Seduced into Swinging

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“Ohhhhhh…… FUCK……go on… go on!… oh god… ohhhhh… my god!”

I was gasping as I tried to catch my breath, the leather of the sofa beneath my chin was damp with perspiration, and my body was trembling as I leaned over the armrest. Kneeling on all fours at the mercy of two guys was a fantasy come true.

My orgasm had taken me by surprise, I knew it had been building, but I was hoping that I could delay it for maximum pleasure. I tried to translate the constant pounding of the guy’s thighs against my ass into another dimension in my head, but it had been so long since I’d had sex that I suddenly realised how good it felt. Too late I’d started to cum, and when I heard him begin to grunt more loudly it was only a few moments before my pussy brought him off.

That feeling of a cock jumping, jerking inside me was still incredible, even at my age, and now as he slipped out, I could feel his semen start to trickle down my inner thigh.

Just for a few seconds I had groaned with pleasure, only to be brought back to reality as his friend’s cock entered me.

“God!” the word came from my lips simultaneously, just as the guy had murmured his pleasure, and as he thrust deep into me.

“Oh god!” I repeated, “oh fuck, no!”

The pounding began again. My pussy was soaked with my juices, along with the previous guy’s spunk. I felt his hands gripping my hips, and my breasts were sliding against the leather, lubricated by my perspiration.


How had I come to be there? I was, a fifty-five year old widow, who’d been as naive as a teenager, and had become infatuated online with a young man on a dating site.

I’d been sucked into conversations that I wouldn’t have believed possible. I’d masturbated myself to sleep after having so called ‘cyber sex’ with him on several occasions.

Eventually I’d agreed to meet, and I’d got fucked by both him, and his friend.

He was twenty-two, and his friend was maybe a year or two older. I’d met them that morning, a Saturday, when they’d collected me from the station.

So why would a very ordinary mature woman get to this situation? I guess it was all Linda’s fault.

Linda lived opposite me, and was an attractive divorcee just a couple of years younger than myself. I’d known her for three years since she moved in alone after her divorce. We seemed to ‘bond’ because we had both lost our husbands, but in very different ways.

Her liberated, slightly disrespectful way of talking about men amused me, and her attitude to sex was open and refreshing. It wasn’t too long before I found that she had various men friends who visited her, and that kept her libido flourishing!

I always played the innocent older woman in her conversations with me, but secretly I was envious of her promiscuity. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago, when she held a ‘sex toy’ party, that I began to have an internal battle with myself about wanting sex again. At the party, with eight other women, I quickly realised how much I was missing out on. Most of them were either having illicit affairs, or were thinking about it.

“Why don’t you go online and find yourself a man, Brenda?”

And so it had begun, and that’s how it happened.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” I kept saying it, as the second guy built to his climax. My first orgasm seemed to have raised the stakes, and I was teetering on the cusp of building towards another.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop!” I couldn’t believe I was saying that. The young guy seemed to redouble his efforts, and the other one was encouraging him from somewhere behind us.

“Fuck her, go on… fill her up mate!”

With a series of long gasping cries, I started to cum again.

The cock inside me exploded, filling me yet again. I could feel the spurts of semen ejaculating against my cervix, my whole body shuddering for a second time.

Again I was catching my breath, “Oh god, oh god… oh fuck…” as he stepped back, and I collapsed onto my side on the sofa.

The two guys were standing naked, smiling, their cocks glistening from a mixture of my pussy juices and spunk. I was breathing heavily, aware of my naked body, indelicately slumped on the leather. I was hot, flushed, and with semen trickling onto the sofa from my pussy.

“You go and use the shower, we’ll wait for you, there’s towels in there.”

It was at that moment I’d felt used. Yes the sex had been great, but all these two guys had wanted was a fuck, and they’d got it from me.

When I returned from the shower all of us had felt the awkwardness, and within an hour I was back on the train, returning home, feeling thoroughly ashamed of myself.


“Brenda, you should have told me! God you put yourself in danger, no one knew where you were. Those guys could have been anyone.”

I’d burst into tears, when Linda had launched into me, and she realised straight away that she done the wrong thing. I didn’t need telling how risky my meeting had been.

As she hugged me she tried to change the bonus veren siteler tone. “Anyway was the sex good?”

My sobs eventually morphed into a sort of chuckle, “Fucking fantastic!” I looked at her smiling, and wiped my tears away.

