Sexual Fantasy Maker Confession

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Sitting at the community table once again for another lunch gossip session was always amazing. Listening at the others talk, share what was I found very intimate details of their sexual lives seemed to be so indecent. Of course a few of them found the open audience listening something to explore by trying to top the last conquest. Always’ listening never participating was my thing. The other’s seemed to recognize I listened never commenting it was accepted. I did listen feeling both wonder, some amusement, some disgust. No not disgust of what they were sharing, just that they would share so openly about the men we all knew.

I work at a large medical center in a large city. I know more about some of the doctor’s than probably their wives or live in girlfriends. Nick names ranged from ‘Two stroke Rob’ or ‘Jack Hammer Joe’ both very upstanding physicians in every circle of medicine. They just had the bad fortune to have fallen for Becka’s charismatic open nature. She is a nurse that is outstanding in every facet of her chosen career.

She is just a die for red haired, green eyed beauty. Voluptuous, the throaty laugh of a woman who has a comfort of her own sexuality. She always seemed to have the attention of all new interns. The adoration of all the medical staff. She also loved sex. She was full of lusty good play ducking in door ways she would allow the interns to cop a feel. She seemed to zero in on the best looking intern of each new class bringing him in with promises. His rotation would be almost effortless the scut work would always be placed on the harried lower classman.

Yes, Becka was quite a piece of work she was enthusiastic today. Her white nurses uniform seemed to be painted on what was a perfect body. Her red hair seemed to have a golden halo as the inset lights lightly played on the crown of the natural curls. Her cohorts were asking questions of the newest conquest. She was to happy to reply with vulgar gestures. Apparently Adam was going to be the next Becka’s plaything. I never could understand why the physicians didn’t warn the new interns about her.

I knew they all seemed to move away from her with a deep respect I always wondered what she did to make them seem so loyal?

“His cock was so long I didn’t know what I was going to do when he asked me to suck him.” Becka’s eye’s rolled as I lost interest in what she was saying. ‘I mean he has a long, dong.” She laughed throaty once again.

My mind wasn’t at the table any longer or Becka’s thrilling offering of information on the latest intern at our medical center. I was thinking of the vacation coming up. I had planned this vacation to the smallest detail. I loved details they made the most of everything you were to do. I mean without details then whatever you did was just adequate. I excelled at my chosen field. I guess I should mention I am a physician with a large practice. I love medicine with all the discoveries that are made in medicine this was the most exciting time to be in medicine. I am a workaholic with my career I work fifty weeks a year taking only taking two weeks off. I work seven days a week, twelve to sixteen hours a day. I see medicine as though it doesn’t come with a time card. Nothing comes easy in medicine after a diagnosis then the work begins.

Being a female in a world of medicine where men out number us is just the way it is. I love it though. This time of year my mind would travel towards my interest in what I did thoroughly loved. I work hard I also play hard. I have a quiet lifestyle. You will find this quite amazing as I tell you what I enjoy besides medicine. For two weeks a year I enjoy being a sexual fantasy. Now you may be asking what is a sexual fantasy? I am whatever the client asks for. I have been a model, a voyeur, a sex therapist, along with being a wife. That client needed a wife for two weeks to gain entrance into the world he wanted to plunge into. Another client needed a model for his art class of course I was a nude model for the entire two weeks. Am I afraid I will be recognized? No. I also am a makeup artist no detail is to small for me. The client or clients that needed a sex therapist was a lovely couple that wanted to add more spice in their love life.

I have traveled this world with men of great powerful positions. I have been in the most wonderful places as a lover, girlfriend, wife, friend and confidante. I have had the pillow talk with the powerful mover and shakers of almost all industries known to mankind. I was behind the scenes of many world wide concerts. I enjoy excitement more than most. I don’t take all clients I wouldn’t have time for that.

I make ungodly amounts of money, but above the money its the fantasy that I love. I have been involved in many fantasies. The one that I was a voyeur was very erotic it happened just last year. I had been called to come to a palace in Europe for a meeting with a couple. I can’t get into names that wouldn’t be conducive to the privacy of the couple. They escort kartal wanted to be watched by somebody that wouldn’t tell. I thought that was erotic sounding so I agreed to the fantasy. They had very strict details I would follow it turned out to be quite a memorable fantasy.

