Wag the Finger

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“Ooooooh, this is SO unfair!”

Jessica fumed as she stomped around her room. Her mother had just grounded her for two whole weeks because she had dared, DARED, go to Deb’s sleepover without permission. Well, maybe it wasn’t so much because she went to the sleepover, but because Deb’s stupid little runt of a brother had tattled about going to the county carnival and cruising down Main Street all night long with the rest of the girls. Well, OK, maybe it wasn’t because they went cruising, but because they all got fall down drunk and thrown in jail for drunk driving and reckless endangerment.

“It’s STILL unfair!”

“Eighteen years old and she STILL treats me like a little girl!” She picked her “Fluffy Pillow” off the bed and threw it at Justin Timberlake’s smiling face on the wall. It hit him right in the head, then fell right on top of Doodles’ cage and woke the poor hamster up. Not only was Jessica a very mad “not little girl,” but she had a deadly aim with a throw pillow. Justin kept right on smiling as smoke continued to pour from her ears. Doodles yawned in his corner, then went back to sleep.

“No little girl of MINE is going to ruin MY reputation!”

“No little girl of MINE is going to have an arrest record!”

“No little girl of MINE is going to stay out all night and screw around with the boys!”

“And I don’t even LIKE boys!”

She stuck out her index finger and wagged it at her invisible mother. “And always, ALWAYS wagging that fucking finger at me! I HATE that!”

“I hate HER!” she said, finally, kneeling on her bed and pushing her fist into her “Granny Pillow” for emphasis.

“Yeah, life is just SO unfair” said a voice from nowhere. And everywhere.

Jessica stared at her “Granny Pillow” for a few seconds. “Who said that?” She slowly looked around the room.

“You don’t have to take it, you know.”

It was light and cheerful. Jessica turned her head slowly and stared at Doodles, who was scratching his left ear.

“Wrong direction, honey.”

Her head shot back around and looked at the head of her bed where her “Nighty Night Pillow” lay. “Who said that?” she repeated.

“Yes, darling. Right here.”

Her eyes lowered to the cheap little bright red teddy bear she’d won last night at the ring toss booth. It just lay there on her pink and white bedspread, looking up at her with those little beady black eyes.

“Nah!” she closed one eye and her shoulder’s drooped. “That’s just too silly.”

“And just what is so silly about a magic teddy bear?” She thought she caught just a hint of resentment, though the voice remained as light as the air being whipped around the room by her ceiling fan.

“Hmm,” she glanced up at the line of Stephen King and Dean Koontz hardbacks all neatly arranged on her bookshelf. “This is just too freaky.”

“Well,” the voice huffed (in an airy kind of way), “is that better or worse than being silly?”

“I dunno…” she reached out cautiously for the bear.

“You’re lucky you chose me instead of one of those stuffed Shreks. Now, THEY’RE freaky.”

She poked the bear in the tummy. “Oooooh,” it chirped, doing a teddy bear impersonation of the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

She smiled at that. “Sweet!”

“Does this mean I’m not silly or freaky anymore?”

“Oh, yes, you’re definitely both silly AND freaky,” she giggled as she reached out once more. “Can I pick you up?”

“That depends.”


“How much you can lift?”

She laughed and wrapped a hand gently around the bear. “Oh,” it continued, “and you promise to treat me better than your pillows.”

“Hehe, you’re funny.”

“Great, first silly, then freaky, now funny. At least funny doesn’t have that rotten connotation. I think I can live with funny.”

She turned it around in her hands, then turned it upside down, examining it closely. “Do all magic teddy bears talk so much?”

“Only the red ones. The rest use sign language.”

“But you don’t have any fingers…” she caught herself and started giggling again.


“So,” she said, sitting down on the bed, “what else do magic teddy bears do?”

“We grant special wishes to nice people who rescue us from evil carnival booths.”

“Oh, come ON.”

“No, darlin’, I’m serious. If you hadn’t come along when you did — with deadly aim, no less – I’d be boxed up in some cramped cardboard box with all those smelly Panamanian Shreks and Scooby Doos and who knows what. I mean, they NEVER bathe.”

She giggled despite herself. “Okay, so what kind of wishes do I get?”

“Well, I’m a magic red teddy bear, which means I can only grant vengeance wishes.”

“Vengeance wishes?”

“Yeah, it’s kind of unfair, but what can you do? I mean, it’s not like we get to pick and choose what color we are.”

She gave a heavy sigh. “Yeah, I know just what you mean.”

“Exactly. The gold bears have it great. They get to give out gold and silver and Google stock options. We have to settle for allowing folks to get revenge.”


“Yeah. I’m only allowed to come to life when the person who rescued pinbahis güvenilirmi me is seeking revenge.”

