SCTT Nancy Pt. 01: They Meet

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Author’s Note:

The “Sam’s CockTease Therapy” story was originally intended to be a tale about a guy who marries a pretty but conservative girl named Nancy, and how he reveals his desires to be sexually teased and denied. After he makes his confession, she struggles to find ways to cater to his naughty needs, and slowly the two of them embark on a journey where they meet other women who help to educate Nancy about the pleasures of controlling men through erotic sexual teasing.

The Vivi character began as part of Sam’s backstory about how he gets exposed to the erotic game of consensual cock teasing in college. That experience permanently implants a desire in him to explore teasing games with sexy girls, and that lays the groundwork for his interest in teaching Nancy all about cock teasing.

As I have been known to do when I describe girls like myself who like to tease passive men, I got quite carried away with the details of how Vivi manipulates and enslaves him… and that part of the story kinda took on a life of its own, evolving into 14 chapters – detailed descriptions of all the ways she teased poor Sam.

It came to a yummy conclusion, so I’ve decided to leave that part of the story as is and begin a Nancy-focused section with a spinoff title. So this note is to introduce the abbreviated title of SCTT and begin a “SCTT Nancy” related storyline.

Sam will still get teased, don’t you worry about that, but getting back to the main story line of Sam’s descent into sensual submission has admittedly taken a bit of time after such a wonderful exploration into the Vivi character. These next few chapters will be a bit more slow going, but stick around, things will get sexier as we proceed…and thanks again to those have been enjoying my writing!


Sam watched Vivi march out of his dorm room that day, and that was the last time he ever saw her. She had given him by far the kinkiest and most erotic sexual experience of his life, not only on that day but the entire time she teased and denied him through their whole last semester of college.

And although her grand finale was deliciously sexy and indulgent, in many ways it still wasn’t at all what he expected. Yes, she made him cum (at last!), but she had done it in such a tormenting way, it really was quite a shock. And after she abandoned him, (quite quickly after making him explode I might add), he was left to ponder the way her techniques contained elements of sexual domination and even some mild humiliation.

Sam had never been subjected to such a long, drawn out and elaborate sexual game before, and the way Vivi ended it was quite…final. He didn’t like some of it – at least that was the way he reacted to it at first. The way it went down was so sudden, so unexpected, and so…powerful. He had never imagined a sexual encounter like that, and she had certainly given him the crash course in enticement, sensual seduction and cock teasing! And yes, he also realized that for him, this truly was a form of female domination, one which he simply had to explore more…

But as he knelt there after his ordeal, with his balls finally drained after being denied sexual release for over three months, he started to accept that there was a part of him deep inside that actually enjoyed being treated like that! He had been fully trained to simply adore being seduced by a pretty girl, allowing himself to be repeatedly teased to arousal and then kept dangling from a symbolic, feminine sexual string…

And of course, the girl doing the teasing was an essential part of the appeal of it all. It should be a gorgeous girl, probably a voluptuous one who likes to dress sexy and be flirty – a girl just like Vivi, preferably…

So anyway, as the imagery of what just happened to him sunk into his mind, he also realized that as his final encounter with her approached, he really didn’t know what to expect with regard to how she might “finish” him that day. Of course he hoped she would make him cum, at long last, but he wasn’t sure she would, and if she did, he had no idea how. I mean, he didn’t expect it would be in the usual way, so to speak, but other than that he just didn’t know. And he began to realize that THAT was the best part, letting HER decide exactly how to finish him off…

In fact, as his cock slowly softened while he just knelt there in his dorm room with his head spinning, it occurred to him that he didn’t really expect anything in particular, because all of her teasing and denying had really trained him to put his needs aside and focus on HER. In addition, the way she had openly used him – effortlessly manipulating him into taking care of all her homework assignments – sent his mind reeling with the possibilities of what a truly skilled cock teasing female could make him do! No, he didn’t mind the idea of it at all, not even one little bit…

The concept of Vivi’s sheer sexual and erotic power over him had been slowly engrained in his mind as she led him on and on, round and round in circles all through bağdatcaddesi escort the semester. She tantalized him at every opportunity but did not grant him the sexual release he started to want and need quite desperately. The whole scenario had been perfectly executed on her part, and it would become the foundation for Sam’s interest in female-led relationships going forward…

And as I said, that last day with her, right there in his dorm room, as she teased him and toyed with him until he erupted in by far the most incredible orgasm he’d ever had, it became clear that their interaction was still about her needs first, and his second. And it wasn’t even a “real” orgasm either, as he’d find out later – it was a “ruined” one!