Coming to their home as massive it was and very photographed I was let in by a full regaled butler. What a wonderful character he was. I loved his wonderful sense of fair play. His determination of helping his charge at this time. I will call him Chive’s only because its not his name. He loved his charges the couple Anna belle and Reginald. They were so in love it was hard not to envy their lifestyle. Filthy rich was an understatement. They traveled the world in style being seen in every grand opening, they were very deeply in love. Their duties took them around the world every year. Leaving very little time for their own private life. Having seen everything, been seen everywhere, they found little to stimulate them. Constantly being photographed they were camera shy to a point. They found the flash of camera’s were very titillating, scintillating as it were they worried constantly about being displayed in the wrong light.

So their fantasy was very simple. They wanted me to photograph them having sex. Sounds very erotic doesn’t it? Watching this global trotting couple being sexually intimate while taking pictures. I was to photograph them at every moment they were behind closed doors. I mentioned I wasn’t the greatest photographer it didn’t matter. They had that figured out too. There wouldn’t be any film but to have the reality of the pictures I would have the flashes. I would be asked to take pictures very close up pictures of their sexual exploits. I laughed at the thought because they laughed at themselves first.

I took the challenge immediately they were so greatfull they instantly took their clothes off and I was in their presence with a camera shoved in my hands.

Having seen this couple photographed cutting ribbons on ships. Being christened by their broad smiles I was enthralled by their nudity. They were very beautiful naked with no shame at their being such as I was fully dressed. I thought well this is interesting when I found out that they had another term. I was to also be naked. I was flabbergasted by this but very aroused by it at the same time. It took me a few seconds to think this over. It made sense to be naked so they would feel free. Yet, I hadn’t thought myself as being active other than being a third eye on their love making. I didn’t want to seem prudish I just had to think of the angles. They stood before me with their bodies nude touching each other. What a beautiful sight seeing this. The thought of what this could bring made me start to undress.

They sat on the end of their king size bed as I undressed for their eyes. First came off the silk blouse showing them a lacy red bra hugging my breasts. I looked at his face he smiled as he took his hand and squeezed his wife’s right nipple. I unfastened the bra and let it fall onto the thick carpeted floor. Pulling the skirt around I unfastened the snap only to realize I was without panties. I thought for a mere second before allowing it to land with the blouse and bra. I stood there without shame as his eyes looked over my body. I was younger than his wife, totally a different body type. He grinned as he pulled his wife onto his lap kissing her mouth sensually. I didn’t hesitate I grabbed for the camera bringing it up to my eye. I looked through the view finder making it magnifies his lips pulling on her lower lip. I felt a rush of adrenaline course through me. As I took picture after picture walking close and then stepping away. He didn’t seem to notice my moving around them. The flashes lit the room in an eerie shadowed way.

Only the sound of the clicking I forgot there wasn’t any film. I heard their pleasures fill my senses feeling very erotic. His mouth left hers with a slow motion going down her neck, making their way down to her small breasts. Their nipples were so erect I could see through the view finder the wrinkled skin being pulled taut. Their ruby red nipples seemed to expand as he drew one then the other into his wet mouth. I snapped picture as I spoke about directions. I didn’t realize I had spoken but then it seemed a natural thing to do. I was there as a voyeur yet a camera seemed to be an interloper like a paparazzi scoring a picture for cash.

He grabbed her tits and squeezed them so hard I almost gasped, she showered him with cum I could smell the scent. I was being drawn into this couples bedroom secrets finding it so sensually erotic. She seemed to enjoy the rough hand he displayed at times. Her face was flushed by the mere knowledge he was taking her in front of me. I was there to make them feel the presence of being watched without the pain of being caught. I couldn’t believe the passionate atmosphere of two people fucking so freely in front maltepe escort of a stranger. Snapping around the hard bed I moved in for a close up of him pulling her legs apart as she scratched his back. The scent of raw sex was swimming around the three of us. As I snapped a picture of his face seeing the intensity of his lust I did gasp as he slipped between her creamy thighs. His head was thrown back as his goatee was almost getting soaked by the squirting of her pussy. I reacted with awe I hadn’t seen this side of a squirting pussy before. He lapped her juices with a gusto that befitted a woman in sheer ecstasy.

