Team Takes My Mom Pt. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


N. B This story is completely fiction and all characters are over 18 years old. The following story is about a son being cuckolded by his mother. If you do not like these type of stories I suggest you don’t read further.


My name is Kyle Miller. I am 18 years old and stay with my mom. Her name is Kate and is only 38 years old as she had me when she was young. My parents got a divorce after my mom was caught cheating with my dad’s boss.

My mom worked as a waiter in a local restaurant and didn’t earn a lot of money. We stayed in a rough neighbourhood and I had to attend a local college which mainly consist of black students. I’m the only white boy and the smallest built on the soccer team.

My mom was proud of me although I was treated as a water boy and had very little game time.

We had a game against a private college, but we had to travel over 600 miles. The college had very little funds reserved for sports and usually relied on parents of the students to take the team to soccer games out of the city.

I wasn’t very happy when one of the teachers went behind my back and asked my Mom to company the team for our game. Being the only white boy on the team I often got picked on and teased. The black boys also made fun telling me that she because of my mom and often told me that she MILF.

Unfortunately for me my mom agreed to ride along with the team. On the day we had to departure the other two parents that supposed to ride along called in sick and said they could not make it.

To make thing even worse our coach had been arrested for drinking and driving the night before and was also not Going to make the trip. This meant that my mom would be the only adult on the trip.

As soon as we all got on the bus I could see all the other players checking out my mom. To describe my mom, she is 5ft 4. With a very curvy body to complement her 36BB breasts. It wasn’t long before comments started going around the bus about who could score first with my mom. I’m sure she heard this but seemed to be more flattered than angry with what was being said about her in front of her son.

Drake was the first to approach her, telling her how much the team appreciates her being here to support the team. The conversation soon changed about my mom’s personal life. I got really annoyed when my mom told them why she got divorced. This now gave them something new to pick on me about.

Tyrone the teams captain told her “judging from the wimp your son is I’m sure your husband couldn’t satisfy your hot body so it’s not your fault for cheating, I guess you just wanted a real man.” Once again my mom seemed to be more flattered than angry with the way they were talking to her. She even told him that she wished everyone could see it the ways he does and that a woman should be allowed to be satisfied by some other man if her husband can’t do the job.

We soon arrived at the place we would spend the night. It used to be an overnight shelter for the homeless but was now transformed into a motel for visiting sports teams. The bus driver left us and went to stay somewhere else in a more comfortable hotel. This left me and my mom with the soccer team.

When we got inside an elderly man gave us the key to our room, I was expecting multiple rooms but all the college could afford was one massive room with 10 bunks and one queen size bed.

This had me worried as my mom will be sleeping in the same room with 14 young horny black boys.

We unpacked our bags and started to settle down. The room only had one toilet and shower which was built together. My mom was all sweaty from the long bus trip, she really wanted to get cleaned and headed across the room to take a shower. As she walked towards the bathroom Blake asked my mom if she needed and help as there are lots of willing hands.

This made me angry and I immediately shouted at him telling him “stop Trying to flirt with my mom and this goes for everyone!” My mom defended him saying I’m taking a little joke serious and I should relax.

Once my mom got into the shower, Tyrone said that he need to take a piss and had to go into the bathroom. I know all he wanted to do was check out my mom. As soon as he came out smiling I knew something was up as he started telling everyone what a hot piece of ass my mom is. A few of the other guys also made their way acıbadem escort to the bathroom. I knew their only intention was to check my mom out. Tyrone told them to relax as everyone will get a look at her hot naked body.

I then realized that my mom did not take a towel to the shower. Before I could get one to her, my mom came out of the shower naked, asking everyone to turn around cause she forgot to take her towel, that’s when it hit me Tyrone had also taken her dirty clothes. My mom quickly ran across the room, everyone looked at her tits jiggle and enjoyed the show but when she got to her bed, her bag was not there.

I quickly searched my bag and gave her my towel to cover her curvy body which was being watched on by many eyes. It seemed that we had forgotten the bag on the bus and there was no chance of us getting it till the morning. Jamal offered her one of his t-shirt to wear which she gratefully accepted. With Jamal being tall the t-shirt was like a short dress on my mom.

Blake the guy that bullied me the most suggested that we find something to do to pass time. As with any teens trip alcohol was the first to start making it’s round, even my mom was drinking and was tipsy in no time. Strip poker was everyone second choice but I immediately protested as it would not be fair as my mom only had on one piece of clothing.

Then Tyrone put on some music and everyone except me started dancing. I knew his intentions were to get my mom to grind on him and the other boys.

His plan had been working as my mom was all over them. My mom tried to keep it clean but could see to them getting a little touchy, she did not stop them. This scared me, I knew I had to do something before things got out of control. I put the music off and yelled at my mom telling she is being a real slut with guys half her age. Then I made the biggest mistake telling her that she looked like a slut in that T-shirt.