Needless to say, the impact of meeting her – the slow and methodical process of being seduced, manipulated and teased by such a gorgeous temptress like her — had a huge impact on him. And despite their physical separation, as time slowly started to pass in his life, he remained so deeply in Vivi’s thrall that even though she was a forbidden continent away, she continued to dominate his sexual fantasies.

Months later, the memorable rush of her departing mindfuck and associated (partial!) sexual release still woke him up at night in a cold feverish sweat. He would dream about the places where an interaction like that might go, and those dreams usually began just like their activities at school, and sometimes headed toward that final day in his dorm room. He still felt completely conquered by her, and still desperately yearned to be back on his knees before her again.

It was as if she had left him with a permanent psychic tattoo, a mark of her ownership stitched into his heart. And at the same time he fully accepted that he would never see her again, so at that point there were some wonderfully conflicted feelings going on inside him …

So with regard to interpersonal relationships with women, exactly where could Sam possibly go from there? He was certain that he would never find anyone like her again, and in fact, he wasn’t sure that he even wanted to. He really felt that Vivi had ruined him for any future relationship, but at the same time, she had exposed him to an erotic sexual roleplay that he was desperate to explore with another female partner. (Ironically, when he later learned the term for how she had made him cum, that she had “ruined” his orgasm, he realized how fitting her technique had truly been!)

The exotic, erotic teasing game that Vivi had played with him was so compelling, it created a newfound need for him to be sexually controlled by a woman…preferably a gorgeous woman who knew exactly how to arouse him, tantalize him and take advantage of him in all the right ways – using all of her feminine charms and powers.

He started to realize that despite the loss of this drop-dead gorgeous goddess in his life, there could potentially be a “best of both worlds” scenario, with just the right woman, at least. On one hand, he had fully accepted the fact that his interaction with Vivi would be hard for almost any woman to compete with. I mean, in his eyes, she was quite simply the perfect female, physically at least. But he would gladly exchange some of her incomparable visual appearance for a higher degree of intimacy, equality and intellectual compatibility…

He and Vivi were never boyfriend/girlfriend; she had made it clear that she was simply using him to make him do what she wanted and tantalizing him as a reward for letting her do it. But he didn’t care because she was still treating him to such luscious teasing that it was worth it. Still, if he could share his desires with a full-time partner, someone that was more of an equal but also someone who had a higher level of personal involvement and intimacy with him…oh wow, it would be simply the best relationship he could possibly imagine! So the possibility of that consoled him somewhat as he slowly began to accept his experiences with Vivi as part of his youthful past.

Anyway, after graduation, Sam moved from southern California up north to the San Francisco bay area. Instead of pursuing any dating interactions (for the time being at least), he immersed himself completely in his work. The management training program kept him quite busy, working 60, even 70 hour weeks, not including the extra time he devoted to conducting his own research, studying up on the nuances of the company’s contracts.

He found the work engaging, and the program was very exciting, as it allowed him to gain both real-life work experience, and over summers, to take graduate courses as well. Before long, he told himself, if he continued to dedicate himself in this way, he would have his own corner office, a hot sports car and a similarly hot personal assistant. ‘Hmmm…what kind of girl would I like to hire for that job,’ he thought to himself…

Sam continued in this vein for much of the next year, as he focused entirely on his ambition for climbing the corporate beykoz escort ladder. During this period, he still only rarely dated, since his schedule left little time for such frivolity. And on the few occasions when he did go on dates, the interactions were brief and superficial.

