The Dream, or Was It?

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*** All persons are over the age of 18***

I can remember this dream vividly, as if it really happened. I usually don’t dream, and if I do, I certainly don’t remember them by morning. Some I have remembered for a day or so, but then they are lost. But this one was so real, so lifelike, including the rush of adrenaline and the feelings of euphoria afterwards, that my mind tells me it was real.

As a man, sure I’ve had wet dreams before, but usually in my adolescent days during dry spells of no sex. But now, as a 42 year old male, married with three kids and one adopted step-daughter, my sex life is good enough that I don’t have the opportunity for such dreams.

Just to set some background, I am 42 years old. I keep myself in good shape due to the habits instilled in me during my 15 years in the Army. My step-daughter, Ty, whom I adopted shortly after marrying her mother, is a 19 year old mixed-race beauty. She has a very tight body from her high school swimming days, but is very well endowed breast wise, sporting a pair of 36 D, almost DD, breasts. We have always been very close, but some of the things she has been doing for the past year have been driving me insane!

For instance, we often will sit on the sofa together while watching TV. Sometimes she will lay with her head in my lap, other times with her feet in my lap. But just lately she has started wriggling her feet around and rubbing my dick, almost like she’s trying to give me a foot job. If she has her head in my lap, she has been putting her hand under her head and has used it to rub my dick from time to time. There is no way hide the massive hard-on I get from her doing these things, so I have a choice. Do I try to ignore what she is doing so I don’t alert her mother that something is going on, or do I get up and go do something else and hope her mother doesn’t see my dick straining to burst out of my pants? Ty has never had a boyfriend all through school, but she HAS to know what she is doing to me.

Another thing she does is prance around the house barely dressed. She would always be in the bathroom getting ready for school in just her bra and panties, but never had a problem with me going in to brush my teeth before work. She is still in the bathroom in the mornings getting ready for work, but now she has taken to wearing thongs that are only lace, allowing a clear view of a cleanly shaven pussy, and bras that are the same see through lace. One thing that hasn’t escaped my attention is that her nipples, which look like chocolate gum drops, are always hard whenever I’m in the bathroom with her.

Having a teenage daughter in the house, with just the one bathroom, it is inevitable that one of us would walk in on the other naked at some point. It finally happened and was truly an accident on my part. Ty was in the shower and her mother went in the bathroom when I walked into the kitchen. I turned right around and walked into the bathroom to say something to my wife, but there stood Ty facing me in all of her naked glory, just starting to dry her back. We both kind of just stared at each other, with me wondering why my wife was naked. It then dawned on me just who I was looking at and all I could say was “You’re not mom!” as I backed out and shut the door. Besides having that gorgeous body seared into my memory was that fact that she made no move to cover herself up with the towel. Did she WANT me to see her naked?

All of that only fueled my desire for this woman. After thinking over everything that she was doing to me, I was convinced that if I made a move, she would be more than willing. However, it was a chance I was not willing to take. If I made a move and was totally wrong about the signs, my life would be ruined. It just wasn’t worth the risk.

Fast forward several months. I’m asleep in my upstairs bedroom with my wife asleep on the other side of the bed. We always sleep with our door open in case one of the younger kadıköy escort two kids downstairs needs something during the night. Ty’s room is right across from ours with the door closed as usual.

In my dream, I am in the desert and come upon a local dark-skinned nomadic woman at an oasis. I can’t remember anything else, but the next thing I know, she’s on her knees with my cock buried in her throat. She is giving me the absolute best head I have ever received in my life! I can feel her saliva running down to my balls. I can hear her gagging from time to time. I can feel her tongue running up and down my shaft while catching her breath, only to devour my cock again. I can even feel her coarse curly hair when I finally grab her head and start face fucking her. Hell, even the sounds of her getting her throat fucked are still locked in my memory! It was truly the sloppiest of sloppy blowjobs. I finally hold her head in tight as I blast the biggest load ever down her throat. The feel of her hot wet mouth and the sounds of her gagging and swallowing keep me cumming for what feels like forever. Finally spent, the dream faded away to nothing.

Waking up the next morning, I remember every single vivid detail of the dream. But something strikes me as odd. I have no mess anywhere. With that big of a load, I should have been a sticky mess, either in my underwear or on the bed if I had pulled out my dick and jerked off in my sleep. Nope. Nothing. No bed mess, no floor mess, no underwear mess. Maybe it was all just a dream, but not a wet dream? There’s no way I didn’t cum during that. My dick certainly feels like it was used and abused. Combine those facts with what awaited me downstairs, and now I’m wondering if something happened.