My mom went red in the face telling me if I think she looks slutty in this t-shirt then she won’t wear it. She took it off and put her naked body on show for everyone to see. “This looks better” she asked.

I tried pleading with my mom to cover her body but it was quite clear that she wanted to teach me a lesson.

Comments about my mom’s hot body started going around the room. They kept telling her that they could not believe how she keeps her body in such great shape. Jamal stripped down saying it would be unfair if only one person is naked and that we should all undress. Within seconds everyone but me was naked as the day they were born.

This was the first I saw a black person naked, well not just a naked black person but a team of black guys. Their cocks were easily double the size of mine, and they were all soft. I could tell this was the first time my mom saw black cock as well as she was in shock and could not take her eyes of their huge cocks.

The boys could see my mom memorized and saw their opportunity to take advantage of the situation asking my mom why she looks so surprised. Her response gave them more confidence as she told them she thought that it was just a rumour about black cocks being so huge.

One of the boys presented his soft 8inch cock to my mom telling her not to be afraid and that she should see what it feels like to hold a real man’s cock, another guy looked at me and told me about to get the show of my life.

My mom slowly reached out and held the black cock in her hand. She was shy at first but started to play with the black cock sliding her hands up and down the black pole hoping to see how big it gets when erect.

Jason the guy whose cock was in my mom’s hands told her this is not like the tiny white dicks that will get hard just by the touch off a woman’s hand as he winked at her. My mom caught on what he wanted and got on to her knees and wrapped her soft pink lips around the dark piece of meat. His cock soon reached its full 12inches.

All the other guys started fondling with their new toy playing with my mom tits and ass. One of the guys got on to his back and slid under my mom’s pulling her wet pussy to his mouth.

My mom started moaning as the young guy clearly knew what he was doing. I saw her whole body shake as she had her first of many orgasms.

She was now alternating between many cocks in her hands and mouth. Jamal then picked my mom up and put her on the bed. He got on top her as they locked tongues her atalar escort placed the tip of his cock against my mom’s bare pussy. I began to tear as I knew what was coming next. My bullies we’re about to fuck my mom right in front of me and there was nothing I could do.

He slowly pushed in complaining that she was tight as a virgin. My mom’s moans started to fill the room. He was only half-way in when my mom’s second orgasm hit. She told him that she never had anyone fill her up this much. Her body must have felt like it was being split in half as he inched more of his black cock in.

My mom kept moaning and telling him to take it easy. All he told her “bitch shut up I’m not even all the way in” after about 5 minutes if slow fucking he began to pick up the pace as he was now all the way in.

“Wow this MILF is a real slut for black cock, she is already used to your cock” said Blake. With each thrust he was taking out almost all his cock before slamming it back in. The other guys starting getting impatient as everyone wanted their turn with my mom. My mom got on top of Jamal so that she could please more black cocks. My mom had one cock in each hand and kept switching between two by her mouth.

Jamal cock then tensed up as he was about to cum, my mom’s pussy also began to tighten up the young black cock as they came together. As my mom lifted herself up from the now semi erect cock a huge river of cum dripped from her now stretched pussy.

Blake was next to get in on the action as he got behind my mom and started fucking her doggy style with the cum from Jamal being used as lube he wasted no time allowing my mom to adjust to his cock as he fucked her real hard.

I was surprised at his stamina as he was not slowing down. My mom could not stop moaning from the assault that her pussy was getting. “I didn’t know black men could fuck like this for so long. If only I knew I would have tried black cock long ago” as my mom said this all the boys started laughing telling my mom there was a lot she was going to learn about black cocks and how they are not like little white wimps that will cum in minutes.

My heart sank as Blake’s breathing got heavy, a second load of semen was added to her pussy and a third load all over my mom’s face which dripped down onto to her tits. My mom held her tits up licking them clean and telling my black teammate how taste his cum is.

I heard one the guys say “this bitch a real freak; look how she is enjoying the taste of black cum.” These comments put a smile on my mom’s face as she begged for more hard black cocks.

Drake the team’s goal keeper who is the tallest and most muscular player got behind my mom guided his black cock into her hungry white pussy. He had the biggest cock on the team. He was about 15 inches in length and thick as the beer can which he was holding. My mom slowly guiding the massive cock into her pussy. He wasted no time in picking up his pace. After about 5 minutes my mom started meeting his thrusts half was as they started fucking like animals.

Drake pulled out his massive cock. My mom quickly turned around in disappointment as she was really enjoying being fucked from behind. Drake lay on his back next to my mom, he instructed her to hop on his cock for the ride of her life.

