, pulling her to me, kissing her tenderly. Our tongues danced around each other and she kissed me back with increasing urgency. I ran my hands down her back, up and underneath her loose t-shirt, before using my nails to lightly scratch down her spine. She squirmed, and shuddered in my arms. Before I knew what was happening, she was clawing at my belts, trying to free my cock.

‘Slow down, take it easy,’ I told her. ‘There’s plenty of time yet. Enjoy the moment, don’t just go straight for my dick. A lot of the fun is in the anticipation.’

With that, I took her hands and wrapped them around my neck. I carried on kissing her. Her arms safely out of the way, I took the opportunity to let my hands do some wandering of their own. I slipped them down her back and onto the curves of her ass. I felt her push back in my grasp, I gave her a firm pinch on both cheeks and moved my hands up, and down again, underneath the waistband of her jeans and panties, skin-on-skin. Her ass was smooth, firm and heavenly to touch. Despite me telling her to take it slowly, it was taking all my willpower to stop from throwing her onto the bed, tearing her clothes off and eating her pussy, there and then.

I slowly took my hands out of her underwear, regretting it the instant we were no longer touching. I scratched lightly down her back again, and then back up the spine, stopping to gently unhook her bra straps, freeing her breasts.

‘I’m so horny,’ she whispered ‘Please could you just fuck me? I don’t want to wait anymore!’

‘Protection?’ I asked.

‘I’m on the injection,’ she told me

‘Has anyone… you know, been in you?’

‘Yeah, my ex, so nothing to worry about there either.’

‘Good,’ I replied, removed her arms from my neck and sat on her bed. ‘Take your clothes off.’

She flushed with embarrassment, before removing her t-shirt and bra, letting her young tits loose. They were perfect. Firm, the nipples already standing to attention, the freckle visible in all its glory, a C cup at least. She undid her belt, dropped her jeans to the floor and stood before me, wearing only a pair of black panties with small pink hearts on them. She paused for a moment, enjoying the moment and the smile of appreciation on my face before turning her back on me. She bent all the way to the floor, slipping her underwear down her legs, giving me the first view of her pussy, naked and beautiful.

As she stood up, the view took my breath away. She kept her back to me, letting me see her gorgeous backside. I lunged forward and took her hips into my hands and kissed her on both buttocks, running my hands up her body and onto her nipples, playing with them, making them harder. She gasped at my touch, helpless at I pulled her back onto the bed, gazing at her pussy, with a small brown tuft of hair as her legs opened, showing me everything. Her pink lips, her clit staring to emerge in anticipation, the silky liquid starting to form around her hole. I stood at the foot of her bed, removed my clothes and stood before her, cock twitching as the blood thundered into it at the prospect of what was about to happen.

I’d love to tell you that my cock was ten inches and the girth of an elephant’s leg, but it isn’t. I fall nicely into the ‘average’ size for length and width, but crucially, I do know how to use it properly. Her eyes feasted on my dick, a lustful gleam flitting across her face.

‘Do you want me to suck it?’ she whispered. ‘I want to…’

I shook my head. ‘Nope, this is all about you.’ I climbed onto the bed, mounting her as she wrapped her legs around me, trying to pull me into her. My cock nudged her cunt, and as much as I wanted to keep going, I made myself stop. I slid down her body and started to kiss her nipples, sucking them, nibbling on them, biting them harder. Molly squirmed with pleasure, and gasped as I started to kiss down her sternum, her belly button, through her small bush before landing at her pussy. I inhaled deeply, loving her smell, and seeing her creamy juices already coating her opening. I flicked my tongue across her clit, smiling to myself at the sharp intake of breath before delving over every inch of her vagina, licking, kissing, using my nose on her clit as my tongue ventured into her hole. Her hips bucked and writhed in rhythm with my tongue, her gasps and moans became ever more frequent and vocal, and then rose even louder when I slipped my first finger into her.

I’m still astounded at my willpower escort kartal even now. Feeling how unbelievably tight she was, all I wanted to do was fuck her straight away. I did wonder for a second if she’d even be able to take my average dick, so I slid a second finger in, hooking my fingers around into her spongy G-spot. She came almost immediately, shouting ‘YES!’ as she arched her back, clawing at the bedframe. I smiled at the familiar reddening across her cleavage and the look of absolute pleasure on her face.

