You’ve Got Mail

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“OK. I’m in.”

Kevin looked over his friend’s shoulder. “Who’s e-mail account is that?”

“Simmons. The assistant superintendent,” Tom replied.

“Why did you choose him?” Kevin asked.

“He’s in charge of all the hiring and firing in the schools,” Tom said. “Teachers. Principals. Everybody.”

Tom was one of the school district’s computer technicians. As such, he had access to the passwords of all employees. He, of all people, knew the consequences of his actions if he got caught. But Tom also knew he could easily get a another job tomorrow if he had to, probably for more money than the school district was paying him.

His friend Kevin was just along for the ride. They met in college and now, in their mid-twenties, spent their free time hacking and gaming.

“You have a plan, I assume,” Kevin said.

“Oh, yeah,” Tom said smugly. “My target is Michelle Adams, the new principal at Bates Elementary. She can’t be much more than thirty one or thirty two. Her first year as principal was pretty rough, but she survived.”

Tom opened up the assistant superintendent’s calendar.

“See this meeting?” he asked Kevin, clicking on Tuesday of the following week. “That’s with Michelle. It’s to review the past year. Could be a little precarious for her. She doesn’t know it yet, but Simmons is going to give her an opportunity to ‘redeem’ herself.”

“How?” Kevin wanted to know.

“You’ve never seen her, have you?” Tom said.

Kevin shook his head.

“Blonde with a model’s body. Gorgeous face. Any straight man would fuck her in the middle of Main Street if they had a chance.”

Kevin watched Tom start a new e-mail message from Simmons’ account. He addressed it to Michelle, put ‘Year-end review’ in the subject line, and dropped down to the body of the message.

Tom typed: ‘Michelle, On Tuesday we will meet to review the past year at Bates. The superintendent and I have watched your progress closely. Needless to say, there were bumps along the road. I know you can do better. Tuesday is your opportunity to show me what you’ve got.’

Tom inserted a smiley emoticon, despite Kevin’s pleading not to do it.

He continued: ‘Come prepared to demonstrate your desire to succeed as a principal. More than anybody, I want this to work.’

Tom reviewed the e-mail one more time before clicking the Send button.

“God, Tom. That’s bribery. There’s only one way for Michelle to read that,” Kevin said. “And what if she replies to him?”

“No problem,” Tom said calmly. “I’ve set up a rule in the system that any e-mail from her to him goes into a special folder first. I’ll capture those, weed out the replies I don’t want him to see, and go from there.”

Kevin shook his head in disbelief.

Then Tom told him, “And we’ll see everything that happens during the meeting?”

Kevin looked puzzled. “We will?”

“Last weekend I installed a miniature security camera in the corner of Simmons’ office. Whatever happens, we’ll catch it on the live feed.”

Kevin’s mouth fell open. “With audio?”

Tom chuckled. “No. But who needs audio if we get what I think we’ll get. No matter what happens Tuesday, there will be further communication between these two. Eventually, we’ll be seeing a lot of the lovely Ms. Adams.”


Michelle could feel her blood pressure rise while she read the e-mail from Bill Simmons for the second time. ‘Show me what you’ve got.’ Was he serious? She stared at the little smiley face. Bill had always been nice to her and, yes, she thought he had mildly flirted with her at times. But the tone of this message could hardly be mistaken. It sounded to her as if her future in the district depended on more than just her goals for the elementary school in the coming year.

She had learned in her teenage and early adult years to use her looks advantageously. But she always stopped short of sexual favors. Maybe this situation called for more. She had the weekend to think about it.

By the time Tuesday rolled around, Michelle decided to take the high road with Simmons, at least until she felt the situation warranted more drastic actions. She sprinkled in a little playfulness by wearing a provocative outfit, including a sheer, white cotton shirt under a loose jacket. The shirt had a plunging U-shaped neck that showed plenty of cleavage and did little to hide her nipples. A pair of tight pants completed the ensemble. Maybe that would be enough to sway her boss.

Bill looked forward to the meeting with one of his favorite principals. Not only did he think she was attractive, but the energy she put into her work convinced him they could correct any deficiencies that surfaced during her first year on the job. And if he was lucky, maybe she’d wear something that highlighted that perfect body of hers. He was fifteen years older than Michelle, but he wasn’t so old he didn’t have fantasies about her.