I watched as my mom slowly sat on the black cock as it disappeared in her pussy. Mike got behind my mom and started rubbing the head of his cock against my mom’s ass. I was relieved when my mom told him not to put in there as she had never had anal sex and his huge cock will hurt her.

He smiled and said “I guess I’m getting your anal cherry.” The sensation from Blake’s cock was too much for my mom to respond to him. He slowly pushed forward causing my mom to scream in pain as the huge cock entered her ass. I tried to stop him but was quickly held back by one of the other players. I was held by my neck and taken closer to the action as my face was now just inches away the action.

Mike looked at and told me they are going to fuck my mom in all her holes and there is nothing I can do about it. He then looked down at me and started laughing. I looked down and was surprised to see a small tent in my shorts. I don’t know how long I had been hard. He was now all the way up my mom’s ass.

I had the best view as my mom was being fucked hard 3 black cocks, he told my mom to look at her son getting hard from the fucking she was getting. aydınlı escort

My mom felt sorry for me as I was the only one missing out on the action. She then removed the cock from her mouth and asked if I would like jack off. This made me even harder.

“Come on you don’t have to feel shy, I’ll help you take it out” as my mom said this she placed her hand on my small cock over my shorts, with just the touch of my mom’s hand on my penis caused me to explode. As a wet patched appeared everyone including my mom burst out laughing.

While my mom was laughing with her mouth opened wide one of the boys pushed his cock deep into her mouth. My mom started gagging on the cock as they young black cock filled her mouth. Blake finally added his black seed to my mom’s pussy.

Mike flipped my mom over with his cock still in her ass. Within seconds the next guy entered her cum filled pussy. The guy that was assaulting her mouth then gave my mom one of the biggest facials I had ever seen. As he moved away a fresh cock was presented to my mom to suck.

My mom was also giving hand jobs while being fucked in all her holes. A sixth guy got on top of her and placed his cock between her huge tits. He then forced me to hold my mom’s tits together and started titty fucking my mom. This was the first time I got to hold a woman’s tits. I couldn’t believe that my mom was now satisfying 6 big black cocks at the same time.

As one black cock had cum it was quickly replaced by another. They guy started going for second round and third rounds. By this time my mom was too tired to be giving hand jobs, so they all had to take their turn fucking my mom and filling one of her holes with their cum.

The bed was drenched with cum by the time they were all gone fucking my mom. My mom was exhausted and asked if I could keep her company on the bed. I refused telling that I will not sleep on a bed full of cum. My mom snapped telling me “what difference does is make when my pants in messed with cum.” All the guys started laughing at me. To risk further embarrassment, I went and lay next to my mom on the cum soaked bed.

My sleep was interrupted early in the morning by the bed shaking as Drake was up for a morning fuck. He had mom on all fours, and he fucked her hard from behind. He saw that he had wakened me up and smiled at me he then took his cock out of my mom’s pussy and put in her ass.

He fucked her hard for about 15 minutes as she had on Orgasm from being fucked in the ass. He then fucked her for another 15 minutes before he grunted and filled her ass up with his black seed.

He looked at me with a smirk. With his one hand he then rolled my mom over on to me. Her ass was on top off my shorts as his hot cum flowed out of my mom’s ass and on to me. I’m sure with the warm feeling of his cum that I added a couple drops of my own sperm.

I went to fetch my mom’s clothes and once she had gotten dressed I then I confronted my mom hoping for an apology for her slutty behaviour she had put on last night. All my mom told me is that she had missed out on life because of how young she was when she had me (like this was my fault) and that I should get used to watching her being fucked by my black teammates as it turns her on even more when I watch and blow my load in my pants.

After breakfast one of the guys told my mom that because their black balls are so huge it slows them down when it is full and it will be of great help to the team if she would help them get lighter. My mom agreed with his stupid opinion and stripped down and headed towards the bed.

A long line of hungry black cocks then followed. My mom told them that they can only fuck her once as she didn’t want them to use all their energy of her. Three at a time they took their turns fucking my mom as she moaned loudly through countless orgasms.

When the last two cocks were fucking her ass and pussy my mom told them that she wanted them to cum in her mouth. They didn’t mind as they both got close to their orgasms at the same time, they pulled out and as my mom on her knees, they both filled her mouth with cum. Most of it dripped down on to her tits along her tummy and on to the bed.

My mom scooped up any cum and her body with her hands and licked them dry. She then put on a dress with no underwear and kissed me on the cheek with her sticky lips from all the cum she had tasted. My mom told that since coach was not there she was in charge and ordered me to clean up the room while she and the rest of the team went to play soccer.

I cried as they left. I have never felt so humiliated as I was clean the cum drenched sheet, knowing they it was going to happen night after night after night.

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