His nine inch rock hard cock was bouncing off her legs as he lapped her dry. She seemed to become breathless as his tongue delved into her pussy which seemed to be bottomless. I hadn’t realized the wetness was being sloshed around so that I was becoming wet by them. I was snapping pictures looking hard into the view finder. He took the back of her thighs and pushed her knee’s to her breast bone as he got up on his knee’s. He wanted me to picture this as he was about to enter her snapping pussy. I crawled upon the bed and got so close I could see and hear their wetness first hand. As he pressed her legs back as far as they would go he knelt down. Taking his rod to her opening and then in one swift motion he plunged in so hard their hips became bruised as they hit. He stroked his lady love with a ferocious, hard rhythm. She was lost in space, he was lost in a pistons like motion. I was lost in a moment of sheer erotic ecstasy snapping pictures left and right.

I was listening to the sound of sloppy fucking, skin on skin, breathing so hard it reverberated all around us. I was watching the action without realizing that I had gotten on the bed. His back was becoming so rigid I could almost palpitate his vertebra it occurred to me out of nowhere. What a sensual overload this was for them and for me amazingly. I never knew how exciting this could be to watch another couple makes love and be so drawn into it. I looked through the viewer as his eyes closed for the culmination of his piston pumping. Taking the camera down between their bodies I saw the beautiful sight of his testicles drawing up as his load shot through to shower her inside. I locked onto the triangle of skin they were sharing as the intensity of their combined orgasm shook the whole bed.

It wasn’t until I was knocked off by the imbalance of my knee’s on the shaking mattress that I realized I was breathing so hard. I had witnessed the most erotic act of fucking between two people sharing it without so much as entering it, physically. Sitting up I didn’t hear a sound. The bed had quit moving

as I sit quietly trying to get my balance. Slowly I got up only to see two people entwined so intimately both breathing erratically, yet so perfectly in tuned. I all of a sudden felt as though I was seeing something so intimate I felt shame. I quietly got up walking for the door I entered earlier. Quietly closing it behind me I didn’t realize I was shaking until I was alone. I couldn’t believe what I just had witnessed it didn’t even enter my mind just how erotic this could be. I slipped on a satin robe hanging on the back of the door. Looking around I didn’t hear the door being knocked on. I walked over to the massive door opening it timidly.

“Miss would you care for a nice warm bath?” Chives asked without a hint of knowing what I had just witnessed.

“Oh well I hadn’t thought about a bath actually. It does sound very tempting though.” I answered thinking it did seem perfect.

“Very well, I will draw it for you Miss.” He answered walking towards a closed door.

I stood there wondering what he did know about this. Did he know what I had just witnessed? If he did what did he think of this? He came out of the bathroom motioning of me to enter the room. It was magnificent in size and luxury. He walked closer towards me as I stood feeling foolish. His hands touched my shoulders awaiting for me to slip out of the dressing gown. I hesitated then thought this must be his job. I turned away slipping it off my shoulders I felt the satin slipping off my bare skin. He didn’t make a sound as I stood there naked for his eyes.

“I hope the water is warm enough for you, Miss.” he spoke very calmly.

I realized I should walk closer to the tub so I moved feeling his eyes following me. I lifted my foot over the tub rim and the water seemed to part for my foot as I slipped into it. The water felt so soothing I hadn’t realized how tense I was. I had just witnessed such an act of animalistic wanton sex and I hadn’t had a release. I blushed immediately hoping he couldn’t read my mind. My body was still very rigid without my own release I was feeling very tense. I turned my head so our eyes wouldn’t meet as I tried to think of what to say so he would leave the room.

“I can perhaps help you with your tense muscles?” He spoke up very quietly.

I was aghast pendik escort bayan at the thought of him touching me. I mean he was handsome in a certain way. But him seeing my needs seemed so wrong. I splashed the water so his eyes couldn’t look upon my nudity so easily. The water rippled as his eyes looked upon my face. I wasn’t sure what it was but he had such a wonderful warm manner. Yet, the thought of being serviced seemed way out there.