“I haven’t cum like that in years, and two guys at once!”

“Hmmmmm,” was Linda’s response, “no half measures then!”

I sat up and Linda studied my face, “So you want to have an adventure?”

She saw the slightly guilty look, and continued, “ok, you do want to. I say go for it, but you mustn’t ever do anything like that again.”

I nodded, like a child being scolded.

“Yes, agreed, and I certainly won’t find a random guy online.”

“No, and if you want a guy, I’ll point you in the right direction!”

I saw Linda’s mischievous expression, as she winked.

It was my turn to raise my eyebrows, “Well give me a chance, my fanny is a bit sore!”

We both burst out laughing, however it was only a few days before Linda’s match making slipped into gear.

I’d just arrived back from the supermarket and was unloading my car when Linda opened her front door, and a rather tall guy in his thirties exited, walking down the path to his car. I could plainly see that she was wearing her bathrobe, and her wave to me, and the smile she had, displayed the fact that she’d been fucking!

She shouted across, “Come over for coffee later?”

I shouted back, “Yes, see you in twenty minutes,” and with a brief wave back, she disappeared indoors, and I got the shopping put away.

When I arrived Linda was dressed, but couldn’t help the satisfied look on her face.

“So is that the latest?” I asked with a little giggle, “he looks quite a guy.”

Linda smiled, “That’s Rod, he handles my accounts.”

We both started giggling, realising the innuendo. Linda went on, “I can’t resist him sometimes, he drops by with some paperwork, and it always ends up in bed, or on the floor, or anywhere!”

More laughter followed as I watched Linda pour the coffee. “So how many men do you have at the moment?” I saw her pull a face.

“Oh god stop it, you make me seem like a slut.”


We both looked at each other, as I added, “I’m bloody jealous. I’ve got my appetite back after those other two, if you have some magical way of attracting men, then I want to know about it, I’m not going online again!”

We sat down and Linda hesitated, “Well… do you want to come to a party on Friday, actually it’s not a party, but a sort of promotion?”

She saw the questioning look on my face.

“Rod has asked me to go with him to this ‘do’ at the football stadium, it’s something about investments, but it’s free booze and eats, anyway I bet he wouldn’t mind you coming as well. He said it’s always man heavy?”

Before I could say anything, Linda was typing on her phone, but adding, “I’ll text him now, I’m sure he’ll say it’s okay.”

I was being swept along, and sure enough a reply pinged back that it would be fine. I was definitely going.

Both Linda and I dressed quite formally, it was a lunchtime event. There was a buffet lunch where everyone circulated, followed by a presentation by the wealth management company, and then more drinks and informal chat. I was completely unaware that the middle aged guy I’d been chatting to over canapés and wine was the guy who owned the company and was presenting the ‘talk.’

Derek was in his late forties, tall, slightly grey haired, with an infectious smile and personality. Rod had introduced us, and Linda had winked as she left me with him and wandered off. It was clear that lots of other guests wanted a piece of him, but he seemed to bat them away while he gave me all his attention.

When I sat down with Linda and Rod for Derek’s presentation, she nudged me and giggled, “You’ve made a big impression!”

“Stop it,” I whispered back, but was met with more giggles and suggestive comments, until we had to quieten down.

At the end of the talk Rod got us both some coffee, and it was quite embarrassing when Derek made a bee line for me, and carried on our conversation from before.

“I’d love for all three of you to come over to my place tomorrow evening, I’m having a ‘get together.’ Rod’s been before, it’s nothing grand, just some friends who like to relax and wind down.”

I nodded and thanked him, and said we’d be pleased to come, glancing at both the others for approval.

“Well I must go, Rod will give you all the directions, hope to see you then.”

As he left he placed his hand on my arm and squeezed, and gave a little wink, I really didn’t know if that was just something he did to all women.

“God,” said Linda, in an odd way, “do you know what you’ve got us invited to?”

I looked at her with a blank expression, “What do you mean, ‘got us invited to?”

“It’s a swingers’ party! Derek is well known for them, it’s hush, hush, but he has them every month.”

I looked at Rod, who was beaming, and couldn’t hide his amusement.

“I’ve bedava bahis only been to one, last year,” he smiled, “but you two will enjoy it I’m sure.”

He nudged Linda, and she just replied, “Hmmmmm, you’ll be shagging everything in sight!”