“Me?” She rolled her eyes. “Get out of here.”

“I think there’s a pillow, a rodent and a slightly used poster of an ex-N’Sync member over there that might take issue with that…”

She glanced over towards Doodle’s cage. He was happily running in his wheel now. “But…”

“Hey, there’s just no arguing with the all-knowing magical red teddy bear when he gets woke up. The mystical powers are telling me you want revenge.”

“Well…” Her face started to redden as she thought about that wagging finger.

“See, I can feel it starting again. Look, take it from someone who’s been there, done that, got the T-shirt – everyone wants revenge at one time or another. You can’t fight it.”

Jessica bit her lower lip and took a deep breath, but she could still feel something building up within her, and she couldn’t seem to get her mother’s voice out of her mind. And that finger. That damned wagging finger.

“You won’t…hurt her, right?” She said, quietly.

“That depends on the depth of your anger and resentment, darlin’. Every situation is different.”

“She’s my…mother.”

“Mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, all the same. Heck, I’d probably want revenge on my mother every once in a while if I had one.”

“But I don’t really…hate her.”

“That’s not what half the neighborhood heard earlier.”

“Aw, I was just mad ’cause she grounded me.”

“Was? Darlin’ I wouldn’t be talking right now if it was a case of ‘was.'”

“I don’t really want to hurt her.”

“Well, then, that’s that. We’ll just make her terribly uncomfortable.”

Jessica smiled. “Hey, ‘terribly uncomfortable’ works.”

“Okay, now that that’s settled, let’s figure out what we’re going to do about this terribly unfair mother of yours. What’s the thing that she does that you hate most of all?”

“Oh, that’s easy.” Jessica smiled and a finger shot out. “She ALWAYS lectures me and wags her finger in my face.”

“Oh, I LIKE that. I can work with that. Anything else?”

“Well, I don’t know if I should…”

“Oh, come on now, if you can’t tell your bestest buddy magical red teddy bear, who can you tell?”

“Well, she’s always trying to get me to go out on dates with…boys.” She almost spat out the last.

“Sounds like a very mother thing to do.”

“But I don’t really…like…boys.”

“Hmm, okay, now I see where that can be a problem.”

“I just wish she could understand how I feel.”

“Oh, darlin’, you just ventured right into ‘terribly uncomfortable’ territory.”

“Tell me about it.”

“All right, I think I’m getting a mental image of the beginning blueprints of a plan here.”

“Oooohhhh,” Jessica shivered slightly. “I sooooo can’t believe I’m doing this.” Then she giggled. “I feel so evil.”

“Oh, that’ll pass” the voice laughed.

Jessica wasn’t really sure she liked the way it said that. Behind her, Doodles had stopped running in his wheel and was peering intently at the teen on the bed, his little whiskers dancing wildly.

“Jessica!” a shrill voice rang out. “I want to see you down here this minute!”

“Uh-oh,” her head sprang up.

“Oh, chin up, girlfriend, things are just about to get FUN!”

Jessica sprang up and tugged at the bottom of her nightshirt with one hand and brought her new friend up with the other. “Uh, what do I do?”

“Oh, just be yourself, honey and let me take care of the rest.” She could have sworn she saw one of the black beady eyes wink, which of course was impossible because magic red teddy bears don’t have eyelids.

“Uh, Okay,” she breathed out, nervously as she stepped cautiously towards the door. “Oh,” the bear added, “when I mean ‘be yourself,’ I mean try and get her to do all of those things you hate.”

She opened the door and skipped down the hallway towards the stairs. “Oh, like that’s gonna be really tough,” she smiled.

Her mother was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. The first thing Jessica noticed was that she was dressed for church, with a long, black dress and her favorite pearl necklace, a gift from her father just before he died. “Morning already?” Jessica muttered to herself, and sure enough when she looked out the window, she saw sunlight streaming through the shades. How very strange.

“Why aren’t you dressed for church, young lady?” her mother had both hands on her hips. Sheila Pittman generally had a busy Sunday schedule. After services, she taught Sunday School for a few hours, then volunteered at the Hamilton Hills nursing home for most of the rest of the day.

“You know I don’t go,” Jessica frowned. “I haven’t gone in…”

“After LAST night, young lady,” her mother raised her voice, “I’ll expect you to go for the rest of the year!” Then she got out the finger. “No daughter of MINE is going to…”

And she stopped in mid-wag and gave a slight gasp. “Oh.” And she bent over slightly and brought a hand up to cover her mouth.

“Mom?” Jessica peered pinbahis yeni giriş at her mother, curiously.