His biggest fear was allowing his attraction toward her to overshadow his need to get her on track professionally. He made up his mind to focus on her faults akyurt escort a little more than he wanted to, just to even things out.

When Michelle showed up for the meeting, he welcomed her into his office. Unbeknownst to either of them, a camera began to capture their every move.

Bill spent ten or fifteen minutes chatting pleasantly with Michelle and trying hard to keep his eyes off her chest. Finally, he got around to the serious subject of her job appraisal. Item by item, he laid out those areas where Michelle needed to improve her administrative skills. Michelle never took criticism very well and fought back the urge to argue every point. Bill could sense her mounting anxiety, and thought it was time to try a more positive approach.

“Michelle, I know you can do this job,” Bill said. “It was your first year as principal and I’m sure you learned a lot. Now it comes down to how much you want it. You probably understand that there are dozens of people who would love that job. I gave it to you because I had confidence in you.”

Michelle was thinking about the e-mail and his request for her to ‘Come prepared to demonstrate your desire to succeed as a principal.’ Was this her cue?

She nodded. “I know I can do better.”

“Me, too,” Bill said with a smile. “I think you have skills that will keep you in your job, or even higher positions, for a long time to come.”

That was it. Michelle knew she couldn’t leave the office without ‘demonstrating her desire.’ She took a deep breath, then slowly stood and faced him. She slid the jacket off her shoulders and down her arms before laying it across her chair. Then she leisurely walked around the side of Bill’s desk, a look of bewilderment crossing his face.

“I’ll do anything, Bill,” she said nervously. Michelle couldn’t help but notice his eyes as they rose from her breasts to her face. She took the arms of his chair and turned it so they were facing each other. Then she leaned forward until it felt like her breasts would fall from the shirt.

“I have skills you may have only dreamed of,” she said in a near whisper.

Bill watched her gradually sink to her knees, between his legs. She reached for his belt and Bill peered deep inside her shirt, gazing at the gentle slope of the inside of her breasts. Michelle was methodical in her movements, seeming to take pleasure in the deliberate pace. Bill felt his cock twitch as she unbuttoned his pants and pulled on the zipper.

She never took her eyes off his crotch as she spread the pants open and ran her hand over the stiffening cock inside his boxers. Bill was hard enough for her to wrap her fingers around the boxers and cock and stroke him. Only then did she look up to his face.

Bill’s expression was emotionless, successfully hiding his disbelief. A dozen strokes by Michelle’s gentle hand had him fully erect.

She reached inside the opening of the boxers and pulled out Bill’s rigid cock.

“Michelle, you don’t have to…,” he began to say.

“Relax,” she said, moving her lips down to the swollen tip of the long, thick shaft.

Bill watched her kiss it twice. His eyes flew from her face, to his cock, and down to her chest. The sight made him even harder, just in time to feel her tongue.

Michelle licked the cock from the base back up to the tip. She cradled it in her palm and ran her tongue around the most sensitive area just under the head. Her husband didn’t demand much from her sexually, and as much as she felt compelled to service Bill to aid her employment, she was beginning to enjoy the experience.

It only took a moment for her to slide him between her lips. At first it was just the head, but then Michelle began descending on the cock until her lips touched his skin and the cock hit the back of her throat. With long, teasing movements, she took him into her mouth and extended his erection by pulling firmly with her lips.

Bill was over the initial shock of having the beautiful young woman between his legs. Convinced that she was intent on sucking his cock, he tried to take her advice and relax. But her technique was too good. As the seconds passed, Bill got more and more stimulated. He squirmed in his chair and found himself raising and lowering his hips as if he was fucking her face.

Michelle felt his increased involvement and intensified her own efforts. She used one hand to hold his cock while sucking him wildly with her mouth. She instinctively put her other hand on the bottom of her breast, a bad habit she couldn’t break while masturbating. Bill saw it and nearly came instantly. But he wanted this to last, so he watched for a few seconds, looked away, and then gazed down at her breast again. She was gripping it tighter each time he looked.

Bill was the first to moan, but Michelle answered him soon afterwards as her fingers squeezed her nipple through her shirt a little harder. Soon, she tasted the first few drops of his precum. Her hand started pumping him faster and her tongue seemed to be everywhere. Bill muttered ayaş escort another unintelligible word or two and Michelle knew he was close.