We returned home in a taxi, rather tipsy, but both speculating about the next evening. Rod had never told Linda about his night at Derek’s so we were both at a loss as to how a swingers party worked.

Once we got back to Linda’s we discussed how we should dress. Neither of us had anything suitably provocative to wear so we decided to go into town next morning to buy some new dresses.

As the effect of the wine began to wear off we both realised what was likely to happen at the party.

“Are you ok with getting fucked tomorrow?” Linda suddenly asked quite bluntly.

I hesitated, with half a smile, “Well if we’re going then there’s no point in not taking part!”

“God, you’re awful Brenda,” and then she added, “what if Rod wants to fuck you?”

I tried to decipher the meaning of her question. “If you don’t want me to?”

Linda chuckled, “If he wants to, and you don’t mind, I don’t mind,” and we both laughed somewhat nervously. There were so many ‘unknowns.’

Saturday morning shopping was the strangest shopping trip ever, both of us trying to find outfits that were sexy, but not slutty. Eventually we completed it way after lunch, and got the taxi home. We went our separate ways, and agreed that I should be over at her house by 7.30pm ready for Rod and the taxi to pick us up at 8.00pm.

Excitedly we both looked at each other when Linda opened her front door. Goodness knows what the neighbours must have thought of us with our tight fitting, low cut dresses, and high heels. We’d spent a fortune, and if we didn’t turn heads it wouldn’t be for the want of trying.

At 8.00pm sharp, Rod arrived in the taxi. I don’t think he could quite believe what he saw.

“Fucking hell, you two look stunning, my god, you’re both gorgeous!”

“Okay, okay, don’t go over the top, just keep your hands to yourself, at least until later!” Linda was teetering down the path to the taxi, not used to her excessively high heels.

The nervous atmosphere in the taxi was palpable, Rod, thankfully, sat in the front next to the driver, while Linda and I were in the rear seats. The house, when we arrived, was jaw dropping. A large gothic detached house, at the end of a lane, surrounded by countryside. It was a late summers’ evening, but there were fairy lights adorning the trees as we drove up to the front door.

The shingle drive made the few metres walk to the steps a nightmare, but as we got there the door opened and Derek stood there, with a rather stocky blonde woman in a very low cut dress, and breasts overflowing.

“Hi you three, this is Rita, my wife, welcome to Oakview, come in, let me get you some drinks.”

Rod followed us into the house, and Rita showed us a huge cloakroom where we could leave our coats.

“Everything is safe and secure here, we don’t invite anyone to our parties that we don’t trust,” Rita seemed very reassuring and friendly. She added, “If you’re not happy with anything tonight, we always say that “no, means no!” And with a smile she led us out into the huge lounge where Derek was waiting with glasses of wine.

Quickly, both our eyes scanned the room. It was a large space, made even larger by a huge conservatory added to one end, and that in turn opening out onto a terrace with a swimming pool, just visible, to one side.

There were perhaps a dozen people in the room sipping wine, although more were arriving all the time. Their heads turned when we entered, perhaps because we’d not been seen at these parties before.

“I’ll leave you to it, Rita added, “just help yourself to drinks and snacks. Wander around, talk to anyone, they’re pretty friendly, but things don’t usually get going for another hour or so. Nowhere is out of bounds, so don’t worry about going upstairs if you want to be private.”

Derek raised his eyebrows slightly while Rita immediately engaged Rod in conversation and both of them wandered out to the conservatory. It left Derek with both me and Linda.

“Your first time?” Derek asked.

I must have blushed, but Linda replied boldly, “Yes, we’re both a bit nervous given what we’ve heard.”

“And what have you heard?” Derek had a mischievous look.

For a moment Linda was flummoxed.

“Err, well… Rod told me a little bit.”

Derek laughed, “Indeed, I think Rita educated him a bit last time,” then pausing added, “he’s probably just about to get another lesson.”

The devil in Derek’s eyes began to focus on us.

“So my wife has departed, would you two like the grand tour?”

We both assumed the same thing, that Derek was about to show us around. He led us outside through the conservatory and onto the patio. The garden looked huge, even in the dimming light. Some folks were in a hot tub, shrieking and laughing, and I guessed it might be a deneme bonus popular place for ‘getting together.’

Noticing our hesitancy in looking over in that direction, Derek commented, “This is the time of the evening when barriers start breaking down. Some people have old friends here, others like to make new friends.”