Some of the young women he went out with were quite attractive, and they could have made great partners. But there was always something missing – and it was something simple. They just weren’t prick teasers like Vivi! His ongoing comparisons of each girl to Vivi left him uninterested, and inevitably he would pull away from them. And just as inevitably, he would return to his late night jerk-off sessions, feverishly invoking the memory of Vivi’s delicious torment.

As time passed and the conflict between his erotic fantasies and the realities of his dating life continued, Sam worked to consciously suppress his submissive desires. Now out in the real world, he was determined to view his time with Vivi as a sort of youthful indiscretion. He told himself that he was maturing, and that in a real relationship, he would pursue a more equitable but most likely a more conventional sexuality. And despite his frequent lapses into his fantasized memories of Vivi, he slowly convinced himself that a relationship without explicit, erotic cock teasing could be enough for him.

Still, there certainly was a deeper part of him that desperately wanted a mix of a wicked cock tease and the ‘girl next door’, though. Isn’t that what most men want? Well…certain kinds of men, anyway…

But then, just as he began to think this might never happen, he met Nancy.

He would never forget the very first time he saw her. They had both enrolled for a summer Business Marketing class at the local city college. The class was held in a large lecture hall, and she was sitting with a friend, a couple rows in front of him, just to his right.

His heart skipped a beat when she caught his eye. What a beauty! He immediately noticed how cute she was, with her little button nose, sweet smile, and flowing dark brown hair. She had a very sweet and innocent-looking face, very much the ‘girl next door’ type, but there was also a hint of mischievousness to her, something he couldn’t quite get a handle on, but something he instantly found very appealing.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that in the hot weather, she was showing plenty of skin, wearing just a light pink spaghetti-strap tank top, from which her perfectly rounded cleavage hung with tempting ease. Below, she wore tight darker pink shorts, which hugged her beautifully shaped lower body in a manner that Sam could not fail to admire. And as she focused intently on the lecture, the way she kept swinging and dangling her pink strappy flat-heeled sandals to and fro made certain that Sam retained virtually nothing from the discussion of corporate branding techniques!

And then there was the single moment which forever shifted the course of Sam’s life. For a gloriously brief instant, he watched, astonished, as this vision of beauty began lightly nibbling on the tip of her pen, suggestively pursing her succulent lips in the process. She twirled it slowly and playfully between her slender fingers as she let it glide along her lips, and Sam was simply mesmerized. Time stopped…and his heart pounded.

And that’s not to mention the rigid erection which sprang up instantly in his nether regions. Immediately there was a connection between this girl and Vivi, and Sam was reminded of admiring Vivi in class doing suggestive things just like that. He knew right away that his girl was certainly not as mind-blowingly gorgeous as Vivi was, and her choice of attire, while pretty and feminine, wasn’t anywhere near as enticing either.

But she certainly was attractive, and it was in more of a natural kind of way that Sam instantly found very appealing. And while Vivi’s stunning appearance and confident demeanor made her so untouchable, so unreachable, there was something about this girl that was more down to earth and attainable…and Sam was instantly drawn to her!

Of course, he couldn’t tell for sure, but as he watched her it felt like she was teasing him with that pen, doing it on purpose, mimicking fellatio on that unspeakably lucky writing implement! For an entrancing second, even her glistening pink tongue made an appearance, licking at the pen cap as if there was a precarious drip of ice cream which required immediate rescue.

It was such a deliciously Vivi-esque move on her part, and it left Sam gawking with unmitigated desire. And it was the first time that he found himself admiring a woman when he did not instantly compare her to Vivi. Instead, in the back of his mind, there was an inkling of something latent inside of him being re-awoken.

Needless to say, Sam was instantly smitten. His mind raced with potential schemes of how to meet her, and he spent the next few weeks waiting for his chance. He made it a habit to come early to the lectures, and then he caddebostan escort would linger before choosing his seat, pretending to be looking at the class text so he could be sure to sit with her beauty in his sight.