I get dressed and go downstairs to the bathroom to brush my teeth before work. As usual, Ty is in there, but this time she is only in a thong, no bra. I start to back out, but she says I’ve seen them before and need to get ready for work. When asked why she’s half naked, she just tells me she must have left her bra on her bed. Who am I to complain about looking at a pair of beautiful young tight breasts? So as I go about my morning ritual, the next shock hits. She rips her thong down and proceeds to sit on the toilet next to me. THIS has certainly never happened before! When done, she says she needs to wash her hands, but since I’m standing at the sink brushing my teeth, she just presses her breasts into my back and reaches around me to wash up. Her nipples are like nails digging into my back. And did I just get a whiff of aroused pussy? What the hell is going on?! I know I probably could have taken her right then and there, but I still wasn’t willing to throw my life away. I didn’t doubt that she wanted me, but the fear of getting caught by two other kids was too great. So, I did the best I could and went to work, still wondering about the dream.

This dream, even several years later, is still so vivid and lifelike in my memory. I have since learned a few things that have me convinced it was no dream. I am now 95% certain I blasted a load of cum down the throat of a female, and I am certain as to just who that female was. Since she now lives a few hours away, next time she’s home, I’ll see what I can do about finding out for sure.

The Dream- Ty knows the truth

God is my dad hot! I never really thought of him like that until my senior year of high school. I turned 18 just one week into my senior year, but the rest of the girls on the swim team were already 18. We always got together at my house just to hang out, but most of them were always talking about my dad. Even though we have graduated, we still get together and hang out from time to time, with the same conversations about my dad coming up. The things some of them said that they would do to him were enough to make a sailor blush. I tried to just ignore them or change the subject, but there were times my mind pendik escort would wander and imagine it was me doing the things they were talking about to him. My own dad!! Granted, he isn’t my real dad, but he is the only dad I have ever known.

“Ty! Earth to Ty!!” Sarah is yelling me out of my nice daydream. She just asked me how big my dad’s dick is! OMG! How the hell should I know?! The girls started making bets so they told me my mission was to find out. I told them to find out themselves, but that would be impossible. My dad is the chivalrous type. Whenever I have friends stay over, he sleeps out in his man cave in the garage. He says it’s because there have been cases of guys molesting girls that have stayed over with their daughters, so he stays away from us so that there can be no question that he didn’t do anything like that should any of the girls or parents question anything. I have since found out that this is due to the fact that he was falsely accused of sexual misconduct while in the Army by a female co-worker. It almost destroyed his life while he was trying to be cleared of all charges, which he was able to finally do.

So, I guess it was up to me to settle the argument as to just how big his dick really is. But how to do that without just walking up to him with a measuring tape and telling him to let me measure his dick? I told them I would do my best to find out. That’s when I came up with a plan.

While laying on the sofa with my feet in his lap, I tried to feel it with my toes. Since I had never seen or felt a real one, I guess it felt OK, but how good can you feel something with your toes? So, with my head in his lap, I started feeling it with my hand. Oh wow! It sure got hard when I was rubbing it! It got much bigger too! Really thick and the length was over twice the width of my hand! I think dad liked what I was doing since he never moved while I was rubbing him. But now there’s a problem. I’m starting to like what I’m doing. It’s getting me worked up feeling the power I have over a dick like this. And now my daydreams start coming back. Me and dad alone in the house with us ending up in bed, him fucking the holy hell out of me. Us alone and getting it on on the sofa. Dad bending me over the sink in the bathroom some morning and fucking me silly before work.

Now that I can’t get those thoughts out of my head, I’ve actually started trying to seduce my dad. I want to see if he can take a hint. I can’t make the first move, because if I am wrong, he may tell my mom what happened. If he did that, she’d probably kick me out of the house. But I just can’t get that dick out of my mind! I start to wear less and less around him. Hell, I even let him stare at me naked just out of the shower, but nothing happened. So one night, I decided to take matters a little further.