Her mother didn’t answer, but after a few seconds stood back up straight and took a deep breath and continued just as if she hadn’t missed a beat. “No daughter of MINE is going to make me look like a fool in front of God and the whole town!” Then raised her hand and extended the finger. “If your father was still…”

She suddenly bent forward as her knees buckled. “Oh…oh, MY.” She grasped one of the stairwell railings for support. “Oh.”

“Mom?” Jessica asked again, this time kneeling down on one of the bottom steps. “Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Oh…” her mother repeated, and moved one hand down to her abdomen. “I…don’t…” She stood up straight again.

“What?” Jessica stepped back.

Sheila shook her head and took a few more deep breaths. Her face was fairly red now. “Nothing,” she whispered, as much to herself as in answer to her daughter. “I’m…fine.” It struck Jessica more like an excuse than an explanation.

“Figured it out yet?” the voice in her head chuckled. Jessica smiled wickedly in answer. As far as she knew, her mother hadn’t had a lover in the four years since her father died. Maybe she’d enjoy this. But more likely she’d be horribly embarrassed. “Terribly uncomfortable,” indeed.

“I’m NOT going to church, and that’s FINAL!” she stood up and stomped her foot for emphasis.

The red on her mother’s face turned quickly from embarrassment to anger. “Listen HERE, young lady,” and the finger shot out once again. Just as suddenly as the anger replaced the humiliation, the two switched back again. “Ohhhh! Ohh, GOD!” Sheila Pittman’s knees gave out and she collapsed on the bottom step, her back away from Jessica. “Ohhh…ooooooo…” she moaned, and she raised one hand to her head to cover her eyes as she tried to hide the other with her body.

“Mom?” Jessica craned her neck to look over her mother’s head.

“Oh…please…Jessica…go back to…your room.” She was breathing deeply and her legs came together quickly around her arm when she realized her daughter was looking at her.

“No,” whispered Jessica, directly in her mother’s ear. “And you can’t make me.”

“Well…you just…ooohh…listen here…” and the hand that was covering her eyes rose above her head and three fingers and a thumb curled up into a fist. “You do as… I say…”

Jessica smiled as she felt the convulsions make their way through her mother’s rigid body. “Ooooohhh…GOD…oooOOOOOHHHH!”

“What’s the matter, mother?” Jessica played with Sheila’s dark hair, wiping it across her forehead as her head rocked back and forth. Her black dress was up around her waist now, her fingers stretching and moving beneath her white panties. Beneath her own nightshirt, Jessica could feel the gathering wetness and a wide grin crossed her face. “Who’s the little slut now, huh?” she giggled.

Sheila’s eyes shot open at that. She could barely speak. “Don’t…you…DARE…call…me…” How she managed it, Jessica could not imagine, but, sure enough, the finger came out once more.

This time, the older woman could not even manage enough breath to break a commandment, but simply closed her eyes and brought both hands down inside her panties. Despite herself, Jessica found herself doing the same. Somehow, the situation had gone from “terribly uncomfortable” to “amazingly arousing” and she was just going with the flow.

“What a rush, huh?” came the voice in her head. “The gold bears may get all the glory, but they don’t have NEARLY this much fun.” Even through her lust-crazed mind, Jessica could tell the voice had changed just a bit. Deeper. More menacing.


She opened her eyes slightly and noticed her mother had turned around and was now facing her. Her eyes were wide open and she had her wagging finger in her mouth, rolling around her tongue. Invitingly. Jessica could smell her now. The Sunday perfume she had doused herself with just couldn’t keep up with the other. “Jess…” she spoke through a raspy voice. “Come to mother.”

Jessica bit her lip. “Terribly uncomfortable” wasn’t supposed to be like this. Her fingers, her pussy, her nipples, they said something more.

“You wanted her to know how you feel, right?”

“Oh…Geez, no…” Jessica managed. Her clit was on fire now and it was wrong. Something was terribly wrong.

“Sorry, darlin’, you know better than to argue with a magic red teddy bear.”

Yes. No arguing. She giggled as she came.

No. She looked at her mother’s face. Not like this. It wasn’t her mother’s face. It was wrong. “No,” she repeated.

“Sorry, toots, too late to pull out now.”

“Yesssss….” The voice was strong, vibrant. But it wasn’t her mother’s voice. Was it?

“Why… didn’t you TELL me…” Sheila gasped. She buckled wildly and fell off the step onto the wood floor, her pearl necklace swinging wildly around her neck. “Why didn’t you…tell me it was this good?” She had two fingers buried in her pussy, her thumb firmly on her clit, but pinbahis giriş unlike the Sheila Pittman that had almost fallen unconscious from sexual frenzy, this Sheila had found new batteries. This Sheila was HOT. “So amazing…so…glorious…so…oooooohhhh.” She brought one hand up to her small breast and rubbed them through the fabric of the dress. “Honey, my nipples are on FIRE.”

