Smita’s Life Ch. 01

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Narlepur was a sleepy town in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. The town was a typical konkan town with a population of a few thousand, a slow life, lots of coconut trees and paddy fields. Narlepur was surrounded by thick evergreen forests on three sides with a beautiful white beach to the west.

The town, even though was just a couple of hours from Mumbai, India’s largest city was relatively isolated. It had a small bus stop where a bus came by every few hours, taking the town folk to Mumbai. The town was few kilometers off the National Highway which ran across the entire stretch of Konkan region right from Mumbai to Mangalore.

The town also had a railway station. A single platform station that was never busy like other train stations in India are.

The economy of this town was dominated by agriculture and tourism. People from Mumbai would come to Narlepur to be away from their hectic life and the chaos and confusion of the city. This town provided a good alternative to the world famous tourist destination Goa with its proximity to Mumbai and very inexpensive life style.

Life in Narlepur started late in the morning and ended early in the evening. The shops would open after 10am and would close by 7pm. Except for essential services such as hospitals, medical stores, petrol pumps and restaurants that catered to the tourists; nothing would stay open beyond 8pm.


It was just another typical day in Narlepur. It was around 11.30 am. People were going around doing their business. Children were in school, housewives were busy in preparations for lunch time. But there was one house which was different. There weren’t any regular household activities going on in the house. It was a little too quite. Neighbors couldn’t hear any noise coming from the house.

The house was an independent three storied bungalow with a big garden in front and an equally large back yard. The house had a slating roof, typical of the houses in the region. It had 5 bedrooms besides the living room, kitchen, balconies and the office. On the first floor of the house was the master bedroom. The room was large with a king size bed in the middle, two side tables on either side of the bed. The bedroom had a french window that would open to the back yard beyond which was the beach. There were two large wall closets with a mirror and a dressing table. The room also had an attached bathroom just like other master bedrooms have.

A large, muscular man stood right in the middle of the room, next to the king size bed; naked, his eyes closed facing the ceiling, breathing heavily. In the throes of ecstasy, the man managed to open his eyes and look down at the site. A young, sexy woman was on her knees in front of him, sucking his dick, making loud slurping noises as she sucked with all her might. The woman’s name was Smita and the man’s name was Dhondu.

Smita took his dick out of her mouth and kissed it. The dick was oozing pre cum which she spread all over the dick head with her slim finger. She spat a large glob of saliva on the dick to make it wet and slippery. She looked up at him, winked and resumed the blowjob. Dhondu held her head with his large, strong hands and started fucking her mouth. His long, thick cock was going deep into her mouth. She would gag occasionally but wouldn’t stop sucking.

He stopped mouth fucking her and she quickly moved her mouth to his balls. His balls were very large, proportionate to his long, thick dick. She sucked on each of his balls all the while looking into his eyes. He moaned in delight and she giggled with his balls still in her mouth. There is nothing sexier than a woman looking at you as she sucks your dick thought Dhondu.

Smita licked along the length of his shaft, biting his dick head lightly. She then proceeded to engulf his entire dick into her mouth. After another minute she stopped sucking, removed his dick from her mouth and looked up to him.

Smita: Dhondu… why don’t you return the favor?

Dhondu: canlı bahis I’d love to lick your pussy. I just love that pink cunt of yours.

Smita got up and walked towards the side of the bed, Dhondu followed her. She lay down on the bed on her back, her large, pointy nipples facing the ceiling. Dhondu got down on his knees on the side of the bed and pulled her towards him. Dhondu put her legs on his shoulder, her pussy within inches of his mouth.

Her pussy would always drive him crazy. It was the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen in his life. It was soft, pink and wet. It was hairless except for a thin triangular patch of hair above pointing towards the clit as if giving directions to the pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen spread and were leaking profusely. The womanly scent and taste always made the fire burning in Dhondu’s loins intense.

He took out his long tongue and started licking her pussy. Smita’s started taking short and hurried breaths. Dhondu licked her fuck hole, sucked her pussy lips hard. He then went towards the clit. It was swollen and throbbing. He took it in his mouth and sucked hard. A moan escaped her mouth as she arched her back.

Smita: Aaah aah aah aah…go on…Don’t stop……ooooohhhhhh!!!!

Dhondu inserted his middle finger into her pussy. She moaned louder pulling his head further into her pussy, urging him to go on with his actions. Dhondu then inserted another finger and started finger fucking her faster. At the same time he sucked on her clit harder. This triggered Smita’s orgasm. She screamed as it hit her. Her eyes rolled and she felt the room spinning fast.