“Oh God, Michelle,” Bill said. “You’ll make me cum.”

She lifted her head momentarily and said, “I want to. Now just lighten up and let me finish.”

No more words were said, but Bill’s moans couldn’t be stopped. His chair squeaked as his body reacted to Michelle’s licking and sucking. Bill put his hands on the back of her head, unable to stop himself from essentially forcing her to stay in place when he came. He didn’t realize Michelle wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Bill grunted one last ‘Oh fuck’ when he felt his balls contracting. He threw his head back, his hips forward, and prepared to empty himself into Michelle’s mouth.

She had his cock against the back of her throat when the first blast came out. Michelle pulled back a little, took another couple of shots, and began swallowing as fast as she could. Load after load landed on her tongue and trickled down her throat. When the initial orgasm seemed to subside, she stroked him harder with her hand and managed to suck out a few more drops.

As Bill collapsed in the chair, Michelle wiped her chin, kissed the head of his wet cock, and leaned back.


“Oh my God!” Kevin exclaimed. “She isn’t really going to…”

“Watch this,” Tom assured him.

As the video continued on the computer monitor, the men watched Michelle pull out Bill’s cock.

“Fuck,” Kevin said quietly.

In silence, they watched the remainder of the video. The bulges in their shorts attested to the quality of Michelle’s blowjob.

“Go back to where she plays with her nipple again,” Kevin insisted.

They once again watched Bill’s climax from that point forward.

“God, she’s gorgeous,” Tom said. “We need to see all of her.”

“So,” Kevin asked. “How are you going to do it?”

Tom leaned back. “She works in her office almost every Saturday morning for at least an hour or two. She’s going to invite Simmons to visit her and she’s going to leave no doubt what she wants.”

“I suppose we’ll get to see this one, too,” Kevin said.

“Of course. The camera’s already in place,” Tom said with a sly smile.

Kevin grinned. “Play it again,” he said, turning back to the computer monitor.


Bill opened the e-mail from Michelle.

‘Bill, I enjoyed our meeting. 🙂 I’ll be in my office Saturday morning from about nine to eleven. Want to stop by? I think you owe me one. Michelle’

He felt his cock twitch as he read the e-mail for a second and third time. Visions of what might transpire began floating through his head. Under the desk, he rubbed his throbbing cock until having to pull away from the computer before cumming.

Bill had no way of knowing the e-mail wasn’t from her or that there was only a possibility that Michelle would be in her office when he got there. But if everything worked out right, Tom and Kevin would have a new video for the collection.

Things worked out perfectly. Michelle pulled up to the school around nine twenty on Saturday and Bill arrived less than half an hour later. Michelle was staring intently into her laptop screen when she jumped at the sound of a light tap on the office door.

She swiveled in her chair and was surprised to see her boss.

“Bill. What’s up?” she said, still a little shaken by his appearance.

Bill walked into the office and closed the door. “You should keep your door locked,” he said with a faint smile.

“Oh? Do I have a reason to be afraid?”

“People with debts to owe might come to visit,” he said.

The puzzled look on her face did not prevent Bill from approaching her desk. He got his first good look at her body, dressed casually in a loose fitting t-shirt and shorts. Her silky thighs were tanned and tempting. The gentle curve of her breasts made the t-shirt appear to flow across her body.

“Debts?” she asked.

“I thought I owed you one.”

Her expression changed from puzzlement to concern. Michelle struggled to quickly find the right words.

“Bill, I think the other day was…well, uh, maybe we should just move on,” she stammered.

“But I would never want you to think your job depended on something like that, Michelle. You’re going to be the principal at this school for a long time, I hope. Nothing we do together should impact on that.”

Michelle crossed her legs and tugged on the bottom of her shorts. She was a student of body language and instantly scolded herself for showing such blatant signs of his intimidation of her. She decided that standing next to him might equal things out a little. If she had had time to think things out, she would have realized it was a mistake.

As she rounded the corner of her desk and saw Bill’s eyes traveling up and down her body, she knew she was in trouble. She seriously thought about walking straight to the door. But he moved a half step to the side and effectively blocked her path.

“Bill, whatever ankara escort it was you came here to talk about…,” Michelle started to say.

“I didn’t come here to talk, Michelle.”