And she never disappointed. She always arrived wearing scant summer clothing that despite being casual in style, never failed to reveal sufficient glimpses of her sensuous body to entrance him further. And he, of course, couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if she were to doll herself up some more…

Trying to be subtle, (but undoubtedly failing), Sam inquired with classmates, seeking to learn what he could about his new crush. He soon discovered that her name was Nancy, and that she was very smart – a straight-A student, in fact.

It turned out that she was still an undergrad, a junior then, three years younger than him, and was already taking accelerated classes toward her business degree. Someone said she lived off-campus, with a female roommate, downtown in the waterfront area. But no one knew if she had a boyfriend.

His opportunity finally came a couple of weeks later, when she walked by him on her way out of class and a notebook slipped from her hands. Her arms were awkwardly full of other materials and she stopped to reposition them before starting to retrieve the fallen item. That slight pause was all Sam needed to swoop in and offer his assistance. He bent to one knee before her to pick up the notebook, instantly at her service, and as he started to hand it back he could only muster a soft utterance, “Here, let me get that for you!”

It was the closest he had ever been to her, and from that vantage point, he swooned at her youthful beauty. Close up, she was even sexier than from afar! That day, she was wearing particularly tight jean shorts with shiny, tan, pantyhose on her fleshy legs, and a dark brown pair of strappy sandals with flat heels. His eyes moved quickly up her body, and before he looked up into her eyes, his proximity to her nice legs and curvy midsection left him simply breathless. His face went red with embarrassment, and she noticed it and gave him a knowing smile…

As he handed her the notebook, she giggled, a bit surprised but also somehow familiar with his gesture, saying sweetly, “Why thank you!” Their eyes locked and there was an instant chemistry and mutual attraction between them. Years later, they would often laugh about this moment, about how their first interaction came with Sam on his knees!

She had an obvious innocence about her, but also a mysterious confidence at the same time, and the contrast of these two characteristics was quite intriguing to him. During that first encounter, they were both relatively shy, curious about each other as they each blushed a bit through some initial introductions. Nancy could tell that he was seeking her attention, and her first impression was that despite being a few years older than she was, he was a nice-looking and seemingly sweet guy, so she accepted his offer to go get a drink, and “discuss the class” together.

Well the rest, as they say, was history. They immediately hit it off, laughing and enjoying each other’s company, falling into an easy and playful banter together. They were both excellent students, and quickly found that they were intellectually well-matched. And, of course, from her perspective it didn’t hurt that Sam was already making a nice salary and was remarkably accomplished for a relatively young guy.

And for him, there was just something about her that tickled his fancy, both sexually and personally. She was clearly an equal, but she also had a sweet and impish awareness of her sexuality that really played into Sam’s passive sexual desires. She flirted with him playfully, quite mildly compared to his experiences with Vivi, but this type of behavior was a big enticement to him. What was different was that she did it quite naturally, innocently in fact, so the appeal was different and more like a starting point for him to explore with her…

He was quickly falling for her, and for the first time since being ensnared by Vivi, he was finding himself becoming more focused on this new love interest instead of comparing her to an unattainable sex kitten from his past.

In any case, things moved along quickly between them. Within a matter of weeks, they were an item, making it clear to each other that they were interested in being exclusive, eschewing other partners and not dating anyone else. And within six months, they were looking for their own place together!

For sure, it was all moving very fast, and for Sam, it was very normal and natural, because it really was a terrific relationship. She was everything he could want in a woman — she was pretty, smart, caring, and driven, not to mention playful and fun, with a decidedly playful demeanor, which he greatly enjoyed. They had similar life goals too, each of them wanting to ascend the corporate ladder as rapidly as possible.

And their sex life? By all reasonable standards, he considered it to be good too. They made love often enough, usually several times a week, and they certainly worked to please each other. Sam found this young woman to be unbelievably sexy, and he adored every opportunity he had make love to her, and to tend to her wondrous body.

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