Jessica stared in horror at her mother as she lie writhing on the floor. She tried pulling her fingers from her pussy, but she couldn’t. “No,” she said once again.

“YES! This is AMAZING, Jess, darling,” her mother managed to crawl on her knees back to the stairs, reaching a hand behind her and unfastening her bra as she moved. “So full of life, so full of fire.”

Jessica found herself slowly crawling backwards up the stairs with one arm, while attacking her pussy with the other.

Her mother smiled wickedly as she crawled up the stairs after her. “And just WHERE do you think you’re going, young lady?”

And out came the finger.

“You can’t fight it,” came the voice in her head. “So you might as well enjoy it.”

“Yes, enjoy,” repeated her mother as she caught Jessica and leapt on top of her daughter. With renewed lust, she pressed her lips to those of the younger woman and Jessica felt her tongue. “I never knew it could be like this,” she whispered. “I promise,” she smiled as she ran her fingers up the side of her daughter’s leg, “I’ll never fix you up with boys ever again,” she giggled.

“But…” Jessica tried again to inch up the stairs, but gasped instead as her mother’s mouth moved down her neck and attacked her right breast. “So soft, so tasty. Mmmmm….” Jessica could feel the coolness of the pearls as they ran slowly against her stomach as her mother continued to make her way down her belly. “If I knew it was like this, I’d have been a lesbian a long time ago.”

“Oh,” Jessica gasped… “please…Mom…no.”

“Yeah, you know who’s in charge in this house, young lady,” Sheila laughed as she fought her daughter’s hand for control of her pussy. “Let Mommy have a look at Jess’s gorgeous little pink treasure pot, honey.” With a sniffle and a moan of pleasure, Jessica gave up the fight and brought both hands up to cover her eyes.

“ooooooooOOOO,” Sheila squealed with delight. “You didn’t tell me you shave, you little vixen, you.” She ran her tongue once over the patch where her daughter’s pubic hair once was. “So sexy, so smooth. What other secrets have you been hiding from Mommy Sheila? Little girls shouldn’t be hiding things from their mommies. You know how protective we can be.” She giggled. “But you’re all MINE now.”

Jess found her hands moving to her breasts as her mother continued. “I’m gonna take really good care of my little lesbian Jess,” and she moved her wagging finger to touch the younger girls already engorged clittie, “starting right HERE.” And then she opened her lips slightly and surrounded it, licking and nibbling at the delicious liquid folds until her little girl’s body signaled her surrender. As any good daughter would. Shuddering and shivering, rolling, seething with sweat, Jessica lay between the sixth and seventh step and came. And came. And came.

“I haven’t had THIS much fun in AGES!” the voice in her head interrupted her ecstasy, as if to remind her of the “terribly uncomfortable” position she was in. But, the truth is, she was way beyond caring now. And with every wave that came and went, her mother knew exactly what to do.

“So, is my little girl gonna be good,” Sheila wagged her finger across Jess’s clittie.

“Y…Yes…mommy. OOOOHHH!”

“And is my little girl gonna listen to her mommy?” She wagged her finger again.

“Oh. GOD…YES.” Jess bit down on the back of her wrist.

“And is my little girl gonna be a good little lesbian slut for the rest of her life?” She wagged her finger again.

“OOOOOOOOO!!!! YESSSSSSS!” She gripped both hands on one of the stairway railings and gritted her teeth and both of her legs twisted around her loving mother. “OH, yes, mommy, yeeesssssss….”

“And is my little lesbian slut gonna do just everything to make her mommy happy?” she ran her wagging finger up across Jess’s chest as she crawled over her and looked deeply into her daughter’s eyes.

“Yes, mommy,” Jess gasped in between breaths.

“That’s a good little girl,” she said, crawling a few steps past her and lifting her dress up around her waist… “Now be sure to make mommy happy,” she breathed as she felt her dripping wetness run across her daughter’s chin. “Make mommy really happy.”

“Boy, do red teddy bears know how to pick ’em or what?” came the voice inside Jessica’s head. No doubt about it now, it had dropped two octaves and sounded more than a bit like Darth Vader.

As her tongue tasted her loving mother’s liquid for the first time, the voice continued, as if contractually obligated. “I can’t believe how many stupid kids fall for that revenge story stuff. You’d think at least one of them would be able to figure it out, but I guess there are just a lot of fucked up families in this world. By the time I’m finished with yours, I’ll be a legend on the magic teddy bear circuit. Speaking gigs, maybe a movie deal. Fuck Chucky, that plastic piece of shit’s got no imagination at all. Maybe even a TV show on Cinemax like that old Tales from the…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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