‘Now you’ve had an orgasm!’ I told her

‘Fucking hell!’ was all she could say, catching her breath.

I flicked my tongue on her clit one last time, giggling as she jerked at the sensitivity of her vagina. I kissed my way back up her body, aiming for the nipples, only for her to grab my face and pull my mouth to hers. Some women I’ve been with always seem a little disgusted at kissing me after I’ve licked them out, but Molly seemed curious to know what she tasted like.

‘Are you ready for some cock?’ I whispered into her mouth.

‘Oh, fuck, yes!’ was the reply. I knelt between her legs, pushing her legs apart, and admiring the view. I pushed my dick down to her opening, rubbing my helmet into her juices, making sure it was as lubricated as possible. Taking a deep breath, I pushed my cock into her, slowly, savouring how her tightness enveloped and devoured my length, welcoming it into her. I looked at Molly’s face. She had her eyes closed in delight, her mouth slightly open and gripping the bars of her headboard as pleasure racked across her body. I kept sliding my dick into her, right up until my pubic hair was mingling with hers.

‘Oh my god!’ she hissed. ‘Fuck me! Fuck me!’

I decided to go slowly. Partly for her pleasure, but also because I had a suspicion that I wasn’t going to last very long. I pulled almost all the way out, until the bottom of my bell-end was visible before pushing slowly back in. I could feel my cum starting to bubble up already, and as it had been a few weeks since I’d last screwed my ex-wife on her birthday, I had a feeling there was going to be a lot of it. I pulled out slowly and pushed back in harder, two times, three times, four. Molly was getting louder and I knew she wasn’t far away from her second orgasm. I gritted my teeth, desperate not to finish before her, but when she came, pussy clenching even tighter onto my cock, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I let go, shuddering as my cum exploded into her. It felt like my orgasm just wouldn’t stop, as I pumped more and more semen into her.

When I finally stopped ejaculating, I pulled out, looking down at her gaping vagina, with the first trickle of my spunk slowly dripping out of her. I stared for a few seconds, enjoying the image and committing it to memory. I had a feeling I’d be remembering this morning the next time I masturbated, and wanted to recall every detail – her expression of pleasure and satisfaction, flushed cheeks, her pussy full of me, the traces of her juices over my shaft.

I flopped onto the bed beside her. Neither of us spoke for a few minutes, enjoying the moment and collecting our thoughts. When Molly spoke, it was quiet and reflective.

‘That was amazing.’

I laughed. ‘Thank you!’ and without thinking, kissed her on the head. That seemed to spark her back into life, and she sat up, looking down at me.

‘Ready for some more?’

My cock started to harden at the mere thought of getting back into her. ‘Of course! What would you like to do?’

She pretended to think deeply, tapping her chin with a finger. ‘I don’t know… what do you suggest?’

‘Anything your friends have talked about that you want to try? Ever watched porn and thought you wanted to do something?’

‘Could you fuck me from behind? You know, doggy style?’

I was on my feet in an instant. ‘Absolutely.’

She set herself into a kneeling position. I took hold of her hips, guiding her backwards so her shins and feet were hanging off the side of the bed. I slipped my fingers down to her opening, making sure she was wet enough for me, but I needn’t have worried. She was already pushing back, trying to take my cock. I obliged, pushing myself into her, enjoying the sigh she emitted as I entered. I told Molly to put her head down to the mattress, giving me full access to her. I started slowly, loving the feel of my dick sliding forward and back over the ridge of her pubis, and hearing the squelches as her juices started to really cream around my cock.

‘Harder!’ Molly demanded. ‘Do me harder, for fucks sake!’

I didn’t bother answering. I slowly slid my cock back, right to the brink of withdrawing from her, before thrusting back in as forcefully as I could. Her moan was louder, a yelp of pleasure. I held tightly onto her hips, and lost myself to my animalistic urges. Any previous gentleness forgotten, I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could, reaching forward to pull her hair, around to pinch her nipples. I even leaned to the left and spanked her butt, hard enough to leave a pink handprint. All the while Molly got louder and louder and came again, arching her back, yelling at the top of her voice ‘Fuck yes! YES! YES!’ before limply flopping back to the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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