I was shy about saying anything. Linda just said, “It’s another world.”

Derek interrupted our slight embarrassment and said, “Ok, we can’t go barging into any of the rooms,” and then he winked, “just in case, I’ll show you the rest of the house in another way, c’mon follow me.”

With a sense of purpose he walked quickly back inside the house, with both of us obediently following behind. We reached the large hallway where we’d arrived, and he opened another door for us.

“This is my library, my office, my refuge when I want to be alone.”

Inside most of the walls were made up of bookshelves. On one side was a desk and a computer, and in the centre of the room, three leather Chesterfields were arranged as in three sides of a square.

“Take a seat… brandy?”

“Sure, thanks,” Linda replied, and I nodded too.

Derek went to a small side table where there were three decanters, and poured large measures into three cut glass tumblers. He gave two of them to us, and picking up what appeared to be an iPad, sat in the Chesterfield between us.

“You’re probably wondering about the tour of the house, well we can see most of it from here.”

I was puzzled at first, I’d taken a sip of brandy when I almost choked. A bit like a James Bond movie, one whole bookcase in front of us began to slide to one side.

Behind was a very large tv screen which promptly lit up showing an image of the house, obviously taken on a bright summers’ day from the front lawn.

Derek tapped the iPad screen a couple of times and the image faded to show a clear cctv view of the lounge which we’d just walked through.

“I can show you any room in the house if I wanted to,” he paused, “don’t worry, most people who come here know about this, and get quite excited by the idea of being watched. I have one unbroken rule, no recording, nothing is recorded.”

I saw Linda’s face and she was staring at the screen. We could see all the people we’d just walked past, still chatting.

Derek tapped the screen and the hot tub suddenly appeared. What we’d been rather shy looking at, was in full close up. Clearly one of the women was laughing and bouncing up and down astride a young guy. Everyone was naked.

“Shit!…” Linda exclaimed, “sorry, please excuse me, wow, how sexy is that!”

And then she shut up immediately. The screen changed to a view of a large bedroom, and looking down from above the bed the camera showed Rod fucking Rita.

“Oh my god,” Linda’s voice was a mixture of disappointment, and then realisation. “Bloody hell.”

Derek went on, “Oh, I’m sorry Linda, I probably shouldn’t have chosen that room, I’m afraid Rita always gets her way, I should have warned you.”

With a sigh Linda looked at me, “I guess I should have expected that. He’s not mine, and this is swinging I suppose.”

I was fascinated by what I could see on the screen. Rita had now rolled Rod onto his back and was riding him, her breasts were bouncing up and down. You could clearly see Rod’s face looking upwards, seemingly directly at us, at the camera in the ceiling.

“There’s no sound,” I stupidly remarked.

In a moment Derek had touched the screen and we were all clearly hearing his wife screaming out in orgasm.

“Jesus,” Linda gasped, “this is so erotic.”

And it was, I could feel the heat from my pussy emanating outwards, I couldn’t help seeing Derek’s look of quiet control. I knew then that I needed sex, and when all three of us watched, fascinated, we saw Rod flip Rita onto her back, and begin to frantically rub his cock above her breasts. I found my fingers gripping onto the leather beside me.

From above, Rod’s head hid the view of his cock. You could see the movement of his hand from the shaking of his right shoulder. Then quite suddenly his body went still, and we all saw the spurt of semen shoot up over Rita’s breasts, up over her neck and chin. There followed a second, third, and fourth gush shooting over both breasts, and as Rod sank backwards we could see the remainder oozing over his fingers and knuckles.

Rita casually wiped her fingers across her chin and up into her mouth, licking some of the spunk onto her tongue. Derek had muted the sound and looked over at both of us, smiling.

“Well?” he said.

There was a moments silence. and I felt I needed to say something, Linda was still coming to terms with seeing the guy she’d been fucking, fucking someone else.

“I feel like I’ve just seen something even sexier than porn… Linda, are you ok?”

She looked a bit stunned, but sighed deeply, “Fuck, I’m not sure.” Then even as she said it, she started giggling.

It became clear Derek was ready to make his move.

“There’s no camera in my bedroom, so I’d better show you that in person.”

Both Linda and I were aware of the sexual tension in the room, and we knew what was coming. Willingly we followed Derek as he switched off the tv, and the bookcase rolled back into position.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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