He reached out and took her by the top of her arm. They moved together and his mouth was rapidly on top of hers. Michelle whimpered as the prolonged kiss continued. She attempted to back away, but his grip was solid. She felt her ass hit the desk.

Bill moved in front of her and pressed his body against hers. His cock hardened and her breasts flattened under the pressure of his chest. Finally, she managed to free her mouth from his.

“Bill! This isn’t right.”

“Relax.” Bill’s attempt to mock Michelle’s own instructions to him didn’t go unrecognized. The fright on her face was evident. She felt trapped, both physically and professionally.

Bill’s hands slid up over the beltline of her shorts and under the bottom of her shirt. The feel of her soft skin on his fingertips forced his cock against the inside of his shorts with agonizing effects. Their eyes met as the hands progressed up her chest.

She opened her mouth to speak, but his hands reaching the bottoms of her bare breasts prevented her from talking.

“Naughty girl,” Bill said. “No bra in school. Makes me think you were expecting somebody.”

She wanted to kick him; scream; or run. Anything except what she expected to happen next.

Bill’s fingers spread out as they covered her tits. Soon, his palms were flat against her nipples and he was kneading her supple flesh. He pressed his entire body forward until Michelle was afraid she’d fall straight onto the desk. Whatever his intention, she would not allow THAT to happen.

“I watched you the other day, Michelle. You like your nipples squeezed, don’t you?”

As he spoke, he rolled her nipples between his fingers and instantly felt them harden. Michelle wanted to cry when she felt her pussy react with a familiar tingle. If she didn’t stop him now, she either wouldn’t be able to or wouldn’t want to.


As soon as he heard her speak, Bill pinched both nipples as hard as he could. Michelle’s squeal pierced the silence of the office and her body exploded with shivers of stimulation. Her mouth was open but the only sound was her struggle for breath.

Bill raised her shirt until both breasts were exposed. He marveled at the perfection of their size and shape, gazing at the dark areolas surrounding the erect nipples. He leaned forward and lightly licked all around one of them. Michelle did not move. He kissed the nipple. Then he slipped it between his lips.

Michelle gasped again when his tongue slid across her skin. More and more of the breast entered his mouth and the intensity of his sucking increased. Bill tilted his head slightly and used one hand to hold up the tit. He practically devoured her over the next thirty seconds.

Bill took his mouth off her for just a second and said, “Take off your shirt, Michelle.”

Like a robot, the young principal pulled the shirt over her head and laid it on the desk. Bill switched to the other breast and sucked on it for a minute. Michelle could feel the moisture collecting in her pussy as he skillfully played with her chest, and wondered if she was past the point of no return.

“Bill, the door,” she murmured.

“I locked it. Don’t worry.”

“We shouldn’t be…I mean, I think we should…stop,” she pleaded.

Bill held her breasts in her hands and looked into her eyes. “I’m returning a favor. Just this once.”

His tongue was back on her tit at the same time his hands moved down to the front of her shorts. Michelle resigned herself to the fact he wasn’t going to stop. Her biggest worry now was someone unexpectedly arriving at the school. Thankfully, the curtains were pulled to block the glare of the morning sun.

Bill opened her shorts and slid his hands inside. He felt the soft fabric of her panties and, then, the damp heat emanating from between her legs.

“Ahhh, so you DO like your nipples played with,” Bill said scornfully. “I’ll try to remember that.”

He moved his hands around her waist and onto the top of her ass, still outside her panties. Bill pulled her towards him as he felt the soft bulge of her ass. As he did, the shorts began to drop down her legs. Michelle could only let them collect at her ankles while Bill began to kiss her.

She reluctantly allowed the kiss to persist at the same time Bill was slipping his fingers inside the back of her panties. After a couple mild clenches of her cheeks, Bill started to push down on the panties. The kiss ended and Bill kneeled down to remove Michelle’s underwear.

He stood back up and moved back one large step, the farthest he had been away from her since she moved around the desk. His eyes scanned her nudity for what seemed an eternity to Michelle.

“Lovely,” he said softly. “Very nice.”

After a short pause, he said, “Turn around, please.”

Michelle pivoted until her ass faced him. She felt vulnerable and insecure and naked. Her entire body twitched when Bill’s hand slid across her bare ass, between her legs, and onto her thigh. She felt him stand directly behind her and then his hands were moving up to her breasts again. He held her tightly from behind, squeezing the tits in his hands.

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