It started off as just one of those regular nights. My mom and dad asleep across the hall in their room. The door is open and I can hear dad softly snoring. Not loud like a congested cow, but more like a louder heavy breathing. I’ve heard them many times having sex, so I know from the noises that mom makes that dad knows what to do with that cock of his. As for this night, no sex for them, just sleep. But as for me, I couldn’t keep my fingers out of my pussy thinking about dad. I just had to see his cock!

I climbed out of bed and slowly opened my squeaky bedroom door. I had to wait to make sure they didn’t wake up from that loud ass door. Maybe I can sweet talk dad into fixing it tomorrow after work. I then get on my hands and knees and slowly crawl into their room and down my dad’s side of the bed. No matter the weather, he always sleeps in just his boxer briefs. Oh good. He’s on his side facing the side of the bed. Quietly crawling to his side, I lift up the covers and pull them over me, figuring if he did briefly wake up, he wouldn’t see me. Thankfully, he’s not far from the side of the bed.

I bostancı escort ever so slowly open his boxers and pull his soft cock out. It may be soft now, but it’s still a good size. I start feeling it all over, liking the way it slowly gets hard in my hands. God help me but I can’t help but to start stroking it. This only makes it bigger and harder. Oh dear god! No wonder mom is always screaming when they have sex! Now that it’s hard, this thing is huge! I can’t ever imagine something this big ever fitting in my pussy. But just thinking about that has me getting wetter than I’ve ever been. With the position he is in, his dick is actually hanging over the side of the bed, aimed right at my face.

I can feel a little wetness at the tip. I don’t know what came over me, but instead of wiping it up with my hand, I actually licked it off with my tongue. I know what blowjobs are, but obviously I had no experience in giving one. But, I will say, the fluid leaking out was a nice sweet taste. I then started licking his dick all around, when I suddenly just went for it and stuck it in my mouth. Man did it ever fill my mouth! That’s it. I’m going to suck my dad’s dick! And I did just that. Copying what I had seen in videos and heard from my friends, I started giving my dad a blowjob while he was sleeping.

I would quit every now and then just to make sure he was still asleep, during which time I would lick all around his cock, then go right back to sucking it. I can hear his breathing getting faster, but I know he’s still asleep. His cock just felt so good in my mouth, I doubt that I would quit even if he DID wake up. But now he’s put his hand on my head. Oh shit! He’s awake! I stop moving, but somehow he’s still asleep. So, I keep blowing him. Next thing I know, he’s forcing me down a little further. I gag a bit, with spit running out around his dick, but then he’s letting me up to breathe. Just as I get my breath, he’s forcing me back down to repeat the whole process. The way he has taken control, even in his sleep, really has me turned on!

Talking about taking control! He is now holding my head with both hands and is literally fucking my mouth! I keep gagging and coughing, saliva is running everywhere, but he doesn’t let up. I’m doing my best to breathe from my nose, when finally he rams my head down, buries his cock in my throat, and , oh my god, he’s cumming in my mouth!! There’s so much cum! At least he pulled out a bit so it’s not shooting right down my throat and choking me. And the taste! So sweet! My friends all said it’s salty, but not my dads’. It’s really sweet like thick gooey sugar water. I’m swallowing as fast as I can, but with him still fucking my mouth while he’s cumming, some leaks out and runs down my chin. I know I can’t leave any evidence, so I wipe it off with my hand and will get rid of it later. Finally done cumming, I give dad’s cock a few sucks to make sure it’s empty, then pull my mouth off. I quickly tuck his softening dick back into his boxers, and get ready to crawl back out. I remember the cum on my hand, but I also remember the taste, so I lick it off instead of wiping it off somewhere. Who knows when I’ll get to ever taste it again.

I crawl back to my room, quietly shut my door, get back into bed, and immediately stuff my fingers into my hot wet pussy. Dad doesn’t know it, but he just gave me the biggest orgasm I have ever had! And no, there is NO way I’m telling my friends how big his dick is. That’s one secret I’m keeping to myself lest they get any ideas of trying to seduce him. My dad is mine. He just doesn’t know it yet. But I now have a plan for in the morning. I think I’ll “forget” my bra in the morning.

That was several years ago. Dad and I never did do anything, but I think we both knew the other person wanted to. We’re still really close, and the sexual tension in the room is super thick when we’re together. He never did mention any dreams where he got a blowjob, but I wouldn’t expect him to. Even though I live a few hours away now, I still get home a lot. I think it’s time that me and dad did something since I still can’t get him and his cock out of my mind. He still fuels most of my self induced orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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