Succumbing to the Charms Pt. 01

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My name is unimportant, but I am a happily married man with 2 delightful children, in their mid to late teens.

I work in a large office just outside the city centre, in distribution, and every day after work, I call in to a pub for 1 quick drink before I head off home, a ritual I have had for many years.

The date is embedded in my brain now it was August 31st (my wife’s birthday) that I first saw Angelique.

Quite tall slim and elegant and wearing a smart business suit, which I immediately noticed that highlighted her figure, long black hair half way down her back, her appearance was of Japanese origin, but when she ordered her drink at the bar I could tell she was English.

She was with a man and a woman, who I just assumed were her colleagues, and she took absolutely no notice of the middle aged man she stood beside while ordering her drink.

Over the coming weeks I noticed her coming in every day, usually with the same couple of people, but the odd occasion on her own, and it was when she was on her own, that she first saw me looking at her.

From then on we mecidiyeköy escort would exchange a smile and a nod of recognition.

The first time I plucked up the courage to actually engage her in conversation, this time it was my birthday (Nov 6th), I said to her its my birthday and would she like a drink with me, I was secretly over the moon when she said yes.

Again over the coming days and weeks this turned into a daily occurrence, and my infatuation was growing stronger and stronger with each meeting, we would talk, and she would tell me she is not like other girls, little did I know how right she was at this time.

I am going to jump forward a bit, to stop everyone getting bored, it was just before Christmas, when Angelique asked me if I would like a drink with her at her flat, which of course I jumped at the chance. And it was here my life changed forever, it was here that I saw her, so beautiful, when she took of her jacket, I noticed her firm and pert breasts hidden behind a silk white bra, I have never heard such a seductive voice, as when she saw me looking vip escort istanbul longingly at her breast, she asked what about your wife?, I was too lost in the moment to answer her, and she knew it.

She was sitting so close to me, her perfume was filling my senses, her breath warm on my face, she caught me glancing down her blouse, I was hers, and this is where she emphasised how she was not like other girls, I asked her this time what she meant, and oh boy did she show me, she lifted up her skirt to her thighs, and there clad in silk white panties was a erect cock bursting to get out.

I was shocked, stunned, lost for words as I looked at this beautiful female, but with a very hard erect cock.

I wanted to but I could not look away, I could see it twitching in her panties, her mood and the tone of her voice changed dramatically, from soft soothing words to dark and domineering.

This what you came her for bitch boy, she said coldly , strip naked for me, my head was swimming but I complied, I had not even noticed or felt, but I too was erect, she looked down sarıyer escort and sneered at my small but very hard cock.

Kneel bitch boy, kneel at my feet she ordered, I immediately obeyed and knelt by her feet, I was inches away from her hard cock straining to get loose from her panties. She took it out and rubbed the glistening end of it on my lips, kiss it bitch boy kiss my cock now, and here I was a straight married man, kissing a hard cock, the first I had ever tasted, I wanted more, God I wanted more, I went to say a word, but before I could get anything out, she pushed her cock in my mouth, suck it bitch boy, suck my cock you slut, her harsh words were driving me insane, she was thrusting her cock in to my now willing mouth, I went to touch my own cock, but when Angelique saw me to do this, she slapped my face and bellowed NO TOUCH bitch boy, you are only here to please me. She grabbed my head and began thrusting her cock deep into my throat, laughing at me as I was gasping to breath, I could feel her cock begin to throb as she was about to cum, she thrust deep into my mouth and held it there as I felt spurt after spurt of hot salty cum hit my throat, I had no choice but to swallow.

When she took her cock from my mouth, I just flopped to the floor gasping for breath, my heart pounding, I was being used, and I had no control over it. Part 2 to follow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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