Smita’s orgasm lasted more than a minute. By then Dhondu had stopped licking and had moved to her side. She finally opened her eyes and looked at him. Dhondu got on top of her and squeezed boobs and pinched her nipples.

Smita’s boobs were not very large neither were they very small. Supple and enticing. Her areolas were as big as a 1 ruppee coin, dark brown in color. Her nipples were in perfect proportion to her areolas, standing proud and erect. In short her breasts were perfect.

Smita pulled Dhondu’s face towards her and kissed him hard. Dhondu reciprocated all the while squeezing her tits.

Dhondu: Which one should I suck? You tell me…

Smita smiled and pointed towards her left breast. Dhondu immediately put his mouth there and started sucking. He swirled his tongue around her nipple, flicked it and pulled it. Smita giggled as his stubble pricked her soft skin making her feel ticklish. Dhondu was feverishly sucking her left breast while he massaged her right breast with his rough hands.

Dhondu stopped sucking her left tit. Smita grabbed her right one and fed it him. He repeated the actions on the other breast as well. Dhondu now started sucking both her breasts alternately. As Dhondu was sucking her breasts, Smita brought her hand between them and grabbed his cock and rubbed it. She brought his cock to her pussy dragged it along the length of her pussy.

Smita’s actions made Dhondu realize that she was ready for fucking. He stopped sucking her breasts and got up. He got off the bed and went towards his shirt which was lying on a chair. He took a condom out of the shirt pocket and quickly got to the bed. Smita sat up and took the condom from his hands. She carefully tore open the packet and removed the condom. She slowly wore the condom on the dick.

Dhondu pushed her on the bed and got on top of her. Smita raised and spread her legs as wide as she could. Dhondu kept her legs on his shoulder and brought his dick to the entrance of her pussy. He rubbed his dick head on her pussy for a couple of times. Then in one swift motion he stuffed his dick inside her pussy all the way to the base. Smita screamed in pain as his thick dick spread her pussy lips wide.

Dhondu immediately stated fucking her at full speed. His dick was moving in and out of her pussy like a piston, not stopping for even one second. Her pussy muscles gripped his dick tight, making it fit bahis siteleri perfectly. Dhondu’s dick was thick, creating a friction that was driving Smita crazy.

Dhondu stopped fucking. He took a pillow lying nearby and put it under Smita’s ass. He lay on top of her crushing her beautiful breasts with his chest. He grabbed her ass tight with his hands and started fucking her with gusto. Smita started hollering in pleasure, her mouth open in ‘O’ shape. Dhondu’s cock was going deeper into her pussy, to places unexplored. They kissed, their tongues mashing against each other like two swords clashing in battle.

Dhondu sucked on her earlobes, blowing softly into her ears making Smita go wild. He rested his head on her nape, kissing and licking her softly. Dhondu stopped and took his dick out with a plop sound. He lay down on his back, his dick standing erect. Smita knew what he wanted and quickly got on top of him. She held his shaft in her left hand and rubbed it on her pussy. She adjusted the cock at her pussy entrance and slowly inserted it in her pussy. Within seconds, the dick was all the way into her pussy.

Smita now started moving up and down on Dhondu’s dick. Her boobs bounced as she jumped on the dick. She moved her hips forwards and backwards, moved them in circles. Dhondu moaned at her expert fucking. He loved the way she would fuck him on top. Smita loved to be on top. It would give her control on the depth, speed and motion. It was one of the two ways in which she would be in control, other being sucking his dick. Dhondu was very dominating in bed, Smita loved it but she didn’t mind being in control once in a while.

Smita again started bouncing on his dick. She looked in the mirror opposite to her. The gold chain on her neck was dancing wildly as she moved. Dhondu grabbed her boobs and lowered them to his mouth and began sucking them. With Smita moving up and down, it was difficult for him to suck on her tits.

Smita and Dhondu had been fucking for a long time now and their orgasms were drawing closer. Dhondu grabbed Smita’s ass and started fucking her hard. Her moans grew louder and louder with each stroke. After a few seconds of intense stroking, a massive orgasm hit Smita. She screamed loudly not caring if anyone would hear her. Smita’s orgasm also triggered Dhondu’s orgasm and with a loud grunt he emptied his seed into the condom.

Smita collapsed on Dhondu, her boobs crushed against his hairy chest, the gold chain pricking Dhondu in his chest. After a while, they came back to their senses, their breathing now becoming normal with each passing moment.