“Very well, Miss I shall have the dinner served for you when you finish here.” He said turning without taking his eyes from my bare breasts.

I managed to smile as I saw his face look a little disappointed, perhaps? I listened for the door to close before I slipped my hands under the water. I touched my thighs as they opened slowly the warm water kissed my throbbing pussy. Laying back onto the porcelain tub I lowered my shoulders into the hot water. Using my fingers I found my hard clit quickly I moved around the hood until I clasped onto the engorged nerve endings. Losing myself in the rhythm of massaging myself I didn’t hear Chives enter again. My eyes were closed as I felt a hand move mine away, I opened my eyes to see his face full of anticipation. His fingers deftly took my clit to the abyss of an orgasm that shook my whole body. His fingers moved around in a circle adding pressure as he did. I felt myself relax in as much as I could before I realized what was happening. His fingers were causing me such pleasures. He grasped my clit with one hand as his fingers moved into my pussy with a dominant air. I opened my legs up so wide I finally had to swing my legs over the tub rim.

I closed my eyes looking into his startling blue eyes made me feel to odd. Being probed, completely exposed, so sexually explicitly opened to him was such a turn on. Neither of us spoke he was taking his fingers making me feel the enormous ecstasy of being finger fucked by a total stranger. It felt so wrong but yet so right. I started to hump back on his three fingers as his other hand pulled, stretched, pinched, and stroked my clit. Having water lapping around my body as I could hear his breathing become labored I let myself enjoy this moment. I was lying there with my sex being open for his working hands not caring he was watching me become flushed by his expert hands. I never thought of myself as a exhibitionist but now I realized I was. He maneuvered his hands under my ass so that my body was lifted out of the water. I opened my eyes as I saw his tongue hovering over my flowering open pussy. Licking me hard I felt the rush of hot cum shoot out into the bath water.

Our eyes connected as he sucked my clit into his wet mouth we smiled knowing he was going to suck me off again. My hands were holding my body to help him be able to lick me to another sweet orgasm. Finally my body was wracked with such sensual pleasures I became so exhausted, Chives allowed my body to slip back into the warm water. Lying there with my legs back under the water I seem to float away on a beautiful wave of sexual ecstasy. I didn’t notice Chives when he left, as I became aware of the water cooling down I stood up on shaky legs. Wrapping the thirsty bath towel around myself I dried off slipping back on the dressing gown.

Walking back into my suite I saw the most beautiful dress laid out onto the bed. Chives was standing near the bed with a smile as I walked towards the beaded gown.

“Miss your presence is required to attend a dinner this evening with Master and Mistress of the manor. It’s formal you will see many faces you have seen in the news. Please feel free to join in with the conversation and fine dining, this evening.” Chives spoke with a demeanor of a servant.

I looked into his face and seen nothing to give away the fact he just watched my body has such strong orgasms. I felt strange but realized he was now my servant in this moment. I slipped off my robe as he walked around me and helped me place my lingerie on with a air of expertise. His hands dressed me in the most delicate lingerie, moving the lace to cover my nipples, my pussy. Clasping my silk stockings to the virginal white garter. He helped me step into the gown fussing with the layers of lace and silk. Finally he turned me around so I could see my own vision in the mirror. I gasped at my beauty as I allowed him to place my feet in the four inch heels. The off white and pink gown hugged my hour glass shape. My hair as he brushed it fell down around my shoulders. Finally he stepped back with a broad smile and watched me walk closer to the mirror.

“You look lovely tonight, Miss.” He whispered.

“I feel lovely, Chives.” I replied almost in those dreams like trance.

Just as I was about to speak again the door opened in walked both Reginald and Anna belle. They were dressed refreshed from their small nap. Eyes were twinkling as they dismissed Chives from our presence.

“So are you recharged like we are? You were so wonderful in there earlier we never felt so alive making love in front of you and the camera.” Reginald managed a small laugh.

“Yes. I am refreshed and thank you for the compliment I tried to do your love making justice. I didn’t know exactly what it was you wanted.” I answered excited.

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