Smita got off Dhondu, his semi erect dick escaped the confines of her pussy. She took off the condom and sucked on it, drinking all his semen within. She also sucked his cock clean of all his juices. She put her head on his chest, her fingers playing with his chest hair. Dhondu kept quite, watching her play with his chest, his breathing still a little heavy. Soon they drifted to sleep.

Smita woke up to the sound of her cell phone ring. She got up and picked up the phone. It was her father calling. Smita belonged to a family of landlords. Her ancestors were feudal lords and ruled the region. During the British rule, the town of Narlepur became a Princely State. After India gained Independence, the government abolished royal titles but allowed the royal families to retain the vast stretches of land in their region. In return for their title, the government paid them royalties which amounted to millions of rupees a year.

Smita’s parents had shifted to Mumbai a few years ago as their businesses were based there. Smita, after completing her education and working for a few years had shifted to Narlepur to look after the family property. Her father had employed several people to assist her in the administration of the region. She had several servants at her disposal that looked after the house. Her office staff included accountants, office assistants, and supervisors that assisted her in the administration of the property.

Smita bahis şirketleri wasn’t nervous that her father was calling. She had gotten used to such incidences since she started sleeping with Dhondu. She let the phone ring for a couple of times before picking it up. Smita talked to her parents, their conversation was usual parent-daughter talk. They asked her about her work and she updated them. Dhondu was still lying on the bed stark naked. He realized that Smita’s father, his boss was on the other end of the phone. He sat up, crept behind Smita, held her boobs from behind started squeezing them.

Dhondu’s manipulations of her breasts were making it really difficult to for Smita to talk to her parents in a normal tone. She started breathing heavily, moans almost escaping from her mouth as she tried hard to control her actions.

After a few minutes of talking, Smita cut the call and threw the phone on the bed. She turned to Dhondu and looked at him with anger.

Smita: You moron, I was talking to my father and you were troubling me. Luckily I controlled myself. What if he got suspicious?

Dhondu: I don’t care if it was your father and I don’t care if he gets suspicious. You don’t worry about all such things when my dick is in your mouth? Do you? Then why behave like a saint now?

Saying this Dhondu pinched her nipples hard making Smita squeal in pain. Dhondu had a point, Smita thought to herself. She never cared about anything when she was in bed with this man. In fact she loved every second of it and wished for more.

Dhondu: Get on your knees, suck my dick and behave like the cum hungry slut that you really are!!

Smita smiled and hit Dhondu lightly on his arm. She got of the bed and kneeled on the floor near the edge. She took a pillow from the bed and placed it below her knees to avoid the hard floor from hurting her knees as well as to get some elevation. She took her hairclip from the side table and tied her hair into a bun. Meanwhile Dhondu sat on the edge of the bed with his dick pointing towards Smita.

Smita brought her mouth close to the dick and took her tongue out. Dhondu slapped his dick on her tongue a few times before inserting it in her mouth. Smita started sucking his dick. She employed her usual blowjob technique but was doing it very slowly this time. She would very slowly swallow his dick all the way and would slowly pull out right till the moment the dick head was between her lips. She focused on the dick head this time. She swirled her tongue around the head, licked the point where the head met the shaft. She sucked it hard and fast like a vacuum machine. She bit his dick lightly and giggled as Dhondu cringed.

Smita loved oral sex especially blowjobs. She always looked at her man while she sucked him. She liked watching his expressions as she pleasured him. She also knew that men thought eye contact to be very sexy.

Smita’s expert cock sucking was bringing Dhondu closer to an orgasm. He watched in wonder, breathing heavily as Smita sucked his dick like a pro. A few strands of her hair would come in the way of her sucking and she would delicately push them behind her ear. She was maintaining eye contact with him during the whole act.

After being sucked for 15 minutes, Dhondu was almost on the verge of cumming. Smita lifted his ball sack and licked the space between his dick and his asshole. This amazing move triggered Dhondu’s orgasm. He got off the bed, pulled Smita’s hair so that her face was right in front of his dick and shot his load. Strands after strands of semen fell on Smita’s face with a huge force. She closed her eyes as cum fell on her cheeks, nose, lips and chin.

Dhondu collapsed on the bed after his orgasm subsided and Smita licked all the cum that he deposited on her face.

After a couple of minutes, Smita got up and went to the bathroom. She stood beneath the shower as warm water flowed from her head to toe. She started thinking as to how did she land up in this condition? She was well educated, cultured, sophisticated. How did she end up in bed with Dhondu who far from being her type, was not even of her social status. Dhondu was her gardener!!!! As she thought about all this, her mind went into a flashback.

To be continued…

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